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Australia’s remarkable Red Centre
Reveals compelling evidence of the cataclysmic global Flood of Noah’s day.
by Tas Walker
Glen Helen Gorge, Australia
Why does it flow straight through a mountain range?
by Dehne McLaughlin
The origin of Ayers Rock
The evolutionary story of how Ayres Rock/Uluru was formed does not stand up to scrutiny.
by Andrew Snelling
The Australian dingo—a wolf in dog’s clothing
‘A dog is man’s best friend’? But there are good reasons to beware the dingo!
by David Catchpoole
The geological history of the Brisbane and Ipswich areas, Australia
Your view of the past will inform your choices today, and these determine your future.
by Tas Walker
Only one way to visit an orchid
From the landing stage, to the exit gate, it’s no accident that the travel corridor for a gnat visiting an orchid is strictly one-way.
by sylvia
How old is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef?
It’s a lot younger than many people believe.
by Peter Read and Andrew Snelling
Australia’s amazing kangaroos and the birth of their young
Kangaroos—created or evolved? The complexity, variety and beauty of God’s creatures serve to glorify the Creator and show His power.
by Andrew A. Snelling
The basement rocks of the Brisbane area, Australia
Where do they fit in the creation model?
by Tas Walker
Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide
ABC Mythology
by Tas Walker
The Great Artesian Basin, Australia
When was it formed within the context of Noah’s Flood?
by Tas Walker
Looking into the Glass House Mountains, Australia
The spectacular landscape north of Brisbane, Australia, gives a dramatic insight into events connected with the biblical Flood.
by Tas Walker