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Adam and Noah; two beginnings December 31, 2012
The parallels between Creation Week and Noah’s Flood underline the worldwide nature of the Flood.

Time, eternity, and the creation of the universe December 30, 2012
Can the universe be caused by something immaterial and eternal?

Can we ‘conclusively’ say that dinosaurs were created on Day 6? December 29, 2012
We were not there, but the God of the Bible was, and we can trust His word.

Is the faint young sun paradox solved? December 28, 2012
The earth would have been a ‘snowball’ if an evolutionary origin of the solar system was true.

True versus false humility December 27, 2012
How does a person’s view of Genesis relate to the humility of the incarnate Son of God? If he or she desires to be Christ-like, there is a very clear relationship.

Living fossils enigma December 26, 2012
Gingko trees, crocodiles, horseshoe crabs, coelacanth fish, tuatara lizards, Lingula lamp shells and Neopilina molluscs haven’t changed in at least a hundred million years. How come?

The genealogies of Jesus December 25, 2012
The genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke are different. In-depth study of Scripture and Jewish methods explains why. Both genealogies explain important facets of the Gospel message.

Egyptian blue December 24, 2012
The science of the ancients and their ‘eternal’ colour.

Physicist: Evolution more scientific than quantum mechanics? December 23, 2012
So why then is there no Nobel Prize for evolution?

Stephen Hawking’s end of the universe December 22, 2012
Will the universe end in a ‘big chill’, as Stephen Hawking predicts, or is there a better future for those who acknowledge God’s sovereignty and lordship?

Does the Bible really describe expansion of the universe? December 21, 2012
What does ‘stretching out the heavens like a tent’ mean?

Further restrictive legislation to keep Creation out of UK state-funded schools December 20, 2012
Aggressive secularists relentlessly push ahead with even more pervasive evolutionary indoctrination in British schools, backed by the Royal Society no less!

Claim Robert Ballard discovered Noah’s Flood in the Black Sea is not correct December 19, 2012
Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic but not Noah’s Flood.

Telling the Christmas story from Creation December 18, 2012
Why did Jesus come? At a ‘Christmas outreach’, one pastor focused on creation, sin, judgment, and salvation instead of angelic visitation, shepherds, and wise men.

Soil microbiologist: Evolution no help in research December 17, 2012
Professor Skipper speaks about the divine design of microbes beneficial to plant nutrition and ecology.

Sitting on the fence December 16, 2012
Either Jesus is Lord, or he was wrong.

Did Charles Darwin become a Christian before he died? December 15, 2012
The evidence both for and against the suggestion that Darwin converted to Christianity before he died is presented and evaluated.

What are type 1a supernovae telling us? December 14, 2012
Perhaps the oft-revered Cosmological Principle is wrong, and they support creationist cosmologies.

Roots are important December 13, 2012
What we believe about our origins can (and should) make a real difference to our lives here and now—and after death too!

Eat your Brussels sprouts! December 12, 2012
The variety in the cabbage family speaks of how God created plants with a built-in capacity to diversify—within limits.

DNA and bone cells found in dinosaur bone December 11, 2012
Dino bone has DNA in just the right positions to be from the dino. But measured rates of DNA decay in bones prohibit survival for 65 million years.

How does the Bible teach 6000 years December 10, 2012
Calculating the dates from the Flood to the Exile.

Why do some Christians suffer more than others? December 9, 2012
The Lord never promised his people freedom from suffering before until the eternal state.

Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works December 8, 2012
It promotes a worldview involving the big bang, but how truly scientific is it?

Three early arguments for deep time—part I: time needed to erode valleys December 7, 2012
Part I: Time needed to erode valleys.

Perils of Theistic Evolution December 6, 2012
The case against theistic evolution must not be silenced by claims that creationism brings the gospel into disrepute—on the contrary, the stakes are high and this is no time for surrender!

The bamboozling panda December 5, 2012
China’s peaceful and solitary mountain dwellers—a puzzlement to evolution; a friendly reminder of Creation.

Carrying the Creation Torch December 4, 2012
The London Olympics were widely considered a success, the result of a combination of good organisation and great athleticism, two attributes Christians should be demonstrating on the race track of life.

Rodhocetus and other stories of whale evolution December 3, 2012
Rodhocetus, a key fossil in the story of whale evolution, proves to be nothing like textbooks and articles portray.

Ice core clamour December 2, 2012
CMI hoses down a blizzard of objections from a rabid anti-creationist.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: Aliens December 1, 2012
Stephen Hawking looks for alien life in our solar system and the universe beyond, but offers nothing other than his own wishful thinking manifested in assumptions, speculations, and computer simulations.

Evolutionary troubles with the origin and demise of dinosaurs November 30, 2012
Lack of information and heated debates divide evolutionist researchers.

CSI and evolution November 29, 2012
Are the historical scientific methods used to supposedly ‘prove’ evolution just as reliable as CSI?

Speedy species surprise November 28, 2012
The rapid appearance today, of new varieties of fish, lizards, and more defies evolutionary expectations … but fits perfectly with the Bible.

Evolution and the breakup of Christendom November 27, 2012
What is the most serious ‘battering ram of unbelief’ affecting today’s Church? Over 80 years ago, a leading Christian scholar argued that it was evolution!

Understanding death November 26, 2012
Answering the question, ‘Why does God allow bad things to happen?’ 

The Bible: Jewish folklore and nothing more? November 25, 2012
Today’s feedback features a skeptic who questions the authenticity and reliability of the Bible, positing hopeless contradictions between Jesus and Paul and portraying the Bible as Jewish folklore.

How evolution has harmed science and society November 24, 2012
Setting science back and justifying horrific social policies.

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 2: theoretical studies November 23, 2012
Do theoretical studies show that enough protein chains are able to form biologically useful protein folds can be generated randomly to make abiogenesis plausible?

The Nazareth Inscription: Proof of the Resurrection of Christ? November 22, 2012
Does an obscure Greek inscription give evidence for the Resurrection?

The 'bird of prey' that's not November 21, 2012
This fierce looking bird, with its sharp, hooked beak, and vicious ‘raptor’ talons, looks ‘obviously’ designed for tearing and devouring flesh—but it normally nibbles nuts.

