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Halton Arp dies December 31, 2013
Astronomer Halton Arp was no creationist, but his discoveries and publications showing major defects in big bang belief were legendary.

Kamikaze caterpillars December 30, 2013
Caterpillars that sign their own death warrant are a conundrum for evolution by natural selection

Aboriginal cannibalism?—and our One Human Family December 29, 2013
Is it true, and how does this relate to the evolution-inspired belief that Australia’s indigenous people are ‘less evolved’?

Giant compound eyes, half a billion years ago? December 28, 2013
Supposedly half a billion years old, and yet they are fully formed!

Genetic code optimisation 1 December 27, 2013
Could the genetic code be optimized naturalistically?

Basics of biblical biology December 26, 2013
While design is fundamental to biblical biology, there is more to the story …

Celebrating 12 names of Christ December 25, 2013
‘At the name of Jesus … ’ At this Christmastime, take a few moments to reflect on the Name that is above all Names.

Creation in schools hits the headlines December 24, 2013
Humanists trying to block creation in the classroom—aided by Christians?

Permission to believe the Bible December 23, 2013
Pastor liberated by solid scientific evidence supporting biblical history.

Is the Bible reliable as a historical record? December 22, 2013
Is the Bible ‘riddled with historical errors’?

The bacterium that came in from the cold December 21, 2013
They say these bugs are 100 million years old, but are they?

Three early arguments for deep time—part 3: the ‘geognostic pile’ December 20, 2013
Part 3: the ‘geognostic pile’.

The good news without the bad news is no news at all! December 19, 2013
Does it make sense without the bad news of the Fall?

The rabbit doesn’t live there anymore! December 18, 2013
To catch a rabbit today, you first have to know where the rabbit now ‘is at’.

Plumbing and Paradigms December 17, 2013
Everyone, including scientists accept un-provable assumptions. Do we accept the Bible’s, or man’s?

Huxley, morality and the Bible December 16, 2013
Huxley hated God, but wanted his own children to be taught the bible.

How to deal with experiencers December 15, 2013
Gary Bates gives some strategies for talking with people who believe that they have seen or been abducted by extraterrestrials.

Index fossils—really? December 14, 2013
Reliable indicators of age in the rocks?

Creation economics December 13, 2013
The economics of reality.

Don’t hold the line—advance it! December 12, 2013
We have to be active in retaking ground that has been ceded to naturalism.

Australia’s amazing kangaroos and the birth of their young December 11, 2013
Kangaroos—created or evolved? The complexity, variety and beauty of God’s creatures serve to glorify the Creator and show His power.

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero: Alfred Russel Wallace December 10, 2013
The BBC’s program on Alfred Russel Wallace is as notable for what it leaves out about him, as for what it puts in.

Faith not facts? December 9, 2013
A faith devoid of facts is dead.

Muhammad was wrong … what about Moses? December 8, 2013
How do we decide which revelation is genuine and which isn’t?

Mercury: more marks of youth December 7, 2013
Creationist predictions confirmed, evolutionist predictions confounded by Messenger spacecraft orbiting Mercury.

No keeper’s brother December 6, 2013
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Season for giving December 5, 2013
Atheists are giving to promote the spread of their worldview—are we?

Alfred Russel Wallace—‘co-inventor’ of Darwinism December 4, 2013
It occurred to Alfred Russel Wallace during a fever fit in Ternate that fit animals survive better than the unfit; what could this possibly mean?

Adam and Eve December 3, 2013
What does the Bible tell us about our earliest ancestors?

Double-decade dinosaur disquiet December 2, 2013
A sneak preview from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. For twenty years now, dino bones have progressively divulged their contents to researchers who did not expect to find the likes of DNA and radiocarbon ‘millions of years’ after dinosaur extinction.

Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender—can you choose? December 1, 2013
A correspondent accuses CMI of making ‘attacks on Transgendered individuals’.

Terry Hamblin November 30, 2013
Professor Terry Hamblin (1943–2012), ground-breaking hematologist and biblical creationist.

Evaluating potential post-Flood boundaries with biostratigraphy—the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary November 29, 2013
What does the stratigraphy of fossils suggest about the placement of the Flood/post-Flood boundary in the rocks?

German imperialism and the African Holocaust November 28, 2013
The Nazi Holocaust was not an anomaly—it was the last in a long line of racial genocides fuelled by Darwin’s ideas.

Why a butterfly flutters by November 27, 2013
Some might think that the butterfly, with its jerky fluttering flight, is a ‘primitive’ and inefficient flyer. Actually, their complicated wing movements generate more lift than simple flapping would do.

Origin of life November 26, 2013
The origin of life remains a vexed problem for those who would like to be rid of God the Creator.

Granite formation was catastrophic November 25, 2013
In spite of what the tourist sign says.

God's days November 24, 2013
Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers a query on the length of God’s days.

Dr Brandon van der Ventel Interview November 23, 2013
Dr Jonathan Sarfati interviews Dr Brandon van der Ventel.

Soft secularism is no solution November 22, 2013
A review of Worlds Before Adam by Martin J.S. Rudwick.

In the beginning God created—or was it a quantum fluctuation? November 21, 2013
God’s creation of the universe is vital, so atheists attack it furiously. But their attacks equivocate about the word ‘nothing’. Space with the ability to quantum-fluctuate is not ‘nothing’.

Beetles … nature’s workaholics November 20, 2013
You can find beetles in almost any habitat occupied by other insects, munching on anything from snails to dung!

Clarifying the magmatic model for the origin of salt deposits November 19, 2013
Answering criticisms.

Do you believe God November 18, 2013
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Think about the rest of the Bible when ‘reinterpreting’ Genesis 1.

How did the Creation change after the Fall? November 17, 2013
An enquirer asks what mechanisms were at work so as to change the perfect world God originally created into the violent, disease infested world we now live in.

The Natural Bridge has two sides November 16, 2013
There are two sides to it.

