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Letting rotting sharks lie December 28, 2006
A marine animal washed onto the coast of New Zealand raises more questions about that Japanese fishing trawler and the plesiosaur carcass.

Is the nativity fact or fiction? December 23, 2006
Luke’s account of Christ’s birth shines like a beacon of credibility in this age of skepticism towards the historicity of the Bible.

Japheth, remember to turn off the computer … December 22, 2006
Japheth, remember to turn off the computer …

Michael Ruse, Can a Darwinian be a Christian? The Relationship Between Science and Religion December 21, 2006
Prominent evolutionist, Michael Ruse, explores the relationship between science and religion. Impressive and excellently argued but, under close scrutiny, the arguments do not hold up. So, who is he trying to convince?

Climate change & terrorism: a new political agenda? December 19, 2006
Whatever the reality of the current gloomy climate predictions, the current bandwagon is such that some have even compared normal scientific scepticism to terrorism.

A missionary to atheists December 18, 2006
Zdenek Karasek left his homeland amid the despair, poverty and hopelessness of its atheistic government. But later he returned with Good News for his countrymen.

Why don't they carbon-test dino fossils? plus A powerful plug for a powerful Christmas gift December 16, 2006
T. rex bones with dino blood cells in vessels—C-14 dating and new discoveries. Another reader explains why our Da Vinci Code DVD is valuable.

Parkie; a new 'pseudo-plesiosaur' washed up on the Nova Scotia Coast December 14, 2006
What was it? Some say the beast had the makings of a famous sea monster. See detailed pictures and evidence behind an identification that surprised many

No sale for Darwin December 13, 2006
Even other evolutionists seem to be embarrassed at a book that 'oversells' the alleged practical value of evolution to the public.

Voting with their feet December 11, 2006
14,000 people surveyed say why they abandoned mainstream churches. They want teaching that defends The Faith, upholds moral absolutes and stands on the authority of the Bible. Many recommended creationist websites.

Scripture and general revelation December 7, 2006
The present understanding of most Christian and non-Christian scientists stands in marked contrast with what the Bible actually says.

Living dinosaurs or just birds? December 5, 2006
Evolutionary enthusiasts today claim that you can see live dinosaurs hovering around the hummingbird feeder. What are the facts?

Tsunami tragedy December 4, 2006
The tragic devastation wreaked by the Boxing Day, 2004 tsunami is a sober reminder of the awesome power of God’s judgment in the Flood of Noah.

Bomb-building vs. the biblical foundation December 2, 2006
A critic disputes that a biblical foundation is necessary for ethics. The response shows why it is, and points out the real ethical problem for atheists.

Dawkins and Eugenics December 1, 2006
Prominent Darwinist and anti-Christian, Professor Richard Dawkins, says he hates to be agreeing with Hitler on the point, but applying eugenics to breeding humans is a pretty good idea after all.

Taking firm hold on an illusion (review of Darrel Falk, Coming to Peace with Science) November 30, 2006
Incisive review of the latest popular ‘evangelical’ book promising a bridge between faith and biology. Journal of Creation sneak peek.

Not to Be Used Again: Homologous structures and the presumption of originality as a critical Value November 29, 2006
In the biblical world, people would have regarded use of common designs as honorable, and demonstrating mastery over creation.

Homosexual animals November 28, 2006
A public exhibit once again uses the assumption of evolution to undermine biblical morality; and the logic is faulty, too.

A monstrous mound of ... minerals! November 27, 2006
It grabs tourists’ attention in Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming, USA, but this elephant rock has an even bigger message about fossils, petrifaction and the meaning of things.

A 'tail' of many monsters November 23, 2006
Basking sharks and ancient plesiosaurs, there is a connection, but what is it?

The ‘Stone Age’—a figment of the imagination? November 20, 2006
Claims that there was such a time as the Stone Age are not supported by the evidence.