The Dalai Lama, the Templeton Prize and Buddhism November 20, 2012
The Dalai Lama’s receipt of the Templeton Prize highlights Buddhism with its beliefs of no God, no Creation, no Saviour, no soul, no sin, no forgiveness, and no salvation.

How slavery enhanced racism November 19, 2012
What came first, slavery or racism?

Did the Fall destroy God’s image in man? November 18, 2012
Do we have the image of God in our fallen state?

Hell questions answered November 17, 2012
Does the doctrine of Hell make God into a cruel monster?

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—Part 1: analysis of reduced codon set experiments November 16, 2012
Have experiments using reduced codon sets to form small proteins shown that large proportions of biologically useful protein folds can be generated randomly?

The Nazareth Inscription: Proof of the Resurrection of Christ? November 15, 2012
Does an obscure Greek inscription give evidence for the Resurrection?

After devastation … the recovery November 14, 2012
An amazing bounce-back after catastrophe gives us insights into how the world recovered from the Flood.

Dinosaurs ate birds November 13, 2012
Evolution textbooks, museum displays and television documentaries say that dinosaurs gave rise to birds. But now it turns out that dinos ate them.

Fragile Faith November 12, 2012
Get the basic thinking skills to avoid it. Enjoy this preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribe and be delighted.

Seekers and scoffers November 11, 2012
Today’s correspondence illustrates some of the reasons why CMI exists: to help seekers understand the truth of the Bible, and to stand as a public challenge to scoffers.

Building a better biology? November 10, 2012
It’s not as easy as some skeptics seem to think it is.

The biomedical properties of ancient Egyptian black eye makeup November 9, 2012
Ancient man was at least as intelligent as his modern counterpart.

North American ‘feathered’ dinosaurs a flight of fancy November 8, 2012
Artist’s drawing is a flight of fancy.

Encyclopedic ‘truth’ … or worldly wisdom? November 7, 2012
Encyclopedias have been regarded by many as being reliable ‘fonts of knowledge’. But when it comes to evolution, can you trust them?

Biology exam fraud November 6, 2012
Fraudulent embryo drawings (a la Ernst Haeckel) said to provide evidence for evolution.

Jellyfish judgment November 5, 2012
Evolutionary theory adjudges jellyfish to be ‘primitive’. But a right judgment of the evidence impels a very different conclusion.

Is God a particle-wave duality? November 4, 2012
Mixing biblical metaphor with the physics of light is not enlightening.

Interpreting the early chapters of Genesis November 3, 2012
Lita Sanders and Don Batten answer questions about how to interpret specific points within the early chapters of Genesis.

Review of "The Altenberg 16" November 2, 2012
A review of The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry by Suzan Mazur.

Answering Grandma Mildred November 1, 2012
How do you answer a family member who challenges your faith? We present our response to a skeptical grandmother’s national radio broadcast.

Piranha October 31, 2012
Piranhas are renowned for tearing the flesh off live animals that venture into South American rivers. But has their fearsome reputation been greatly exaggerated?

Huge dinosaurs flee rising waters of Noah’s Flood in Australia October 30, 2012
ABC’s Catalyst program reports Kimberley dinosaur stampede.

Young saturn October 29, 2012
Cassini space probe destroys billion-year beliefs

Do correspondents’ letters mean what they intended? October 28, 2012
A correspondent writes that ‘what the author intended to convey’ is ‘subjective and debatable’.

Why do Christians want to defend evolution? October 27, 2012
Evolution is naturalism for biology and undermines the integrity of the gospel; so why marry it with the Bible?

Genomic monkey business—estimates of nearly identical human–chimp DNA similarity re-evaluated using omitted data October 26, 2012
According to the latest data, this claim is vastly overestimated.

Genetic Entropy and Simple Organisms October 25, 2012
There are good reasons for believing that the survival of complex species is threatened by genetic entropy. The same may not be true of simpler species like bacteria, however.

The ‘fungus’ that ‘walks’ October 24, 2012
Scientists can't decide if this organism is animal, vegetable … or something else.

Genesis liberates women in the Binumarien tribe of New Guinea October 23, 2012
How social transformation began in the Binumarien tribe of New Guinea.

The so-called ‘Age of Dinosaurs’ October 22, 2012
Why there never was a ‘land before time’ millions of years ago!

Being prepared—facing the tough questions October 21, 2012
Facing the tough questions.

Is nature clearer than written language? October 20, 2012
Nature can’t speak for itself.

Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? October 19, 2012
Do Archaeopteryx and so-called ‘feathered dinosaurs’ support dino-to-bird evolution?

Our Triune God October 18, 2012
How do we explain how God is Three in One?

Wings on the wind October 17, 2012
How do migrating birds know exactly when, and where, to go?

Why would a loving God send people to Hell? October 16, 2012
Can God be loving and judge sin at the same time?

It’s supernatural (naturally) October 15, 2012
The Bible can explain miracles that supposedly ‘violate natural law’.

Thinking biblically about termites and lizards October 14, 2012
Only when we use the Bible consistently as our foundation can we properly make sense of life.

Correcting misconceptions on creation and the gospel October 13, 2012
CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Lita Sanders help some correspondents through some misconceptions of biblical creation and the assurance of salvation believers have.

Cladistics, evolution and the fossils October 12, 2012
How are all those nicely presented evolutionary trees put together? Do they really demonstrate evolution?

Conservation and a biblical approach to nature October 11, 2012
When man correctly understands his God-given place in nature, he can understand how he is supposed to treat nature.

Fossil folly October 10, 2012
A misleading museum display seems to want to exclude the truth of Genesis ‘by definition’.

How the Binumarien people of New Guinea discovered Jesus is real October 9, 2012
How the Binumarien people of New Guinea discovered Jesus is real.

Lifting the veil on the UFO phenomenon October 8, 2012
A new age UFO investigator finds that only the Bible can explain the phenomenon. He now works to reveal the light of the gospel in dark places.

Questioning God’s many attributes October 7, 2012
An inquirer asked how Christians can defend the claims that God is Omnipotent, Eternal, Spiritual, and Omniscient. The answer includes defining them correctly, and far more.

Did God use big bang October 6, 2012
Is the big bang compatible with God’s creation described in Genesis?

Antifreeze protein evolution: turning wrenches into hammers October 5, 2012
Evidence of mutations and natural selection leading to microbes-to-man evolution?

