Gary Bates

Trinity Christian Center

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Sun Sep 8 & Wed Sep 11, 2019
Trinity Christian Center
2600 Lewis Ave, Zion, IL 60099
Creation Not Confusion
Aliens, UFOs & the Evolution Connection

Morning Service

This is a church event at which an accredited CMI speaker will present for the regular morning service time. The presentation demonstrates how the Gospel message is rooted in the book of Genesis and provides evidence to support the reliability of the Bible's record of origins.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will be available before and after the service.

About Gary Bates

Gary is the CEO of Creation Ministries International (US). CMI–Worldwide have offices in 7 countries. He has been involved in the creation/evolution debate for over 25 years, and is an international speaker, writer, and reviewer for the internationally renowned Creation magazine.

He is well known for giving passionate and motivational talks on why the Bible, and in particular, the book of Genesis, should be taken at face value. Gary sets out very clearly and logically the Gospel implications and why this is of foundational importance to everyone.

As a researcher into contemporary cultural beliefs, he has also been in great demand worldwide due to the huge international success of his book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection in which Gary unravels a phenomenon that attracts millions and is even challenging the church. Gary has also undertaken the task of writing, producing and directing a movie-style documentary based upon his book called Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception.

After Gary’s presentations, leaders have commented:

"Excellent, clear, well researched and presented"
"Gary was fantastic! Thank you!"


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