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Creation—the ‘dealbreaker’ for today’s generation December 31, 2015
Christian researcher notes that creation is an important issue for youth in the church—and even sometimes determines whether they stay or leave.

Superbugs not super after all December 30, 2015
‘Superbugs’ are seen by some as evidence of evolution in action but the truth is rather different.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to perform weddings December 29, 2015
A cynical organisation set up to mock creationists is now deemed a religious body that can conduct marriage ceremonies.

Creationist contributions to science December 28, 2015
Biblical creationists founded modern science and continue to contribute substantially, contrary to hype from those with an anti-God agenda.

Does the soul violate physics? December 26, 2015
How can our souls influence the physical realm without violating the conservation of energy?

Christmas Why December 25, 2015
Why do we celebrate Christmas? And why on December 25th?

Was the Bethlehem Star a Comet? December 24, 2015
This new book examines a possibility for the identity of the Bethlehem star.

A new weed species—does it prove Creation wrong? December 23, 2015
Rather than ‘evolution in action’, claims of a new weed species show that the Designer created complexity that allows for speciation.

The Bible: the only basis for objective morality December 22, 2015
Children in school are having difficulty separating statements of morality from opinions. Should we be surprised?

Model message spreads all over the world December 21, 2015
After thousands of years, people can’t stop asking questions about Noah’s Ark.

Why believe God took as long as six days to create? December 19, 2015
Why did the church reject the view that God created everything in an instant?

The heavens declare a different story! December 18, 2015
The distribution of the galaxies appears anything but random and stands in stark contrast to the model promoted by big bang cosmologists.

Dawkins: ‘You don’t get your moral compass from religion’ December 17, 2015
Who’s to judge what’s right and what’s wrong? Well, according to professed atheist Richard Dawkins, people—not God—should decide.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s real message December 16, 2015
Darwin’s real message—have you missed it? Some evolutionists really do understand its materialistic implications.

The humanist apostles’ creed—that which ‘a Devil’s Chaplain might write’ December 15, 2015
Richard Dawkins styles himself as the Devil’s Chaplain and expends much energy pushing evolution with religious fervour.

What caused the Ice Age? December 14, 2015
The question of Ice Ages proves more of a problem for secular scientists to answer than it does for creationists.

Why did God make humans and chimps so similar? December 12, 2015
Might it actually be evidence for design?

Evolutionary naturalism: an ancient idea December 11, 2015
Not original to Darwin but the revival of an ancient idea.

Forest of confusion: Mormonism’s worldview December 10, 2015
Joseph Smith, Mormonism’s founder, claimed to believe in the Christian God; but the worldview he promoted is entirely different and incompatible with the Bible!

The horse and the tractor December 9, 2015
If naturalistic evolution is true, then a Creator God is redundant, as the horse and tractor analogy shows.

Have scientists found evidence of a parallel universe? December 8, 2015
Could an anomaly found in the map of the cosmic microwave background be from one universe bumping up against another?

‘Bug Eye’ broadens field of view December 7, 2015
If you want to broaden your field of view, take a look from another perspective.

Genesis: the <em>least</em> relevant book in the Bible? December 5, 2015
How important is Genesis for the Gospel?

Jumping wallaby genes and post-Flood speciation December 4, 2015
Evolutionists once thought that jumping genes were ‘selfish’ DNA, but Australian wallabies show they were jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Evolution makes atheists out of people—Mark 2! December 3, 2015
Karl Giberson’s evolutionary theodicy doesn’t stand up to atheist apostate John W. Loftus, and he abandons intellectual Christianity.

Should Genesis be taken literally December 2, 2015
How would the original readers have understood it?

Is creation irrelevant? December 1, 2015
Popular leaders of ‘evangelical’ Christianity increasingly embrace evolution. How should we respond?

Bees’ guidance strategy for avoiding crash landings November 30, 2015
Designers of flying robotic drones have tried and failed to make autonomous landing systems, despite using lasers, radars, sonars and GPS technology. So how do bees do it so easily?

The Good Dinosaur: A review November 28, 2015
What if dinosaurs and humans lived together? This movie gives an evolutionary view.

Southern Greenland—warm and ice free! November 27, 2015
Ice core discovery supports the creationist model of the post-Flood ice age.

Creationism November 26, 2015
What is ‘creationism’? How is the word used in the creation vs evolution debate?

Genetic engineers unwind species barrier November 25, 2015
Evolutionary claims of a new species of yeast simply fall flat.

Stumped by biblical creation: answering BioLogos November 24, 2015
Jim Stump at BioLogos recently posted an article claiming to resolve 10 ‘common misconceptions’ about evolution which attacks biblical creation. Does it stack up?

The Tamu Massif, the largest volcano on Earth, erupted catastrophically November 23, 2015
The largest volcano on Earth erupted catastrophically

Estrogen in men? November 21, 2015
Does a Y chromosome and estrogen in men make them confused about their sexual identity?

Paris attacks inspire anti-religious sentiment November 20, 2015
A street pianist’s performance shows a lack of understanding in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

The puzzling Homo naledi: a case of variation or pathology in <em>Homo erectus</em> November 19, 2015
Following the discovery of remains that have been named Homo naledi, more questions than answers emerge when the facts are examined.

The curse and the cure November 18, 2015
In the search to rid Australia of cactus plant infestations, the answer was found in a tiny insect.

Richard Dawkins, anti-Christian language and the rise of science November 17, 2015
The fashion among certain atheists of demonizing evo-skeptic Christians fails to advance the science they profess to support, instead undermining the very foundation upon which science was birthed and flourished.

