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Creation, preservation and dominion: part 3—a Christian approach to environmental issues December 31, 2010
How should a Christian approach environmental issues?

The importance of foundations December 30, 2010
Genesis is indispensible grounding for Christianity and facing today’s secular society.

Created to spread the Gospel December 29, 2010
Missionary radio depends on God’s provision of the ionosphere

Are ghosts real? December 28, 2010
Belief in ghosts is culturally popular, especially with so many TV shows supporting the idea. Some say the Bible also supports the idea. But what’s the truth?

The struggle for the soul of Adolf Eichmann December 27, 2010
Darwinism inspired Adolf Eichmann’s participation in the Nazi Holocaust, as well as his total rejection of the Gospel.

Incarnation Why God became man December 23, 2010
Why did the Creator take on human nature? How does this relate to Genesis creation and even before that?

The mystery of ancient man December 22, 2010
Colossal stone monuments, advanced civil engineering, lost civilizations … No, it’s not an adventure movie! But our ancient past reveals a true story far more interesting.

Evolutionary Christianity? December 21, 2010
An all-star lineup of theistic evolutionists has one message: you can believe in God and evolution. But we ask ‘At what cost?’

A vase of flowers—by special arrangement! December 20, 2010
Flower folly: A vase of flowers shows the foolishness of believing nature-is-all-there-is.

Oil starlight time December 18, 2010
For oil reserves, for distant starlight to reach the earth, and for God (who created time)

Creation, preservation and dominion: part 2—Christianity, development and environmentalism December 17, 2010
Is technological development inherently bad for the environment?

Chimp males and tall tales December 16, 2010
The chimp Y chromosome is radically different to the human Y chromosome, contradicting evolutionary expectations.

Fascinating fossil fence-wire December 15, 2010
Unfortunately, the average person is still conditioned into thinking ‘millions of years’ when considering how rocks and fossils form. But as we’ve said many times with many examples—given the right conditions, rocks and fossils will form in a very short time.

The star of Bethlehem: A review December 14, 2010
Rick Larson claims to have found astronomical corroboration of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. Does it stand up to scrutiny?

Let Beauty be the judge December 13, 2010
Meet someone who never tires of showing how even the tiniest of seashells display the Creator’s awesome handiwork.

Transposon amplification in rapid intrabaraminic diversification December 10, 2010
A mechanism for rapid post-Flood diversification of baramins

Unborn babies may ‘be planning their future’ December 9, 2010
Brain scans on premature babies reveal that the unborn may be introspective. What are the implications for the abortion debate?

The lies of Lynchburg December 8, 2010
Enthusiastic disciples of Darwin formulated eugenics laws in America to prevent ‘undesirables’ from breeding—well before the Nazi ‘racial hygiene’ policies.

NASA’s ‘ET’ suffered arsenic poisoning! December 7, 2010
The discovery of a bacterium that can use arsenic is interesting, but the hype from NASA about its implications for ‘extraterrestrial life’ turns out to be a ‘fizzer’

Making sense of life December 6, 2010
Saved as a child by therapeutic breakthroughs, Dr Yves Bergeron chose to enter medical research.

Sola scriptura December 4, 2010
How do we know which books should be in the Bible which should not?

The Bible’s high view of women grounded in the creation account December 3, 2010
Grounded in the creation account of Genesis

Lennox, design and suffering December 2, 2010
Why the design argument only works from within a biblical framework.

The fish with ‘four eyes’ (Anableps) December 1, 2010
The best explanation for Anableps is that it was created on Day 5 of Creation Week.

Oldest fossil shrimp November 30, 2010
How is an old fossil shrimp important for unraveling evolution if it closely resembles modern shrimp?

The opossum’s tale November 29, 2010
The opossum of the Americas confounds ‘just-so’ stories to explain Australia’s weird mammals.

Compromising chaplain castigates creation, round 2 November 27, 2010
A school chaplain takes issue with our previous comments.

Photosynthetic sea slugs: an evolutionary enigma November 26, 2010
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Martian Fossils? Dissecting the media hype November 25, 2010
Yet another attempt to find evidence for life on Mars turns out to be little more than media hype.

Darwin’s mystery illness November 24, 2010
Why did Darwin’s publication of his theory of evolution cause him so much guilt?

Computers on the Ark? November 23, 2010
The Ark was totally feasible with technology known to the ancient world. But Ark defenders who assert superior science by Noah overlook the biblical worldview that made science possible.

ATP synthase: majestic molecular machine made by a mastermind November 22, 2010
How ATP synthase makes a chemical essential for life.

Is Genesis poetry? and Who was the father of hermeneutics? November 20, 2010
This weekend feedback discusses the origin of the non-literal interpretation of Genesis, and who deserves the title ‘Father of Hermeneutics’.

Poor scholarship and self deception November 19, 2010
A review of The Bible, Rocks and Time by Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley

Lizards moving from eggs to live birth: evolution in action? November 18, 2010
An Australian skink species can lay eggs or give birth to live young. Is this ‘evolution in action’?

Darwin brave new world 3 November 17, 2010
You’ll be amazed at how the ‘evidence for evolution’ in this pro-Darwin television series crumbles under scientific scrutiny.

Australian physics professor at Slovak creation conference November 16, 2010
Australian physics professor at Slovak creation conference.

Snake carnivory origins November 15, 2010
Snakes look like they were designed to kill. How does this fit with God creating everything ‘very good’?