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 6: extraction from random sequences November 15, 2013
Have experiments shown that a high proportion of random polypeptides naturally form native-like folds?

Salad bar Christianity! November 14, 2013
Creation is a vital foundation to the doctrine of the Gospel.

Salamanders are ‘living fossils’! November 13, 2013
How can something long known to be living, be dubbed a ‘living fossil’?

It’s time for evolutionist geologists to face the evidence November 12, 2013
A critique of David Montgomery’s GSA-Today attack on creationist geology.

A thorny issue November 11, 2013
What should Christians do with fossil thorns dated as being millions of years old?

Loaded terms November 10, 2013
Using words that speak the evolutionist’s language.

Autumn Leaves don’t Fall (by accident) November 9, 2013
A ‘cascade’ of carefully coordinated chemical processes lies behind Autumn’s glorious leafy cascade.

Misunderstanding creation November 8, 2013
A review of Holman QuickSource™ Guide to Understanding Creation by Mark Whorton and Hill Roberts.

Do I have to believe in a historical Genesis to be saved? November 7, 2013
It all depends on what the gospel is.

Sea lilies and starfish—splendours of the sea November 6, 2013
Did you know that a starfish is not a fish, and a sea lily is not a plant?

To find the maker of the motor … November 5, 2013
How Ayn Rand and ATP synthase both point to the Creator of life.

The early church believed Genesis as written November 4, 2013
Dr Benno Zuiddam, Patristics and Classical Greek scholar, punctures common misconceptions about the early Church and Genesis.

Red Sea Parting, Jonah, and miracles in general November 3, 2013
How should we think about biblical miracles, both specifically and generally?

Spider silk strong smart November 2, 2013
Why are spider webs so strong? Because silk can respond differently to different stresses, and sacrifice a few threads to preserve the whole web.

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 5: experimental extraction from random sequences November 1, 2013
Have experiments shown that a high proportion of random polypeptides naturally form native-like folds?

Killing Jesus: a review October 31, 2013
A new novel about the death of Jesus.

‘Are you a biblical creationist?’ October 30, 2013
Here are nine simple questions to ask your future possible pastor, youth group leader or Bible College principal to find out their view of Genesis.

New Dmanisi skull threatens to bring the house down October 29, 2013
The human evolution story could be in for a major reshuffle. But how might we make sense of this find in the biblical framework?

Modern birds found with dinosaurs October 28, 2013
Fossils of many modern birds are found with dinosaurs, but almost no museums display them.

‘Missing link’ misconceptions October 27, 2013
What does the term ‘missing link’ mean? Is it helpful? And is a ‘minimum breeding population’ an argument against Genesis?

Our shrinking brains October 26, 2013
Evolutionists who linked human brain size to intelligence have had to change their story.

The tragic toll of toxic teaching October 25, 2013
A review of Saving Darwin by Karl W. Giberson.

Human/animal hybrids: are they possible, and could they be saved? October 24, 2013
Are human/animal hybrids a problem for Christianity, or even a possibility?

Snail trail October 23, 2013
What has one foot, is small, and can go over anything? (Hint: it has a wonderfully slick method of locomotion!)

A Defense of Six-Day Creation October 22, 2013
A former compromising pastor explains why he now believes that a strong stance on Genesis is critical for the church.

The impact of evolution on the missionary evangelization of China October 21, 2013
Few missionary endeavours have caught the imagination of the Christian church in the West, or suffered as many setbacks, as the evangelization of China.

Evolutionary psychology: explaining everything … and nothing October 20, 2013
Explaining everything … and nothing.

Argon from RATE site confirms the earth is young October 19, 2013
A second noble gas testifies to the biblical 6,000 years

Visual evidence for Noah’s Flood October 18, 2013
A review of Flood by Design by Mike Oard.

World Winding Down—a further tool for building up believers October 17, 2013
A further tool for building up believers.

Standing firm (Raymond Jones interview) October 16, 2013
Leading scientist shows how ‘radical’ ideas can lead to the greatest breakthroughs.

The Christian foundations of the rule of law in the West: a legacy of liberty and resistance against tyranny October 15, 2013
The Bible has been historically recognized as the most important book for the development of both the rule of law and democratic institutions in the Western world.

Frozen in stone … in just decades October 14, 2013
Thousands of years? Nope—just decades

George Jamieson / ‘April Ashley’: A ‘model’ life for the ‘gender reassignment’ brigade? October 13, 2013
A correspondent challenges CMI’s recent article on ‘transsexualism’.

Roots and fruits October 12, 2013
Rotten from the roots to the fruits.

Discriminatory state education policy seeks to censor science teaching October 11, 2013
Ambiguous, confusing, scientifically flawed, educationally faulty.

Gay marriage: right or wrong? October 10, 2013
Do you have answers in this critical area?

Male and female He made them October 9, 2013
But doesn’t the Bible say, ‘Male and female He made them … ’?

Genesis and heavenly things October 8, 2013
Jesus was not a fallible man whose statements about Genesis need to be interpreted in the light of ‘modern science’.

Are the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets old? October 7, 2013
We need to put on the biblical glasses and take a close look at the evidence.

The uniformity of natural law October 6, 2013
Playing philosophical games with natural law—when it suits.

Angst over archaeology October 5, 2013
When archaeologists make discoveries endorsing the Bible’s history, the astonishment, angst and even anger from some quarters can be very great indeed.

Elasmosaurus? No, you goose … October 4, 2013
Is a dinosaur depicted in this ancient Egyptian hieroglyph?

Echolocation ‘evolved in the same way’ October 3, 2013
To explain echolocation without a designer, evolutionists now claim ‘200 genes had independently changed in the same way.’ This extensive homoplasy / ‘convergence’ undermines homology claims in building evolutionary trees.

How did we get so many people in such a short time? October 2, 2013
How could the human population grow to 7 billion from only eight people on the Ark in such a short time?