Reproduction: the essential sign of life November 16, 2015
What can a coffee table teach us about the beginning of life?

The God gene November 14, 2015
Is there a ‘God gene’? And would a lack of it excuse a non-believer from investigating the evidence for God and the Gospel?

Identification of species within the cattle monobaramin (kind) November 13, 2015
What species fall into the biblical kind for cattle?

Why the idea of ‘no mind’ is mindless November 12, 2015
A naturalistic view of origins must explain the existence of coded information within living things arising from a ‘no mind’ process, but all of our scientific observations deny that possibility.

Man the reader November 11, 2015
Evolutionists cannot adequately explain why man has the ability to read.

Agnosticism November 10, 2015
What is agnosticism? And how can Christians respond to it?

God will make lions vegetarian again November 9, 2015
Second century Church Fathers believed God would end animal suffering and predation.

Going overboard with Darwinian analogies November 7, 2015
Is a blind struggle for survival behind the success of every trend in our society? See why evolution is a poor parallel for how ideas achieve popularity.

The biblical minimum and maximum age of the earth November 6, 2015
From Archbishop James Ussher to modern times, Christians have tried to establish an approximate age for the earth based on the biblical texts.

Was Gerard Krefft sacked for being an evolutionist? November 5, 2015
A museum has honoured a curator who was fired more than a century ago in controversial circumstances—supposedly because he was an evolutionist.

What was the ancient Jewish view of creation? November 4, 2015
In the centuries before and after the coming of Jesus Christ, how did Jewish theologians understand the creation account in Genesis?

The hardest ones to reach … November 3, 2015
Many Christians are finding it harder than ever to share the Gospel. Why is it that some seem immune to it? And how can we share more effectively?

The New Pluto November 2, 2015
As scientists digest information from Pluto, it’s obvious the planet is young and defies long-age expectations.

Does God repent? October 31, 2015
We answer the questions: Does God repent? Is God sometimes wrong?

The Kiwi October 30, 2015
Evolutionists are divided over whether the kiwi—a unique bird found only in New Zealand—was ever able to fly.

Roadmap Genesis documentary: What is the meaning of Genesis for today? October 29, 2015
A rabbi looks for the meaning of Genesis for today—and misses it.

The clash of science and the authority of the Bible October 28, 2015
The origin of science is firmly founded in the Christian doctrines of creation and revelation, especially the objective reality of creation and the order within it.

Has the New Testament been corrupted? October 27, 2015
The New Testament is the most well-attested ancient work—and we are finding new manuscripts even today!

Exoplanets October 26, 2015
A challenge to biblical cosmology?

Mosaic fossils? October 24, 2015
What do we mean when we call fossils like Tiktaalik and Archaeopteryx ‘mosaic fossils’?

Apparent difficulties with a CMAS cosmic ray–weather/climate link October 23, 2015
Mechanisms proposed for the possible influence of cosmic rays on weather and climate are discussed.

Dwelling with God: From Eden to the New Jerusalem October 22, 2015
Throughout history, God has had special places where He has dwelt with His people.

The 19th Century ferment—Charles Lyell, Thomas Chalmers, Henry Drummond, Philip Henry Gosse October 21, 2015
The devastating effect that ‘new science’ had on men and women of faith in the nineteenth century.

Media bias hides the significance of Alaskan hadrosaur finds October 20, 2015
Why don’t the media admit that Alaskan hadrosaur bones are not turned to stone, as would be expected in millions of years?

Jesus the Creator October 19, 2015
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Biology, purpose, and pantheism October 17, 2015
Does saying that God designed creatures mean that they’re nothing more than mere machines?

Gene duplication, protein evolution, and the origin of shrew venom October 16, 2015
Darwinists hold up gene duplication as evidence for ‘goo-to-you’ evolutionary change but the reality is much different.

David Attenborough: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life October 15, 2015
David Attenborough fails in his attempt to refute the Genesis account of creation with his account of the Darwinian tree of life.

Earth’s unique topography October 14, 2015
Why Mt Everest, the Grand Canyon and multiple other significant geological features mark Earth as a special planet.

Not Finding Noah October 13, 2015
The film Finding Noah turned up no evidence that the Ark is still on Ararat, just as CMI has taught for decades.

Making sense of apeman claims October 12, 2015
How do we explain ‘apeman’ fossils from a biblical perspective?

Can science contradict the Bible? October 10, 2015
Do we claim to have an answer to every objection to biblical creation?

Further evidence of only one large Lake Missoula flood October 9, 2015
The Lake Missoula flood can’t be tamed by spreading it over long periods of time.

Dark energy and the elusive chameleon—more darkness from the dark side October 8, 2015
Along with fudge factors, such as Dark Matter used to explain the big bang, the chameleon particle has been introduced even though there’s no evidence it exists.

Can a cow become a hog? October 7, 2015
The way in which a cow turns sunshine, water and grass into milk defies evolutionary explanations.

<em>Eve</em>: a review October 6, 2015
This best-seller badly misinterprets creation.

Archer fish shoot water jets at prey October 5, 2015
Archer fish exploits two independent hydrodynamic properties to shoot down prey with powerful water jet.

New Testament Gods word October 3, 2015
A critic asserts that no passage in the New Testament purports to be inspired by God. Is that true?

How does andesite lava originate in the earth? October 2, 2015
Questionable assumptions about how volcanic andesite lava is produced suggests caution before accepting uniformitarian interpretations.