Soil formation challenge November 13, 2010
Soil formation is often invoked as a death blow to the historical reliability of the Bible and justify evolution over millions of years.

Implications of the scientific laws of information—part 2 November 12, 2010
Materialistic evolution is the ‘perpetual motion machine’ of information.

Heads I win, tails you lose November 11, 2010
Please advice ‘teaser’

Darwin Brave New World 2 November 10, 2010
Episode 2 of this TV series on Darwin shows that experimental evidence for Darwinism is fictitious.

How to reach into schools without reaching into schools! November 9, 2010
Reaching school teachers with information they’ve never heard before is the key to exposing students to creation.

Vegetarian spider November 8, 2010
A jumping spider in Central America looks like an athletic predator, but it eats Acacia leaf tips and nectar.

Genesis and Haeckel November 6, 2010
Is Genesis history? And universities still use Haeckel’s fraudulent embryo diagrams!

Scientific laws of information and their implications—part 1 November 5, 2010
Why materialistic evolution can’t explain the origin of information in biology.

‘Stone Age’ flour demolishes another evolutionary preconception November 4, 2010
The notion that early humans were primarily carnivorous has taken a hit.

Darwin Brave New World 1 November 3, 2010
A new TV series on Darwin gives viewers lots of examples of ‘struggle’, but fails to show how all this proves ‘evolution’.

Pew survey reveals basic ignorance of Christian belief November 2, 2010
Most American Christians showed alarming ignorance of their own faith. What’s the solution?

Four-eyed spookfish has mirror eyes November 1, 2010
Deep sea fish has unique mirror eye to see very faint light.

Ancient flood stories October 30, 2010
Is the Genesis account the original and most reliable Flood narrative?

How old is Grand Canyon? October 29, 2010
Uniformitarian theories fail adequately to explain the origin or age of this amazing landscape feature.

General and Special Revelation October 28, 2010
Can nature be called the ‘67th book of the Bible’? Whether natural and supernatural revelation should be considered as equally reliable forms of divine communication to human beings is a crucially important question.

10 dangers of theistic evolution October 27, 2010

Lying—a survival strategy? October 26, 2010
With our propensity to sin blamed on our animal ancestry, the displacement of all major Christian doctrines by evolution is increasingly blatant, revealing ‘theistic evolution’ as the ultimate Trojan horse.

One man, one woman October 25, 2010
If this is what the Bible teaches, then why did some men have many wives?

Do parents have the right to teach their children? October 23, 2010
Children are not yet capable of sorting through truth claims themselves, so who will teach them how?

The evolution of the horse October 22, 2010
Why iconic horse series is actually argument against evolution

Can Christians believe evolution? October 21, 2010
As we have often stated, we regard evolution as contrary to Scripture, but Christians can still be saved despite believing in it. A guest author explains some reasons for this, including how Christians are never fully mature when saved.

The Golden Ratio October 20, 2010
The ratio of 1:1.62 is seen in building design, in flower petals, pine cones and much more. It is widely acknowledged to be very pleasing to the eye. Why?

Heresy in Israel! Chief education scientist dismissed for denying evolution and global warming October 19, 2010
Chief Israeli education scientist Dr Gavriel Avital dismissed for denying evolution and global warming

Enceladus: Saturn’s sprightly moon looks young October 18, 2010
Enceladus is hot and active instead of cold and dead

Can bunny rabbits be saved? October 16, 2010
Since there is going to be a Restoration, will animals be saved to be part of the new creation—and if not, will animals be there at all?

Eolian erosion expose October 15, 2010
Could some rock arches form post-Flood via wind erosion?

Extrasolar planet ‘100% likely’ to have life? October 14, 2010
Ignorance of biology and slavish devotion to naturalism create wishful thinking that life is certain on Gliese 581g

Hawking claims that life can form by chance October 13, 2010
Famous atheistic cosmologist believes in aliens and random origin of life, but makes blunders in probability.

The ‘problem’ of evil and the supremacy of Scripture October 12, 2010
Using a fanciful interpretation of Genesis, ID champion Bill Dembski tries to fit deep time into the Bible while defending the goodness of God. He fails.

Doctor to the disadvantaged October 11, 2010
Medical doctor ministers to communities ravaged by Darwinism.

CMI scientific blunder? October 9, 2010
Can methane be broken down into ethane? And yet another pseudogene has been shown to have a function, which further debunks the ‘junk DNA’ claim.

Introduction to ID, warts and all October 8, 2010
A review of A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design by Kerby Anderson

The Canadian Oil Sands: a different story October 7, 2010
Where did the oil come from?

Living for 900 years October 6, 2010
Many ask how pre-Flood people could have lived for such long lifespans. The real question, though, should be why we don’t live that long anymore?

Absolute truth—and winning the ‘culture wars’ October 5, 2010
If Genesis does not mean what it says, it’s not only secularists who can pick and choose their morality. Christians can fall prey to this thinking too.

Fishy arms and legs October 4, 2010
A fish with 'arms' and 'legs' is not evidence for evolution.

Compromising chaplain castigates creation October 2, 2010
A theistic evolutionary chaplain explains why he blocked the Ark Van from his school. His errors in theology, logic and science are thoroughly refuted.

Dinosaur stumble preserved in trackways, Utah, USA October 1, 2010
Evolutionists miss obvious evidence for Noah’s Flood because of preoccupation with dino-to-bird speculation

Toucan beak September 30, 2010
Darwin suggested the toucan’s monstrous bill attracted mates—but now we know how the toucan keeps its ‘cool’.