Christian chemist's assumptions lead to accusations November 18, 2006
A theistic evolutionist accuses CMI of neither understanding science or the Bible. The response explains the difference between facts and interpretations, and between literalism and interpreting in context.

Bone building: perfect protein (Osteocalcin) November 16, 2006
For bones to deposit the hard calcium mineral in the right place, they need the protein osteocalcin. Recent discovery of its crystal structure shows that it binds calcium in exactly the right geometry for proper crystal growth.

The father of lies November 13, 2006
With overwhelming publicity given to evolution and ‘old-earth’ teaching, many Christians have tried to accommodate such ideas to the Bible. But neither fit.

The Haggard tragedy November 9, 2006
When a vocal defender of the Bible’s authority, even one who attacks evolution, is morally disgraced in the public eye, what does that say about the link between evolution and morality?

Evidence of a watery origin for the solar system November 7, 2006
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Insect inspiration solves giant bug mystery November 6, 2006
For years, scientists have puzzled over how giant fossil insects could have ever existed, let alone fly. But now an ingenious researcher has discovered their secret, using modern x-ray technology.

Jonah in a megalodon? November 4, 2006
Was it a whale that swallowed Jonah? If not, then what? Schoolboy counters common skeptic objection.

Quebec Quells Creation November 3, 2006
But they do, and their students are better informed than those in government schools where any criticism of evolution is censored.

Mutations, selection and the quest for meatier livestock November 2, 2006
One place where mutations and natural selection can be tested and studied is the livestock industry.

Spectacular spider stickiness October 30, 2006
Geckos can stick to almost anything because of their feet’s fine structure. This has inspired powerful (and self-cleaning) adhesives. Now a spider’s feet are shown to stick the same way.

Were penguins designed for freezing cold environments? October 28, 2006
This week we feature a friendly query about penguin design.

The Hypocrisy of Intolerant 'Tolerance' October 27, 2006
A Christian schoolgirl failed for refusing a ‘gay’ assignment gives cause to reflect on the ‘new tolerance’—and how it relates to what creation ministries are all about.

Cherry Lewis, The Dating Game: One Man's Search for the Age of the Earth-Book Review October 26, 2006
The earth’s age is crucial for the Christian worldview, but the ‘dating game’ is not objective science. Biography of Arthur Holmes, one of the major players in the game, shows it’s subjective, arbitrary and erratic.

Superstition vs Christianity October 24, 2006
This item is a ‘sneak preview’ from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Swift Swallow Selection October 23, 2006
What evolutionists are claiming as ‘a case of dramatic evolution’ in barn swallows, is actually good news for creationists.

Dr Damadian's vital contribution to MRI: Nobel controversy October 21, 2006
Dr Damadian’s vital contribution to MRI:

‘Origins questions’—evolutionists puzzled, creationists muzzled October 20, 2006
As research progressively uncovers things that thwart naturalistic explanations, evolutionists are left to wonder. But they refuse to hear of a Creator.

Startling plant discovery presents problems for evolution October 19, 2006
An error-correcting mechanism discovered in Arabidopsis fixes a mutation where even both copies of a gene are defective. This ‘edit-undo’ function speaks of design, not evolution.

Saddle up the horse, it's off to the bat cave October 17, 2006
When genetic evidence fits the evolutionary belief system, humanists are quick to gloat. But what about when it totally contradicts it?

Alfred Russel Wallace—‘co-inventor’ of Darwinism October 16, 2006
It occurred to Alfred Russel Wallace during a fever fit in Ternate that fit animals survive better than the unfit; what could this possibly mean?

Compromisers and Hebrew eisegesis October 14, 2006
An enquiry gives the opportunity to answer some objections raised against those taking Genesis as real history.

Promoting 'peace with evolution' October 13, 2006
The Sydney Anglicans are rightly respected for their stand on biblical authority. But a recent affiliated publication calls for seeing Genesis as ‘figurative’.

Human and dinosaur fossil footprints? October 12, 2006
Careful study of dinosaur trackways reaches amazing conclusions. Prints and sediment point to abnormal stress on animal communities. See what it means.