‘How do we know that evolution is really happening?’ October 1, 2015
A point-by-point response to the BBC’s recent propaganda piece on The Big Questions: Evolution

Do rabbits chew their cud? September 30, 2015
What does Leviticus really teach about rabbit eating habits? A proper understanding of biblical Hebrew and modern biology refutes an atheopathic attack on Scripture

Bahá’í (Mis-)Behaviour September 29, 2015
Tolerant and peace-loving Bahá’í followers never argue—or so they argue.

The cleverly designed camel September 28, 2015
Camels can tolerate up to 30% loss of bodyweight by dehydration—twice that which would kill most other mammals.

Why did God create Satan? September 26, 2015
If God is all-knowing and all-good, why did He make the devil?

C. Everett Koop—Christian and Darwin doubter September 25, 2015
A United States Surgeon General who was also an esteemed academic often voiced his scientific objections to evolution.

Winning back the culture September 24, 2015
We all have a role to play in evangelism, and CMI can help!

Green islands September 23, 2015
Fossil leaves show that leaf miners have existed along with leaves and questions the long ages attributed to these fossils.

What to make of <em>Homo naledi</em>? September 22, 2015
Homo naledi is another case of selective interpretation of the evidence to ‘prove’ evolution of man from apelike ancestors.

James Hutton: the man who warped time September 21, 2015
How James Hutton introduced deep time, and created the greatest error in geology today.

Believing a ‘literal Genesis’ is ‘flesh-minded’? September 19, 2015
An answer to the serious charge that CMI’s stance on Genesis is contrary to the ‘life in the Spirit’, betraying instead a carnal or ‘fleshly’ mindset.

Evidence for genetic entropy September 18, 2015
How studying the influenza virus gives clues about natural selection.

Eight churches unite to oppose apostasy September 17, 2015
What event in a small town would instigate eight churches to team up and stand for the truth?

Flightless insects on windswept islands September 16, 2015
Despite what evolutionists say, mutations are not evidence for evolution but rather evidence against it.

Cecil the lion: should we care? September 15, 2015
Global outrage over a hunter killing an African lion highlights the contradiction between care and concern for the treatment of animals and blind, pitiless evolution.

Robot engineers want to copy the hummingbird September 14, 2015
Engineers look to copy the hummingbird’s aerodynamic secrets in their designs for miniature flying robots

The phosphate deposits on Nauru, western Pacific Ocean September 12, 2015
Explained by biblical history.

Cosmic Inflation: Did it really happen? September 11, 2015
Progressive creationist Hugh Ross has declared as fact something about the alleged big bang that even evolutionists want to be true but have not claimed.

‘I’m a Christian, but the Bible’s all stories … ’ September 10, 2015
Remarkable coincidences in the wake of creation evangelism!

The Darwin/Trotsky connection September 9, 2015
How could the son of a rich Jewish land-owner became so vehemently prejudiced against his father’s class and against religion?

Momentous ministry tour impacts the Church! September 8, 2015
Creation ministry tour ‘switched many on’ to the foundational importance of Genesis to the Gospel!

Oxford-trained scientist acknowledges the Creator September 7, 2015
Nature’s word processor—with inbuilt spell checker.

Adam’s sin September 5, 2015
Two correspondents ask: why are we punished because of Adam’s sin? How would you respond?

Precambrian rabbits—death knell for evolution? September 4, 2015
Richard Dawkins says a rabbit fossil in the Precambrian would be evidence against evolution, but would that really be the case?

Creation: The better explanation September 3, 2015
Researchers conducting origins research have no choice but to adopt one of two presuppositional positions (creation or evolution) to interpret the facts they are observing. Which is better?

Where are all the human fossils? September 2, 2015
Skeptics ask where are all the human fossils if there were really a global Flood? Are there answers?

Stars just don’t form naturally—‘dark matter’ the ‘god of the gaps’ is needed September 1, 2015
Despite claims that stars formed from primordial clouds of gas, the known laws of physics show that to be impossible.

Noah’s Ark—water and impact resistant? August 31, 2015
Two reality television shows testing the effects of explosives on walls coated with a protective polyurethane product give a clue to how pitch would have protected Noah’s Ark.

Why 6,000 years and not Septuagint chronology? August 29, 2015
Why does CMI support the Masoretic chronology of ~4000 BC creation not the Septuagint’s ~5500 BC?

Human genome decay and origin of life August 28, 2015
Observed mutational decay in the human genome provides clues to the origin of life.

Noah’s Flood August 27, 2015
Evidence for the Genesis Flood and Noah’s Ark is crucial to understanding the world’s history.

The ‘little bears’ that evolutionary theory can’t bear! August 26, 2015
Microscopic ‘water bears’ are a puzzle for evolutionists.

Apollo moon landing hoax and the ‘Face on Mars’ August 25, 2015
Separating fact from fiction helps to recognize what a hoax really is.

Shape-shifting dinosaurs August 24, 2015
Are some dino ‘evolutionary series’ actually just different growth stages of the same type of dinosaur?

Confusion over mining plans and coal deposits August 22, 2015
But Flood geology explains them.

Tetrapods from Fish? August 21, 2015
Does the case for land-walking tetrapods, Tiktaalik and ‘fishapods’ as evidence for evolutionary transitional forms stand up to scrutiny?

Proclaiming Creation in a scientific age August 20, 2015
Contrary to the tired old mantra, ‘science has disproved the Bible’, biblical literate and scientifically informed Christians can (and should) proclaim creation with well-founded confidence.

Designed by the Watchmaker August 19, 2015
Long before Darwin, William Paley outlined the evidence for Divine design in living things, the natural world and the universe.

‘Dark photons’: another cosmic fudge factor August 18, 2015
A darkness clouds the thinking of physicists, from dark matter to dark energy, dark fluid, dark flow, dark radiation and—now—dark photons.

