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Melbourne atheist: the exterminator
Evolutionary thinking has serious logical consequences, as shown by this scientist who advocates totalitarian population control measures—and is given free rein on Australia’s ABC radio.
by Bill Muehlenberg
An evaluation of Hume’s Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Do Hume’s arguments undermine the design inference?
by Andrew Sibley
Socialist science in the 20th century
How Communism undermined science in the USSR
by Marc Ambler
Longwinded, sometimes interesting, and marred by evolutionary presuppositions
An attack on atheism hampered by adopting evolutionary assumptions
by Gavin Cox
Music man declares his masterful maker
Discover the extraordinary journey of musician Michael Dooley, from atheist to Christian composer, and how his faith transformed his music and worldview.
by Andrew Snowdon
Oil not always a ‘fossil fuel’
Most oil comes from buried life; evidence indicates that some oil comes about in a completely different way.
by Carl Wieland
Spiritual practices and evangelism
How do we handle evangelism and discussions of spiritual things in the workplace?
by Shaun Doyle
Denying the greatest event in the history of the world
Materialists change the dating convention of BC and AD to reflect their godless vision.
by Gary Bates
Dominion and the blessing of the garden
Alan Titchmarsh, British TV personality, has recently defended the traditional well-managed garden against rewilding campaigns because it better supports wildlife. This supports the biblical stewardship mandate.
by Andrew Sibley
Documenting the obvious
Documenting the links between Darwin influenced Nazi racism.
by Jerry Bergman
Animal behaviour intelligently designed!
Compelling evidence that animal behaviour is intelligently designed.
by Philip B. Bell
Dawkins and Design
Some atheists like Richard Dawkins might accept a designer—as long as it is aliens not the biblical God.
by David Catchpoole