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Conclusive evidence that dust rings around some stars grow into planets?
Astronomers claim they have found a protoplanet forming around a young star, but not so fast.
by Mary Beth De Repentigny
Higgs Boson and Top Quark coupled together
Fine tuning of Higgs boson frustrates materialistic theories.
by Mary Beth De Repentigny
The Manx comet and naturalistic assumptions
Naturalistic assumptions can get in the way of understanding the origin of solar system objects.
by Wayne Spencer
Dissolving the Fermi Paradox
Oxford scientists cast doubt on intelligent life outside Earth; Elon Musk says this is all the more reason to colonize space.
by Paul Price
As scientists continue to study the images provided by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons, preconceptions about Pluto have been replaced by lots of head-scratching.
by Russell Grigg
Self contradictory atheism
It’s irrational to think there is such a thing as ‘free energy’ in the universe.
by Chris Smith
Kepler-78b: The “scorching lava world” that “shouldn’t exist”
The exoplanet Kepler-78b stuns astronomers, defies evolutionary formation theories
by David Catchpoole
How many impact craters should there be on the earth?
Does the moon give us enough clues to estimate how many asteroids impacted the earth.
by Michael J. Oard
Confusion over moon origins
Evolutionists continue to wrestle with just how our nearest lunar neighbour was formed … and their explanations are unsatisfactory.
by Michael J. Oard
The Galileo ‘twist’
Are historical mistakes being repeated today? And who’s making them?
by Russell Grigg
How a stunning astronomical event bears witness to the Creator.
by Lita Sanders
The spatial inverse problem in Earth sciences
Geophysicist Dr Peter Vajda addresses a reader’s question on the limitations to understanding what the earth looks like on the inside.
by Peter Vajda