Father of modern creationist revival recognized

Dr. Henry Morris, founder of the Institute for Creation Research, was recognized by readers of Christian History magazine as one of the “most influential Christians of the 20th century.“ (February 2000)

For those who voted by e-mail, Dr. Morris, whose books The Genesis Flood and The Genesis Record greatly influenced the creationist and Biblical inerrancy movements, came in at 19th place for the Christian leader “most personally influential” for readers. Dr. Morris, now in his 80’s, is president emeritus of ICR, an apologetics ministry that has a “sisterly” relationship with [this ministry] (although separate organizations).

The list of influential leaders, however, is not necessarily a “Who’s Who” of Bible-believing evangelicals. Making the top ten were two popes, a nun (Mother Teresa), and civil rights leader, Martin Luther King; Jr. Billy Graham, by the way, was named most influential by both scholars and general readers.