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Ark objections
An objection to a scale model of Noah’s Ark reveals the real reason so many people reject the Flood.
by Marc Ambler
The pitch for Noah’s Ark
Answering objections to how Noah was able to make the Ark waterproof.
by Tas Walker
Amazing ancient Chinese treasure ships
Huge Chinese wooden ships as large as Noah’s Ark sailed around the Indian Ocean in the 15th century
by Warren Nunn
Model message spreads all over the world
After thousands of years, people can’t stop asking questions about Noah’s Ark.
by Warren Nunn and David Catchpoole
Not Finding Noah
The film Finding Noah turned up no evidence that the Ark is still on Ararat, just as CMI has taught for decades.
by Lita Cosner and Jonathan Sarfati
The Genesis Flood and Noah’s Ark
Evidence for the Genesis Flood and Noah’s Ark is crucial to understanding the world’s history.
by Tas Walker
Abandon YEC and reconcile the Bible to evolution?
Make peace with Evolution? And what did leading medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas believe about creation days and Adam and Eve?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark
Joanna Lumley looks for Noah’s Ark, and finds lots of evidence for the Flood.
by Russell Grigg
The ‘Hong Kong ark’ fiasco
Looking behind the marketing hype—a summary of the reasons why it is more certain than ever that the claimed ‘find on Ararat’ is a product of modern-day workmanship.
by Carl Wieland
C-14 dates and the HK ‘ark’ claim
Discrepant C-14 dates provide further skepticism of the recent claims to have found Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat.
by Carl Wieland
Evolutionists claim that biogeography provides strong evidence for evolution. Can the data fit the biblical account of recolonisation following the Genesis Flood?
by Dominic Statham
Where is Noah’s Ark?
A closer look at the biblical clues.
by D Russell Humphreys