Biologos and the age of the earth: Pushing an anti-biblical doctrine October 4, 2012
Pushing an anti-biblical doctrine.

Mokele-mbembe: a living dinosaur? October 3, 2012
A creature known to locals in the Congo as the ‘blocker-of-rivers’ bears a startling likeness to a small Apatosaurus.

It’s not Christianity! October 2, 2012
The fallout of theistic evolution is often a ‘shattered’ worldview, and sometimes the loss of faith altogether.

Turtles at loggerheads with evolution October 1, 2012
Hatchling loggerhead turtles not only know which way to go, but where they are.

Answering a reasonable atheist on deep philosophical questions September 30, 2012
Atheist argues that meaning and morality are possible without God.

Is brother-sister intermarriage intrinsically immoral? September 29, 2012
Does Leviticus 18 imply that brother-sister intermarriage was always wrong?

The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution—part 2: re-analysis of the genomic data September 28, 2012
Part 2: re-analysis of the genomic data

‘Sexual perversion is good for you’, claims BBC September 27, 2012
According to the BBC, sexual perversion improves relationships.

Did Jesus have a wife? September 26, 2012
Is a new Coptic fragment evidence that some early Christians thought Jesus was married?

In pursuit of plant power September 25, 2012
There’s a long way to go yet, if we are to ever copy photosynthesis.

Life is in the blood September 24, 2012
Blood is the transport system of the body that keeps everything alive and connected.

Trinity: analogies and countering critics September 23, 2012
Answering questions about the Trinity: does God have parts, good vs. fallacious analogies, the Holy Spirit’s personality, the early Church’s recognition of the Trinity, what ‘God is one’ means.

Can evolution and religion co-exist? September 22, 2012
It depends on the religion!

The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution—part 1: re-evaluating the evidence September 21, 2012
Part 1: re-evaluating the evidence

Don’t ignore the main weapon! September 20, 2012
Social, moral, political and economic problems abound, but rather than merely ‘holding the fort’, Christians should be advancing—which means engaging where the battle is raging.

How to build a bomb in the public school system September 19, 2012
The 1999 Columbine massacre prompted people to ask, ‘How could they do this?’ How indeed …

Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona September 18, 2012
Carved by the receding waters of Noah’s Flood.

Horsetails are ‘living fossils’! September 17, 2012
Long familiar to keen gardeners, horsetails are ‘living fossils’, unchanged from their supposedly ‘prehistoric’ ancestors.

Should we trust ministries that don’t support biblical creation? September 16, 2012
As always, the Scriptures are to be our ultimate guide.

Does archaeology confirm the Bible’s historical record? September 15, 2012
The archaeological record corroborates the Bible’s record.

Argon diffusion data support RATE’s 6,000-year helium age of the earth September 14, 2012
Supports RATE project’s 6,000-year helium age of the earth

Thank you, ‘blogosphere battlers’—you’re making a difference September 13, 2012
Even stay-at-home grandmothers are becoming online ‘soldiers for Christ’ at the frontline of the origins debate—and making a difference

Golden oldie September 12, 2012
Today, Koelreuteria lives in its natural state only in China, Japan and Korea. Why so far from its fossils found in USA and Germany?

What the New Testament doesn’t say September 11, 2012
The New Testament doesn’t specifically cite every detail from Genesis 1–11; and this is evidence for creation’s importance in the earliest church.

Bees outsmart supercomputers September 10, 2012
Even the best supercomputers struggle to solve the ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’. Yet bees do it as a matter of course.

Answering questions about discrimination and information September 9, 2012
Should we discriminate against homosexual practices? And is the information problem a valid argument against evolution?

Other possible mechanisms for abiogenesis and evolution? September 8, 2012
Evolution is unlikely from a scientific perspective not just because of a lack of evidence, but also because what we know works against it.

Seeing Noah’s Flood in geological maps September 7, 2012
How can geological maps be used to interpret the geology of an area from a biblical perspective?

Teaching children about animal death September 6, 2012
Children can take it hard. What to tell them?

Atheists in the pulpit—the sad charade of the Clergy Project September 5, 2012
When the American Atheists convention was told “I’m a pastor currently serving a Methodist church … and I am an atheist”, the crowd hooted and clapped for over a minute.

Geologists see effects of Noah’s Flood in Africa September 4, 2012
But their beliefs prevent them recognizing it.

Meerkats September 3, 2012
The ingenious design of the ‘Kool kats of the Kalahari’ 

Origin of the elements—Bible vs the big bang September 2, 2012
Bible vs the big bang

Are we allowed to eat all animals today? September 1, 2012
Are Christians bound by Mosaic (or Edenic) food laws today?

Carboniferous floating forest 2 August 31, 2012
Part 2: The logic of lycopod root structure

Will Nibiru collide with Earth? August 30, 2012
Yet another end-of-the-world scenario with lots of panic, but no substance.

The lion that wouldn’t eat meat August 29, 2012
Really? A vegetarian lioness? Yes indeed, an ‘echo’ of Eden …

Fishy Dawkinsia tales, tragic Dawkinsian philosophy August 28, 2012
In the wake of having a new fish genus named after him, Richard Dawkins defends his philosophy of life.

Common errors made by deniers of a young Earth August 27, 2012
Appealing to the text and history against the plain evidence

Does the universe need a cause? August 26, 2012
The cosmological argument shows that the existence and nature of the universe is thoroughly consistent with the existence of the biblical God.

Logic and lesbianism August 25, 2012
‘Natural’ behaviours are not necessarily moral.

The remarkable African Planation Surface August 24, 2012
A new synthesis of African planation surfaces concludes that there is one large, warped planation surface on Africa, called the African Surface.

More ‘dino’ sightings in Papua New Guinea August 23, 2012
The people of West New Britain in Papua New Guinea tell of seeing some interesting creatures in recent years.

The Koran vs Genesis August 22, 2012
Do Muslims and Christians have the same account of creation?

Stephen Hawking: Key to the cosmos August 21, 2012
Stephen Hawking fails in his latest attack on God, as well as in his attempt to explain the universe without God.

Termite mounds: cities in miniature August 20, 2012
How are these veritable cities in miniature built?

Why should science make it difficult to believe the Bible? August 19, 2012
A commenter claims that discoveries about the universe make the Bible hard to believe, causing him to feel that God is distant from us.

