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Expanding the Kingdom?

Are thriving churches influencing the surrounding culture?


Published: 9 July 2015 (GMT+10)
Originally published in a CMI newsletter, July 2013
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As I write, my inbox is full of emails from around the world on the so-called gay marriage debate. The current conservative UK government is moving to support same-sex unions; New Zealand just passed legislation legalizing same, and Australia seems likely to follow. It is already legal in Canada, and in the US, Republican Party opposition is waning. [Note, since this article was originally published, the US Supreme Court and many other countries have legalized same sex unions]. What is really shocking is how many Christians also support, or just don’t care about, this issue. Mention ‘gay marriage’, and many Christians switch off and choose not to engage with what is happening around them. But this is just a symptom of an underlying problem.

A colleague wrote how the seeds of this problem were sown nearly 200 years ago when the church capitulated on biblical authority in geology, and “effectively declared that the plain text in Genesis was less important than the ‘experts’ and their ‘facts’. It cemented a neo-Platonic ‘dualism’ in which the Bible is not about ‘real-world’ things, only about stuff inside your head, like feelings. Darwin was a logical extension of that trend, and we are now seeing the outworkings relentlessly. First abortion, now gay marriage, and more to come, as these are all ‘redefined’ as ‘rights’ and ‘choices’.”1

Loopholes in the Bible?

How true this is. My youngest daughter is shocked when professing Christian youths in her US university classes defend abortion on the basis of women’s rights, and gay marriage because “it’s ok if they love each other.” Do churches or parents realize that although these young ones attend their churches and profess to be Christian, the reality is they do not possess a Christian worldview. They’ve adopted a humanistic worldview that places man’s opinions above the Creator’s. If the Bible really is the Words of the Creator then His rules apply. But, if one can pick and choose what one wants to believe in Genesis, then why not elsewhere?

Yes, I confess to being frustrated at the incredible apathy in the church. Many churches are reluctant to open their pulpits to creation speakers. “We don’t need a divisive issue like creation. It’s just a side issue—like abortion and gay marriage.” For example, we see the phenomenon of megachurches, all over the world with thousands in the congregations in enthusiastic worship, feeling spiritually ‘high’, and thinking that things could hardly be better. “What are these creation guys on about anyway? Look at us, we’re really expanding the Kingdom here!” While at the same time a massive erosion of Christian morality is happening all around us. Abortion ‘clinics’ (actually murder factories, like Kermit Gosnell’s) are violating women and killing their viable babies.

But, being a Christian is more than attending a church—something a lot of people do here in America’s Bible belt, where CMI-US is located. There are commands in Scripture for every Christian to be salt and light to the world, and to fulfil the Great Commission. And it is the church’s job to train Christians to perform this role (and not just ‘church-building’ for the sake of it). So, here is my challenge to churches both large and small and those who attend them (and feel their church is doing great). Despite the proliferation of churches, Christian schools, TV and radio stations etc., is your community, your town, your city, is your country becoming more Christian or less Christian? Are our ‘Christian’ youth following the worldwide trend of leaving the church by the time they reach adulthood? For too many this is true. If we want to effect a change in the culture, we need to change hearts and minds towards Christ our Creator and Redeemer. If we can show people the Bible is really, really true, then they should live their lives in accordance with its injunctions.

The government-mandated view of our origins—is not a side issue for the church.

Evolution and its millions of years of death before the Fall destroys the integrity of the biblical text and the very reason Christ’s sacrificial death became necessary. Most people have been taught evolution as fact. So for them, what is correct, the Bible, so-called ‘science’, or a compromise of the two where ‘science’ usually trumps the Bible anyway, relegating its teachings to second place?

It’s not hard to make a difference

At CMI we constantly show you testimonies of lives changed (including in this Prayer News) as a result of exposure to creation information. So, we can stop (or at least slow) the rot—one person, one family at a time. As Christian professor Dr Mike Adams wrote: “If Christianity dies in America it will not be for a lack of evidence of its truthfulness. It will be for a lack of dissemination of the evidence of its truthfulness.”2 

We, the church, have access to more information today, to support what we believe in this crucial area of origins, than at any time in the church’s history. But most don’t even know it exists. Please, churches, wake up—recognize what is happening around us, and get information into your people’s hands to support biblical authority. One powerful way is to have a CMI event at your church.