Made in the image of God September 29, 2010
What does it mean that human beings are ‘made in the image of God’?

Hawking atheopathy September 28, 2010
Stephen Hawking is still using tendentious cosmological speculation to support his atheopathic faith

Death throes September 27, 2010
Why have so many fossil creatures been preserved in the ‘dead dinosaur posture’?

Animal cruelty and vegetarianism September 25, 2010
The Bible calls people to treat animals humanely, but does that mean we should be vegetarians?

Climate models fail to produce warm climates of the past September 24, 2010
Why tropical fossils at high latitudes are a headache for climate models

He ain’t my brother: no apparent family ties between Big Man and Lucy September 23, 2010
Was the latest fossil find, ‘Big Man,’ a large australopith (an extinct primate like the famous Lucy)? If we ignore the dating, he might turn out to be a human.

Strategy of the Devil September 22, 2010

Is the Bible ‘evil’? September 21, 2010
A number of antitheistic sites lurk in the darker hovels of the Internet. They always feature decontextualized lists of Bible ‘contradictions’ and ‘atrocities’, but they are not hard to refute.

Supercomputer to brain-storm the human brain September 20, 2010
Attempts to mimic the brain’s ability show just how incredible our brains are.

Scientific laws and speciation September 18, 2010
What do ‘scientific laws’ tell us? And can foxes interbreed with other dog species?

Heretic challenges the giants! September 17, 2010
A review of The Virtue of Heresy: Confessions of a Dissident Astronomer by Hilton Ratcliffe.

Church leader against evolution September 16, 2010
Many church leaders don’t see the dangers of evolution. Some even promote it. But some church leaders bravely stand against it, even in the face of hostile opposition.

Are look-alikes related? September 15, 2010
What else could explain look-alikes?

Battle for Britain: a battle for hearts and minds September 14, 2010
The social decay in this once-Christian land, so clearly linked to rejection of biblical authority, offers a unique challenge—but also a unique opportunity for believers to ‘seize the day’.

What’s the rabbitfish–T.rex connection? September 13, 2010
The discovery of a Brazilian rabbitfish has been likened to finding a living dinosaur.

Black holes lilith September 11, 2010
Is there any evidence for the existence of black holes? And did Adam have another wife named Lilith?

From Darwin to Dover—A broad overview of creation vs evolution September 10, 2010
A review of The Creation-Evolution Debate: Historical Perspectives by Edward J. Larson

A response to Timothy Keller’s ‘Creation, Evolution and Christian Laypeople’ September 9, 2010
Timothy Keller offers some ways that Christians can accept a ‘literal’ Adam and evolutionary processes. But this compromise forces him to reinterpret key parts of Genesis.

Curse and catastrophe September 8, 2010
There have been three occasions when the whole of sinful humanity has been judged by God.

Biologos evolutionary syncretism September 7, 2010
BioLogos claims to bring science and faith together, but leaves important doctrines on the cutting-room floor in the process, including the authority of Christ Himself.

What about parasites? September 6, 2010
If God created everything ‘very good’, where did disease-causing parasites come from?

Exodus logistics September 4, 2010
How did Moses organize the Israelites to cross the Red Sea?

Genetic diversity in dogs September 3, 2010
The genetic diversity within dogs is greater than natural selection and random mutation would allow. Did God design genetic mechanisms to create diversity within biblical kinds?

NASA pictures support biblical origin for Moon September 2, 2010
Small escarpments on the moon surface show the moon is young

Should Genesis be taken literally September 1, 2010
How would the original readers have understood it?

The World Turned Upside Down August 31, 2010
A special Journal of Creation preprint review of respected British journalist Melanie Phillips’ important book—showing how Western civilization and its once-Christian moorings are under attack by rampant, aggressive, secularism.

Who created God August 30, 2010
Atheists say that the universe and life began with no adequate cause, contradicting rationality.

Sight and the centre of the universe August 28, 2010
How far is the earth from the centre of the universe? And How many receptors does the human eye have?

Biblical-ecology August 27, 2010
How can we use the Bible as a basis for understanding the interrelationships between different organisms in the ecosystem?

‘Moa’s Ark’ vs Noah’s Ark August 26, 2010
How and when did the moa, kiwi and other flightless birds get to New Zealand? Accumulating evidence has upset long-held evolutionary ideas.

Red-blooded evidence August 25, 2010
Refuting the evolutionary ‘sea-water’ argument.

The use of Genesis in the New Testament August 24, 2010
Why should New Testament scholars care about the interpretation of Genesis? Because the New Testament quotes it frequently—as history!

Galapagos birds August 23, 2010
Darwin thought he saw evolution, but these island birds really support the biblical Creation/Fall/Flood/Dispersion model.

Scientific blunder in DeWitt interview? August 21, 2010
A critic accuses one of our magazine interviewees of chemical ignorance. The interviewer, a Ph.D. chemist, shows that the ignorance lies with the critic.

Review Dembski Wells Design of Life August 20, 2010
A review of The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems by William A. Dembski and Jonathan Wells

Carl Sagan and Contact August 19, 2010
We answer Carl Sagan's militant attacks on God, the Bible and Christianity in his novel and film Contact.

The mind of God and the 'big bang' August 18, 2010
Classic article refuting the big bang re-posted after 30 years, with lots of updates but not corrections. The updates reinforce the claims of the originals.

Does God’s foreknowledge entail fatalism? August 17, 2010
Does God’s foreknowledge impair free will? See the fallacy in modal logic that critics fall for.

