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What is agnosticism? And how can Christians respond to it?
by Shaun Doyle
Islam, testimony, and the Trinity
Refuting Islamic criticisms of the Trinity, and the difference between Islamic and Christian conversion testimonies.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Animal cruelty and vegetarianism
The Bible calls people to treat animals humanely, but does that mean we should be vegetarians?
by Lita Sanders
A vase of flowers—by special arrangement!
Flower folly: A vase of flowers shows the foolishness of believing nature-is-all-there-is.
by Don Batten
Why leave the atheists out?
The violence and bloodshed of the religion of atheism.
by Don Hardgrave
Countering the Rise of Atheism
The atheists refused CMI’s offer to a debate so CMI arranged a public seminar on the same weekend as their global convention where people could hear what the atheists tried to hide.
by Tas Walker
What Would You Think?
Surprising findings from a study on why people chose to become atheists.
by Michael Eggleton
An atheist argues for disbelief
When atheists argue against creation, they mostly refuse to accept that they are taking an evolutionary faith position.
by Calvin Smith
Chimps ‘natural killers’ after all
As evolutionists ponder the propensity of chimps to kill other chimps, they are not rushing to the conclusion that this explains why humans kill humans.
by Carl Wieland
Intelligent Design: why the fuss, and what’s it about?
To some, design is a ‘no-brainer’. To others, it’s the thin edge of the wedge. How should we view it?
by Carl Wieland
Secularism is atheism
Once-Christian nations are now ‘secular’ (God-less); how did this come about?
by Don Batten
Can atheism possibly explain morality and reason?
Why atheists’ attempts to provide a foundation for morals and reliable human minds are hopeless.
by Keaton Halley