References and notes

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Readers’ comments

Richard G.
Hi Gary

there are reasons why we see a particular erosion in certain areas of doctrine, and it's simply because we do not understand The Plan of Salvation history and fulfilment of prophecy - which predicts that there will be a falling away and perilous times as we reach closer to the end of the age (2 Tim 3: 1-5). For indeed The LORD has proclaimed unto the ends of the world (Isa 62:11, Isa 46:8-11, Psalm 2:1-12).
The Scriptures indicate that when the wicked begin to flourish, it is because they are being prepared for judgement (Ps 92: 7; Job 21:30).
Therefore, instead of lamenting the fact that people are turning away from "Thus saith The LORD" - we should be seeking to explain the meaning of this to those who we meet - which may by GOD's grace prompt them to repent - lest they perish(John 3:16-20, Rev 21:8, Rev 22:11).

Thanks for your thought provoking article though.
ian B.
Firstly the church was not interested in marriage until around the 12th century, letting the "pagans" conduct their own ways of sealing the union. Since they got involved there has been a succession of rules as though they maintain its purity when for a thousand years they never got involved . We now have divorcees not allowed to remarry in church, the Jews could divorce their wife for any number of reasons, even christians can divorce and remarry if adultery is the cause of the breakup yet the church will not marry them again , they (and the government acting for the church ) say only one wife allowed....yet even God allowed polygamy..so that if many men from a village were killed in battle..the remaining men could take more wives to repopulate it, or if a man had a barren wife he could take another wife to provide himself with enough family hands to keep him and his wives in old age. And so for the christian church to lay down the law on "gay" marriage as being unacceptable to God when for most of their history they have not been interested in marriage is a bit rich. God has made everybody and one day He will ask an account from everybody, NO ONE can judge anothers servant only the master of that servant can do that. Suppose the gay marriage was non sexual...how could you know ?..yet with no thought of this ..their union is CONDEMNED. I would caution those who pass such judgement that with the measure you use for others the same measure will be used for you!
Gary Bates
You frequently comment in an attempt to find fault with our articles. However, your real issue seems to be with God, not our judgments but His. The Bible is clear about the definition of marriage so whether the marriage is sexual or non sexual is irrelevant. The problem with laws being passed to allow same-sex unions is that they do not 'redefine' marriage--they 'undefine' it. So, I predict in the future we will see all sorts of bizarre unions allowable. And the real victims in this mess will be the children brought up in these unholy unions. As we already have tons of research to show how they grow up with all sorts of socially dysfunctional behaviours.
Thomas D.
RE:If we want to effect a change in the culture, we need to change hearts and minds towards Christ our Creator and Redeemer.

Unfortunately the Christian church and the people in it are not doing their job because many realize that they are being controlled by feelings of 'guilt' and not because of 'Love'. In the telling of the story about the Passion Week, where is Satan? He's nowhere to be found! Why? If he is added to the mix, then the Savior's death will be because of Satan, not because of the Christians and their bad behavior. By telling the story without Satan being a part of it (Gen. 3:15; Rev. 12:12), people feel 'guilty'. Guilt is an emotion. When has an emotion ever been trustworthy? The Creator God expects more from his people than 'emotions'. He want's them to be controlled by reason and knowledge. (Isaiah 1:18). Because the Church is married to manipulating people by their 'emotions', the church members very often hear Romans 3:23 repeated which also makes the unsaved nervous. Another thing that is missing is giving people a reason for wanting to change. You being 'correct' will not will not win many friends. It turns some people off. What you should be doing is telling your audience what the real reason for the Scientists wanting to leave our Earth and go somewhere else. When you get that message across than I think you will reach people who you would never expect would be interested in what you believe.
Gary Bates
I'm really not sure what you mean by "What you should be doing is telling your audience what the real reason for the Scientists wanting to leave our Earth and go somewhere else." But I've published it anyway.
Andre F.
Mike K you unfortunately like many professing Christians interpret the scriptures to suit your worldview instead of adapting your worldview to the scriptures. A man centered worldview always leads to such conclusion and take verses out of context. The situation where Jesus said "cast the first stone" was a particular situation and he certainly did not say the woman can go and continue sinning. In fact he told her to "go and sin no more". The Bible allows soldiers to kill in the name of the government. We cannot cherry pick verses to justify our worldviews but we should let scripture change us no matter the cost. Up to today no scientific evidence was found that proofs people are born gay however we are all born with evil desires and this is why Christ came to die for us and rose from the grave. I am not for a second saying a person that is "gay" should be thrown out of his house but Christian parents should treat it as any other sin, confront him/her in love so that the Holy Spirit can convict him/her to repent. Would you not confront your child if he/she has other sinful tendencies like pornography, pedophilia, blasphemy or even things like desiring other people's possessions or lying? Many so called gays who came to Christ no longer consider themselves gay and many are now living fulfilled and normal lives for Christ.

