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Exploring the heavens
Former New South Wales (Australia) Government Astronomer (Dr David King) affirms that the heavens do indeed declare God’s glory.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Dark Matter and the Standard Model of particle physics—a search in the ‘Dark’
The Standard Model of particle physics is on a collision course with the Big Bang model.
by John Hartnett
Solar wind protects us from cosmic rays
Why do we have solar wind? Startling discoveries by Voyager 2 show its great benefits to life.
by Jonathan Sarfati
As scientists continue to study the images provided by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons, preconceptions about Pluto have been replaced by lots of head-scratching.
by Russell Grigg
Is big bang theory scientific?
Big bang theory only appears to be scientific because people are exposed only to the evidence that appears to support it.
by Dominic Statham
Dark radiation in big bang cosmology
First dark matter, then dark energy; now another mysterious entity is invented to explain a conflict between theory and observation.
by John Hartnett
No coincidence
The earth is a ‘privileged planet’ and was specially created to support life.
by Dominic Statham
Planck sees the big bang?
Like COBE and WMAP before it, researchers claim Planck sees the famed cosmic microwave background radiation that allegedly proves the big bang. But do we know what it’s seeing?
by John Hartnett
‘Backwards’ comet perplexes scientists
The recent discovery of a comet dubbed ‘Dracula’ has left evolutionary scientists scratching their heads as to its origins.
by David Catchpoole
Cosmic Inflation: Did it really happen?
Progressive creationist Hugh Ross has declared as fact something about the alleged big bang that even evolutionists want to be true but have not claimed.
by John G. Hartnett
MOND over dark matter?
Suggestions for a Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) may mean that a fundamentally new physics is needed.
by Bill Worraker
Magnetic Message from Mercury
Measurements of Mercury’s magnetic field should further test a creation-based model that has already correctly predicted the fields of other planets far better than evolutionary models.
by D. Russell Humphreys