Reza Aslan’s Zealot, a second-rate rehashing of discredited theories October 1, 2013
Was Jesus a revolutionary political leader?

Woodpecker head-banging wonder September 30, 2013
Engineers wonder at the woodpecker’s resilience to head-banging—and copy it.

Communicating truth with grace September 29, 2013
The best way to communicate truth is with ‘gentleness and respect’.

Designer trunks September 28, 2013
Something that supposedly arose by evolutionary accidents has provided engineers with ‘startling’ design insights.

Countering revisionism—part 2: Ernst Haeckel and his triple-woodcut print September 27, 2013
Despite one historian’s attempt to rehabilitate Haeckel, it turns out his fraud was worse than originally thought.

A tale of two fish September 26, 2013
The ‘Christian fish’ symbolizes the worldview that dominated western culture. Why has it been replaced by a fish with legs?

A giant cause September 25, 2013
The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland: colossal volcanic eruptions during Noah’s Flood.

The Grasshopper Geologist September 24, 2013
Why would a children’s book featuring a curious grasshopper be such a hit?

No evidence for evolution and deep time September 23, 2013
Creatures in different parts of the world show remarkable similarities despite, according to evolution theory, being separated for the same timespan over which humans evolved from ape-like ancestors.

What distinguishes origins and operational science? September 22, 2013
What’s the difference?

Moon madness September 21, 2013
How old is the moon? Here are five uniformitarian ‘measures’, that by any measure, expose the contradictions in the billions of years lunar ‘dating’

Kelp could have produced abundant dropstones during the Flood September 20, 2013
Could they have dropped from kelp during the Flood?

Toothed gears in jumping insects September 19, 2013
Plant hopper nymphs have interlocking toothed gears to synchronize their jumping legs.

Dinosaur fairy tales September 18, 2013
Remove the hype and discover a different story about the dinosaur family tree.

William Lane Craig’s intellectually dishonest attack on biblical creationists September 17, 2013
The teaching that God created everything ‘very good’ sharply contradicts billions-of-years dogma.

Fossil insect ears–deaf to evolution! September 16, 2013
When evolution predictions go wrong …

Unique fish September 15, 2013
How did they get there?

Dinosaur disarray September 14, 2013
Thousands of large bones entombed in sedimentary rock point to huge watery catastrophe

Finch beaks point to a Creator who provides September 13, 2013
Point to a Creator who provides.

An entire universe … wasted on us? September 12, 2013
A case study of evolutionary eisegesis.

Saltwater platypus surprise! September 11, 2013
The platypus is a creature limited to freshwater streams, right? Wrong! On Kangaroo Island, platypuses have been seen ‘riding the waves’ up on to the seashore.

The use of creation in the Old Testament September 10, 2013
Is creation an important Old Testament doctrine outside of Genesis?

What Would You Think? September 9, 2013
Surprising findings from a study on why people chose to become atheists.

Common ground with old-earth creationists? September 8, 2013
How significant is the common rejection of evolution that biblical creationists share with old-earth creationists?

Aerospace Engineer professes creation September 7, 2013
Interview with Dr Dewey Hodges, creationist aerospace engineer

Is Archaeopteryx a feathered dinosaur? September 6, 2013
A feathered dinosaur?

Pseudoscience and the stifling of debate September 5, 2013
‘No questions please!’ The tactics that promoters of climate change and evolution have in common.

Unmasking a long-age icon September 4, 2013
Siccar Point, a Scottish site revered by evolutionary geologists worldwide as the birthplace of their long-age philosophy, actually gives powerful evidence for the Genesis Flood.

How Genesis 13 undermines the ‘gap theory’ September 3, 2013
A new angle on why the Gap Theory holds no water—comparing Genesis 1 with Genesis 13.

Mammoth clones coming to a zoo near you September 2, 2013
An attraction coming to a zoo near you?

Dealing with new challenges to the Bible September 1, 2013
Sometimes we receive challenges we’ve never faced before. How should we deal with them?

Mudskippers–marvels of the mud-flats August 31, 2013
Contrary to the claims of some, mudskippers are not ‘a creationist’s worst nightmare’.

Is plate tectonics occurring today? August 30, 2013
What do GPS measurements and the geophysics of rock motion suggest?

Dignity, ‘rights’ and biblical Creation August 29, 2013
According to the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, it is appropriate to exempt a vegetarian from meat fridge cleaning, but not a Christian magistrate from placing children into the care of same-sex couples.

Holy books August 28, 2013
Are the Hindu Vedas, the Qur’an of Islam, and the Christian’s Bible all ‘equally valid’—or is one of them more trustworthy than the others?

Yahweh the Creator God of Israel August 27, 2013
How do the Old Testament’s statements about the Creator God relate to our thinking about Jesus?

Lindy chamberlain-creighton interview August 26, 2013
Carl Wieland chats with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton.

Geology, the Sphinx, and the Bible August 25, 2013
Understanding the timing of geological events in the light of Scripture.

DVD makers copy mantis shrimp eye design August 24, 2013
The fine nanorod structure of the mantis shrimp eyes allow it to rotate the polarization across the spectrum. This could help DVD players to process much more information.

Defining arguments away—the distorted language of secularism August 23, 2013
How key terms in the origins debate have been defined to slant the ‘rules of engagement’ between Christianity and secularism against Christianity.

Can you answer: How did we get our Bible? August 22, 2013
Would you be able to give an answer to an often asked question? A new resource can help make it easy for you.

The dating game August 21, 2013
Scientists won’t accept radiometric dates they don’t like, as arguments over Mungo Man show.

How will you respond? August 20, 2013
It’s good to be suitably armed, when you’re in enemy territory.

Natural selection ≠ evolution August 19, 2013
An important equation people should be acquainted with.

‘Awful’ rules in the Bible August 18, 2013
Is the Good Book really good?

Ophel inscription: oldest Hebrew writing corroborates Bible history August 17, 2013
This new archaeological find supports the historicity of Israel’s kings.

