Dr Don Batten

Sandy Bay Baptist Church

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Sunday 20 September 2020
Sandy Bay Baptist Church
239 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay
Creation: A Key to the Gospel

About Dr Don Batten

Don is a scientist and an international speaker for CMI–Australia, as well as being a writer and co-editor of the world–renowned Creation magazine and Journal of Creation. He has co-authored some of the most popular creation books of all time including The Creation Answers Book and 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History.

Dr Batten is a respected specialist in tropical fruit research (plant biology). Prior to working with Creation Ministries International, he conducted a number of nationally-funded research projects, publishing his results in science journals. As an experienced research scientist he is well qualified to show that evolutionary theory has nothing to do with how the real world works. Don’s knowledge and passion for the Bible will help you and others understand how well the Bible fits the evidence we see around us.

Don communicates effectively with young and old and is able to equip and help Christians defend their faith in a so–called ‘age of science’. After one of his presentations, one pastor wrote:

“Professional, Christian, Bible–based, scientifically sound, a pleasure to hear, confirming of faith in the Word….”


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