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Venus: Cauldron of fire
The beautiful morning and evening star holds a fiery secret underneath its cloudy veil—a world so hot that lead will melt at its surface.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Origin of oxygen more complex than imagined
Contradictory observations mean more trouble for naturalistic theories but the problems disappear within a biblical perspective.
by Barry Tapp
Starlight and time—a further breakthrough
An Australian physics professor shows how light would have reached Earth from the most distant stars in an extremely short time, demolishing one of the major objections to biblical creation.
by Carl Wieland
A 5D spherically symmetric expanding universe is young
How do billions of years of light travel time fit into Creation Week?
by John Hartnett
Crisis in cosmology continues with conference of big-bang dissidents
CMI speaker and respected physics professor John Hartnett, who represented his university, gives his impressions.
by John Hartnett
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC): will a black hole swallow us?
Media hype had some people thinking the world would end. CMI’s Dr Russell Humphreys, formerly a physicist with the prestigious Sandia National Laboratories, makes an informed comment.
by Russell Humphreys
MOND over dark matter?
Suggestions for a Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) may mean that a fundamentally new physics is needed.
by Bill Worraker
Bye-bye, big bang?
A high-redshift quasar within lower-redshift galaxy NGC 7319 disproves traditional big bang assumptions demonstrates secular astronomer Halton Arp.
by John Hartnett
Youngest and brightest galaxy … or is it?
Artistry and the big bang story take over where the data leaves off
by John Hartnett
Earth is ‘too special’?
Evolutionists propose that Earth formed by itself from dust particles colliding together. But astronomers are realizing that this just-so story requires some incredibly unlikely ‘coincidences’.
by Jonathan Sarfati
A new age of quantum madness
You and I help to create the physical world, including the laws by which it operates? Bizarre mystical notions like this are increasingly being taken seriously by top scientists.
by Carl Wieland
Dismantle the big bang
Evolutionary views of the universe sprang, not from a biblical understanding of history, but from efforts to explain origins without God or the supernatural. Yet the big bang concept has major flaws which even some evolutionists now recognise are fatal to its validity.
by Alexander Williams and Carl Wieland