David DeWitt interview brain scientist August 16, 2010
Dr David DeWitt explains some amazing designs of life, and why Neandertals were fully human not ‘ape-men’.

Science existence of god August 14, 2010
Can science even give such proof?

Bathybius haeckelii August 13, 2010
Was Huxley’s falsified ‘find’ of protoplasm just sloppy science or a deliberate deception to advance evolution?

Evolution’s pesky flea August 12, 2010
The release of Greatest Hoax showed that those who claim to have a monopoly on correctly understanding science largely rely upon invective and emotion to argue their case

Romance at the heart of the universe August 11, 2010
The New Testament shows us Jesus as Creator, Saviour, Lord of the Harvest, Judge and Heavenly Bridegroom

CMI ministers in the Caribbean August 10, 2010
CMI’s Dr Robert Carter ministers in a little-known Caribbean country to future medicos and local churches, and discovers that evolutionism has even spread its tentacles here.

Why is the church losing its young people? August 9, 2010
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Time travel August 7, 2010
What are the moral implications of time travel? Is it even logically possible?

Creation preservation and dominion part 1 August 6, 2010
What is the biblical view of man’s place in creation and our responsibility to it?

Recurrent laryngeal nerve August 5, 2010
Is the long ‘recurrent laryngeal nerve’ really an example of bad design? Atheopathic anti-creationists ignore all the other functions of its route.

Why did God impose the death penalty for sin? August 4, 2010
The measure of God’s wrath against sin is the measure of His holiness.

Tragic death of thought August 3, 2010
A short story about censorship of thought, academic freedom and the limitations of science—pithy quotations that reinforce the main points are listed as footnotes, to avoid spoiling the article’s flow.

Science biblical presuppositions August 2, 2010
The Bible provides all the necessary assumptions, but atheistic evolution can’t.

Creationists dont hate science July 31, 2010
Rather than hating science, the biblical worldview gave birth to science

Review Neil Shubin Your Inner Fish July 30, 2010
A review of Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin

Nothing more than a bag of chemicals July 29, 2010
An academic takes evolution to its logical conclusion—since people are essentially just rearranged pond scum in a Darwinian scenario, how can they be held responsible for committing crimes?

Hitch-hiking insects July 28, 2010
A parasitic insect shows clever design. Does this fit into a good creation?

Divine Engineer Sarfati By Design Review July 27, 2010
An engineering student reviews By Design, noting how many sound engineering principles are used in nature, in such a variety of ways.

Ariel Roth interview flat gaps July 26, 2010
An experienced biologist and geologist points out the ‘flat gaps’ in the geological record.

Hecklers July 24, 2010
Don’t be too distressed if hecklers try to disrupt your efforts at creation evangelism. They might be doing some unintended good.

Review Vern Poythress Redeeming Science July 23, 2010
A review of Redeeming Science: A God-Centered Approach by William Vern Poythress

Unborn baby fetal pain abortion July 22, 2010
Pro-aborts are crowing about studies alleging that the unborn baby feels no pain. But not only are these claims highly debatable, they ignore the real issue.

Reading between the lines July 21, 2010
If you read evolutionary articles carefully, they often unintentionally ‘give the game away’.

Refuting Campbell Young PCA Modern Reformation July 20, 2010
Compromising geologists in the Presbyterian Church of America urge Christians to trust them about the age of the Earth and re-interpret Scripture accordingly.

Born to communicate July 19, 2010
Amazingly, deaf children stranded by themselves develop their own complete sign language. 

ET curse logic July 17, 2010
One reader queries CMI’s logic re ET and the Curse; another queries our use of the term ‘long-age Christian’.

Rock arches and the Flood July 16, 2010
The origin of these spectacular landforms is an enigma for long-age geology.

Earliest multicellular life July 15, 2010
A fossil find from Gabon, Africa, has re-written the evolutionary origins story

Dinosaurs and dragons: stamping on the legends July 14, 2010
Dragon stories from all over the world are evidence that dinosaurs have been seen by humans throughout time.

Planck sees big bang July 13, 2010
Like COBE and WMAP before it, researchers claim Planck sees the famed cosmic microwave background radiation that allegedly proves the big bang. But do we know what it’s seeing?

A lesson from Pluto July 12, 2010
Going, going, gone! Lessons from a disappearing planet.

Hoax testimony hoax endorsement July 10, 2010
Is eating shellfish just as much an abomination as homosexual behaviour? Refutation of sarcastic atheopathic internet letter. Plus feedback from “Greatest Hoax?” and “Refuting Compromise”

Review Timothy Keller Reason for God July 9, 2010
A review of The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller

CMI to Indonesia July 8, 2010
For the first time ever, CMI sends a speaker to the world’s most populous Muslim country—for a 2-month ministry tour

Order or chaos? July 7, 2010
‘Hope springs eternal’ as some latch onto chaos theory hoping that it will provide an evolutionary mechanism.

Creation in religion classes July 6, 2010
Evolutionists aghast that Scripture teachers say the Christian faith is true

Cave men—in the Bible July 5, 2010
The Bible rules out a ‘Stone Age’—yet it describes cave men. Go figure!

Müller cells refuting Dawkins: feedback July 3, 2010
Many atheopaths are reeling from the demolition of their hero Dawkins by the new Müller cell discoveries in the eye.