Rampaging Radishes October 10, 2006
These hybrid children were so successful, they not only formed a new species, they wiped out their parents. But if that’s evolution, why are creationists excited?

The Riddle October 9, 2006
The Polled Dorset breed of sheep did not evolve—its hornlessness is the result of a mutation.

Nobel Prize for alleged Big Bang Proof October 7, 2006
Despite the fanfare, the discovery for which this award was granted has been seriously discredited—including in very recent days.

Kenyan pastor speaks out on evolution October 6, 2006
Africans are increasingly being exposed to evolution, particularly ‘human evolution’, as never before.

The Simpsons and Scopes October 4, 2006
When a popular satirical TV show gets into creation/evolution, at least you know that it is a ‘live’ issue in the culture

Designer didn't design junk October 3, 2006
Portions of the genome thought to have no purpose—disparagingly named ‘junk DNA ’—are now known to contain patterns suggesting instead an important functional role.

Other solar systems challenge evolution October 2, 2006
The reported discoveries of ‘extrasolar’ planets are a serious challenge to evolutionary ideas.

C14 equilibrium in the atmosphere September 30, 2006
An enquirer raises a gentle challenge to an article on our website about the imbalance between radiocarbon production and decay, after an earlier question of his was answered.

Dark matter and a cosmological constant in a creationist cosmology? September 28, 2006
This new cosmological model does away with the need for dark energy or dark matter to explain the movement of stars in galaxies.

Turning Greeks into Jews September 25, 2006
Many Christians get discouraged when their efforts at evangelism in today’s culture seem to be ineffectual. But understanding the roots of the problem can make a huge difference.

The 'Lucy Child' September 22, 2006
This fossil type is widely touted as our ancestor. The discovery of an extremely well-preserved specimen focuses attention on the evidence that things are not what evolutionists would have hoped.

Did a jaw muscle protein mutation lead to increased cranial capacity in man? September 21, 2006
An evolutionist proposed that a mutation in the MYH16 jaw muscle gene resulted in smaller jaws and therefore larger brains in humans. See why the proposal does not withstand careful analysis.

The Axolotl. The fish that walks? September 18, 2006
The axolotl lives in water but has legs to walk on the bottom. Some evolutionists think this is a perfect ‘missing link’, but the facts give a quite different picture.

Fossil evidence for alleged apemen—Part 2: non-Homo hominids September 14, 2006
Peter Line reviews the status of the varied fossils not labelled as ‘Homo’ that evolutionists interpret as our ancestors. He shows that their story does not stack up.

Cuddly cold-cures counter critics September 13, 2006
How did koalas survive without eucalyptus trees en route? The surprising reason for their current all-gum diet solves the problem.

Biologically inspired designs September 12, 2006
Nothing is left to chance in this new field of science as researchers identify superior designs in biology and purposely copy them.

Abortion argument unravels Creation magazine September 11, 2006
How the unborn child defends itself against its mother, confirming that he/she is a separate human being from the start.

If you are truly scientists / There will be skeptics September 9, 2006
Many evolutionists attack creation because it is ‘not science’, but their attacks are often inconsistent. But real-world science works by interpreting data according to theories, which are often protected by auxiliary hypotheses.

Has 'dark matter' really been proven? September 8, 2006
Caution urged about so-called empirical proof from the Bullet-cluster observations. Indeed, ‘dark matter’ is really a fancy name for a fudge factor, and proper physics eliminates the need for it.

The fog of fiction blankets the landscape of facts September 7, 2006
The book presents some good science in regard to genetics, but when it comes to evolution, there are few islands of reality in a vast sea of story telling.

Stingray of death: tragic end of the life of ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin September 6, 2006
In the aftermath of Steve Irwin’s death, many question the brevity of his life.

The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui September 5, 2006
The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui: Is it the oldest man-made Genesis artefact?

Learning to sing September 4, 2006
Ornithologist Dr Michael Tarburton knows more than most about bird calls, and how they point to a Creator.

