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Intelligent Design—‘A War on Science’ says the BBC
The BBC’s war on belief in a Designer; Russell Grigg and Jonathan Sarfati counter-attack against BBC presuppositional bigotry and pseudo-science.
by Russell Grigg and Jonathan Sarfati
Dawkins and Design
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.
by David Catchpoole
Can it bee?
The brilliant design involved in bee flight is being studied for its potential in mini flying robots and more.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Intelligent Design: why the fuss, and what’s it about?
To some, design is a ‘no-brainer’. To others, it’s the thin edge of the wedge. How should we view it?
by Carl Wieland
Chemists in stew about intelligent design
Another open minded editor finds himself in hot water from the censors.
by Tas Walker
Design and intelligence—taking the high ground
Where can you get information to tackle head-on the Skeptics’ supposed ‘objections to design’?
by Carl Wieland
Unintelligent Design?
Evolution, it is claimed, removes the need for a designing intelligence of life on Earth, but this amounts to the logically absurd proposition of ‘Unintelligent Design’.
by Mike G Matthews
Exploring Intelligent Design language in Genesis 2 and Acts 17—yatsar and poieĊ
Evidence of God’s creative craftsmanship is even found in the very words of Scripture.
by Andrew Sibley
The skeletons in evolution’s closet
Sneak peek of latest Creation magazine. The co-authors of Contested Bones talk with Creation magazine
by Joel Tay
Yet another synthetic life claim?
Scientists once again have claimed to created artificial living cells? What does this really mean for chemical evolution?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Matti Leisola — bioengineer dumps Darwin, declares design
Matti Leisola, leading bioengineer, demonstrates in his book why he rejected Darwin in favor of design. Engaging, humorous and thoughtful—a must read from a world-class scientist.
by Gavin Cox
Brilliant builder-bees!
Tetragonula carbonaria are stingless bees that build complex spiral brood combs. Scientists have likened these to crystals, but bees are far more complex than crystals.
by Gavin Cox