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Creationists should be denied the vote?
Refuting a fact-free atheopathic diatribe against God, by a writer who hates that Christians are allowed to vote.
by Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati, Gary Bates
‘Progressive creationist’ Gleason Archer on the obvious meaning of Genesis
‘Progressive creationist’ Gleason Archer on the obvious meaning of Genesis
by anon
Convert to Creation
How a fascination with birds led to a lifetime of scientific investigation.
by Margaret Wieland
Braterman ‘slam dunk’ flunk
Retired anti-creationist professor gives grade ‘F’ advice to followers.
by Andrew Lamb
Refutation of New Scientist’s Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions
Fourth instalment of New Scientist refutation shows that even modern developments in evolutionary theory are hopeless. Includes Haldane’s Dilemma and the bacterial flagellum.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Caving in to creation
Carl Wieland interviews Romanian geologist and world cave authority Dr Emil Silvestru
by Carl Wieland
Richard Dawkins, anti-Christian language and the rise of science
The fashion among certain atheists of demonizing evo-skeptic Christians fails to advance the science they profess to support, instead undermining the very foundation upon which science was birthed and flourished.
by Andrew Sibley
Peacock poppycock?
Darwin’s attempt to explain how the peacock’s tail evolved is being sharply criticized—by evolutionists.
by David Catchpoole
Fantasia which is neither history nor science
OT scholar: Genesis teaches a short timescale
Old Testament professor: Genesis 5 and 11 are accurate and gap-free timelines that teach a ~6,000-year-old earth
by Jonathan Sarfati
Marcus R. Ross
Marcus R. Ross
by Various
Genetic algorithms are irrelevant to evolution
by David Abel