Atheism—no objective morality? August 18, 2012
Does common human agreement on morality make it objective?

Some bugs do grow bigger with higher oxygen August 17, 2012
Does that mean that the pre-Flood atmosphere had higher oxygen levels?

Drawing power August 16, 2012
A carefully crafted but simple drawing can overturn some people’s millions-of-years ideas more effectively and quickly than could a thousand words. And two drawings can double the impact.

A tale of two theologians August 15, 2012
Evolution and the Bible don’t mix. A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Anyone for tennis August 14, 2012
When you successfully return your opponent’s shot, does he acknowledge the point?

Y chromosome shock August 13, 2012
Chimps and humans have similar genomes, right? Wrong! Just look at the Y chromosome.

Human fossils from the Flood and ancient climate patterns August 12, 2012
Should we expect human fossils and how did they measure atmospheric CO2 over the last 400,000 years?

Does Christianity lead to true morality or just obedience from fear? August 11, 2012
Christianity is often characterized as a religion of fear. However true ‘fear of God’ is quite different from what many think.

Is the K/T the post-Flood boundary?—part 3: volcanism and plate tectonics August 10, 2012
Do volcanism and plate tectonics in the Tertiary provide strong evidence for identifying the post-Flood boundary with the K/T boundary?

The Namblong people: We need to know where we come from August 9, 2012
Do you find the Bible’s ‘so-and-so begat so-and-so’ boring? The people of Papua don’t—and they rebuked the SIL translator for wanting to skip over Genesis 5.

Radiometric dating and the age of the Earth August 8, 2012
The 4.5 billion-year radiometric ‘age’ of the earth is based on faulty assumptions even secular researchers have acknowledged.

Did God really say? August 7, 2012
What would the Bible need to say if old-earthers were right? And what would their reactions be?

Abandoned transitional forms August 6, 2012
Evolutionists have abandoned many famed ‘missing links’ through sheer weight of contrary evidence.

Don’t bother me with your religion! August 5, 2012
Freedom of religion means living peaceably with people who disagree with you.

Objecting to a biblical age for the earth August 4, 2012
The only so-called ‘science’ that contradicts the Bible’s age for the Earth makes baseless anti-biblical assumptions.

Excellent summary of scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood, but controversial in some areas August 3, 2012
A review of Earth’s Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation & the Flood, volumes 1 and 2 by Andrew Snelling

No fence to sit on August 2, 2012
Neutrality is impossible in the creation/evolution debate.

A look at some figures August 1, 2012
The very first article in Creation magazine showed the impossibility of a naturalistic origin of life. Nothing has changed since then.

Supposed ‘icon of evolution’, Archaeopteryx, was ‘dressed for flight’ in modern, probably black, feathers July 31, 2012
Extract the exciting new fact about Archaeopteryx from the ‘paleobabble’ and evolutionary hype—and the conclusion is obvious.

Natural rafts carried animals around the globe July 30, 2012
How they carried animals around the globe.

Hawkesbury Sandstone deposited from a wall of water? July 29, 2012
Did CMI put words into the mouth of a geologist that he never said?

Science, history, and the Bible July 28, 2012
Where do evolution and the Bible fit into how we investigate science and history?

The workings of nature combined with a sprinkling of evolutionary storytelling July 27, 2012
A review of Darwin’s Island by Steve Jones.

Cape Peninsula sandstones, South Africa, deposited during Noah’s Flood July 26, 2012
Deposited during Noah’s Flood.

Darwin’s mentors July 25, 2012
Two prominent clergymen unwittingly gave Darwin the long-age time frame he needed to make evolution ‘work’.

‘Feathered’ dinos: no feathers after all! July 24, 2012
Detailed analysis of Sinosauropteryx and decaying animals provides evidence for rapid burial, consistent with a global Flood. Also, claimed protofeathers were really support fibres for a single structure, like a crest.

Darwin, slavery, and abolition July 23, 2012
Did Darwin’s abhorrence of slavery have anything to do with his theory of evolution?

Stephen Hawking: Is there meaning to life? July 22, 2012
Stephen Hawking takes on God as to the meaning of life. God takes on Stephen Hawking.

The Prometheus movie and the ever challenging quest for our origins July 21, 2012
Another sci-fi movie raises questions about our origins and who created us.

Darwin is the universal acid that affects everything July 20, 2012
A review of The Political Gene: How Darwin’s Ideas Changed Politics by Dennis Sewell.

Evidence for Creation now banned from UK religious education classes July 19, 2012
New UK government regulations now prevent some schools teaching the evidence for creation even in Religious Education classes.

Mercury’s crust is magnetized July 18, 2012
More good news for creation science

Mantis shrimp ‘fist’ could inspire new body armour July 17, 2012
Mantis shrimp has incredibly strong ‘punch’, but its club can withstand the impacts thanks to three intricately designed regions. This could inspire strong, lightweight body armour.

Spiderweb stickiness secret July 16, 2012
How spiderweb glue works: multi-functional adhesive—a ‘smart material’.

Genetic entropy and human lifespans July 15, 2012
If the human genome is degrading, shouldn’t lifespans be getting shorter?

Haeckel the hero? July 14, 2012
Far from being a hero, Ernst Haeckel perpetrated a number of frauds.

Two more late Ice Age megafloods discovered July 13, 2012
More megafloods are being discovered as geologists are forced to abandon a strict uniformitarianism.

Bacteria not made of arsenic after all July 12, 2012
Claims of ‘new biology’ and ET life fall flat.

Darwin and the Fuegians July 11, 2012
Darwin used the indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego to illustrate his ideas about human evolution. How could he have been so wrong?

New visitors’ centre opens at Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland July 10, 2012
World-first innovation includes creation explanation

From skepticism to faith in Christ: a Nobel Laureate’s journey July 9, 2012
This ‘stickler for scientific credibility and integrity’ looked into evolution and got angry.

Alien intrusion helps experiencer to make sense of childhood ‘visitations’ July 8, 2012
Finding out the truth about this phenomenon gives comfort to many who have experienced it.

Has the ‘God particle’ been found? July 7, 2012
Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider claim to have found the Higgs boson or ‘God particle’. Is this true, and what does it really mean?