Miracles and science September 2, 2006
A reader questions the rationality of believing in miracles. However, the response points out that the argument commits a logical fallacy, and that sceptical attacks commit circular reasoning.

Killer kangaroos and demon ducks? September 1, 2006
When armed with a biblical worldview, reports of giant flesh-eating kangaroos and killer birds are no cause for alarm—or sensationalism

‘Ripples’ of galaxies-another blow to the big bang August 31, 2006
A cluster pattern discovered in the organization of galaxies does not support the secular story for the naturalistic origin of the universe.

Eugenics ... death of the defenceless August 28, 2006
Eugenics … death of the defenceless. The legacy of Darwin’s cousin Galton

Mind by design (Peter Line interview) August 23, 2006
This item is a ‘sneak preview’ from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics

Unravelling the knotty khipu code August 21, 2006
Who would have ever thought of storing information on segments of threaded strands according to a certain code? The Incas did—and they weren’t the first.

Response to 'gay marriage' article objections; CMI shows questioner that Christian faith is logical August 19, 2006
A gay man took issue about an article on ‘gay marriage’; the response explains the biblical teaching and refutes pseudo-Christian objections. In the second feedback, a then-new Christian (now a guest writer for CMI) explains how logical answers from CMI were instrumental to her conversion.

World record enzymes (Richard Wolfenden) August 17, 2006
Without special enzymes, vital reactions of life would take as long as trillions of years. Their origin is a mystery even to evolutionists.

String theory unstrung August 15, 2006
Physicists had looked to string theory as ‘the great hope’, but they now admit it does not even describe observed reality let alone explain where space and time came from.

Quite a challenge August 14, 2006
A Nobel prize-winning physicist who likens Christianity to belief in a tooth fairy has questioned why his Christian friends aren’t even trying to convert him. He thinks it’s because they doubt the Bible themselves.

Da Vinci Code apostate challenges CMI August 12, 2006
A reader has used the Da Vinci Code as an excuse for leaving his former professed faith. Dr Sarfati’s response exposes many fallacies of this, and provides advice on how to handle works like Dan Brown’s.

The Green River Formation: a large post-Flood lake system August 10, 2006
John Whitmore details multiple lines of evidence for deposition in a large post-Flood lake system.

Tigers and pigs … together? August 7, 2006
Extraordinary scenes from Sriracha Zoo in Thailand.

Does ribozyme research prove Darwinian evolution? August 5, 2006
The origin of the first living organism is a huge problem for materialists. Agnostic DB of California agrees that creationist critiques are strong, but argues that ribozyme ‘evolution’ might solve the problem; Dr Sarfati responds.

Darwin drives Da Vinci's Dan? August 4, 2006
What motivates an author like Dan Brown to attack the veracity of God’s Word with impunity? His court testimony about the influences on his life provide a fascinating part of the answer.

The case for Flood deposition of the Green River Formation August 3, 2006
Michael Oard presents nine major lines of evidence that the Formation was laid down in the Inundatory phase of the Flood and eroded in the Recessional stage.

Controversial claim for earliest life on earth August 2, 2006
Controversy over origin of stromatolites reveals new insights into the way scientists think.

What? A Christian mind? July 31, 2006
Although Jesus commanded ‘love God with all your … mind’, many in the church have neglected this. Creation magazine helps people in over 100 countries develop ‘the mind of Christ’ (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Green Power (photosynthesis) July 27, 2006
Photosynthesis is vital for life. New research shows that it stores the energy from four photons so it can split the water molecule. This defies evolution, since a partially complete system would not work at all.

Chickens with teeth July 25, 2006

Radioisotope dating of rocks in the Grand Canyon July 24, 2006
The discordant ‘dates’ for Grand Canyon rocks point to an episode of accelerated radioactive decay some time in the past.

Erring on the side of censorship (Brittany McComb) July 21, 2006
Valedictorian speech censored by school.

