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The atheists’ creation story
The evolutionary worldview is maintained by storytelling and censorship.
by Dominic Statham
Why leave the atheists out?
The violence and bloodshed of the religion of atheism.
by Don Hardgrave
Exploring Intelligent Design language in Genesis 2 and Acts 17—yatsar and poieō
Evidence of God’s creative craftsmanship is even found in the very words of Scripture.
by Andrew Sibley
The Darwinian foundation of communism
Central to the thinking of its central architects like Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Engels.
by Jerry Bergman
Organized complexity—how atheistic assumptions hinder science
Can the problems of ordered complexity be solved by using the tools of randomness?
by Russ White
An atheist argues for disbelief
When atheists argue against creation, they mostly refuse to accept that they are taking an evolutionary faith position.
by Calvin Smith
Terrorism and Europe’s spiritual vacuum
Threats to peace and stability generally (such as fear of terrorism) are not disconnected from the increasing moral and spiritual vacuum in our post-Christian western nations.
by Philip Bell
Can atheists know meaning and purpose?
The atheists’ claim that we can find purpose in a purposeless universe requires their followers to perform intellectual summersaults and to act inconsistently with their core beliefs.
by Dominic Statham`
What is agnosticism? And how can Christians respond to it?
by Shaun Doyle
Proclaiming Creation in a scientific age-->
Contrary to the tired old mantra, ‘science has disproved the Bible’, biblical literate and scientifically informed Christians can (and should) proclaim creation with well-founded confidence.
by Philip Bell
Is God obscure and arbitrary in what He wants from us?
A skeptic overlooks the fact that God has made Himself known to us in various ways when he claims that He treats humans unfairly.
by Shaun Doyle
Atheism needs evolution
Far from the theory of evolution being derived from facts that speak for themselves, it is actually rooted in the philosophical concept of atheism.
by Calvin Smith