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Mercury: more marks of youth
Creationist predictions confirmed, evolutionist predictions confounded by Messenger spacecraft orbiting Mercury.
by Andrew Lamb
Moon madness
How old is the moon? Here are five uniformitarian ‘measures’, that by any measure, expose the contradictions in the billions of years lunar ‘dating’
by Don Batten
Asteroid’s awkward age anomaly
The cratering pattern on the asteroid Vesta presents a ‘dating’ conundrum.
by David Coppedge
Creation in-depth: Cosmic Microwave Background Conundrums
Unexpected features of the Cosmic Background Radiation are hard to explain in a big bang framework.
by John Hartnett
Created to be inhabited
An amazing number of special conditions have come together on Earth making it incredibily suitable for life.
by Mark Harwood
Modern science in creationist thinking
As biblical creationists, can we know what God did when he created this vast universe?
by John Hartnett
Is the faint young sun paradox solved?
The earth would have been a ‘snowball’ if an evolutionary origin of the solar system was true.
by Michael J Oard
Does the Bible really describe expansion of the universe?
What does ‘stretching out the heavens like a tent’ mean?
by John Hartnett
Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works
It promotes a worldview involving the big bang, but how truly scientific is it?
by Russell Grigg
Young Saturn
Cassini space probe destroys billion-year beliefs
by David Coppedge
Origin of the elements—Bible vs the big bang
Bible vs the big bang
by Russ Humphries
Will Nibiru collide with Earth?
Yet another end-of-the-world scenario with lots of panic, but no substance.
by Gary Bates, Lita Cosner