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How to have a right relationship with God
The Old Testament sacrificial system was never meant to abolish sin; it was a means of confession of sins and a demonstration of repentance
by Russell Grigg
Genesis and the Resurrection
Many Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus every year, but what has belief in Genesis got to do with belief in the resurrection?
by Joel Tay
Easter: What do we celebrate and why?
Discover the remarkable power of the significance of Easter
by Russell Grigg
He is risen!
The resurrection is the glorious news that changed history and gives us hope in uncertain times.
by Lita Sanders
Seeing the solar eclipse in a new light
A total solar eclipse is an amazing phenomenon, and can illustrate biblical teachings
by Lewis H. Seaton III
If Christ is not raised
The resurrection is central to the Christian faith.
by Lita Sanders
Does God judge sinners?
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?
by Shaun Doyle
The Lost Path to the Roman Road
The best thing to use in the fight against a religion is actually another religion.
by Calvin Smith
The importance of the Resurrection of Christ to our salvation
What is so important about the Resurrection of Jesus, that without it no one can be saved?
by Russell Grigg
An unconvincing Shroud story
This book presents a fascinating but impossible thesis for the origin and significance of the Shroud of Turin.
by Lita Sanders
Pagan copycat thesis
Jesus was not made up from pagan myths
by Lita Sanders
First Adam—Last Adam
Both are vital to the gospel, but exactly how?
by Russell Grigg