Problems with the evolutionary interpretation of limb design August 16, 2013
Similar limb designs develop through very different pathways and point to common design.

Clearly Perceived August 15, 2013
A review of <em>Without Excuse</em> by Werner Gitt, in cooperation with Bob Compton and Jorge Fernandez

Shifting sands August 14, 2013
How do we handle conflicts between geology and the Bible?

God’s justice and ‘the things that are made’ August 13, 2013
Theistic evolution destroys Paul’s defense of the justness of God in Romans 1:19-20.

The Asteroid Vesta—‘old’ yet ‘young’! August 12, 2013
The cratering pattern on the asteroid Vesta presents a ‘dating’ conundrum.

Egyptian chronologies August 11, 2013
Egyptologist Patrick Clarke responds to an enquiry about research into apparent conflicts between the Bible and conventional Egyptian chronologies.

Volcanoes shaped our planet August 10, 2013
Fiery catastrophe greater in the past.

The mountains rose August 9, 2013
A review of: The Origin of Mountains, Edited by Cliff Ollier and Colin Pain, Routlege, London 2000

Did Darwin abandon natural selection August 8, 2013
The claim that Darwin abandoned natural selection in the Sixth Edition of his Origin of Species is examined and refuted.

Rapid rock August 7, 2013
Unexpected application for hard-rock recipe.

Sirius the documentary August 6, 2013
A new UFO movie makes some startling claims about alleged evidence of alien visitations. But people need to look below the surface claims.

The illogic of anti-creationism August 5, 2013
Many of the arguments against creation and Christianity are mutually contradictory. A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Are women made in God’s image? August 4, 2013
Or is the image of God limited to males?

Pig tales August 3, 2013
Is the pig’s love of wallowing in mud a legacy of having evolved in some muddy pond, billions of years ago?

CMB Conundrums August 2, 2013
Unexpected features of the Cosmic Background Radiation are hard to explain in a big bang framework.

What is your authority? August 1, 2013
Popular apologists compromise on creation, so what’s the problem?

Little-known facts about radiometric dating July 31, 2013
Long-age geologists will not accept a radiometric date unless it matches their pre-existing expectations.

Amazed to discover evidence for creation July 30, 2013
Even after decades at church he had never heard of it before.

Caves and age July 29, 2013
How radioactive dating confuses the situation

Are women genetically superior to men? July 28, 2013
And other myths about the genetics and development of the sexes

Do Christians worship the one and only God? July 27, 2013
And what about demon possession vs mental illness?

If evolutionists inspired Scripture July 26, 2013
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released August issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Moon formation theories way off orbit July 25, 2013
The latest astronomical reports bring no joy, only increased bewilderment, to scientists who presume the Earth and its moon are billions of years old.

Coal: memorial to the Flood July 24, 2013
A memorial to Noah’s Flood.

Hadrosaur skin found July 23, 2013
Those who say dinosaurs died out millions of years ago never expected to find the real skin of a hadrosaur, which now might be able to tell us about their colour.

Alligator ancestor antics July 22, 2013
A fossil skull found with dinosaurs is identical to a modern American alligator, but was given a different scientific name, giving the illusion of evolution.

Gender confused children July 21, 2013
There seems to be a rising incidence of boys who behave as girls and vice versa. What is going on?

Mummified trees millions of years old—not July 20, 2013
Scientists find preserved trees and leaves, and say they are millions of years old. They’ve got to be joking.

Why the epidemic of fraud exists in science today July 19, 2013
Why the epidemic of fraud exists in science today

Evolution vs. God July 18, 2013
Can evolutionists answer tough questions about their beliefs?

Tsunami tragedy July 17, 2013
The tragic devastation wreaked by the Boxing Day, 2004 tsunami is a sober reminder of the awesome power of God’s judgment in the Flood of Noah.

Noah did not take fish on the Ark! July 16, 2013
And other misconceptions about Noah’s cargo.

Icon illusion July 15, 2013
Leading paleoanthropologist Bernard Wood admits human evolutionary origins are ‘frustratingly unclear’.

Origin of life: not so hard after all? July 14, 2013
Not so hard after all?

Arguing about authority July 13, 2013
The use and abuse of credentials in argumentation.

Three early arguments for deep time—part 2: volcanism July 12, 2013
Part 2: volcanism

From fables to truth July 11, 2013
Mythological stories and fabulous ideas may be embraced by the masses, especially if they masquerade as the truth, calling for unclouded discernment of the truth from propaganda.

Giants of the deep July 10, 2013
Ancient sailors’ accounts of giant tentacled sea monsters battling whales seem to be now showing up a basis in fact.

The secular ‘ten commandments’? July 9, 2013
Or just 10 vague suggestions that may or may not be good to follow?

Ibn Khaldun: 14th-century Islamic evolutionist July 8, 2013
‘Man came from monkeys’ was proposed by an Islamic evolutionist in the 14th century!

Did God create plants on Day 3 out of nothing? July 7, 2013
Did God create plants on Day 3 out of nothing?

Magnetic fields and the science of biblical creation July 6, 2013
Do magnetic fields decay exponentially?

Theistic evolutionary doublespeak July 5, 2013
A review of The Language of Science and Faith by Karl W. Giberson and Francis S. Collins.

Saturn: not so young after all? July 4, 2013
Not so young after all?

Geology and the young earth July 3, 2013
Answering those ‘Bible-believing’ bibliosceptics

Does God care what I wear? July 2, 2013
What does the Bible teach about clothes and modesty?

Knock out punch July 1, 2013
Why creationists are sometimes too quick to embrace the latest apparent ‘evidence’ for biblical creation.

The biological classification of humans June 30, 2013
Is man an animal? A mammal? A primate? Or something more …

SCOTUS gay marriage rulings: what should we think? June 29, 2013
A defeat for two laws limiting gay marriage—but an opportunity for the Gospel

Is the human genome nearly identical to chimpanzee?—a reassessment of the literature June 28, 2013
A reassessment of the literature.