'Schweitzer's dangerous discovery' July 19, 2006
Dr Mary Schweitzer discovered still-soft-and-stretchy tissue in a dinosaur fossil, igniting a controversy.

Why nail biters don’t cry July 17, 2006
The humble fingernail turns out to have intricate design. The middle layer has fibres aligned to prevent tearing down to the nail beds, and the two outer layers make nails as strong as hooves.

Haldane's dilemma has not been solved July 13, 2006
Population genetics shows that evolution of ‘higher’ organisms is impossible, even given evolutionary deep time.

Bombardier idea July 10, 2006
The bombardier beetle’s explosive secrets are inspiring engineers to design better aircraft engines.

Bird evolution flies out the window July 9, 2006
You were likely taught that the famous Archaeopteryx was a bird-reptile ‘link’. But what are the facts?

War on creation, continued July 8, 2006
A physiology student takes issue with our points on the role of biases and assumptions behind dating methods. However, he failed to study what he was criticising.

Mitochondrial Eve and biblical Eve are looking good: criticism of young age is premature July 6, 2006
The critic fails to address the issues, using bluff and bluster. The data are consistent with there being one mother of all humans and within the Bible’s time frame.

Major US denomination 'affirms evolution' - and more July 4, 2006
The Episcopalian Church (Anglicanism in America) comes out strongly and officially in support of a position that rejects Genesis the way Christ taught and understood it.

Water, water, where are you? July 3, 2006
‘Where there’s water there’s life’—so say those who won’t believe God created life, that life began ‘out there’—hence the enthusiasm for finding water on Mars. What has been found?

Fossil evidence for alleged apemen—Part 1: the genus Homo June 29, 2006
Morphological analysis points to genetic variation within the one human kind, so the case for human evolution collapses.

Shrimpy superboxer June 28, 2006
Meet the tiny mantis shrimp that can punch holes in glass using an ingenious catapult mechanism. Its eyes, with 12 types of colour receptor, may help designers of cameras for satellites.

Charles Darwin's Eden June 27, 2006
A huge evolutionary promotion aimed to put the Galápagos—and evolution—on the world map as never before.

The Hobbit: Precious fossil or poisoned chalice? June 22, 2006
The puzzling Homo floresiensis.

Herero genocide June 20, 2006
German settlers, feeding on ideas of evolutionary superiority, perpetrated genocide on the noble Herero people of Namibia.

Huff and Bluff June 19, 2006
Leading media physicist Paul Davies is puzzled. He realizes that ‘stupid atoms’ can’t generate the information required for living things. But he is unwilling to accept creation, so he tries to use quantum mechanics as a way out.

Evolutionist debater fails to understand young-earth arguments June 17, 2006
A young supporter asks some questions about young-earth evidence raised by an evolutionary debater. The response points out some of the evolutionist’s misunderstandings and even outright errors, and the role of axioms in the debate.

The evolution of an idea—Journal of Creation June 15, 2006
The groundwork for Darwin's theory of evolution in biology was long prepared by long-age ideas in geology. Indeed churchian compromisers unwittingly provided straw men for Darwin to knock down.

How could Adam have named all the animals in a single day? June 13, 2006
Creatures need to be called something. So who decided a dog would be called a dog?

The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable. June 10, 2006
Nervous about taking a stand on the age of the earth? Prefer a less dogmatic approach?—Why the Bible can be trusted.

The ubiquitin protein: chance or design? June 8, 2006
Considering the number of variants of the ubiquitin protein, probability calculations show that it could not have arisen naturalistically.

Blowing the whistle on corruption June 6, 2006
One man’s refusal to bow under pressure brought down a leading judge, threatened political careers, and made him a household name against official corruption.

A student challenges his professor on radiometric dating June 3, 2006
Supporter feels out of his depth on nuclear chemistry but is still a match for his prof.

Gain-of-function mutations: at a loss to explain molecules-to-man evolution June 1, 2006
Mutations are supposedly the raw material for evolution. Most are harmful or neutral. But even mutations that result in new functions are really informationally downhill, because they cause loss of specificity.

