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The 7 Churches of Revelation, Times of Fire: movie review
By looking at the archaeological record and trying to understand what the early churches went through, there are lessons for us today.
by Gary Bates
Is ignorance bliss?
Ignoring the challenge of biblical creation may seem a sound decision if you think it is not scientific. But is it? Would you risk eternity on it?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Helpful survey on demons, but unclear in places
What makes the Bible different from other ANE literature?
by Lita Sanders
Heaven vs nirvana
Could the Christian concept of ‘Heaven’ (or ‘the New Heavens and Earth’) come from the Buddhist notion of ‘nirvana’?
by Shaun Doyle
What about those who have never heard the Gospel?
When we think about those who have not yet heard the Gospel, our response should drive us to evangelism.
by Lita Sanders
If Jesus paid the penalty for sin, why do Christians die?
We respond to the question: if Jesus’ death paid the penalty for sin, why do Christians still die?
by Lita Sanders
Adam and Eve: their lifespans and eternal destinies
Answering questions about the length of time before the Fall and where Adam and Eve will spend eternity.
by Keaton Halley
The new earth
What do we have to look forward to?
by Lita Cosner, Gary Bates
Brain split between atheism and theism
A neurologist describes a case where two parts of the brain seem to have conflicting beliefs about God’s existence, and mockingly asks which ‘entity’ will go to heaven?
by Carl Wieland
The Lost Path to the Roman Road
The best thing to use in the fight against a religion is actually another religion.
by Calvin Smith
Hell questions answered
Does the doctrine of Hell make God into a cruel monster?
by Lita Sanders
Why would a loving God send people to Hell?
Can God be loving and judge sin at the same time?
by Lita Sanders