Two fish and pterosaur fossilized together August 17, 2015
An extraordinary fossil leaves a record of death which scientists are struggling to explain.

Provoked by the truth August 15, 2015
When skeptics criticize our ministry, they rarely engage in a reasoned debate but rather make fact-free assertions and resort to ridicule.

Cactus spines, sharper than you may think! August 14, 2015
Incredible plant inspires technology that tackles environmental disasters.

Life on Earth 2.0—Really? August 13, 2015
The discovery of Earth 2.0 has evoked a speculative frenzy about it being habitable but does reality match the rhetoric?

The world of butterflies August 12, 2015
Remarkable evidence of design, in a life-cycle that could not have evolved slowly over time.

Patrick Matthew—the Scot who pre-empted Darwin August 11, 2015
Many people believe that Charles Darwin was the originator of the theory of evolution. In fact, a little-known Scottish laird wrote about natural selection when Darwin was still a creationist.

Pollen problem August 10, 2015
Dinosaur dioramas in museums and children’s books on dinosaurs should now include flowers.

Why Christianity? August 8, 2015
Why are we Christians and not part of another religion? How would you answer?

Did the early Earth’s atmosphere contain oxygen? August 7, 2015
Proponents of an oxygen-less Earth atmosphere are faced with mounting evidence against the idea.

The Birmingham Qur’an: What should Christians think? August 6, 2015
Claimed to be the oldest Qur’an manuscript, but questions remain.

Hands up for creation! August 5, 2015
They’ll help you climb mountains and thread a needle, but do they give evidence of ‘survival of the fittest’.

A four-legged fossil snake August 4, 2015
Fossil experts are delighted, but somewhat bemused, by the discovery of a beautifully preserved snake, complete with four tiny, but definitely functional, legs—opinion is divided!

Christ the Creationist August 3, 2015
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Debunking Freud August 1, 2015
A reader asks for proof that Freud’s assaults on Christianity have been discredited.

If the foundations be destroyed July 31, 2015
America’s courts cite separation of church and state in denying any challenge to the exclusive teaching of evolution in the classroom.

Practical Evangelism: taking the roof off July 30, 2015
A strategy for sharing the Gospel with skeptical friends.

Programmed to stink July 29, 2015
A smelly mushroom shows clear evidence of special creation.

Planned Parenthood selling baby parts July 28, 2015
Why is there outrage that baby parts are being sold, but not as much that babies are being murdered in the first place?

Time to refuel? (Or not!) July 27, 2015
In modern cars, there is often a warning light that comes on when it’s ‘time to refuel’. The human body, too, has a similar thing—except that in some people, it’s broken.

Birds on the Ark July 25, 2015
How many clean and unclean birds were on the Ark, including ravens?

A fallacious philosophical work July 24, 2015
Author Conor Cunningham asserts that biblical creationists are critical, cynical and heretical. But does he back up such serious claims with any evidence?

Free to believe July 23, 2015
‘All are equally free to believe, but some are more equal than others’ fairly describes the humanist agenda—theistic evolution and ID are no bastion against such secularism, only biblical creation.

The amazing sea horse July 22, 2015
The father gives birth and it has no evolutionary links. It may be the world’s most baffling fish!

Fallacy: creationists can’t be scientists! July 21, 2015
Logical fallacies that evolutionists love to use, and how to recognize them.

Divine Design, in more ways than one July 20, 2015
The journey of John Leslie in science, medicine and ministry.

The god-of-the-gaps charge doesn’t stick July 18, 2015
Answering a prominent theistic evolutionist who claims that creationists argue for design based on ignorance.

Overdesign in the human being with a case study of facial expressions July 17, 2015
The human face is a clear example of overdesign that defies evolutionary explanations.

Myth: ‘No real scientist believes in creation July 16, 2015
A new CMI resource helps bust the myth that no real scientist believes in creation.

Can they all be wrong? July 15, 2015
Evolution must be true because most scientists agree it is; but is that really the case?

Alien Intrusion celebrates 10 years July 14, 2015
Alien Intrusion is still answering tough questions about aliens and UFOs 10 years later!

The Lake Missoula flood—clues for the Genesis Flood July 13, 2015
Clues for the Genesis Flood

Did Jesus believe Genesis? July 11, 2015
Does the New Testament give us enough information to say what Jesus thought about Genesis?

The meaning of the Great Unconformity and Sauk Megasequence July 10, 2015
Uniformitarians confronted by the Great Unconformity in the geological record should consider that it was caused by a global catastrophe.

Expanding the Kingdom? July 9, 2015
Why is the Western world becoming less Christian?

The seven-day cycle July 8, 2015
It doesn’t divide into the year and it doesn’t fit into the month! So where does the seven-day week come from?

Jurassic World: A review July 7, 2015
For audiences that want bigger and badder dinosaurs, this movie does not disappoint.

Genesis is history July 6, 2015
The language of Genesis shows that it’s history, and that’s how the rest of the Bible treats it.

Four steps for surviving evolution classes at high school July 4, 2015
How teenagers with little knowledge and experience can hold their own in evolution classes.

Fossilized insects show signs of stasis and rapid burial! July 3, 2015
Fossilized in the act of mating, these insects were clearly rapidly buried.

Who’s in the driver’s seat? July 2, 2015
Some Theistic Evolutionists and Old Earth Creationists have said that the Young Earth position is intellectually inferior and downright embarrassing! What motivates their embarrassment? The Bible!

Creation in Isaiah July 1, 2015
God as Creator described in Isaiah as having absolute power over all of creation.