JanRene D.
Some seven years ago we moved to a town in the North-Eastern part of the Netherlands. Within a few month after we went to a reformed church in our new city, the head pastor and one of the elder paid us a (welcoming) visit. During this visit I asked the pastor what his vision was on Genesis 1. He was very reluctant to give a straight answer. He had recently gone to a seminar about it, and from what he was told he was not sure what to think about it. I bluntly told him, that if I would come to believe that Genesis 1 is unhistorical, I go to the dustbin and throw my Bible in it, while it is an all big lie. And then I gave them both a dozen reasons, while Genesis 1 is true, plus some ten reasons why evolution is a hoax. (I learned them all from CMI, THANK YOU so much for it.)

The good news. Last year the same pastor paid us a visit. During this conversation, he made the remark, that he has come to the conclusion, that GENESIS 1, Creation, is RECENT HISTORY. (Oh thank the Lord!). But to my knowledge he has not yet put his insights about the true history of Genesis in a sermon unto the congregation. We are praying for it, that this may happen soon, while the whole congregation needs to hear this valuable truth. I recently took a 3 year subscription to creation magazine. I am lending the journals to my brothers and sisters to read and enjoy being a Christian. Vaya con DIOS

Andrew W.
Many kudos on your article. May the Creation tribe increase and may God have grace and mercy on
America. Great job CMI. Keep up the great work.
Matt F.
It's astonishing how quickly Christian culture is collapsing in the United States. Many Christians in my area have this attitude of if they keep to themselves, then they'll be safe. Others, like my room mate, bow to the State and accept what society says at a finger snap. Sooner or later, it will come down to faith or no faith, and as history shows, we know what usually happens. The timing of the court decision makes me realize they will dig as deep as they can. The South is supposed to give up the Confederate Flag because it offends some people, but Christians are supposed to "tolerate" gay marriage and abortion despite being offended. Shows where our society stands on what we find wrong and offensive.
I love how CMI mentions the Soviet Union a lot, because I personally feel that's where we're heading as a nation. A once God-fearing nation turned anti-God that tears itself apart from the inside out until it shatters, metaphorically and literally.
Larry E.
I hear you Gary. Maybe God is cleaning His church from unbelief. Only the strong will survive. Is God a refliction in a book, or is He the power which brings understanding as we read the bible? Many people today do not have a bible but have been visted by Jesus in a dream or a vision. Remeber, God is a spirit.
Gary Bates
Larry, this is a bit off topic from the subject matter of the article, but I feel I need to respond. I've heard cases from the Open Doors folks about manifestations of the Lord appearing to Muslims in the Middle East etc. However, by your comment it appears that you place great store in alleged experiences that people have. As one who has worked in this area for many years I must caution about experiences. The experiences can be real, and people have all sorts of experiences that change their lives, including people who think they've been visited by aliens and so on. So, in comparing experiences why is one's experience more valid than someone else's? Particularly when the Bible recounts all sorts of deceptive experiences. There are a plethora of books out there about people visiting heaven, for example--even sweet little boys who would know knowingly lie. All experiences must be filtered through Scripture and when we use Scripture to test these we can glean that on many occasions their depictions of Heaven are actually unscriptural. So what is going on? There is a simple human/medical phenomenon that can explain this known as False Memory Syndrome and there is a whole chapter on same in my book Alien Intrusion. For further reading I recommend Christians shaped by experiences rather than a Bible first approach.So, I hope you don't mind me mentioning this to you but as I said, because I've dealt in this area so much I get very concerned about the potential for people to be led astray by experiences, even when they seem 'holy' and nice. All the best.
Mike K.
I find the comments regarding gays and gay marriages very interesting and judgemental, and I ask myself what would Jesus say. Would he say stone him or would he say let he who is without sin throw the first stone. The Bible states "thou shalt not kill" but it is accepted that soldiers go out in the name of Jesus and kill their enemies and become heroes, even though Jesus replaced the soldiers ear that Peter had cut off defending him. In the " The creation answers book" it is stated (pg133) regarding genes and DNA "The number of these defects in a population tends to progressively and relentlessly increase", this will have the net effect that someone can be born with a hormone imbalance and have no control over this. At 14 my son came and professed that he was gay, as are many of the people active in the ministry. I could have kicked him out of the house but I didn't as a loving father I accepted him and still raise him as a Christian. I know God made him and God doesn't make mistakes, and although I love him God Loves him much more, why would I deprive him eternal salvation and damn him to hell because he is a sinner? We are all sinners those that commit adultery, those that steal, those that kill and those that use the Lord's name to profit themselves. A killer confesses his sins and is forgiven, but a gay born with a problem or who had the issue forced on them in childhood, is doomed to hell, I think not. Jesus came to the earth to save sinners not condemn them, in Matthew 22:34-40 he states love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Through faith, I am the righteousness of God who Loves me, and alone will judge me
Gary Bates
Thanks for sharing this. I genuinely think you might find our booklet Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong very useful. It has a nice tone and tries to openly discuss these problems. I think it would also provide useful information when talking to your son. It's also available as an eBook. All the best.
Paul M.
God bless you for your energy and love for the church to bring them back to God's truth. I admit I feel very battle weary and discouraged in discussing such issues with others in my church and in my home. I hope God can give me such courage and kindness.
Lennie H.
I agree with Kyle H, Australia, in that the treatment of Paul's writings in the NT are often regarded as 'cultural', but I see that as one of the many consequences of rejecting Genesis 1-11 as truthful history. Gary, regarding "what can we do to help further CMI's message", I have at times placed an advertisement in the local newspaper, simply advertising CMI's website for people who wonder about dinosaurs, flood, etc. etc. Of course I can't quantify the results of such ads.
Gary Bates
Lennie, truly one of the most effective way to spread this message is to have a CMI speaker in your church. Large sections of the church get switched on as to the importance of origins, and it motivates them to then share it with others. It's as easy as getting your church to agree then CMI does all the organizing for your pastor/leaders. See here Events-1, 2, 3 where you can also put in a ministry request.
Steve S.
Too many Christians are selective on what parts they want to believe plainly, so they can blend two religions/worldviews (evolution). The Bible stresses not to do that and to make up your mind by believing in the authority of Scripture. Which means you must abandon evolution for Genesis.
Gerald D.
@Duane C.

