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Eroding ages
The continents cannot be billions of years old because they would have eroded away long ago; there should be nothing left.
by Tas Walker
Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets in south-central Asia
Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets.
by Michael J Oard
The K/T impact hypothesis and secular neocatastrophism—why is this important to Flood geology?
What forced secular geologists to abandon Charles Lyell’s gradualism and embrace catastrophe in the rocks?
by Carl R. Froede Jr
Claim Robert Ballard discovered Noah’s Flood in the Black Sea is not correct
Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic but not Noah’s Flood.
by Tas Walker
Evolutionary troubles with the origin and demise of dinosaurs
Lack of information and heated debates divide evolutionist researchers.
by Michael J Oard
After devastation … the recovery
An amazing bounce-back after catastrophe gives us insights into how the world recovered from the Flood.
by Keith Swenson, David Catchpoole
Seeing Noah’s Flood in geological maps
How can geological maps be used to interpret the geology of an area from a biblical perspective?
by Tas Walker
A new view of Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Town, South Africa
Revealing spectacular evidence for Noah’s global Flood
by Tas Walker
Indonesian mud volcano keeps erupting
Geological forces inside the earth unleash disaster
by Tas Walker
The basement rocks of the Brisbane area, Australia
Where do they fit in the creation model?
by Tas Walker
Flood meteorite bombardment
What do 4 Vesta and achondritic meteorites tell us about the origin of impactors from the Flood bombardment?
by Carl R. Froede Jr
Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide
ABC Mythology
by Tas Walker