Here’s the Intel; Stephen Hawking fears robots could wipe us out June 30, 2015
Why is the world’s so-called smartest man so afraid of rapid technological advancements? 

US Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage—now what? June 29, 2015
What should Christians do when what is an abomination to God becomes the law of the land?

Evolution: just a change in allele frequencies? June 27, 2015
Answering a critic who claims that evolution is proven by trivial biological changes.

Worldviews, logic, history, and earth’s age—part 2 June 26, 2015
Deep-time compromise has had a negative effect on the Christian church despite claims to the contrary.

Dinosaur proteins and radiocarbon wreak ‘Jurassic World’ havoc June 25, 2015
Collaborative creation research falsifies the evolutionary dates for the alleged ‘age of dinosaurs’.

Coal beds and Noah’s Flood part 2 June 24, 2015
Multiple coal beds are no surprise to creationists despite evolutionists’ objections.

Humanists say their message is being suppressed June 23, 2015
British humanists claim that they are being left out in public dialogue about the question of existence, so they are campaigning for more exposure.

The remarkable language of DNA June 22, 2015
Rather than supporting a belief in evolution, as Richard Dawkins claims, the DNA code points to a designer.

Radioactive dating problems June 20, 2015
Why the isotopic dates cannot be trusted.

Worldviews, history, and earth’s age—part 1 June 19, 2015
Old-earth creationists should face the reality that their position more aligns them with a worldview that opposes Christianity.

Should I attend a gay wedding? June 18, 2015
Christians should show love to their gay friends by refusing to attend events that celebrate their sinful lifestyle.

Coal beds and Noah’s Flood part 1 June 17, 2015
Evolutionists continue to question whether a global flood could have produced all coal deposits.

Dr Lawrence Krauss says people should doubt evolution! June 16, 2015
An evolutionist encourages students to be skeptical so they can become better learners and puts forward a compelling argument for questioning evolution.

Stars June 15, 2015
Stars have an amazing variety, and pose problems for evolutionary views of their origin.

Objections to the logic of design June 13, 2015
Answering multiple challenges to the idea that design implies a Designer.

Desert varnish grows much faster than geologists admit June 12, 2015
Researchers scramble for another explanation after finding—contrary to expectations—that varnish forms quickly on desert rocks.

The truth … and nothing but the truth June 11, 2015
When one looks at all the facts, the case for evolution and millions of years crumbles.

Who’s inheriting the wind now? June 10, 2015
A bitter harvest from the Darwinian propaganda film about the Scopes trial (1925–2005). Darwinian advocates have failed to predict the bad consequences of teaching evolution as truth

New South Pacific island shows fast-forming geology June 9, 2015
After a volcanic eruption, a new landform emerges from the sea within days.

Up, up and away! June 8, 2015
Biblical creation and a military pilot’s faith and witness

Rational scientists and homosexual dogmatism June 6, 2015
How can we respond to aggressive pro-homosexual dogma? Also, a CMI reader notes an irony about allegedly rational evolutionary scientists.

Bark scorpion toxin loses its bite June 5, 2015
Meet the tiny mouse that is unaffected by a scorpion’s deadly sting.

DNA: the best information storage system June 4, 2015
DNA can store computer information extremely densely. Even preserved in silica glass, it could not survive the evolutionary age of dinosaurs. So dinos with DNA could not be millions of years.

Tigers and pigs … together? June 3, 2015
Extraordinary scenes from Sriracha Zoo in Thailand.

Did God create an ‘open’ universe? June 2, 2015
If theistic evolution is true, is God responsible for the universe?

A is for Aardvark June 1, 2015
The answer (of course) is a resounding ‘No!’. So … how do you get an aardvark?

Order in the fossil record May 30, 2015
How can Noah’s Flood explain it?

More evidence Australopithecus was an extinct ape May 29, 2015
Despite mounting evidence that the bones of a claimed human ancestor are in fact an extinct ape, evolutionists won’t give up on a prized ‘missing link’.

Cheating on origins May 28, 2015
Cheating in marathons provides insight into the competing claims on origins.

Darwin, Spurgeon and the black dog May 27, 2015
How consistent Darwinism eliminates any ultimate meaning in life.

Dinosaur-faced chickens? May 26, 2015
Evolutionary beliefs that birds evolved from dinosaurs is creating muddled thinking about new experiments that modified the shape of bird beaks.

Diamonds: are they really all that old? May 25, 2015
A pristine, unfossilized wooden log has recently been found in ‘ancient’ diamond-bearing rock

Near-death experiences and the authority of Scripture May 23, 2015
How do we evaluate near-death experiences in light of Scripture?

Two possible mechanisms linking cosmic rays to weather and climate May 22, 2015
Computer modelling that has led to dire warnings about climate change is built on questionable understanding of cloud behaviour.

Martin Rudwick’s curious paradigm of ancient history and modern creationism May 21, 2015
His Salon magazine article recognizes how the Bible paved the way for radical change but he still gets his facts wrong.

Sharks and rays May 20, 2015
Did they really have a common ancestor?

Evolutionists on the Bible May 19, 2015
Philosophical naturalism sought to ‘explain away’ the supernatural in the Bible. Unfortunately Christians who accept their uniformitarian deep time, inadvertently also undermine the authority of God’s Word.

The watery formation of Fish River Canyon in arid Namibia May 18, 2015
The watery formation in an arid land of the second largest continental canyon in the world

Will Heaven be boring? May 16, 2015
We answer the questions: Will heaven be boring with no sin? And, how did people start interpreting the Bible to allow for homosexuality?

Helpful in places, confusing in others May 15, 2015
Author fails to make link between the Bible and the rise of science despite praising Church’s role in science.

