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Stone Mountain, Georgia (USA)
How a catastrophic event helped form an astonishing feature in Georgia’s landscape.
by Tas Walker
Time fears the pyramids?
How the Egyptian pyramids fit into the true biblical history
by Gavin Cox
The ‘bloat and float’ ankylosaurs of Alberta
Are ankylosaur fossils really found on their backs? If so, why?
by Andrew Lamb
Australia’s amazing kangaroos and the birth of their young
Kangaroos—created or evolved? The complexity, variety and beauty of God’s creatures serve to glorify the Creator and show His power.
by Andrew A. Snelling
Galápagos with David Attenborough: Origin
David Attenborough’s millions of years for the formation of the Galápagos islands is falsified by the recently formed Surtsey Island.
by Russell Grigg
Roraima pollen
An evolutionary paradox still not solved.
by Emil Slivestru
How did 90% of large Australian Ice Age animals go extinct?
Was it humans or climate change or something else?
by Michael J. Oard
Fascinating flower pots
Noah’s Flood explains Hopewell Rocks, Canada
by Tas Walker
Where was Eden? part 2: geological considerations—examining pre-Flood geographical details in the biblical record
Part 2: The geology and geography of Eden

by Robert Carter and Lita Cosner
The Singapore Evolution Garden
Its exotic plants actually show evolution has not happened
by Tas Walker
Kata Tjuta: an astonishing story
Kata Tjuta, a famous Australian tourist attraction amazes visitors. Visit the Olgas in Central Australia and discover what is so astonishing.
by Tas Walker
Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets in south-central Asia
Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets.
by Michael J Oard