'Evolutionary prattle'

This week's positive feedback is from M. M. of NC, USA.

It is interesting to note, that all around us, more and more, we are being bombarded with what I call "evolutionary prattle". We see it it the media, whether it's print or film. It's prominent in books; fiction and non-fiction. We even see it on the sides of rental moving vans (U-Haul). For the most part, "evolutionary prattle" is simply there for really no reason. For instance, we could be reading a magazine review about 4-wheel drive trucks, and the author would write something like, "Since the dawn of time, when man dwelt in caves, the need for greater cross-country mobility..." It has absolutely nothing to do with 4-wheel drive, yet, a point was thrown in to say man lived in caves long ago. Is it any wonder why so many people accept the theory of evolution? All our life, all these little "facts" have been placed before us and many accept them without question. As new "evidence" is presented, that a creationist would find absurd, it is easy to believe as fact, especially when presented using big words in a authoritive format by someone with an alphabet soup following their name. For someone brought up on evolutionary prattle, to hear about special creation, it is all rather silly to believe in a young Earth and a Divine Creator, due to teaching about creationism being out of the mainstream, that creation science is not really science at all. "Besides, science has proved evolution to be fact and the story of creation is just that, a story out of a book of fables". NOT!

Sincerely, M. M.

PS Enjoy your website and Creation magazine. Keep up the good work! You ARE making a difference!


Published: 3 February 2006