Martin Rudwick’s shallow assessment: ‘Creationists out of their depth’ May 14, 2015
He thinks creationists are out of their depth.

Tuatara—confined to its kind! May 13, 2015
The tuatara is a small reptile that defies evolutionary explanations.

Rebuilding Noah’s Ark: May 12, 2015
Could Noah’s Ark have been a giant coracle, as claimed by British Museum curator Irving Finkel in his translation of a Babylonian tablet?

How old was Cain when he killed Abel? May 11, 2015
Did Cain have to wait until after Seth was grown up to get a wife?

How should we interpret the numbers in the Bible? May 9, 2015
And: How trustworthy are the writings of Josephus?

More secular confusion about the moon’s former magnetic field May 8, 2015
It’s now non-existent and scientists are puzzled about why it had one in the first place.

What does the Bible <em>really </em>say about homosexuality? May 7, 2015
The Bible's positive teaching about marriage is the strongest condemnation of homosexuality

Newton’s book: A scientific masterpiece May 6, 2015
More than three centuries after it was published, Sir Isaac Newton’s book Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica stands out as a masterpiece.

Brontosaurus is back! May 5, 2015
Brontosaurus, arguably the most famous long-necked long-tailed dinosaur, has long been considered a mistake—but some scientists want to resurrect it!

Chimps natural killers May 4, 2015
As evolutionists ponder the propensity of chimps to kill other chimps, they are not rushing to the conclusion that this explains why humans kill humans.

Answering agnostic arguments May 2, 2015
Could you answer this agnostic’s arguments against Christianity and creation?

Why consensus science is anti-science May 1, 2015
How consensus science, rather than furthering scientific progress, often impedes scientific advancement.

Human tails? April 30, 2015
‘Atavistic tails’ and evolution: are some people born with a throwback to a tailed monkey ancestor?

The world of bats April 29, 2015
Bats are such unique creatures that their existence in the fossil record causes immense problems for evolutionary explanations of their supposed development.

The Machine April 28, 2015
The discovery of a super-complex machine has the world’s best scientific minds scrambling for answers.

Concealed under Carlisle Cathedral’s carpet: dinosaurs! April 27, 2015
Hidden away under a carpet in Carlisle Cathedral is fascinating evidence that dinosaurs roamed northern England in recent centuries.

Dinosaurs, desserts and ‘doggy bags’! April 25, 2015
Creative family uses Creation materials for child’s dinosaur-themed birthday party.

The apparent age of the time dilated universe April 24, 2015
How clusters of stars lacking dust and gas impact the age of the universe.

The Lamb—and Genesis history—in Scripture April 23, 2015
The truth of Christ as the Lamb of God was revealed long before His Incarnation—starting in Genesis.

Fantastic miniature space lander invented April 22, 2015
A complex flying machine has scientists struggling to explain how it could have come into existence.

Epigenetics—an epic challenge to evolution April 21, 2015
Research indicates that many outward characteristics of organisms may be the result of ‘switching on’ of existing genes in response to the environment.

Evangelising from a creation foundation April 20, 2015
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Can you survive without blood? April 18, 2015
A potential solution to the alarming loss of youth from the churches.

In the beginning … they misunderstood April 17, 2015
Two evangelical theologians set out to interpret Genesis 1 in its original context but is their methodology flawed?

Did dinosaurs evolve into birds? April 16, 2015
Birds are clearly distinct creatures from dinosaurs, with unique lung design, fully-formed feathers, and flying machinery. Even under evolutionary dating, undoubted birds are older than their alleged dinosaur ancestors.

Do fish listen to opera? April 15, 2015
A cautionary tale about how the pronouncement of one scientist can be overturned by the observations of another.

Easy meat for the lorikeet April 14, 2015
Why bother with nectar and pollen when there’s meat on the menu?

Sea urchin spines April 13, 2015
Sea urchin spines are made from a crystal that contains impurities that stop cracks propagating. The fine architecture further strengthens the spine.

Christianity 101 April 11, 2015
So often Christians have not received any training on how to defend their faith starting with the book of foundations–Genesis.

Raindrop imprints and the location of the pre-Flood/Flood boundary April 10, 2015
Do raindrop imprints help identify the pre-Flood/Flood boundary?

Does it matter? April 9, 2015
A child’s question about the origin of mankind and AIDS reveals the importance of providing biblical answers.

Why nail biters don’t cry April 8, 2015
The humble fingernail turns out to have intricate design. The middle layer has fibres aligned to prevent tearing down to the nail beds, and the two outer layers make nails as strong as hooves.

Death—and victory April 7, 2015
Only a biblical view of creation gives us the answer to how God could allow death—and what He is going to do about it.

Genesis authenticated in clay April 6, 2015
Ancient clay tablets confirm Genesis to be the true account of human history.

The Resurrection and Genesis April 5, 2015
The Resurrection is a real event that happened in real time. It’s based on history, flows out of the events of Genesis 1–3, and changes everything.

Does the Bible condone torture? April 4, 2015

Genesis and the Cross April 3, 2015
It may seem odd for people to celebrate the humiliating defeat of their leader and hero. But the suffering, shame and death of Jesus Christ are a source of hope to Christians.

Response to Geochronology: Understanding the Uncertainties, a presentation by Dr Justin Payne April 2, 2015
Response to Reasonable Faith lecture shows radiometric dating is not as objective as claimed to be.

Bombardier idea April 1, 2015
The bombardier beetle’s explosive secrets are inspiring engineers to design better aircraft engines.