Neutral Model of evolution recent African origins July 2, 2010
Do the ‘molecular clock’ assumptions of the most popular version of human evolution and dispersal, the ‘Out of Africa’ hypothesis stand up under scrutiny?

CMI USA camp 2010 July 1, 2010
CMI–US’s first ever Super Conference brought together some of the leading creation speakers from creation ministries from around the world. The excitement was palpable.

The pitch for Noah's Ark June 30, 2010
Answering objections to how Noah was able to make the Ark waterproof.

Splicing and dicing the human genome June 29, 2010
Scientists begin to unravel the splicing code

Galapagos iguanas June 28, 2010
Darwin called them ‘hideous’; meet the marine iguanas of the Galápagos.

Avatar Aspirations June 26, 2010
An alternative religious belief is spawned by popular culture. A critic engages CMI without necessarily realizing the root of such beliefs.

Neandertal mitochondrial genome June 25, 2010
It does not support evolution

Social Media June 24, 2010
The new social networking fad might have its downsides, but one of CMI’s younger-generation staff tells us about its awesome outreach potential …

John … the creation evangelist June 23, 2010
For two decades leading up to AD 90, John, the last Apostle alive, had seen false teaching infiltrating the 1st-century Church—a white-ant process which, if left unchecked, could ultimately have destroyed it.

Mammal hair in amber June 22, 2010
Is there any fossil evidence that dinosaur and modern mammals lived together?

Chauvet cave June 21, 2010
Controversy rages over whether the Chauvet drawings are simply too magnificent for their time.

Does old universe better display Gods power June 19, 2010
A correspondent thinks billions of years is more appropriate as an analogy to God’s timelessness. Our response shows why this is flawed.

Mineral evolution June 18, 2010
What’s next? Geobiology or biogeology?

Homo gautengensis June 17, 2010
A battle for supremacy amongst ‘apeman’ contenders, but neither descended from Adam.

Who was the serpent? June 16, 2010
Did a snake really speak to Eve?

Dino puberty blues June 15, 2010
Scientists now realize the dramatic physical changes that dino ‘teenagers’ go through.

Electric lighting June 14, 2010
The fact that it took years of effort from brilliant people to produce a light bulb actually carries a deeper message with implications for everyone.

Ignore Atheists June 12, 2010
A correspondent says we should ignore the atheists—and also claims that we are making a fundamental error in relation to the Bible.

Noahs ark or what June 11, 2010
More hoax allegations re ‘Ark’ claim.

Indian creation myths June 10, 2010
The evidence is substantial, the conclusion undeniable. Throughout the Americas various groups share similar, detailed creation accounts that mirror Genesis and mirror accounts from virtually every culture on the planet.

Bridges and bones, girders and groans June 9, 2010
If your leg bones were made of metal—even the finest space-age alloys— ordinary walking would eventually cause them to fatigue and break. Why doesn’t this happen with bones?

Claire S testimony June 8, 2010
The testimony of a marine biologist and top nurse who was sure that evolution was true and the Bible wrong—but her world was falling apart.

Amber needed water June 7, 2010
New research reveals a clue as to how aquatic organisms (e.g. barnacles, clams) became entombed in amber.

Tourist guides June 5, 2010
How should we respond when tourist guides tell us things are millions of years old?

Review Kenneth Miller Only a Theory June 4, 2010
A review of Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul by Kenneth Miller.

About time June 3, 2010
Secular researchers agree: creationist helps develop the most precise clocks in the universe.

Is Jesus Christ the Creator God? June 2, 2010
Jesus’ miracles showed His power over creation—no need for evolution.

Neandertal genome like ours June 1, 2010
Decoding of 60% of the Neandertal genome surprises evolutionists as to how similar it is to modern humans

Law and Creation May 31, 2010
It was only with the advent of Christianity that it became common for people to believe that laws should always protect basic human rights and freedoms.

Does worldview have to be livable? May 29, 2010
Christianity passes the test with flying colours.

Ganymede magnetic moon May 28, 2010
Why were scientists surprised and why it means it is young.

Müller cells backwardly wired retina v Dawkins May 27, 2010
Dawkins’ latest book The Greatest Show on Earth purports to provide the proof of evolution. A new discovery further vindicates our refutation, The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

The original 'unknown' god of China May 26, 2010
The oldest Chinese writing shows that the people had the knowledge of the God of Genesis.

Was life really created in a test tube? And does it disprove biblical creation? May 25, 2010
Did Craig Venter make a synthetic life form, and does it show that life could have evolved from non-living chemicals?

Human population growth May 24, 2010
There are nowhere near enough people if we have been here for a long time.

Moral compass May 22, 2010
The skeptic’s objection that Eve should not have been punished—as she could not have known right from wrong—is easily answered.

The design of life: part 4—variation-inducing genetic elements and their function May 21, 2010
The function of variation-inducing genetic elements (VIGEs).

The Painted Neandertal May 20, 2010
Ancient cosmetics are upsetting evolutionary stories.

Creation—how did God do it? May 19, 2010
How did God create everything? He spoke (or willed) it all to come into existence; and it did.

Single cell irony May 18, 2010
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Stalin May 17, 2010
How belief in a creatorless universe helped shape the thinking of one of history’s greatest tyrants—Joseph Stalin.

monkeying with probability May 15, 2010
Readers challenge CMI about the likelihood of monkeys being able to type the 23rd Psalm.

Evidence for the design of life: an introduction to variation-inducing genetic elements May 14, 2010
Introducing variation-inducing genetic elements (VIGEs)

Anchor line May 13, 2010
Surely no Christian pastor would want to cut adrift his flock from Jesus? Yet some church leaders are indeed at risk of doing just that.

