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The earth: how old does it look?
How old does the earth ‘look’ to you?
by Carl Wieland
Darwin’s unpaid debt to Patrick Matthew
Did Darwin plagiarize Patrick Matthew's theory?
by Andrew Sibley
Teaching people how to think
As trust in major social and academic institutions falls, people are falling into another form of futile thinking. Switching from one extreme to the other.
by Robert Carter
From Cambridge chemist to passionate pastor
Mark Harwood talks with Dr Michael Prodigalidad about his fascinating journey from science to the pulpit
by mark harwood
The Victoria Institute—the forerunner of modern creation science organizations
The forerunner of modern creation science organizations
by Andrew Sibley
Documenting the obvious
Documenting the links between Darwin influenced Nazi racism.
by Jerry Bergman
Richard Dawkins
Do you believe he exists?
by Ellen Barrington
Pole vaulting and creation
Why does a pole-vaulting champ think that biblical Creation is vital for the Gospel?
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
I know what I have believed
Mark Emerson chats with Pastor Victor Soo about the impact of creation on his life.
by Mark Emerson
Dawkins and Design
Some atheists like Richard Dawkins might accept a designer—as long as it is aliens not the biblical God.
by David Catchpoole
Is human sexuality binary?
In a recent interview, atheist Professor Richard Dawkins argued for a traditional understanding of human sexuality. Of course, this is what the Bible has always taught.
by Andrew Sibley
Leaving Darwin to go nowhere
Leaving Darwin to go nowhere?
by Lucien Tuinstra