I would encourage you to work with your pastor more, and stay at your church. I know you didn't say you would leave, but all to often I have friends who leave a church because of this issue, or another similar issue. Instead of defend the cause. We must not surrender any part of Creation. We don't need to be combative per say, but persuade each other. Many times the key is engagement and relationship. There are those in your congregation who will listen to you and hear what you say. Speak to those, do not incite a revolt, just share what you know. I myself used to adhere to an 'apparent' age understanding of Creation. I listened to many people discuss this, and have come to understand the young earth position much better. My heart was changed. The revelation was like the blossoming of a flower. Not an overnight conversion. Do not despair that your pastor has rejected your overtures to host a speaker. There may be a time when that will change. This may well be your cause to carry perhaps outside of the church, but you don't have to leave the church. Just remember your pastor has many people he influences, and he is also just a person. Many times pastors are put on pedestals, and treat their flock like something to manage. They can feel lonely, and you may be the kind of person he needs. 'combative per say' I know this site has many good articles on how to handle those who oppose our perspective. Sometimes a more aggressive stance is necessary. However, I find usually a person responds best when you listen and investigate their perspective with them. Not in a manipulative way, but in a loving responsive way. Watch your motive. If you feel like you are 'planning' your next move, you may be manipulative (Mt 10: 19). Respond to them.
Kyle H.
Can I respectfully submit that Christendom's apostasy in abandoning the authority of God's Word has 2 aspects: rejection of Genesis 1-11 as historic truth, plus rejection of apostle Paul's teachings as 'cultural' by clergy not acting under the authority of the Holy Spirit but focussing on popularity and money.
Gary Bates
Paul who wrote most of the NT believed in a literal, historical Genesis. Please read The use of Genesis in the New Testament where you can see that there are over 100 references in the NT to the book of Genesis.

it's interesting how this article has provoked a lot of "I'll tell you why the church is floundering" type comments. Ranging from divorce to music etc. Everyone has their pet theory and most I have not published because they missed the point. The real point is, once again, that the rot starts in Genesis. if the first book is not authoritative where does the truth begin in Scripture?
Duane C.
Once again you have hit a number of issues on the head. The particular one I want to comment on is your statement:

"Many churches are reluctant to open their pulpits to creation speakers. 'We don’t need a divisive issue like creation. It’s just a side issue—like abortion and gay marriage.'"