Why is Dark Matter everywhere in the cosmos? March 31, 2015
Despite no verifiable evidence in support of dark matter, its existence is being presented to the public as established fact.

Steinmann Hebrew professor interview March 30, 2015
Hebrew scholar explains why Genesis 1 teaches solar days and a young earth, and why it matters.

The force of probability arguments March 29, 2015
Essential to understand chemical evolution, and all other processes we take for granted.

Does creation damage Christianity’s credibility? March 28, 2015
Do compromising interpretations of Genesis help apologetics?

Incomplete lineage sorting and other ‘rogue’ data fell the tree of life March 27, 2015
The evolutionary tree of life popularized by Charles Darwin has been shaken to its roots by the molecular genetics revolution.

Defending the Bible? March 26, 2015
Can one defend Scripture while denying essential parts of its message?

The thymus gland and cot deaths March 25, 2015
Wrong evolutionary assumptions about the thymus gland and cot deaths led to the unnecessary demise of many more children.

Margaret Sanger Christianity Today March 24, 2015
While Margaret Sanger was anti-abortion, she was a fanatical racist and eugenicist. Planned Parenthood is practising racist eugenics by locating in minority neighbourhoods and aborting minority babies.

Water in moon March 23, 2015
Planetary scientists are all abuzz with the news of an amazing discovery

‘Creation is faith; evolution is science’? March 22, 2015
It’s often claimed that evolution—not biblical creation—is evidence-based science; the truth is very different.

Evolutionary ‘programming’ and the stumbling block of thousands of years March 21, 2015
Most don’t realize it but from a young age we are programmed into acceptance of the millions of years.

Behemoth and leviathan in the book of Job March 20, 2015
What were they? Dinosaurs? Modern day animals? Symbolic monsters of evil?

<i><em>National Geographic</em> </i>claims creationists are at war with science March 19, 2015
Is science determined by majority vote?

Pioneer of creationism March 18, 2015
Geologist Clifford Burdick challenged evolutionary thinking in many areas including radiometric dating.

Truth, half truths and outright falsehoods! March 17, 2015
When listening to evolutionary, old age rhetoric it is important to separate the facts from the fantasy.

Einsteins heroes March 16, 2015
Einstein had pictures of three famous scientists on his study wall. Who were they, and why does it matter?

Miller–Urey experiment revisited March 15, 2015
New claims about this ‘classic’ origin-of-life experiment, but it remains inadequate—and evidence shows the earth always had an oxidizing atmosphere.

Sound arguments or special pleading? March 14, 2015
How to respond when someone tries to define the rules of the debate on their terms.

Large cratonic basins likely of impact origin March 13, 2015
Geological features that scientists struggle to explain likely of impact origin.

Exploring the God Question 3. Mind and Consciousness, Part 2 (Conversion) March 12, 2015
Experience God the biblical way—through conversion, not near-death experiences.

Unravelling the knotty khipu code March 11, 2015
Who would have ever thought of storing information on segments of threaded strands according to a certain code? The Incas did—and they weren’t the first.

Is apparent age biblical March 10, 2015
Did Adam and Eve have navels, and the first trees have growth rings? Did God create light in transit from stars? What did Philip Gosse really teach?

Rodekohr interview March 9, 2015
Professor Chad Rodekohr sees clear evidence of design in creation. 

What about asexuality? March 8, 2015
A correspondent asks about how we view those who claim an asexual orientation.

Three-parent embryos: What should biblical creationists think? March 7, 2015
3-parent embryos to cure mitochondrial disease: what are the biblical, moral, scientific, and legal issues?

A developing schism in Flood geology March 6, 2015
Can young-earth creationists continue to develop their understanding of Flood geology using two different models?

Follow the leader(s) … March 5, 2015
When our pastors compromise on creation, what should we do?

Created to fly! March 4, 2015
For thousands of years man has gazed in awe at the magnificent soaring ability of birds. Today we’ve even made our own winged machines. But it was the Creator’s idea first!

Linking and feeding March 3, 2015
Reaching more people in the Church is critical to spreading the creation message.

Dr Carl Wieland retires after four decades March 2, 2015
Tribute to ministry founder Dr Carl Wieland on the eve of his retirement, as CMI enters new phase.

‘Oldest snake’ fossils found March 1, 2015
New snake fossils, the ‘oldest yet’, have surprised evolutionary paleontologists, forcing a retelling of the story of snake evolution, Kipling-style.

Exploring the God Question 3. Mind and Consciousness, Part 1 (The Brain) February 28, 2015
God made humans different from the animals because He wanted us to have a personal relationship with Himself.

Explaining robust humans February 27, 2015
Why were some ancient humans, as revealed by the fossils, so heavily built?

An eternal big bang universe February 26, 2015
Not content with everything creating itself from nothing, the latest development in big bang theory even does away with a beginning.

‘Nevertheless, it moves!’: Copernicus, Galileo, and the theory of evolution February 25, 2015
Should today’s Church and Christians generally oppose the theory of evolution? We can learn some good lessons from history.

Brainwashed! February 24, 2015
Life in a world of illusion and deceit.

Dino stampede February 23, 2015
Caused by swimming dinosaurs

Were stars created in creation week? February 22, 2015
The grammar of Genesis 1 shows that stars were made on Day 4 of Creation Week, thus refuting soft gap theories.

Defending young earth is not biblical? February 21, 2015
Is it wrong to deduce from the Bible the concept of the earth being young?

The reinforcement syndrome ubiquitous in the earth sciences February 20, 2015
Why has belief in evolution and long ages become ‘established fact’ in earth sciences, impervious to contrary evidence?

