The creation message ultimately changes lives because it points people back to the authority of Scripture and the Creator/Redeemer—our Lord Jesus Christ.

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After a CMI presentation, Pastor Owen wrote to us and said:

“Reports started to come in of lives being changed; for example not one but three of our young fathers who had been hovering around the edges of the church, suddenly became more excited about Jesus as some of the barriers and obstacles in their lives came crashing down. … One of the major outcomes has been a growing confidence in the Holy Scriptures … .  And with the growing confidence in Scripture has come a growing confidence in the Jesus of the New Testament and in sharing Him with others.”

Churchgoer Phylis W. wrote in after a CMI event at her church:

“I expected to enjoy the service but it was beyond anything I imagined. I don’t think in all my 61 years I have enjoyed anything more. I don’t have the adjectives to describe it. He answered questions I have often wondered about. You have an awesome ministry that is so needed in America to equip us to live in the world. Again, it was super awesome. Thanks.”

Families being equipped with life-changing resources

It's easy!

It’s understandable that many churches are simply overloaded with trying to meet the daily needs of their people. Having a CMI event may be perceived as an extra logistical workload—however, we conduct around 1,200 presentations per year, so this is what we do best. The creation/evolution debate is a specialist issue and we are here to help and make this an easy and enjoyable experience for you. Hosting an event really is as easy as 1…2…3.

No set speaking fees!

And remember, at CMI we don’t charge a set speaking fee. We want all churches/all people everywhere to hear the good news that the Bible can be trusted from the beginning, and help them provide life-changing information and answers to others.

  • Contact us.
    It takes two minutes to complete and submit the form on this page (or call us at 800-616-1264 ).
  • Suggest a preferred date.
    One of our friendly event managers will contact you to confirm a date with you.
  • Sit back and watch us go.
    Our experienced events management team can help with all the planning and logistics, including the promotion of the event on our website, newsletters and dedicated email blasts to your area.

Ministry programs

Creation Ministries International has a range of ministry programs designed to meet the specific needs of churches and Christian organizations. We have several internationally acclaimed and qualified Christian speakers with easy-to-listen-to communication styles. They present challenging, illustrated talks on the relevance of Genesis to the Gospel, society, evangelism and church growth.

While proclaiming and defending the Bible’s truth and authority, they show how the history it contains connects to the real world. These types of presentations are renowned for strengthening the faith of believers, as well as equipping and motivating them to reach out to others. After the presentation, the speakers are always available to answer people’s questions.

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