‘Arrogate’ June 27, 2013
A scandal of our contemporary culture that has been perpetuated for generations but about which most people are oblivious or continue to turn a blind eye.

Eroding ages June 26, 2013
The continents cannot be billions of years old because they would have eroded away long ago; there should be nothing left.

Created or evolved? June 25, 2013
What’s the evidence for creation, in the debate with evolution? Here’s how to make sense of this vital origins question.

Another web of evolutionary deceit June 24, 2013
How do evolutionists know that fossils are millions of years old, when the evidence contradicts that?

Staying the course at university June 23, 2013
And: Did Hitler ban Darwin’s Origin of Species?

The 3 Rs of Evolution June 22, 2013
Evolution’s a cinch, right? Wrong

Thermal isostasy—a new look at its potential to advance diluvial geology June 21, 2013
A new look at its potential to advance Flood geology.

Deep time doesn’t make sense! June 20, 2013
As we look at the foundations of the ‘billions of years’ historical framework, are the foundations rock or sand?

Red-blooded evidence June 19, 2013
Refuting the evolutionary ‘sea-water’ argument.

Eden Zoo June 18, 2013
Evolutionary ideas of biological origins are in a state of flux but tend towards atheism. The essence of true biology should be the worship of the Creator.

The ‘Arabia’: a steamboat buried in a cornfield June 17, 2013
How did a big river steamer end up under the ground?

‘Natural’ or ‘unnatural’ human behaviour? June 16, 2013
Many evolutionists consider much of today’s human behaviour ‘unnatural’. But not when it comes to homosexual ‘marriage’, apparently!

Brain split between atheism and theism June 15, 2013
A neurologist describes a case where two parts of the brain seem to have conflicting beliefs about God’s existence, and mockingly asks which ‘entity’ will go to heaven?

Does biological advantage imply biological origin? June 14, 2013
For any fruitful debate to proceed regarding the plausibility of evolution, the right questions first need to be asked.

Homeschooling parents demand evolutionary textbooks June 13, 2013
BioLogos gives grants to theistic evolutionists to author textbooks.

Fossil flip-flop June 12, 2013
How objective are scientists?

The Lost Path to the Roman Road June 11, 2013
The best thing to use in the fight against a religion is actually another religion.

Mesopotamian Monsters in Paris June 10, 2013
Ancient Mesopotamian artifacts show evidence of ancient knowledge of dinosaurs.

Handling Aggressive Atheists June 9, 2013
How should a Christian respond to a hostile critic?

Eye wiring clarified June 8, 2013
Claims that the eye-brain nerve connections are incredibly improbable fail to see the proper source of wonder: the brain’s incredible ability to learn to see.

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 4: reusing existing secondary sequences June 7, 2013
Are native-like protein folds easy to generate naturally from reused secondary structures?

Wally tow interview June 6, 2013
Internationally-renowned gynaecologist and pastor.

Slow fish in China June 5, 2013
The fossil find in China now confirms that fish appear suddenly in the fossil record along with all the other kinds of animals.

Is Genesis 1 Just Reworked Babylonian Myth June 4, 2013
The larger body of evidence shows why the simplistic claims do not work.

Laser expert points people to the gospel June 3, 2013
Why would a laser physicist leave a fulfilling career? To embark on a mission with eternal impact.

Building the ancient pyramids of Giza June 2, 2013
Could the stones of the Great Pyramid be cast concrete? Could they have been set in place without ramps?

‘Natural law’ in the Creation Week? June 1, 2013
Miracles without ‘violations’ of natural law?

A magmatic model for the origin of large salt formations May 31, 2013
Rock salt formations are often thought to be formed from evaporated seawater.

‘Ape’ slur against Australian indigenous footballer Adam Goodes sparks anti-racism backlash—yet censorship still prevails May 30, 2013
AFL star Adam Goodes said he was ’gutted’ by a 13-year-old girl’s taunt.

Why would a loving God create venomous jellyfish? May 29, 2013
How to answer a common objection from scoffers.

Religion, Science, Philosophy And How Each Interfaces In The Noah Flood Account May 28, 2013
If atheists were to argue their case with a creation-savvy philosopher, they would lose!

Colourblind squid camouflage inspires navy research May 27, 2013
How do squid match their surroundings when they are colourblind? The solution has inspired designers of a camouflaging material.

Two perspectives on near-death experiences May 26, 2013
How should we interpret experiences of people who claim to have seen the afterlife?

Spacetime and the Trinity May 25, 2013
Is Jesus intrinsically bound in spacetime?

The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 3: designed secondary structures May 24, 2013
Are native-like protein folds easy to generate naturally?

Big-eye brain-less Neandertal nonsense May 23, 2013
Bigger eyes in Neandertals didn’t mean they had less brain.

Hundreds of jellyfish fossils! May 22, 2013
In chapter 10 of his Origin of Species, Charles Darwin made a prediction: “No organism wholly soft can be preserved.” He’s been proven wrong—big time.

Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild May 21, 2013
David Attenborough attempts to prove evolution via Miller’s experiment and wildlife he has photographed, but the facts support creation not evolution.

Created to be inhabited May 20, 2013
An amazing number of special conditions have come together on Earth making it incredibily suitable for life.

Evolution of multicellular yeast observed in the lab? May 19, 2013
Does this prove molecules-to-man evolution?

Abortion: an indispensable right or violence against women? [sex selection, aborting girls] May 18, 2013
Sex-selection abortion has resulted in killing girl babies, leading to a surplus of men. This is a dilemma for today’s abortion-on-demand feminists, who betray the pro-life stance of the feminist founders.

Selection for a behavior, and the phenotypic traits that follow May 17, 2013
Selection for a behavior, and the phenotypic traits that follow.

Claimed ‘oldest-ever’ amber fossil—millions-of-years mighty mites? May 16, 2013
Claims about the ‘oldest-ever amber fossil’ yet found just don’t stack up.

