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Globally extensive Cenozoic coals indicate high post-Flood boundary
Are they best explained by Noah’s Flood or by catastrophes after Noah’s Flood?
by Timothy L. Clarey, Davis J. Werner, and Jeffrey P. Tomkins
A more likely origin of massive dolomite deposits
Does Noah’s Flood provide a better context for explaining the origin of massive dolomite deposits?
by Michael J. Oard
Pre-Tejas volcanism in North America: challenge to Hydroplate Theory
Does it fit the timing and order of events posed by Hydroplate Theory?
by Edward Isaacs
Earth’s upper mantle viscosity may be lower than assumed
Might the crust rebound faster than long-age researchers assume?
by Michael J. Oard and Nathan Mogk
Ooids grew rapidly in the Flood
Ooids in the rock record differ to some extent from those that form today. The Flood can explain why.
by Michael J. Oard
Did the earth ever wobble twelve degrees?
Can the biblical framework offer a better account for the data?
by D. Russell Humphreys
Probing the earth’s deep places
Interview with plate tectonics expert Dr John Baumgardner.
by Carl Wieland and Don Batten
The origin of the Grand Canyon by late-Flood channelized flow
Carved as the waters of Noah's Flood retreated—and not by the bursting of a later Ice Age dam.
by Michael Oard
Faith tested
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.
by Don Batten
The Carnian Pluvial Event
Did it really rain on Earth for 2 million years?
by Ron Neller and Tas Walker
Astounding ammonite buried in Noah’s Flood
Ammolite is a rare, iridescent, gem-quality material cut from the fossilized shells of extinct sea creatures. We have Noah’s Flood to thank for their appearance.
by Tas Walker
The current state of creationist ice core research
We have refuted claims the ice sheets demand an old earth, but more modelling is needed.
by Jake Hebert