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Big bang universe “should not actually exist”
In theory, we shouldn’t be here.
by Jonathan Sarfati
The satellites of Pluto
Can naturalistic theories explain their origin and properties?
by Wayne Spencer
Multiverses: No help for evolution
It’s an ‘out there’ concept that doesn’t help to explain why we are down here.
by Jake Hebert
How did the Solar System form?
The results of a computer analysis to investigate how the solar system might have formed should cause evolutionists to think again about naturalistic processes.
by John Hartnett
Can Christians add the big bang to the Bible?
God tells us in Genesis how and when He created the heavens and the earth. It wasn’t by means of a bang no matter how big.
by Russell Grigg
Saturnian ‘pristine’ problem
The evolutionary timeline has a problem: Saturn’s icy rings are too ‘pristine’.
by David Catchpoole
Cosmic storytelling
When it comes to explaining how our universe came into being, widespread speculation is embraced over hard evidence.
by John Hartnett
It’s all bluff
It’s controversial to question the scientific basis of big bang, origin of life and evolution, but scientists acknowledge that these so-called facts are propped up by imaginative stories.
by Dominic Statham
The truth about the Galileo affair
Contrary to popular opinion, Galileo was neither a martyr to science, nor the victim of a war between science and faith.
by Dominic Statham
‘Star witnesses’ to a young creation
In a universe allegedly billions of years old, some clearly visible star features should not exist.
by Don Batten
Conclusive evidence that dust rings around some stars grow into planets?
Astronomers claim they have found a protoplanet forming around a young star, but not so fast.
by Mary Beth De Repentigny
The Fermi Paradox
According to evolutionists, the universe should be teeming with life … but they just can’t find any.
by Gary Bates