Preaching the Gospel in today’s society May 12, 2010
The Apostle Paul had two different starting points in his preaching, depending on his audience.

Noah and Genetics May 11, 2010
It’s in our genes—that is, evidence that we all come from just two people, and that there was subsequently a dramatic population crash.

Gina Mohammed May 10, 2010
Dr Gina Mohammad’s first biology teacher ruled out her ever becoming a biologist. The teacher was wrong.

Ark hominids rib wrangles May 8, 2010
Could the ancestors of Australopithecus sediba have been on the Ark? Also, what do we do about ‘Adam’s rib’, given online contradictory claims about the capacity of ribs to regenerate?

Evolution of multicellularity: what is required? May 7, 2010
Another insurmountable hurdle for evolution.

Lost in translation May 6, 2010
Atheistic evolutionists are committed to a materialistic origin of life. As such, there should be no non-material quantity to the universe. But experimental science has shown this is false.

Atheism: A religion May 4, 2010
The ‘seven dimensions’ of religion can be found in atheism.

2 head reptile May 3, 2010
A two-headed reptile fossil in Cretaceous rock lived and died after Adam sinned, not before.

Hermaphrodites and homosexuality May 1, 2010
Because a tiny number of people have genuine biological gender identity issues, such as being hermaphrodite, does not mean that homosexual practices should be legitimized.

Lunar maria April 30, 2010
Isolated impacts over half a billion years or the aftermath of a single event that lasted for a few days only?

Creation translations April 29, 2010
Folk in non-English speaking nations are getting an increasing number of vital creation materials translated, but the fields are still white unto harvest.

The Gospel in time and space April 28, 2010
Many puzzling, even bizarre, concepts of modern science help us understand that there is more to reality than what we see …

Is evolution important April 27, 2010
They focus on health and medical research so you will have a favourable impression about evolution, but what do they mean by evolution?

Daddy, don’t swallow me! April 26, 2010
For as long as the male cardinal fish incubates his brood—in his mouth—he doesn’t eat.

Does CMI misunderstand how science works? April 24, 2010
A correspondent claims that our article on fish-to-tetrapod evolution is bad science.

Baranomes and the design of life April 23, 2010

Templeton Prize goes to evolutionist professor April 22, 2010
Why has one of the world’s most vocal anti-creationists received this award?

Green islands April 21, 2010
Fossil leaves show that leaf miners have existed along with leaves and questions the long ages attributed to these fossils.

Support Group at Parachute April 20, 2010
CMI presence at Southern Hemisphere’s largest Music Festival

Improbable evo devo April 19, 2010
Can changes in ‘master genes’ explain evolution?

Cannot blame CMI April 17, 2010
Is CMI responsible for the scientific illiteracy of the average churchgoer? And also for the continued promotion by some of the ‘Vapour Canopy’ theory?

Cuviers analogy April 16, 2010
Forensics vs testimony as historical evidence

Sediba not human ancestor April 15, 2010
The papers are full of the usual hype that a definite and crucially important human ancestor has been found. But a closer look reveals more of the ‘same old-same-old’.

Our brain: Do we use only a small portion of it? April 14, 2010
A big question about the most complex structure in the universe

Atheists credit Christianity April 13, 2010
Two high-profile atheists concede that to get practical help to the poor and liberate them from poverty you need Christianity’s teaching about man’s place in the Universe

Pyramids seashells April 12, 2010
The massive limestone blocks of the Egyptian pyramids contain abundant fossil shells. How did they get there?

Deep thinking April 10, 2010
The matter of origins can raise lots and lots and LOTS of issues in people’s minds.

Constellations a legacy of Babel April 9, 2010
Containing memories of ancient historical events but not a kind of primeval revelation

Brian Baker book review April 8, 2010
A formerly well-known Australian pastor has written a book to persuade people to join him in atheism. No prizes for guessing which book of the Bible he attacks the most.

Noah—the man who trusted God April 7, 2010
By fleshing out the details with reasoned imagination, the Bible’s true account of the Flood comes vividly alive …

Why did Jesus die April 6, 2010
How evolution and long ages destroy the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Island rule April 5, 2010
Animals migrating to islands can become bigger or smaller, but not a different kind of animal.

Gentle answer mt dna April 3, 2010
1 Peter 3:15 instructs Christians to ‘always be ready to give an answer’ yet with ‘gentleness and respect’—even to atheists. Also, we update a reader enquiring about ‘mitochondrial Eve’.

Why young-age creationism is good for science April 2, 2010
It has the potential to improve the world of science significantly through increased accountability for speculative naturalistic scientists.

Why most scientists believe the world is old April 1, 2010
What is the main reason many scientists believe in an old-Earth? Do most study the science for themselves, or do they simply accept the words of others?

Inscriptions on the Cross March 31, 2010
Why do all four Gospels contain different versions? Does this indicate error?

Isaiah9:6 Child Mighty God Messiah March 30, 2010
Isaiah prophesied about the coming of a Child who would also be the ‘Mighty God’ and ‘Father of Eternity’, which can fit only Jesus of Nazareth, the God-Man.

Pioneer anomaly March 29, 2010
Creationist cosmology explains puzzling slowdown of Pioneer spacecraft.

Is God Christian wish fulfillment March 27, 2010
An atheist correspondent asserts that Christian belief in God stems from a desire for a Heavenly Father to take care of us, but his argument commits a major logical fallacy.

