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What happened before the big bang?
Top secular scientists are now challenging the idea that everything began with the big bang.
by Russell Grigg
Our young solar system
Multiple lines of evidence support the Bible’s age of the solar system.
by Wayne Spencer
Planets around other stars
Many extrasolar planets have been discovered. But they pose many problems for evolutionary theories of stellar system origin.
by Wayne Spencer
Vintage Journal: A galactocentric cosmology
What would we expect the universe to look like if we were near the centre?
by John Hartnett
Where are we in the universe?
Are we anywhere near the centre?
by John Hartnett
Solar system formation by accretion has no observational evidence
No observational evidence
by Jonathan Henry
Cosmic catastrophes
Planets crashing together, moons being ripped apart, all sounds very dramatic, but is this true history, or just a fanciful story?
by Spike Psarris
Counting the stars
How many stars are there? The Bible got it right!
by Werner Gitt
Curiosity: Did God create the universe?
Is Stephen Hawking right in claiming a universe could create itself?
by Russell Grigg
Will comet Elenin destroy us?
Simple physics shows that a comet as far away as Venus, and billions of times less massive, won’t be noticeable in the slightest.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Doom and gloom from the BBC
Answering yet another evolutionary TV program from the BBC that promotes the atheistic worldview.
by Russell Grigg
Do creationists have to resort to secular ideas to explain geology and astronomy?
Do creationists have to resort to secular ideas to explain them?
by Don Batten, Shaun Doyle