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Cosmic Inflation: Did it really happen?
Progressive creationist Hugh Ross has declared as fact something about the alleged big bang that even evolutionists want to be true but have not claimed.
by John G. Hartnett
Stars just don’t form naturally—‘dark matter’ the ‘god of the gaps’ is needed
Despite claims that stars formed from primordial clouds of gas, the known laws of physics show that to be impossible.
by John G. Hartnett
Why is Dark Matter everywhere in the cosmos?
Despite no verifiable evidence in support of dark matter, its existence is being presented to the public as established fact.
by John Hartnett
An eternal big bang universe
Not content with everything creating itself from nothing, the latest development in big bang theory even does away with a beginning.
by John Hartnett
Dark radiation in big bang cosmology
First dark matter, then dark energy; now another mysterious entity is invented to explain a conflict between theory and observation.
by John Hartnett
Dark Matter and the Standard Model of particle physics—a search in the ‘Dark’
The Standard Model of particle physics is on a collision course with the Big Bang model.
by John Hartnett
Is there definitive evidence for an expanding universe?
Some big bang cosmologists end up with the conclusion they want to find simply by turning the evolution knob.
by John Hartnett
Tension, not extension in creation cosmology
Creationists continue to explore the possibilities of how God caused the cosmos to appear as it does.
by John Hartnett
Big-bang backflip!
Astrophysicists in damage control after big-bang ‘find’ doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.
by John G. Hartnett
The big bang is not a Reason to Believe!
A research physics professor, Dr John Hartnett points out how Scripture’s version of events differs completely from the big bang/long-ages model and defends creationist claims of problems with ‘inflation’.
by John G. Hartnett
Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found?
Media headlines make people think that some astounding scientific ‘proof’ has been discovered. The reality is far less spectacular.
by John G Hartnett
The ‘big bang’ and other dark matters
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?
by John Hartnett