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Conspiracy and doomsday scenarios: should Christians be worried?
Was the US Government really behind 9/11? Is destructive weather really being generated by secret ‘scalar interferometry’ weapons? Are such claims true, and what should Christians do about it?
by Andrew Lamb
Chemists in stew about intelligent design
Another open minded editor finds himself in hot water from the censors.
by Tas Walker
Climate change & terrorism: a new political agenda?
Whatever the reality of the current gloomy climate predictions, the current bandwagon is such that some have even compared normal scientific scepticism to terrorism.
by Emil Silvestru
Dawkins and Eugenics
Prominent Darwinist and anti-Christian, Professor Richard Dawkins, says he hates to be agreeing with Hitler on the point, but applying eugenics to breeding humans is a pretty good idea after all.
by Carl Wieland
The Haggard tragedy
When a vocal defender of the Bible’s authority, even one who attacks evolution, is morally disgraced in the public eye, what does that say about the link between evolution and morality?
by Carl Wieland
Erring on the side of censorship (Brittany McComb’s address cut short)
Valedictorian speech censored by school.
by Lita Sanders
Intelligent Design—‘A War on Science’ says the BBC
The BBC’s war on belief in a Designer; Russell Grigg and Jonathan Sarfati counter-attack against BBC presuppositional bigotry and pseudo-science.
by Russell Grigg and Jonathan Sarfati
How certain are your agnostic friends?
Is agnosticism really the perfectly reasonable middle ground between dogmatic atheism or religious belief?
by Philip Bell
Atheism in decline
Atheism in decline
by anon
Climate Change: Who's to blame? (part 2)
Yes, climate is changing, but there's no need to panic.
A biblical approach to climate change (part 2)
A biblical approach to climate change (part 2)
A biblical approach to climate change (part 1)
A biblical approach to climate change (part 1)
by Richard Fangrad and Matt Bondy