Dr Mark Harwood

Dapto Baptist Church

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25 March 2018
Dapto Baptist Church
91 Emerson Rd, Dapto
It’s all about Jesus: Genesis and the Gospel
Going Where the Evidence Leads

Primary Service, Session Following Service

Church service where the accredited CMI speaker takes the regular 'sermon spot'. The talk normally takes 50-60 minutes and includes illustrated PowerPoint presentations.

When possible, the speaker will stay following the service and would be delighted to chat with you.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will be available.

About Dr Mark Harwood

With over 30 years experience as an engineer and scientist in the Australian telecommunications industry, Mark played a key role in the development of Australia’s national satellite system from its inception in 1980. As a ‘real’ scientist he is well equipped to understand the difference between the type of science that puts satellites into space, for example, and beliefs about the past such as evolution.

While at university, Mark was something of a ‘closet Christian’ because he could not understand the basis of his faith. He assumed that God must have created through evolution (theistic evolution) but he came to realize that this provided no meaningful basis for Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. His subsequent journey of investigation convinced him of the theological and scientific basis of the Genesis history of the world, and that it was actually true and foundational to the Christian faith.

Mark is an excellent and engaging communicator, who can clear away the confusion that many have on the issue of origins and how it affects our views of the world today. Pastors have commented:

“Mark was outstanding in his delivery and communication. I am happy to endorse Dr Mark Harwood and will recommend him to my associates who are interested in Creation Ministries.”
“I think Dr Mark presented extremely well. An obviously clever individual who portrayed logically concise points, whilst maintaining personal humility. From my personal perspective, an absolute pleasure to listen to.”


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