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UFOs, dark matter and Hugh Ross
A curious reader asks about dark matter, and a connection to the spirit realm.
by Gary Bates
Missing Matter found?
A new study claims to have found the same amount of matter as the Big Bang predicted
by Joshua Howells
Dark matter search comes up empty
Despite the latest failure to detect dark matter, why do they continue searching?
by John Hartnett
Dark matter in trouble again
Does a new analysis undermine ‘exotic neutrinos’ as dark matter or not?
by John Hartnett
Synchronized dance of dwarf galaxies
Stumps big bang boffins
by John Hartnett
Physicists’ dark secret: Fast stars have not had time to fly apart
There’s a message in the stars for scientists.
by John Hartnett
Cosmic storytelling
When it comes to explaining how our universe came into being, widespread speculation is embraced over hard evidence.
by John Hartnett
Has the dark matter mystery been solved?
A mathematical solution challenges the need for scientists to invoke dark matter to solve problems in astrophysics and cosmology.
by John G Hartnett
Why look for a new theory of gravity if the big bang cosmology is correct?
Scientists are searching for answers to questions which in theory they shouldn’t even have to ask, especially in regards to gravity.
by John G. Hartnett
Dark matter caused the demise of the dinosaurs?
A physicist is sure that dark matter sheds light on what happened to some of the world’s biggest extinct animals.
by John G. Hartnett
Dark energy and the elusive chameleon—more darkness from the dark side
Along with fudge factors, such as Dark Matter used to explain the big bang, the chameleon particle has been introduced even though there’s no evidence it exists.
by John Hartnett
Why is Dark Matter everywhere in the cosmos?
Despite no verifiable evidence in support of dark matter, its existence is being presented to the public as established fact.
by John Hartnett