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Creation 37(3):6, July 2015

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Evangelizing from a creation foundation




As I come ‘on board’ the editorial team for Creation magazine, it is humbling when I think of how instrumental CMI’s materials were in my own conversion and growth in my Christian faith. At 16, having been raised in the church but with no real foundation for true faith, I declared myself an ‘agnostic’, but I was determined to find the truth. My biology class happened to be studying evolution at that particular point, so I decided that would be the issue—if creation was true, I’d be a Christian; if evolution was true, I’d be an atheist.

Over the months that followed, God used creation materials from CMI to open my mind and heart to the Gospel message. Finding out that there was evidence for the Bible’s truthfulness in historical matters made me consider that what it claimed about Jesus might also be true (as Jesus said in John 3:12, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”) Because of this, I’ve always been absolutely convinced of the importance of origins not only for a coherent Christian faith, but for a strong evangelistic witness. So it is now a huge privilege to edit one of the world’s foremost creation evangelistic tools. It also in a way feels like ‘the end of an era’, with the recent retirement of Creation magazine founder, Dr Carl Wieland, but we are excited as we look towards the future.

Often, Christians feel the need to ‘apologize’ for the Bible’s passages that come under attack in today’s culture. For some, it is tempting to find naturalistic ways to explain away Noah’s Flood, or fit billions of years into Scripture. However, it is completely unnecessary. When we stand firmly on the Bible’s authority, we find that this gives us a coherent worldview from which we can answer skeptical attacks on Scripture.

This issue of Creation magazine shows how the Bible has been vindicated at various points. For instance, skeptics used to claim that the book of Daniel erred when it called Belshazzar the last King of Babylon, but archaeology has proved the Bible was right (p. 12). And scientists have found that crude oil can be created in minutes, not millions of years, under the right conditions (p. 55). Big bang fudge factors are unnecessary if we assume the sort of universe the Bible describes (p. 48). And from beautiful flowers like the Tibetan Snow Lotus, to the lowly cockroach (p. 22), nature bears witness to its Designer.

There are many scientists, including ‘rocket scientist’ Henry Richter (p. 37), who recognize that the Bible’s creation account makes the best sense of what we see in the world around us today. So, especially in light of the way evolution contradicts Genesis (p. 52), it is totally unnecessary to try to compromise by adopting a theistic evolutionary view (p. 44).

It is my hope that you will be encouraged by this issue of Creation magazine. And then, when your family is done reading it, pass it on to someone else! You never know how God might use the magazine in another person’s life.

    Posted on homepage: 20 April 2015

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