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Atheists in the pulpit—the sad charade of the Clergy Project
When the American Atheists convention was told “I’m a pastor currently serving a Methodist church … and I am an atheist”, the crowd hooted and clapped for over a minute.
by Dr Albert Mohler
The Koran vs Genesis
Do Muslims and Christians have the same account of creation?
by David Catchpoole
Atheism—no objective morality?
Does common human agreement on morality make it objective?
by Don Batten
Don’t bother me with your religion!
Freedom of religion means living peaceably with people who disagree with you.
by Don Batten
Darwin’s arguments against God
How Darwin rejected the doctrines of Christianity.
by Russell Grigg
Naturalism in the light of reality
There’s more to reality than naturalism can fathom …
by Robert Gurney
The evolutionist who was anti-God and anti-Darwin
by Russell Grigg
Islam, testimony, and the Trinity
Refuting Islamic criticisms of the Trinity, and the difference between Islamic and Christian conversion testimonies.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
‘Hooray for eugenics!’
Last century many religious leaders embraced eugenics, the elimination of the ‘unfit’ from mankind’s breeding pool. Invented by Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, it reached its apex in Nazi Germany.
by Russell Grigg
Evolution Answers Book?
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released April issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.
by Philip Bell
Animals on the Ark
Was there enough room?
by Lita Cosner, Don batten
The Fall and the existence of other religions
If there is only one true god, then how come the world today has diverse religions?
by Lita Sanders