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Erin Hughes


Erin accepted the Lord Jesus Christ after a good friend challenged his evolutionary views about the origins of the universe using creation arguments. This powerful information led him to challenge other Christians to see the importance of the authority of Scripture, and to see how critical a proper understanding of the Creation/Gospel message can be on one’s life. Since that point Erin has shared the Good News of the Gospel with hundreds of people through public creation evangelism via a small creation group that he helped establish.

Prior to joining CMI, Erin served as a CMI volunteer and a youth minister in his hometown of Cape Carteret, NC. He is now Head of Events at CMI-US, based in Atlanta, Georgia, where he oversees a team that organizes hundreds of ministry events each year all over the US. He is married to Louanna, and they have four children whom they home-school.

Some of his articles are: