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Creation 15(4):6, September 1993

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Fantastic fibre optics in plants!

What God does, He does well! Have you ever wondered how the tiny green shoot from a newly planted seed could so quickly enlarge after it first peeks out of the soil?

Botanists have learned that the principles of fibre optics are used in growing plants. As soon as the growth tip touches the sunlight it begins gathering this golden energy by sending it down living optical 'fibres' to the plant's growth centre in the seed. There, with the soil's damp darkness all around it, the heart of the seed is nevertheless basking in sunlight—which powers the rapid cell divisions as the corn, oat or bean plant keeps doubling in size.

Scientists have learned that the system works so well that the plant's optical system actually transports a focused image of the light source to the seed below!

Coincidence? Crazy quirk of chance, that such a precise optical instrument exists in the lowly bean seed? Obviously not! This little miracle that feeds us all shows that God thought of and used in His creation principles which scientists have only recently discovered. It is also just one more proof of the wisdom and love which a caring Creator desires to focus in our hearts.

(From Nature Friend, PO Box 73, Goshen, IN, 46526, USA. Used with permission.)