Immunoglobulin and gene duplication March 26, 2010
A gene family with irreducibly complex regulation that could not have been produced by past gene duplication followed by diversification.

Understand the Bible March 25, 2010
All you need is a basic grasp of the issues, not a science degree, to counter today’s widespread evolutionary arguments against God, and reach out to the lost.

The Yellowstone petrified forests March 24, 2010
The petrified tree-trunks found in the beautiful national park at Yellowstone have been used for years to ‘prove’ that the Earth cannot be young as the Bible indicates. But the evidence shows otherwise.

Is Intelligence allowed March 23, 2010
As Ben Stein’s Expelled documentary film premieres in London, academics once again debate Design.

Mining mountains West Virginia March 22, 2010
Journey inside the earth reveals another world from another time.

Patriarchs teeth March 20, 2010
With the likes of Adam, Methuselah, Noah and Shem living for hundreds of years, how could the enamel and dentin of their teeth have lasted for so long?

Dropstones March 19, 2010
Did they really drop into the sediment from floating icebergs?

Evangelical litmus test March 18, 2010
Is accepting Genesis 1–11 as real history the relevant test for orthodoxy today?

Sandy surprise March 17, 2010
When most people look at huge sandstone cliffs, for example, they are conditioned in today’s culture to think in terms of millions of years. But this swimming pool owner, from hard experience, knows you don’t need the millions of years.

Countering atheism March 16, 2010
The atheists refused CMI’s offer to a debate so CMI arranged a public seminar on the same weekend as their global convention where people could hear what the atheists tried to hide.

Human ape DNA March 15, 2010
Similarity of design speaks of a common Designer/Architect rather than common ancestry (evolution).

Claimed Bible errors March 13, 2010
If there are errors of detail in the Bible, doesn’t that mean that everything—including the Resurrection—is open to question?

The language faculty: following the evidence March 12, 2010
Attempts to link language and biological evolution have encountered impassible problems but the evidence points to a designed system.

Dawkins and divine forgiveness March 11, 2010
Richard Dawkins mocks the Gospel, but this merely shows how little he understands of the true nature of sin, or of the infinite holiness of God.

Standing firm (Raymond Jones interview) March 10, 2010
Leading scientist shows how ‘radical’ ideas can lead to the greatest breakthroughs.

Australian Christian schools in creationism row March 9, 2010
Many are calling this the thin edge of the wedge for Christians everywhere …

Aye-aye March 8, 2010
Was a lemur-like creature really our ancestor, as evolutionists propose? Problem is, evolutionists admit that lemurs are ‘notoriously problematic’ in that regard. Especially the aye-aye.

Polygamy hobbit March 6, 2010
A correspondent asks about guidance for his country’s new converts to Christ who come from areas where polygamy is common. Another asks about the ‘Hobbit’ classified as Homo floresiensis.

Facilitated variation paradigm emerges March 5, 2010
The first comprehensive theory of how life works at the molecular level.

Fall of Singapore March 4, 2010
The stunning 1942 Japanese victory caught the British Army by surprise. There are powerful lessons for the spiritual battles facing the church today.

What! … no potatoes? March 3, 2010
Governments are recognising the need to preserve the ‘wild’ varieties of our food plants, with their rich stores of information. Plant scientist Dr Don Batten explains how this highlights the fallacy of evolution.

Goodness of God March 2, 2010
Is God the ‘bully’ portrayed by Dawkins and others?

Darwins mistake on the Santa Cruz River March 1, 2010
On Charles Darwin’s Beagle voyage, his geological observations using Charles Lyell’s book reinforced his belief in long ages, and underpinned his later evolutionary ideas. But modern geology denies many of his interpretations.

Debate refusal reaction February 27, 2010
In the lead-up to next month’s Global Atheist Conference, there’s been a strident, and polarized, reaction to atheists’ refusal to debate CMI.

Australian ice age animal extinction February 26, 2010
Was it humans or climate change or something else?

Issue of issues February 25, 2010
Christianity’s enemies have long recognized that this is the key issue at which all battle lines converge. (And no, it’s not creation/evolution.)

Revival? What is missing? February 24, 2010
Many churches today are praying for revival, and that’s good. But something else is needed, too. (As every good parachute salesman knows.)

Dinosaur footprints found in China February 23, 2010
Scientists describe evidence of Noah’s Flood without realizing it.

Civilization comes suddenly February 22, 2010
A new discovery highlights the puzzle for evolutionary researchers as to why civilizations and languages seem to have arisen suddenly and simultaneously across the world. If only they considered Genesis …

Valentine’s Day shock February 20, 2010
At church last weekend, a correspondent was ‘moved’, to say the least.

Review Moreland and Craig philosophical foundations February 19, 2010
A review of Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview by J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig

Dawkins bait-and-switch guppy selection February 18, 2010
Richard Dawkins’ new book cites ingenious experiments supporting the interplay between natural and sexual selection in guppies. But is it really goo-to-you (or fish-to-fishermen) evolution?

Dragons: animals … not apparitions February 17, 2010
Accounts of dragons in history have an amazing similarity to various types of dinosaurs.

atheist word hurt February 16, 2010
Why do some atheists declare ‘hurt’ and ‘offence’? Perhaps to put Christians on the defensive to stop them from giving answers to what the world is teaching.

Pulsating plants February 15, 2010
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Cryonics soul immortality February 13, 2010
Could technology one day provide immortality? Could deep frozen corpses be revived? A reader’s question provides food for thought.