Shared mutations in the human and chimpanzee β-globin pseudogenes is not evidence for a common ancestor July 6, 2012
Not evidence that humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor.

Creation Answer Book raises questions July 5, 2012
Problematic statements about the age of the earth mar a new book about creation.

The struggle for the soul of Adolf Eichmann July 4, 2012
Darwinism inspired Adolf Eichmann’s participation in the Nazi Holocaust, as well as his total rejection of the Gospel.

A new view of Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape Town, South Africa July 3, 2012
Revealing spectacular evidence for Noah’s global Flood

Indonesian mud volcano keeps erupting July 2, 2012
Geological forces inside the earth unleash disaster

The glasses of ‘deep time’ July 1, 2012
The assumption of long ages determine the results because it is assumed before the evidence is considered.

Gay ‘marriage’ and the consistent outcome of Genesis compromise June 30, 2012
A former lecturer at a compromising evangelical institution is at least consistent—his rejection of Noah’s flood is an excuse for rejecting biblical teachings on marriage as well.

The basement rocks of the Brisbane area, Australia: Where do they fit in the creation model? June 29, 2012
Where do they fit in the creation model?

Evangelicals and biblical creation June 28, 2012
Many evangelicals are biblically ‘spot on’—everywhere but Genesis. With the biblical evidence being so clear, what barriers do they face with respect to Genesis?

Darwin’s bulldog—Thomas H. Huxley June 27, 2012
The ‘success’ of Darwin’s theory of evolution in the 19th century was largely due to the work of this man. So who was he and what motivated him?

Incredible Kinesin! June 26, 2012
Science reveals an unimaginable level of technology and design in living things supposed to have evolved by chance billions of years ago!

The Colugo Challenge June 25, 2012
Perfectly fit for its life in the trees, the colugo just doesn’t ‘fit’ into the evolutionary ‘tree of life’

The limits of Neo-Darwinism June 24, 2012
What are mutations and natural selection capable of?

The myth of neutrality June 23, 2012
Rather than promoting neutrality, as some claim, secularism is a dogmatic belief system that is changing society beyond recognition.

What does min mean? June 22, 2012
How closely does the Hebrew word min (‘kind’) match the modern creationist usage of the term ‘baramin’ (‘created kind’)?

Fossilized mating turtles June 21, 2012
According to paleontologist Walter Joyce, ‘there’s really no reason to enter the fossil record while you are mating.’ He’s right—and wrong.

Darwin’s arguments against God June 20, 2012
How Darwin rejected the doctrines of Christianity.

Insect flightlessness June 19, 2012
If insects evolved the ability to fly, then they also evolved the ability not to fly, as well. No, wait, that can’t be right …

Trouble over ET news reporting June 18, 2012
Aliens are indeed a ‘hot’ media topic. But over-hyping the hype can disappoint—requiring even more ‘spin’.

Could Adam and Eve have given rise to all the ‘races’? June 17, 2012
‘Races’, genetics, and the biblical history of the world.

CMI booklet reflects ‘stubbornness and arrogance’ (?) June 16, 2012
An African supporter sent CMI’s 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History to a Christian friend and got a withering response. He asked CMI to comment on the response …

How did they build the Great Pyramid?—an architect’s proposal June 15, 2012
An architect shows how it was feasible, and maybe even how they did it!

Naturalism in the light of reality June 14, 2012
There’s more to reality than naturalism can fathom …

Stalin June 13, 2012
How belief in a creatorless universe helped shape the thinking of one of history’s greatest tyrants—Joseph Stalin.

ET-rex: dinosaurs on other planets? June 12, 2012
An absurd journal paper inadvertently points out some very real problems with evolution.

Mutant (non-ninja) turtle? June 11, 2012
Two-headed turtles are obviously defects, but are they caused by DNA mutation?

Subscriber objects to Creation magazine interview June 10, 2012
How we pick the people we interview for Creation magazine.

The limitations of physical evidence June 9, 2012
Sometimes physical evidence isn’t available for some claims of the Bible—is this a problem?

Darwin’s apemen and the exploitation of deformed humans June 8, 2012
The exploitation of deformed humans for the cause of Darwin’s apemen

Time to think June 7, 2012
Maybe young-earth creationists should sometimes just ‘shut up’? …

Anyone for fundamentalism? June 6, 2012
Those who believe the Bible are often linked with Islamic terrorists through a term that used to have an honourable meaning, but is now viewed as derogatory. What does ‘fundamentalism’ mean nowadays?

Physicists: The universe had a beginning June 5, 2012
Evolutionists can’t escape this problem: How do you get a universe, complete with the laws of physics, out of nothing?

Full-size Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong June 4, 2012
A spectacular full scale Ark, right next to the highway of one of the world’s busiest airports.

‘No death before the Fall’? June 3, 2012
The importance of the distinction of nephesh chayyah life.

Bible contradiction claims June 2, 2012
Skeptics come up with Bible contradiction claims all the time—from the superficially plausible to the supremely preposterous. How do we deal with them? Also, does the Bible say pi = 3, and what does it mean by “God is light”?

The portrayal of creationists by their evolutionist detractors June 1, 2012
Where they are not ignored, creationists are invariably disparaged and misrepresented.

A candid admission May 31, 2012
The real issue behind the creation/evolution battle over origins.

Nietzsche May 30, 2012
The evolutionist who was anti-God and anti-Darwin

The evolutionary parade of ‘missing links’ May 29, 2012
The floats keep changing!

Evidences for a young earth and universe May 28, 2012
‘Billions of years’ is accepted without question but there is lots of evidence that the earth and universe are much, much younger.

Islam, testimony, and the Trinity May 27, 2012
Refuting Islamic criticisms of the Trinity, and the difference between Islamic and Christian conversion testimonies.

Do animals possess morality? May 26, 2012
Do humans only differ in degree from animals?

Carboniferous floating forest 1 May 25, 2012
Part 1: Lessons from history.

NT global Flood May 24, 2012
The New Testament authors do not allow for a local flood.

A remarkable witness to creation—Satan May 23, 2012
Could the devil be a witness to the truth of Genesis creation? Remarkably, yes.

Billions of years? Appraising the dangers May 22, 2012
Hot on the heels of Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality is a book intended for even younger readers, to pre-prime them with evolution’s ‘billions of years’ message.