Aim, spit and catch May 15, 2013
The archer fish’s ability to snare its prey is no hit-or-miss affair.

Biblical Creation—Truly, a Theory of Everything (ToE) May 14, 2013
Bible-believers have the best framework to explain the world.

Winning against suppression May 13, 2013
There are powerful forces at work in the world to ‘suppress the truth’ about our origins—especially in schools. But the Christian message is not easily suppressed.

Talking and mythological animals in the Old Testament May 12, 2013
CMI answers a range of questions about animals in the Old Testament.

Flaw in creationist solution to the Pioneer anomaly? May 11, 2013
Is the Pioneer anomaly solved by excess heat radiated forward of the spacecrafts?

The totalitarian intolerance of the New Atheists May 10, 2013
The brother of an ardent anti-creationist highlights the devastating effects of atheism.

Is the unborn child a person? May 9, 2013
Even most atheist obstetricians refuse to perform abortions—why?

Gladiator—an 'extinct' insect is found alive May 8, 2013
‘How often do you get to investigate a fossil that has come to life?’ asks one scientist. Good question.

Principalities and powers May 7, 2013
Is creation ministry a particular focus of Satan’s attention?

The flat earth myth May 6, 2013
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics. You can subscribe here.

Universal negatives and excluded middles May 5, 2013
The logic of biblical creation.

Parable two computer programs May 4, 2013
Scientific enquiry and discovery is a wonderful thing, but can it really answer life’s big why? questions?

Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets in south-central Asia May 3, 2013
Retreating Stage formation of gravel sheets.

Sleeping with the enemy May 2, 2013
Will teaching our children that the Bible means what it plainly says cause them to fall away from the faith? Some Christians say ‘yes!’

Monkey madness May 1, 2013
It wasn’t exactly a Shakespearean response that researchers got when they put a keyboard and computer screen in the local zoo’s monkey enclosure!

Sensational seeds April 30, 2013
A farmer plants a seed. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how …

And then there was life April 29, 2013
Information that was conceived by God before He created life.

Karst mountains, Guangxi, China, and Noah’s Flood April 28, 2013
How do we investigate specific geological features from a biblical Flood perspective?

Why is there only one God? April 27, 2013
Could there have been multiple deities?

Does observational evidence indicate the universe is expanding?—part 2: the case against expansion April 26, 2013
Creation in-depth: The case against expansion.

Questioning ‘How to debate a creationist’ by Michael Shermer April 25, 2013
A skeptic gives advice about how to debate creationists, but he unwittingly shows the religious nature of his position.

How does a ‘box’ swim? April 24, 2013
Perhaps you might expect a boxfish to “swim as well as a barn would fly.” In fact, navy engineers are learning important lessons from them.

Making atheists loud and Christians dumb April 23, 2013
A brilliant way to muzzle Christians: Get them to believe in long ages.

Dawkins’ dilemma: how God forgives sin April 22, 2013
God cannot ‘just forgive’ our sins, as Dawkins suggests. If He did, sin would no longer be sin, and God would no longer be God!

Dealing with doubt April 21, 2013
There are good ways back to faith if believers sometimes experience doubt in their Christian walk.

Culture vs intelligence April 20, 2013
Which explains why some people groups advanced more quickly than others?

Does observational evidence indicate the universe is expanding?—part 1: the case for time dilation April 19, 2013
Creation in-depth: The case for time dilation

Galapagos evolution April 18, 2013
Sir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin were both mistaken in their evaluation of the animals of the Galápagos as evidence for evolution.

The Religious Nature of Evolution Theory and its Attack on Christianity April 17, 2013
The best thing to use in the fight against a religion is actually another religion.

Was God’s finished creation perfect? April 16, 2013
The Genesis 1:31 teaching that God created everything “very good” sharply contradicts billions-of-years dogma, so compromisers try to explain this away.

Twice as wrong—and more April 15, 2013
The evolutionary timeline is constantly being revised. The latest revision is a doozy—by half a billion years!

Flood geology vs secular catastrophism April 14, 2013
Creationist earth scientist Shaun Doyle discusses some of the differences.

Distant starlight and the days of Genesis 1 April 13, 2013
How should we approach the distant starlight travel time issue? How do we argue against day-age theory?

‘Flat gaps’ in sedimentary rock layers challenge long geologic ages April 12, 2013
A conundrum for ‘deep time’.

UK under water in Journal of Creation 27(1) April 11, 2013
Latest geological research.

Galápagos with David Attenborough: Adaptation April 9, 2013
Attenborough presents the Galápagos islands and their animals as evidence for millions of years, but it is all much better understood as evidence for the biblical account of history.

Creation, Islam, evangelism, and academic integrity April 8, 2013
Lita Sanders interviews Dr Emir Caner of Truett–McConnell College.

Analysis of Walt Brown’s Flood model April 7, 2013
Analysis and critique.

Wonders of Life—Part 2: ‘Endless forms most beautiful’ April 6, 2013
Professor Brian Cox believes that Darwin’s theory can explain the diversity of life.

Modern science in creationist thinking April 5, 2013
As biblical creationists, can we know what God did when he created this vast universe?

Galápagos with David Attenborough: Origin April 4, 2013
David Attenborough’s millions of years for the formation of the Galápagos islands is falsified by the recently formed Surtsey Island.

Fibre optics in eye demolish atheistic ‘bad design’ argument April 3, 2013
Is our eye harmed by ‘backward wiring’? No! Not only is it necessary, but eyes have a fibre optic plate to guide light through the nerve net to receptors.

Appendix shrieks ‘Creation’ (at least 18 times!) April 2, 2013
Remember when the appendix was held up as evidence for evolution—a supposed ‘vestigial organ’? How times have changed.

Lessons from locust wings April 1, 2013
Wind tunnel videos have revealed some unexpected aerodynamic characteristics of locust wings, which design engineers of small robotic aircraft want to copy.