Morphology and molecule family trees conflict February 12, 2010
Despite their media image, evolutionary family trees are far from harmonious and settled.

Does Creation Really Matter? February 11, 2010
Shoring up the foundations? Defending the Christian faith from Genesis? Morality and the Gospel depending on biblical history? Tired old truths, or vital imperatives for Christians who wish to be biblically and culturally relevant?

Drowned from below February 10, 2010
Scientists long thought that the hot interior of the earth would be very dry. But they now describe it as ‘sopping wet’!

“Watering down” the Genesis Flood February 9, 2010
Noah’s Ark was not circular as British Museum ‘expert’ claims

Rock language February 8, 2010
Some people say the rocks cry out but others just hear a stony silence.

Old earth belief February 6, 2010
As word of the upcoming Creation Supercamp in the US begins to spread, some surprising beliefs are coming to light.

Review Plausibility of Life by Kirschner and Gerhart February 5, 2010
‘Facilitated genetic variation’ provides insight into how the Creator designed creatures to adapt to various environments.

Battle quote not Luther February 4, 2010
The famous ‘battle quote’, used widely by creationists and other Christians, did not, after all, come from Martin Luther.

Gravity February 3, 2010
Gravity holds us firmly on the ground and keeps the earth circling the sun. You might think it would be one of the best understood concepts in science. But it remains, in many ways, a profound mystery.

Robots will not take over the world February 2, 2010
Artificial intelligence has spawned fantasies based on illusion, says an expert—machines show no sign of anything like human intelligence.

What makes us human February 1, 2010
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Wisdom created or Jesus January 30, 2010
A reader asks about a pastor’s claim that the first thing God created was Wisdom.

Margaret Sanger Darwinian eugenicist January 29, 2010
Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, the leading pro-abort organization in the USA. Darwinism influenced her support for eugenics and reducing the population of ‘less fit’ races, including ‘Negroes’.

Church leaders and natural disasters January 28, 2010
The tragic earthquake in Haiti has raised age-old questions that today’s church leaders often cannot answer

creation movie January 27, 2010
This movie portrays Charles Darwin as a loving, devoted family man who struggles personally over the implications of his theory, thus leading viewers to regard his evolutionary ideas sympathetically.

Focus on Jesus January 26, 2010
Ask church leaders to take a stand on Genesis history, and many will suggest that to do so is to distract from what the church should be doing instead.

Glasswing January 25, 2010
Both evolutionists and creationists are claiming the Glasswing Butterfly as their own. Who’s right?

Defending Theistic Evolutionists January 23, 2010
Constructive dialogue urged instead.

Darwinian Roots of Nazi Legal System January 22, 2010
Nazis were Darwinists so they did not accept the idea of God-ordained human rights. Instead, they believed that the ‘stronger’ would have the ‘right’ to dispossess and destroy the ‘weaker’.

Haiti’s horrendous earthquake disaster January 21, 2010
Should we help and why

Evolutionary naturalism: an ancient idea January 20, 2010
Not original to Darwin but the revival of an ancient idea.

Prions and evolution January 19, 2010
News reports about ‘evolution in prions’ has made many wonder—what are these things called prions, that cause e.g. ‘mad cow disease’? And is this really evolution?

Kakapo January 18, 2010
The male kakapo’s amorous ‘booming’ can be heard kilometres away. But perhaps not for much longer, as the world’s heaviest parrot is an endangered species.

Can know truth January 16, 2010
If we cannot know the truth, as some claim, then Jesus was wrong. Also, experiences must be judged by God’s Word, the Bible.

Review There is a God by Antony Flew January 15, 2010
See how the most famous atheistic philosopher Antony Flew changed his mind, and now accepts that ‘There is a God’

Polish tetrapod footprints trample Tiktaalik January 14, 2010
Another evolutionary icon consigned to the scrap heap.

Ancon sheep: just another loss mutation January 13, 2010
Darwin used them as evidence for evolution but they are just another loss mutation—evidence of Creation and the Fall.

2012 Mayan doomsday predictions January 12, 2010
The big picture from most groups seems to be … that 2012 will be the year when drastic changes will occur politically, environmentally, spiritually and scientifically.

Not circular reasoning January 11, 2010
Jesus’ words break the circle.

Creationists hypocritical January 9, 2010
Answering the caricature that evolution is science but creation is faith.

review Irrational Atheist by Vox Day January 8, 2010
Review of The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens by Vox Day; excellent demolition of the ‘New Atheists’.

2012 The Movie Review January 7, 2010
‘2012’, the latest blockbuster global disaster/action movie—a useful tool for discussions on ‘flood geology’ and the gospel!

G.K. Chesterton: Darwinism is ‘An attack upon thought itself’ January 6, 2010

Avatar movie review January 5, 2010
This brilliant sci-fi blockbuster uses high-tech graphics (and lots of imagery, including biblical) to push the neo-pagan nature-worship revived by the evolutionized thought patterns of our age.

Tinned sardines—clue to the origin of life? January 4, 2010
Canned sardines contain a wealth of ingredients essential for life, but life will not arise in those sardines.

Irrational knuckle brains January 2, 2010
More straight thinking is needed over the ‘conflict’ between Christianity and evolution.

global atheists reject debate challenge January 1, 2010
In March, the cream of the world’s atheists, including Dawkins, will be in Australia. Why would they not relish the chance to publicly crush some of the world’s leading creationists?