Rock-solid butter! May 21, 2012
Soft tissue fossilization was thought impossible in Darwin’s day but rocky ‘bog butter’ is one of several modern finds which refute the millions-of-years dogma.

What happened before the big bang? May 20, 2012
Top secular scientists are now challenging the idea that everything began with the big bang.

What do the atheopaths have to hide? May 19, 2012
Skeptics who refuse to reveal their name—do they have something to hide, or something to fear?

4 Vesta, achondritic meteorites and Flood bombardment May 18, 2012
What do 4 Vesta and achondritic meteorites tell us about the origin of impactors from the Flood bombardment?

The mythology surrounding James Hutton and Hadrian’s Wall May 17, 2012
It’s a nice story but it’s not accurate.

Hooray for eugenics May 16, 2012
Last century many religious leaders embraced eugenics, the elimination of the ‘unfit’ from mankind’s breeding pool. Invented by Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, it reached its apex in Nazi Germany.

Time—no friend of evolution May 15, 2012
‘Millions of years’ don’t help—in fact they make it worse.

Creation and Redemption May 14, 2012
Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Seminary, explains why biblical creation is vital.

Can pantheism explain morality? And, the fight-or-flight response and the Fall May 13, 2012
The Bible can explain both.

Anisotropy Synchrony Convention May 12, 2012
What does CMI think about an alternative solution to the distant starlight problem?

A Possible Creationist Perspective on the Tyrolean (Oetztaler) Ice Man May 11, 2012
Since his discovery in 1991, Ötzi the Iceman has been an enigma for evolutionary ideas but no problem for the creationist perspective.

The ‘Hong Kong ark’ fiasco May 10, 2012
Looking behind the marketing hype—a summary of the reasons why it is more certain than ever that the claimed ‘find on Ararat’ is a product of modern-day workmanship.

Zoogenesis—a theory of desperation May 9, 2012
An astonishing ‘alternative’ theory of evolution shows the lengths people will go to in believing anything other than divine creation.

Is God watching? May 8, 2012
The sidelining of Christianity in our evolutionized age leads to a loss of God-consciousness and a rejection of God’s moral law.

Jesus on the age of the earth May 7, 2012
Jesus believed in a young world, but leading theistic evolutionists say He is wrong.

‘Acellular’ first life? May 6, 2012
Did the hypothetical ‘first life’ need to be cellular?

Did CMI use a bad argument against homosexuality? May 5, 2012
If homosexuality was found to have a biological basis, would that make it morally acceptable?

A receding Flood scenario for the origin of the Grand Canyon May 4, 2012
How the receding stage of the Flood explains it.

The theological case against evolution May 3, 2012
Numerous theological problems are created by maintaining an evolutionary account of origins.

Hitler’s ‘master race’ children haunted by their past May 2, 2012
The living remnants of Hitler’s plan to specially breed a race of ‘superbabies’ are a tragic testimony to the effects of Darwinian thinking.

Time is the hero May 1, 2012
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Should we trust the Bible? April 30, 2012
Since CMI is based on the Bible, why should the Bible be trusted? Does our current text represent the original, and is the original accurate?

Does inbreeding always decrease genetic variety? April 29, 2012
Inbreeding effects in post-Flood populations.

Of missing gaps and magic bullets April 28, 2012
Does the Bible teach any sort of a ‘gap’ theory? Is there such a thing as a universal ‘knock down’ argument against evolution?

Anders Breivik—Social Darwinism leads to mass murder April 27, 2012
He believed modern Darwinian eugenics could create a utopia. Enjoy this preview from the current Journal of Creation. Subscribe and be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

A conversation arising April 26, 2012
The visiting CMI–USA (formerly CMI-Au) speaker did not mention radiometric ‘dating’ in his presentation to an Aussie church. So guess what two members of the congregation discussed afterwards …

Archaeologist confirms creation and the Bible April 25, 2012
Interview with archaeologist Dr Clifford Wilson on the historical reliability of the Bible.

An unconvincing Shroud story April 24, 2012
This book presents a fascinating but impossible thesis for the origin and significance of the Shroud of Turin.

Genesis 1:28 replenish or fill April 23, 2012
How come Adam and Eve were told to ‘replenish’ the newly created earth with their descendants if it had never been previously filled?

Creation and evolution: teaching two histories April 22, 2012
It’s about teaching opposing histories of the world, and (where possible) showing how biblical creation is overall the one that best fits reality.

Did fish die before the Fall? April 21, 2012
Were fish a category of nephesh chayyah life that did not suffer death before the Fall?

Post-Flood mutation of the KIT gene and the rise of white coloration patterns April 20, 2012
How did white coloration patterns arise in animals and humans post-Flood?

More ‘monkey business’ in Tennessee? April 19, 2012
From a hot July courtroom in 1925, the battle rages on today in Tennessee.

Mission not impossible! April 18, 2012
Eastern religions might have a superficial appeal to some, and have seemingly absorbed Darwinism readily, but only the Bible has the true answers that all need to hear.

Pistol packing … Shrimp?! April 17, 2012
Technology has just recently enabled us to develop sonic guns but ‘simple’ creatures like pistol shrimp have had them all along.

The great chromosome fiasco April 16, 2012
For years, scientists kept ignoring the evidence of their own eyes because of the pressure to ‘conform’.

Entropy at work: skeptic blunders on thermodynamics April 15, 2012
Skeptic blunders on thermodynamics.

Answering close family April 14, 2012
Biblical creationists are used to the outright rejection and ridicule so common in today’s world, but it can be very hard to deal with when it occurs within marriage.

Evolution Answers Book? April 13, 2012
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released April issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Animal suffering and western sensibility April 12, 2012
Christians who believe in ‘millions of years’ argue that animal suffering and violence in the wild are ‘good’, and are problems only for oversensitive Westerners. The Bible indicates otherwise.

Could Adam have appealed the verdict? April 11, 2012
How does Adam’s conviction and sentence by God for the sin of ‘rebellion’ compare with today’s legal procedures?

Is killing wrong? April 10, 2012
An ‘ethics’ article gives a chilling glimpse at secular ‘morality’

The Resurrection and Genesis April 9, 2012
Jesus’ resurrection was a historical event, and it depends on the historical reality of the events of Genesis 1.

