Evangelist rejects God!

Sneak preview of Creation magazine

Creation 22(3)

May 27, 2000

In the upcoming edition of Creation magazine, Ken Ham and Stacia Byers write a fascinating—but sobering—story of the saga of a famous evangelist who went from “Hope to Hopelessness.”

The article reports on the life of a famous evangelist who, with Dr. Billy Graham, was once one of the two major figures of mass evangelism in the USA. At one time, this man was considered even more prominent than Dr. Graham. He regularly spoke to huge audiences in the thousands; in one 2-week campaign, 91,000 turned out over two weeks, and many hundreds professed faith in Christ.

So what made this famous evangelist turn his back on the faith he once preached, and even author a book Farewell to God, subtitled “My reasons for rejecting the Christian faith”? He became a prominent print and broadcast journalist, saying such things as: “I believe there is no Supreme Being with human attributes—no God in the Biblical sense.” and “I believe that, in common with all living creatures, we die and cease to exist as an entity.” What made him turn away?

The shocking story, and the vital lessons Christians need to learn from it, are in this stunningly presented magazine (56 pages of glorious color, with no advertising). Find out the questions which started him on the “slippery slide” of unbelief, and the amazing way in which most readers could have answered these for him if equipped with creation material like The Answers Book.

Published: 14 February 2006