ET needed evolution May 31, 2006
There's something ET needed more than a spaceship, in order to reach Earth. And Charles Darwin provided it.

Beautiful black and blue butterflies May 25, 2006
They are far more intense than man-made colours, but we are beginning to learn from the Creator.

No flies on 'freak' sheep May 24, 2006
A ‘handy’ mutation in sheep could revolutionize the Australian woolgrowing industry. But it’s not evolution.

Summer in the enemy's camp May 23, 2006
Noting the influence of Christian youth &lsqyo;summer camps’, the atheists have started their own. And they've replaced biblical teaching with something guaranteed to counter Christianity.

The Da Vinci Code: The Church is Mobilizing! May 22, 2006
Evangelical churches world-wide are mobilizing against a blatant attack on the historicity of the Bible. Let's move to reclaim all of biblical history.

The Da Vinci Code: Fiction masquerading as fact May 18, 2006
The Da Vinci Code is the world’s top selling novel of the last three years, but its claims about Christianity don’t stack up.

Back on solid ground May 17, 2006
Back on solid ground: Dr Albert Mills’ faith was weakened by evolutionary compromise. Creation magazine contributed strongly to restoring his faith.

The Pizzly: a polar bear / grizzly bear hybrid explained by the Bible May 16, 2006
The Pizzly: a polar bear / grizzly bear hybrid explained by the Bible.

Kamikaze ichthyosaur? May 12, 2006
Ichthyosaur buried nose-down, at 90 degrees to the rock layers—deals long-age thinking a lethal body blow.

Radio-dating in Rubble May 11, 2006
How the explosive, 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens demolished radio-isotope dating.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s impact May 10, 2006
How Darwin’s ideas led Marx, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot to become mass murderers.

Super shells May 9, 2006
The giant conch shell has been hailed by evolutionists as ‘one of nature’s greatest engineering masterpieces’. What makes it so special?

The Three Sisters: strong evidence for Noah's Flood in Australia May 8, 2006
The Three Sisters: A clumsy attempt by the Australian Skeptics to refute this awesome evidence of the global Flood backfires.

Intelligent Design--'A War on Science' says the BBC May 7, 2006
The BBC’s war on belief in a Designer; Russell Grigg and Jonathan Sarfati counter-attack against BBC presuppositional bigotry and pseudo-science.

Did Jesus walk on ice? May 4, 2006
Ice floes on the Sea of Galilee? Dissolving yet another sad attempt to explain away one of Jesus’ miracles.

Immeasurable Age May 1, 2006

How old is the earth and how can we tell?

Do toads goad snake evolution? April 27, 2006

Rapid evolution?—Are Aussie snakes really evolving to cope with toxic toads? CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole investigates.

Saved via aliens? April 20, 2006

CMI’s UFO specialist Gary Bates recently undertook a nationwide tour of Australia. His landmark book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection is one of our most popular titles, being eagerly read by Christians and non-Christians alike. Its success has amply demonstrated that there is huge interest in the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial life and associated phenomena, and it shows no signs of abating.

Adam's Brothers? Race, Science, and Genesis Before Darwin February 27, 2006
Adam’s Brothers? Race, Science, and Genesis Before Darwin

How did fish and plants survive the Genesis Flood? February 24, 2006
How did fish and plants survive the Genesis Flood?

Refuting Evolution chapter 8: How old is the earth? February 14, 2006
Free chapter on the Earth's age and ‘dating’ methods, from the world’s best selling creationist book (after the Bible!).

The Piltdown Man Fraud February 6, 2006
The ‘proof’ that apes had evolved into humans in England turned out to be a massive hoax.

Radiometric dating breakthroughs January 28, 2006
Radiometric dating breakthroughs

Interview Joe Sebeny missile researcher January 27, 2006
An aerospace engineer who designs missiles shoots down evolutionary ideas.