The Resurrection of Jesus April 8, 2012
This vital Christian doctrine has its roots in Genesis history.

Did the witch of Endor call up a ghost? April 7, 2012
If God sent Samuel’s spirit to deliver judgment to Saul, does that make Him guilty of witchcraft?

Inscriptions on the Cross April 6, 2012
Why do all four Gospels contain different versions? Does this indicate error?

Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors April 4, 2012
The ruthless dictator’s dream of a race of ape-human hybrids to use as ‘cannon fodder’—fantasy or plausible history?

The colourful Cassowary April 3, 2012
Created ‘as is’ or retro ratite?

Of Moas and Men April 2, 2012
When scientists set out to analyse the DNA of moa feathers, they were in for a big surprise.

Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide—ABC Mythology April 1, 2012
ABC Mythology

Mudskippers and apemen March 31, 2012
How useful are cladograms and ‘transitional’ creatures as evidence for evolution?

Is there a future for Christian education? March 30, 2012
Religious discrimination is rampant against creationists: the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board’s decision to deny the ICR Graduate School the right to grant accredited advanced degrees is one example.

Tabor’s choice March 29, 2012
A leading Christian educational organisation in Australia again signals its departure from its ‘Scripture-based’ teaching commitment—via widely promoted national seminars.

Raymond Dart and the ‘missing link’ March 28, 2012
Famous for promoting evolution through a fossil ‘ape man’, Raymond Dart wanted to be a medical missionary in his youth. What happened?

At a loss to answer objections? March 27, 2012
Many times we can be at a loss when trying to answer objections when ‘on the front lines’ of evangelism, and CMI exists to equip Christians with those answers.

Living Fossils: the Shovelnose Ray March 26, 2012
A living Shovelnose Ray is almost identical to a ‘dinosaur era’ fossil ray, a living fossil, challenging both evolution and geological time.

Does CMI misrepresent evolution? March 25, 2012
A visitor to our website claims that CMI does not treat arguments for evolution fairly. In reality, it is creationist arguments that are often misrepresented.

Vaccines and abortion? March 24, 2012
A few vaccines use cells from babies that were aborted—is it immoral to receive these vaccinations?

Life’s irreducible structure—Part 2: naturalistic objections March 23, 2012
<div>Naturalistic objections to the design argument from autopoiesis fail by begging the question. </div>

Jewellery stores on the moon March 22, 2012
Raw materials are not enough to make either jewellery stores or life.

Who really is the God of Genesis? March 21, 2012
Does Genesis chapter 1 mention the Trinity?

A riff on Genesis hits a few sour notes March 20, 2012
The Bible’s message is spiritual, but it would be meaningless if it were not also historical.

Enzyme expert exposes evolution’s error March 19, 2012
Jonathan Sarfati interviews Finnish biochemist Matti Leisola.

Ghosts, experience, and the Bible March 18, 2012
The Bible is our ultimate authority, not experience.

‘One long ad hominem’? March 17, 2012
When they can’t fault our arguments, often our critics turn personal.

Identification of a large sparrow-finch monobaramin in perching birds (Aves: Passeriformes) March 16, 2012
Hybrid data suggests a large sparrow-finch baramin that includes over 1,000 modern species!

What part of Genesis should we believe? All of it! March 15, 2012
A conservative columnist slips up on Genesis.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: supporting a young earth! March 14, 2012
Before the promotion of uniformitarian (i.e. long-age) ‘science’ by Lyell, Darwin and others in the 19th century, the concept of billions of years for the age of the earth was unknown to science—and the church.

Is information a ‘false metaphor’ for DNA? March 13, 2012
If information is too simplistic a metaphor for DNA, how does that help evolution?

Radioactive dating methods March 12, 2012
Ways they make conflicting results tell the same story.

Abortion, brain development, and brain death March 11, 2012
Does an embryo become a person only once brain cells begin developing?

Does the Bible promote injustice? March 10, 2012
Slavery, morality, and the positive effect of the Bible on society.

Is the K/T the post-Flood boundary?—part 2: paleoclimates and fossils March 9, 2012
Do the Tertiary fossils and ‘paleoclimates’ provide strong evidence for identifying the post-Foood boundary with the K/T boundary?

Abortion ‘after birth’? Medical ‘ethicists’ promote infanticide March 8, 2012
Evolutionary ‘ethicists’ promote infanticide and deny sanctity of innocent human life.

Does God have body parts? March 7, 2012
Moses describes God’s activities in human terms such as speaking, seeing, hearing, walking, etc. Should we regard these descriptions as being ‘literal’?

‘Keep religion out of science classes’ March 6, 2012
Keep faith and science separate, we’re told. Why, then, do we teach evolution in school science classes?

Sedimentary blankets March 5, 2012
Visual evidence for vast continental flooding

The relentless dragon March 4, 2012
Some Christians have tried to deal with the topic of evolution by simply avoiding it. Has it helped?

Immigration, culture, and Christ March 3, 2012
Did God intend for culture groups to remain separated?

Manganese nodules and the age of the ocean floor March 2, 2012
Manganese nodules are supposed to be millions of years old, but what do actual growth rates show?

Of barons, bones, birds and dinosaurs March 1, 2012
Evidence for a dinosaurian Galapagos, or a snapshot of the Flood?

Missing the mark February 29, 2012
How a missionary family gave rise to the top name in ‘apeman’ research!

The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood February 28, 2012
The Church Fathers were practically unanimous in affirming the historical reality and global extent of the Genesis Flood.

Randy Alcorn interview February 27, 2012
A historical Genesis needed to understand the Gospel, the presence of evil and pain in the world, and the future New Heavens and New Earth.

Animal numbers on the Ark and the amoral nature of atheism February 26, 2012
Was there enough room?

Genesis Verse-by-Verse February 25, 2012
CMI announces Genesis Verse-by-Verse, a new Bible study tool on creation.com that links individual verses in Genesis directly to articles pertaining to that verse.

Using facial angle to prove evolution and the human race hierarchy February 24, 2012
How a pseudo-scientific, racist idea was used to promote evolution, and what led to its demise.

Newest Oldest Living Thing? February 23, 2012
Why this seagrass patch is not as old as they say.

The ten plagues of Egypt February 22, 2012
Are naturalistic explanations of the ten plagues of Egypt valid?