The importance of the Resurrection of Christ to our salvation March 31, 2013
What is so important about the Resurrection of Jesus, that without it no one can be saved?

Wonders of Life—Part 1: How life first began March 30, 2013
Professor Brian Cox argues that life can create itself.

Did Joseph of Arimathea move the body? March 29, 2013
Responding to another ‘bodysnatcher’ theory of the empty tomb.

A different way of thinking—Thomas Nagel considers the mind March 28, 2013
An evolutionary philosopher gets his peers thinking about why science has failed to explain how the mind works.

Life at the extremes March 27, 2013
You can freeze them, boil them, dry them, starve them and even put them in a vacuum—yet they still bounce back

Genesis 1 day meaning context March 26, 2013
Whether ‘day’ means a long period of time, the hours of daylight, or a 24-hour period, depends on the context. So what is the context of the Genesis ‘days’?

Bible history fall ark March 25, 2013
Much biblical doctrine and morality is based on its historical sequence.

Creation evangelism March 24, 2013
The ‘big picture’ in which the Gospel makes sense.

Personal attacks and accusations but no substance March 23, 2013
A skeptic claims to be able to present thousands of arguments disproving what CMI believes.

The junk DNA myth takes a well-deserved hit March 22, 2013
A review of The Myth of Junk DNA by Jonathan Wells.

We’re all ‘born that way’ March 21, 2013
A Christian discussion of homosexuality points to the Gospel.

Pliable plants March 20, 2013
Tropical bats use living leaves to make roosts for their young—but how can the leaves remain healthy when much of their water supply has been cut off?

Gilding the (sea) lily—Evolutionists’ absurd defense of their long-age story as Mississippian crinoids yield organic March 19, 2013
Evolutionary researchers say beautifully preserved sea lily fossils were buried quickly, and contain distinctive organic molecules found in sea lilies today. But then they overstretch …

Abraham Ulrikab—the ‘zoo exhibit’ who could write March 18, 2013
The ‘zoo exhibit’ who could write

Abortions vs miscarriages March 17, 2013
The crucial difference between abortion and miscarriage.

Could Jesus sin? March 16, 2013
Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers a couple of questions from readers: whether it was possible for Jesus to sin, and whether the design in nature points to a single designer.

The frightful level of thought control in American academia March 15, 2013
A review of Free to Think: Why Scientific Integrity Matters by Dr Caroline Crocker.

Refuting old-earth church publication March 14, 2013
Yet another church publication explains away the biblical teaching to fit in with uniformitarian geology. See answers to salt, chalk, mud deposits, the Ice Age, radiometric dating, carnivory, and more.

Reading between the lines March 13, 2013
If you read evolutionary articles carefully, they often unintentionally ‘give the game away’.

Migration after the Flood March 12, 2013
Observations of biogeography fit the biblical account of Earth history better than the evolutionary story.

A full size ark and it floats! March 11, 2013
An intrepid Dutchman builds his second floating ark; this time it’s humungous!

Does God have a ‘moral obligation’ to His creation? March 10, 2013
And: how precise are the Genesis genealogies?

Virtual debates, real-world doubts March 9, 2013
What should Christians do when ‘the going gets tough’ in online debating?

Countering revisionism—part 1: Ernst Haeckel, fraud is proven March 8, 2013
Attempts have been made recently to rehabilitate Haeckel’s embryos. Such attempts fail miserably.

Critic ignores reality of Genetic Entropy March 7, 2013
Can beneficial mutations outweigh destructive mutations? Creationist geneticist Dr John Sanford rebuts criticisms and accusations from a theistic evolutionist.

With Christ—Dr Duane T. Gish March 6, 2013
Dr Duane T. Gish (1921–2013), biochemist and creationist pioneer.

First life conquest March 5, 2013
Sir David tells the evolutionary story of how life proliferated on Earth, but the evidence he offers comfortably supports creation.

Signs point people the wrong way March 4, 2013
How a small wording to a tourist sign changes the way people look at the landscape.

Defending Faith of Our Fathers March 3, 2013
Dr Chan Kei Thong, author of Faith of our Fathers, answers a critical review.

Has the universe always existed? March 2, 2013
How and where does God fit into the scheme of all things?

The Bible … on the History Channel? March 1, 2013
How did they do fitting the Bible into a 10 hour TV series?

My Journey February 28, 2013
A medical missionary now believes in biblical creation and thinks that it is very important.

Cheating with chance February 27, 2013
Why analogies like the lottery and rare poker hands don’t rebut the miniscule chance of abiogenesis.

First life arrival February 26, 2013
Attenborough tells the evolutionary story of how life started on Earth, but the fossils at the locations shown are problems for evolution rather than proof thereof.

Rapping for the Creator February 25, 2013
Creation rap group shows that a controversial musical genre can glorify the Creator

Jesus: imposter or Israel’s God? February 24, 2013
A Rabbi asks us to stop mentioning Jesus.

Biblical vs evolutionary perspectives on attraction February 23, 2013
Why people do what they do, from evolutionary and biblical viewpoints.

‘Transitional form’ in mammal ear evolution—more cacophony February 22, 2013
Does the Bible provide a better explanation of the ear morphology of this ‘transitional fossil’ than evolution?

A ‘Wicked Bible’ for the 21st century? February 21, 2013
Is a ‘gay’ Bible translation accurate?

'That's nice for you, but it's not for me' February 20, 2013
Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

Does evolution turn people into Christians? February 19, 2013
A charge that CMI causes ‘Christians’ to leave the faith is not substantiated.

NASA shock: ET from Earth February 18, 2013
NASA’s quest for alien life has hit a very terrestrial snag.

The Nature of peer review February 17, 2013
Known creationists blacklisted at major journals.

How helpful is creation evangelism? February 16, 2013
Creation outreach should be an important part of any believer’s ‘apologetics arsenal’.