All too true! I approached my pastor earlier this year about having a CMI speaker at our church, and offered to follow it up with a mini-series on creation and related issues. His response - just as you said - he didn't see the creation issue as an issue, and essentially didn't want to cause problems where there weren't any. Expecting some resistance I came prepared with a number of items, including what I thought would be a trump card for anyone who takes the Bible and Genesis seriously - the picture you've published a number of times that demonstrates the unbiblical concept of death before sin; and how the dead bones indicative of death could not exist in a "very good" creation. (Found in your article: http://creation.com/Did-god-create-over-billions-of-years). To my amazement not only was he un-phased by the depiction, and unconvinced - he even started defending evolution and a millions-years-old creation! I realized to my great disappointment that my church was far from having a creation speaker or seminar any time soon.

From that it seems clear to me, unless we have another Great Awakening type revival, I don't see much hope for the American church, because as you say, the church is apathetic and the youth are already brain-washed to doubt the bible's authority and believe a billions-years-old evolutionary world view.
Douglas M.
I was recently watching on one of the big 'Christian' networks that has the head of the network as the host. I won't name him. Anyways he had a guest on who told him how God used evolution to create Adam. There was no questioning by the host just a lot of 'oh's and 'awe's. The host even seemed surprised to find out humans were originally vegetarians. When you have someone so uneducated in the Word of God running a huge Christian network, you know the world is in trouble.
Tommy S.
This, and many issues like it, shall sift the wheat from the chaff and separate the sheep from the goats. It's time we didn't just gloss over this and pretend that "professing " Christians are Christians and that they are saved. The Bible makes it clear that the path is wide that leads to destruction and the gate is narrow that leads to salvation. Though many will try, few will enter. You can't somehow convince entire churches marching to hell that they need to change their ways. This isn't gently rebuking a fellow Christian to turn him from sin, it's saving them in the first place. And for them to be saved they need to realize their sin condition via the law (God's commandments), humbly confess and admit it before God and then repent and put their full trust in Jesus Christ. If one doesn't think they are sinning then how can they repent? If one doesn't even know why they need the savior then there is no hope for them. This, and many articles like it on this site, seem to try to give these "professing" Christians the benefit of the doubt instead of just speaking the plain truth. By their fruit we will know them, for no good tree can bear bad fruit. These people and some entire churches are not Christian at all no matter how much they profess it. I once professed to be Christian and truly believed it, but I hadn't repented and I can tell you quite plainly that I was not saved, but I didn't know it at the time. Our churches are filled with these people. Even some of the strongest churches are dominated by unsaved "professing" Christians. Let's not sugar coat this. Eternal salvation is at stake.
Gary Bates
I think you are being less than charitable to fellow believers. Christians believe in a whole range of differing things. We can differ about eschatology, modes of baptisms and speaking in tongues and so on. None of those issues are central to whether someone is saved or not, and neither are they foundational matters to the Gospel. In short, they are areas that believers have different interpretations about. I don't know how you can say though that CMI tries to give professing Christians the benefit of the doubt when we have a whole site that speaks loudly against evolution and shows how the very Gospel is destroyed by believing in same. Our harshest criticism is reserved for Christian and ministries who support same. For example in my critique of Biologos (an alleged ministry that supports evolution) I stated that it is not Christianity!.

Moreover we have dozens of articles on this site speaking out against homosexuality, abortion and so on. These are very cut and dried issues that the Bible writers issued clear warnings about. Only the most liberal interpreters could ever claim that they don't mean what they say. However, one should also recognize that even Christians share the same sin cursed planet as non-believers and none are immune to its effects. And Jesus said He causes the rain to fall on the righteous and unrighteousness. As a result, many Christians can stumble and be led astray by sin. Gentle rebukes and love may win them back to the Kingdom. And at the end of the day God judges the heart, and that is something it is impossible for you or me to do. And indeed, there go both you and I but for the Grace of God.
None of this is to excuse sin, and point it out, which this site constantly does. So I have to plainly say that your accusations are in error, if you've actually ever taken the time to research such things on our site. You might therefore be interested in reading Do I have to believe in a literal creation to be a Christian? for another perspective on what it takes to be saved.
Gerald D.
The article discusses some very interesting points. I lament the legalization of various abominable activities. In the case of the court rulings, I would say they have become 'un-illegal'. I wouldn't say that there is actually a legislation on the matter. Many Christians perhaps have reconciled themselves that it is important to have a relationship with their Creator, and to have relationship with their fellow man and then introduce the two. Relationship is absolutely a fundamental requirement of ones salvation. However, though this is sufficient for salvation and even a satisfying Christian life. It is imperative for a fulfilling Christian worldview to move beyond just a 'relationship' to building a firm foundation based on truth (Hebrews 5:13-14). Many churches emphasize the 'relationship' with Christ, but fail to disciple their members into moving from 'milk' to real food. To distinguishing good and evil, and advocating for good.