The lies of Free Inquiry—a response February 21, 2012
Prominent atheist magazine attacks the faith of nursing home residents.

Super scented February 20, 2012
When it comes to sniffing out odours, nothing beats a dog’s nose.

Losing ancient technology and the definition of ‘evolution’ February 19, 2012
How quickly was technology lost after the Flood? And, what is the right definition of evolution?

Will humans explore the stars? February 18, 2012
And colonize other planets?

Making sense of how an atheist is made February 17, 2012
A review of The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief by James S. Spiegel.

Genesis 1 and theories of origin February 16, 2012
Dr John Dickson responds to Prof. Zuiddam’s criticism of his attempt to make room for secular origins ‘science’ in Genesis 1 and Prof. Zuiddam replies.

Potatoes and ‘white chimpanzees’ February 15, 2012
The ‘failure’ of natural selection resulted in the death of millions during the Irish potato famine.

Scott Stephenson: a testimony and a funeral February 14, 2012
How a tragedy was used to witness to a community about biblical truth.

Correcting wrong ideas February 13, 2012
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

The mental furniture of ‘deep time’ February 12, 2012
Throwing out the really old furniture.

Skeptic puzzled by ‘Question Evolution’ campaign February 11, 2012
CMI’s point-by-point response to a respectful, thoughtful enquiry by professed atheist and evolutionary neuroscientist.

Flood models and biblical realism February 10, 2012
Much disagreement exists among biblical creationists about how the Flood occurred. How should we proceed?

More space travel problems: g-forces February 9, 2012
A spacecraft travelling at merely a third of the speed of light would take over 13 years to reach the nearest star. But slowing down and turning would generate fatal g-forces.

Meeting the ancestors February 8, 2012
Noah’s father, Lamech, could have talked to Adam!

The Fall and the existence of other religions February 7, 2012
If there is only one true god, then how come the world today has diverse religions?

Herbert Spencer February 6, 2012
Spencer is most (in)famous for applying survival of the fittest to human society—the strongest and fittest should flourish, while the weak and unfit should die!

Is evolution to blame? February 5, 2012
Is evolution really at the heart of race-based atrocities and abortion?

Is ATP synthase found in all life? February 4, 2012
Must naturalism account for the existence of ATP synthase in first life?

A sloppy kind of Christianity February 3, 2012
A review of A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith by ‘emergent church’ leader Brian McLaren

How does DNA language work? February 2, 2012
In different contexts, the same sequence of DNA bases can have vastly different meanings.

Darwinism: it was all in the family February 1, 2012
Darwinism began not with Charles but with his grandfather Erasmus.

The Year the Water Dragon Roared January 31, 2012
The Chinese year that began in January 2012 gives a powerful opportunity to witness.

Young solar system January 30, 2012
Multiple lines of evidence support the Bible’s age of the solar system.

Does the UFO phenomenon marginalize the Christian worldview? January 29, 2012
Christians are often marginalized by UFO/ET adherents because of their spiritual view of the phenomenon. So what’s the best way to reach this group of UFO ‘true believers’?

Paleoenvironments and the Bible January 28, 2012
The role of assumptions and worldview in geological interpretation

Dubious and dangerous exposition January 27, 2012
A review of The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate by John H. Walton

Does CMI ministry to churches reach unbelievers? January 26, 2012
You might be surprised to know who attends church these days.

Jesus teaching the ‘big picture’ from Genesis January 25, 2012
Today’s evolutionized society needs Gospel preaching based on Genesis.

Scrambling scripture January 24, 2012
Prominent UK theistic evolutionist denies doctrine of original sin.

More Mekong ‘hidden animals’ found January 23, 2012
Over 1,000 new species have been discovered in the Mekong River region.

Does Genesis allow any scientific theory of origin? January 22, 2012
The church fathers did not allegorize Genesis, as John Dickson claims, and his approach undermines the Gospel.

Dawkins gloats over boost to evolutionary dogma in schools January 21, 2012
Richard Dawkins and British Humanist Association celebrate censorship of creation teaching in UK schools.

Further expansion of evolutionary fossil time ranges January 20, 2012
More confusion and contradiction in the evolutionary story about the fossils.

Croc-nosed dinosaur bone surprises researchers January 19, 2012
Does the find of a croc-nosed dinosaur better fit the evolutionary story of millions of years or the biblical history of Noah’s Flood?

The Future January 18, 2012
Christians who embrace theistic evolution or progressive creation over billions of years in the past face the problem of heat death of the universe billions of years in the future.

Global Atheist Convention stimulates Christian evangelism January 17, 2012
Stimulates Christian evangelism

Planets around other stars January 16, 2012
Many extrasolar planets have been discovered. But they pose many problems for evolutionary theories of stellar system origin.

How precise is the Bible about the date of creation? January 15, 2012
Can we discern from the Bible the exact year or day for the date of creation?

The ‘giant footprint’ of South Africa January 14, 2012
Firewalking giant or fortuitous weathering?

The Fall and the inspiration for science January 13, 2012
A review of The Fall of Man and the Foundations of Science by Peter Harrison

Is Christianity ‘for whites only’? January 12, 2012
‘Racist Christianity’ is a contradiction in terms

Are there apemen in your ancestry? January 11, 2012
Apemen? There are, in fact, no such creatures.

Steve Jones and Hans Christian Andersen January 10, 2012
What do they have in common?

Are praying mantises kosher? January 9, 2012
Can the Bible count the number of legs on an insect?

Water and death throes January 8, 2012
Why have so many fossil creatures been preserved in the ‘dead dinosaur posture’?

When skeptics ask January 7, 2012
Big bang blowups and the moon age mystery.

Neutrinos—the not-so-neutral particles January 6, 2012
Calling into question the constancy of radiometric decay rates.

Sound bites vs sound science January 5, 2012
If you want to be ready to defend your faith, it pays to be aware of some of these very common sceptical ploys.

Pre-Adamic man: were there human beings on Earth before Adam? January 4, 2012
The Bible in no way supports the theory of pre-Adamites, so why do some Christians accept it?

Is the Bible one book or 66? January 3, 2012
Our answer to this question affects how we interpret the Bible.

Plants and animals around the world January 2, 2012
Why are they found where they are?

Truth decay January 1, 2012
Does the Western Church lack a critical element for revival?