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Is there definitive evidence for an expanding universe?
Some big bang cosmologists end up with the conclusion they want to find simply by turning the evolution knob.
by John Hartnett
The mind of God and the ‘big bang’
Change in interpretation does not alter the evidence for large scale watery catastrophe.
by Russell Grigg
Did God use a big bang?
Is the big bang compatible with God’s creation described in Genesis?
by Gary Bates
What about the big bang?
by Werner Gitt
What happened before the big bang?
Top secular scientists are now challenging the idea that everything began with the big bang.
by Russell Grigg
Exploding the big bang!
Exploding the big bang! An interview with creationist physicist/cosmologist John Hartnett
by Gary Bates
Big bang beliefs: busted
Big bang cosmogony requires many fudge factors to stay afloat, including dark matter, dark energy, and faster-than-light inflation.
by John Hartnett
Can Christians add the big bang to the Bible?
God tells us in Genesis how and when He created the heavens and the earth. It wasn’t by means of a bang no matter how big.
by Russell Grigg
Stars just don’t form naturally—‘dark matter’ the ‘god of the gaps’ is needed
Despite claims that stars formed from primordial clouds of gas, the known laws of physics show that to be impossible.
by John G. Hartnett
Bye-bye, big bang?
A high-redshift quasar within lower-redshift galaxy NGC 7319 disproves traditional big bang assumptions demonstrates secular astronomer Halton Arp.
by John Hartnett
Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found?
Media headlines make people think that some astounding scientific ‘proof’ has been discovered. The reality is far less spectacular.
by John G Hartnett
The ‘big bang’ and other dark matters
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?
by John Hartnett