I want to provide one more lens that I feel is an important constraint on attempts to create a set of legislation that outlaws abortions and gay marriages. First, God gives us the choice to obey or disobey his commands (the Tree in the Garden) was the first example. Second, our world has been corrupted by sin. Basically, there was homosexuality and abortions when they were illegal. There will still be consequences when they are legal.

For me I try to turn the debate as follows:
1. Would you require a practicing Jew, Muslim, or a vegetarian to eat meat?
2. Would you require such a person to pay for someone else to eat meat?
3. Would a Christian doctor have the right to refuse to give an abortion?
4. If Yes, then why can does an operation which is clearly optional have to be legal?
If No then the answer to 2. should be Yes.
Thomas H.
Thank you for your straight-forward stating of the problem. Once we question Genesis, the foundation, the rest begins to crumble. I have noticed this in the "evangelical" churches in that we no longer disciple (discipline) the "body of Christ", the Church. By discipline, I mean actively train them, as a soldier would in basic training and advanced training. Sometimes it is hard being trained in order to advance the Kingdom of God. As a member of the Body of Christ that is our sole purpose on this Earth. True Godly discipline brings true freedom.
God bless you as you continue to train the Body of Christ.
Chandrasekaran M.
Humans of same sex union of two or more are sinners like any other sinners in this fallen cosmos and a strict same sex union life style is actually bad for so called evolution. But if such people resort to IVF or surrogate birth as well then they are, by their action, loudly declare that their life style is missing something and incomplete. It is an irony that such people are called gay. Only Jesus the Lord who created the whole cosmos and everything in it in just six 24 hour period can set free people from the bondage of the same sex union and other additions if they hunger to be set free and if they turn to HIM believing in HIM.
Richard G.
There are two effects of this we see on the mission field. First, in sending nations there are many churches that are not really interested in missions. They say, "We do not want to lose our children." (But they do lose them.) Second, on the mission field Christian workers often have a bad reputation, because they are obviously not people who keep their word. After all, if they do not even believe in a literal 7-day Creation - as Jesus clearly believed - why should they believe in telling the truth about other matters? I have actually heard Christian leaders here on the mission field say that following Jesus does not require being truthful. It is not hard to understand why these folks returned home from the field with very little real fruit for their efforts. (Please understand we fellowship with Christians from many (30+) denominations, and the problems I speak of are not confined to just one particular group.)
Eric B.
Reminds me once again of what Psalm 11:3 says: "If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?" The minute professing Christians capitulate to the naturalistic, secular worldview, their faith system begins to crumble.
Fred C. B.
Greetings, It is indeed very sad and concerning, to see the rapid decline in attitudes within Christian circles toward abortion, and now gay marriages. But looking back, the problem didn't just start with the abortion issue but, rather with a total change on the question of divorce and remarriage. When the Church as a whole caved in on this issue, they lost their ability to stand up for Scriptural principles. In my early years, divorce and remarriage was a NO, NO in most Church circles, although the Catholic Church had created an escape hatch with its annulments. Eventually, a change in the Church's standard generally crept in, and now a days divorce and remarriage within the Christian Church is on a par with that taking place in the world at large. When the Church gives ground on one matter, it inevitably leads to increasing erosion of belief in other areas, even to point of not only questioning the Genesis record, but ultimately rejecting the authority of the Scriptures as a whole. Is it any wonder that Jesus asked the rhetorical question,"when the son of man comes will He find faith on the earth (Luke 18:8)?"

Kind regards

Fred C.B.
Gary Bates
Hi Fred, I carefully considered whether to publish this or not as it was a little bit off topic and also because I think that one needs to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The Lord does allow divorce under certain circumstances, of course. Although that is not the point of discussion of this article. And respectfully I disagree that the root cause and you claim was assenting to divorce. The ultimate issue and the point being made in this article is an abandonment of biblical authority, and the rot actually started in Genesis when people started to think that the Bible did not mean what is clearly says. Of course this lack of belief spread to the rest of Scripture.
All the best.

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