Extinction of the human male February 15, 2013
Is the Y chromosome ‘crumbling before our very eyes’?

The Creator’s Love February 14, 2013
Why you love your children and why God loves his.

End-times and Early-times February 13, 2013
Is the debate about how we should understand Genesis just like disputes about end-times prophecy (eschatology)?

Creation education in Russia February 12, 2013
While secularists seek to stifle the teaching of creation evidences in western schools, some politicians of the former communist-bloc are more open-minded.

Evolutionists can’t dodge ‘Living Fossils’ February 11, 2013
Things staying the same pose a problem evolution, which is about fantastic changes. See how evolutionists dodge the evidence.

Here there be dragons … but no centaurs February 10, 2013
Is the creationist dragon/dino link similar to ancient belief in centaurs?

Same data, different interpretations? February 9, 2013
Do we interpret data to understand the past, or does the data automatically give us the story?

Vitamin B12 February 8, 2013
Evidence of design.

The pinnacle of Creation February 7, 2013
The Bible and secular science give two very different versions of man’s place in creation.

Pacific salmon February 6, 2013
Pacific salmon are more accurate than guided missiles when it is time to spawn.

What does Genesis interpret the Bible? February 5, 2013
Many Christians struggle to know how the scriptures should be interpreted. This is particularly problematic for many looking at the book of Genesis.

Trial balloons and the age of the earth February 4, 2013
Scientists release their calculated ‘age’ into academic space, never sure if it will float or be shot down like a balloon.

Refuting Noah’s ark critics February 3, 2013
Article ‘How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?’ has recently been subjected to a barrage of atheistic attacks. However, all fail against simple genetics and animal husbandry methods.

Calibrating carbon dating February 2, 2013
Why is calibration necessary for carbon dating?

The origin of the Carboniferous coal measures—part 3: a mathematical test of lycopod root structure February 1, 2013
Part 3: a mathematical test of lycopod root structure.

Puijila January 31, 2013
A fossil claimed to be ancestral to seals looks just like an otter.

What a fabulous event! January 30, 2013
Over 800 at CMI-Australia’s largest-ever SuperCamp/conference.

Charge the hill January 29, 2013
Vimy Ridge was a pivotal WW1 battle because of the strategic importance of controlling the high ground. Controlling earth’s history is the key to winning the battle of origins.

I seem to know more than my teachers January 28, 2013
Creation magazine educates young readers. A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

6,000 years of biblical history: January 27, 2013
The article ‘How does the Bible teach 6,000 years?’ raised many questions about biblical chronology and authority.

Is the Bible anti-abortion? January 26, 2013
What does the Bible actually have to say about abortion, and what should we expect it to say?

The K/T impact hypothesis and secular neocatastrophism—why is this important to Flood geology? January 25, 2013
What forced secular geologists to abandon Charles Lyell’s gradualism and embrace catastrophe in the rocks?

A road trip with a difference! January 24, 2013
What happens when the BBC take British creationists on an American road-trip, meeting leading evolutionist experts? Read on to find out …

Are look-alikes related? January 23, 2013
What else could explain look-alikes?

Radiocarbon in dinosaur bones January 22, 2013
International conference result censored.

Giraffes–walking tall by design January 21, 2013
Walking tall … by design

Does yom with a number always refer to 24-hour days? January 20, 2013
2 Chronicles 21:19 and the meaning of yôm.

The gospel of the Triune God: our prime concern January 19, 2013
People sometimes think we’re only concerned about creation, but our prime concern is the gospel.

Christ as the last Adam: Paul’s use of the Creation narrative in 1 Corinthians 15 January 18, 2013
Paul’s use of the Creation narrative in 1 Corinthians 15.

Atheism, evolutionism and families January 17, 2013
Are atheists really gentle homebodies in the ‘quiet middle’? Or are they actually rabid provocateurs at the noisy extreme?

Ligers and wholphins? What next? January 16, 2013

Germ with seven motors in one! January 15, 2013
Marine bacterium has seven motors bundled into one, with interlocking fibrils acting as gears. This germ can swim 10 times faster than most.

The Sydney Pygmy Pipehorse January 14, 2013
There’s a lesson from this magnificently-camouflaged little critter, for those who can see it.

How do we know God created nature? January 13, 2013
If we accept evolution, and thus reject the accuracy of the Bible, what basis do we have left for even saying that He created?

Answering 10 big questions in detail January 12, 2013
Answering questions on biblical authority, death from sin, dinosaur age, and much more.

Who is being divisive about creation? January 11, 2013
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Tools of Satan? January 10, 2013
Are Young Earth Creationists tools of Satan who cause young people to leave the church?

Where are all the people? January 9, 2013
How could the human population have grown to seven billion from the eight survivors of Noah’s Flood only 4,500 years ago?

Firefly lanterns inspire LED lenses January 8, 2013
Firefly lenses have fine structure allowing optimal light transmission. LED lenses inspired by that structure similarly allow more light transmission.

Dear deer—when white ‘mutants’ have a selective advantage January 7, 2013
These ‘Ghosts of the Forest’ defy the odds against their survival. Or do they?

The Bible vs slavery January 6, 2013
Many biblioskeptics attack the Bible for teaching racism and slavery, but it was actually biblical teaching that abolished these evils.

Is ‘mitochondrial Eve’ consistent with the biblical Eve? January 5, 2013
The creation model doesn’t need tweaking to fit with the evidence.

Taxonomic manipulations likely common January 4, 2013
Evolutionary fossil charts which show ‘change’ in species and are sometimes used to date sedimentary rocks don’t survive close scrutiny.

Why do so many people commit suicide? January 3, 2013
As evolutionary teaching has increased, so too has the number of people killing themselves.

What’s in an Egg? January 2, 2013
Unscrambling the mysteries of the ‘eggstraordinary’ egg—testament to a Creator.

Using your talent January 1, 2013
Moving into the New Year, here is a challenge: ‘What on earth are you doing, for heaven’s sake?’