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‘Scissorhands’ dino ate plants
16 Aug 2022
The newly named dinosaurs Paralitherizinosaurus was described as ‘scissorhands’ with long slashing claws, but what were they used to eat?
by Jonathan Sarfati
What were the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age?
15 Aug 2022
Archaeological ‘ages’ did not last for nearly as long as most people think, but where do things like the Bronze and Iron Age fit into biblical history?
by Robert Carter
Geochemical and related evidence for early Noah’s Flood year
12 Aug 2022
A proposed five-stage time sequence for the early part of the global Flood, with an emphasis on geochemistry.
by Harry Dickens and Aaron Hutchison
Evolution's fatal problem of non-standard genetic codes
11 Aug 2022
Changing the genetic code would have fatal consequences.
by David Thomas
Using the earth’s magnetic field for navigation
09 Aug 2022
How will animals be able to navigate using the earth’s magnetic field, as it decays away?
by Jim Hughes
Exit God, enter death culture
08 Aug 2022
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.
by Don Batten
The promises and pitfalls of correlating Y chromosome genetics to human history
05 Aug 2022
Sneak peak of a rigorous book review from the latest issue of Journal of Creation: How well can Y chromosome genetics be correlated to human history?
by Robert Carter
Creation, the image of God, and campaigns to ban ‘conversion therapy’
04 Aug 2022
Responding to campaigns to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’, with evidence from Scripture, science and population statistics.
by Andrew Sibley
Wilberforce really did confront Huxley with his ape comment!
02 Aug 2022
Newspaper reports from the 1860s, recently unearthed, show that Wilberforce really did ask Huxley whether he would prefer an ape/monkey for his grandfather or his grandmother.
by Russell Grigg
The magnetosphere: an invisible force that makes life on Earth possible
01 Aug 2022
Its life-sustaining attributes strongly indicate deliberate design.
by Jonathan Corrado
The deep and undeniable Darwinian roots of Nazi eugenics
29 Jul 2022
A review of Darwinian Eugenics and the Holocaust by Jerry Bergman.
by John Woodmorappe
People are Amazing! Features that could not evolve
28 Jul 2022
Talented human beings dazzle and amaze us, whether musically, mathematically, artistically, athletically, or in many other ways. But such abilities have no obvious survival value, so how did they evolve?
by Philip Bell