Joel Tay

Contending for Creation—events in OH

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24 June 2018
Contending for Creation—events in OH
Rittman 44270
For more info, call 800-616-1264

About Joel Tay

Though saved at a young age, Joel had many nagging doubts about the Bible & what he had been taught about evolution. Joel now has two Master's degree in Theology & Divinity—specializing in Systematic Theology. He is also well equipped to speak on science & the problems with evolutionary theory as his science training encompassed degrees in Evolutionary Biology & Genetics.

Joel spent many years with open-air street evangelism ministries such as Campus Crusade & the Singapore-based Operation 513. The questions he received during this time only reinforced the need for Christians to be equipped with biblically sound, creation-based answers to not only protect their families but to reach the lost.


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