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Nuclear engineer defends biblical creation
Christian Ph.D. engineer defends Creation with scientific support
by Jonathan Sarfati
Richard Dawkins claims to be a cultural Christian
Media reports have recently highlighted Richard Dawkins’ comments that he considers himself to be a cultural Christian. What does that mean, and is it even possible?
by Andrew Sibley
Darwin, Marx, and two letters
Before Darwin died he wrote: “I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, & therefore not in Jesus Christ as the son of God.”
by Russell Grigg
William Stukeley, and an early 18th century plesiosaur
How members of the British Royal Society upheld biblical creation.
by Andrew Sibley
Science, farming, and faith
Ron Neller interviews agricultural systems researcher, Dr Ken Rickert
by Ron Neller
Why did God reject Cain’s offering?
What was different about Cain and Abel and their offerings?
by Jonathan Sarfati
The flood chaser
When Ron Neller studied how water affected the landscapes all over the world, he was on his way to becoming a biblical creationist and did not know it.
by tas Walker
The earth: how old does it look?
How old does the earth ‘look’ to you?
by Carl Wieland
Darwin’s unpaid debt to Patrick Matthew
Did Darwin plagiarize Patrick Matthew's theory?
by Andrew Sibley
Teaching people how to think
As trust in major social and academic institutions falls, people are falling into another form of futile thinking. Switching from one extreme to the other.
by Robert Carter
From Cambridge chemist to passionate pastor
Mark Harwood talks with Dr Michael Prodigalidad about his fascinating journey from science to the pulpit
by mark harwood
The Victoria Institute—the forerunner of modern creation science organizations
The forerunner of modern creation science organizations
by Andrew Sibley