Geology documents dinosaurs fleeing Noah’s Flood February 19, 2015
Graphic geological evidence reveals animals engulfed in rising waters.

Evolution, chance and creation February 18, 2015
Can time and chance really produce something as complex as insulin?

Evolution makes atheists out of people! February 17, 2015
Theistic evolutionists undermine faith at ‘Bible’ Colleges; can your church people defend what they believe?

Giving young people career choices February 16, 2015
How can a young person who loves science follow their dream and stay strong in the Christian faith? We hope you enjoy this editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine.

Evidence <em>for</em> young-earth creationism February 15, 2015
How to build a case for biblical creation

Lithium deposits at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia February 14, 2015
How to understand its formation and the origin of the lithium deposits.

Cambrian explosion and animal biodiversity February 13, 2015
Yet another fail at giving evolutionary answers for the sudden appearance of diverse fossil life forms.

Why the Universe does not revolve around the Earth February 12, 2015
Debunking absolute geocentric theory that ignores the work of many devout scientists and makes a mockery of the idea that we can understand the universe.

R.C. Sproul Jr. blunders on plant death February 11, 2015
R.C. Sproul Jr. misrepresents creationist argument about no death before the fall by raising the canard about plant ‘death’, but plants are not nephesh chayyāh.

How to conduct brain surgery in 45 minutes February 10, 2015
The Bible calls for a renewing of the mind and creation teaching can facilitate this process because it calls people back to the authority of Scripture.

Thinking about chronology February 9, 2015
How do various chronologies fit in the biblical framework?

Did Adam and Eve have to eat before the Fall? February 8, 2015
Answering questions about whether Adam and Eve needed to eat before the Fall and why the Bible mentions gold in the Garden of Eden.

Questions about Mormon theology February 7, 2015
Are Mormons right to claim their understanding of the Genesis account is an acceptable exegesis?

‘Evolutionary creation’—evolution rules supreme February 6, 2015
Yet another influential Christian academic tries to shoehorn evolution into the Bible but gets lost in a maze of contradictions.

New study confirms BICEP2 detection of cosmic inflation wrong February 5, 2015
The much-trumpeted discovery of cosmic inflation has been shown to be wrong.

Ernst Haeckel February 4, 2015
Ernst Haeckel perpetrated multiple frauds to promote evolution including his infamous embryo drawings.

Justin Taylor response February 3, 2015
There are sound biblical reasons to interpret the days of creation as normal-length days.

Do humans and chimps share 99% of DNA? February 2, 2015
It has become dogma that human and chimp DNA is ‘only’ 1% different, but this is very, very wrong.

Are we made in God’s <em>bodily</em> likeness? February 1, 2015
A reader suggests our physical form is like God’s spiritual form. Can Scripture help us decide if that understanding is correct?

Know thy enemy January 31, 2015
Even though CMI’s opponents often raise the same arguments to our questioning of evolution, it’s important to re-address such objections to show we have solid answers.

Fossil range extensions continue January 30, 2015
Archaeological and palaeontological discoveries continue to push back the evolutionary story by millions of years.

Exploring the God Question 2. Life and Evolution, Part 2 (Origin of Life) January 29, 2015
Could a good and loving God have used evolution? No way!

The way we are—psychology and Genesis January 28, 2015
The psychological problems that many people experience can be linked to man’s broken relationship with God as recorded in Genesis.

Maniitsoq crater, Greenland January 27, 2015
When did the impact occur?

Electric eel January 26, 2015
Stunning and stealthy

Is God obscure and arbitrary in what He wants from us January 25, 2015
A skeptic overlooks the fact that God has made Himself known to us in various ways when he claims that He treats humans unfairly.

Countering evolution in the classroom January 24, 2015
Advice to a student about how to respond to evolution and millions of years as taught in her high school biology class.

Post-Flood man continues to become smarter January 23, 2015
Evolutionists continue to be confounded by discoveries that man had complex intelligence at a point in history much earlier than they expected.

The boy who’s proud to be a killer January 22, 2015
Is the troubled teenager who boasted about killing his teacher a product of evolutionary brainwashing?

The ideas of Teilhard De Chardin January 21, 2015
One of the men involved with the Piltdown Man hoax rejected Genesis and spent a lifetime trying to fit evolution into the Bible.

Intelligent Ink? January 20, 2015

Where have all the big fish gone January 19, 2015
If you’re a fisherman who reckons that fish are now smaller, and there are fewer of them around, you’re very likely right.

Should animals be given human rights? January 18, 2015

Physicist’s ‘breakthrough’ on the origin of life: can the thermodynamics of heat dissipation explain chemical evolution? January 17, 2015
Some evolutionists are hailing this as a ‘breakthrough’ in explaining life originating from chemicals by itself, but the reality is quite different.

Leviathan—real or symbolic? January 16, 2015
Is the creature Leviathan spoken of in Job 41, the same as that mentioned in Isaiah 27 and Psalm 74?

Patterns of evidence: Exodus. A review January 15, 2015
Increasingly, secular archaeologists claim there is no evidence of the Hebrew occupation of ancient Egypt. This film begs to differ.

Did Adam understand what death was? January 14, 2015
Is it possible that Adam could not have comprehended death if he had not seen death?

<em>Exploring the God Question: 2, Life and Evolution, Part 1 (Darwinism)</em> January 13, 2015

Scientists wrong January 12, 2015
What does history say?

Haleakala volcano on the Island of Maui, Hawaii January 11, 2015
How can I understand the general evolutionary explanation for the shape and structure of the volcano?

The real Noah’s Ark? January 10, 2015
According to Dr Irving Finkel, a newly translated cuneiform tablet tells the original story of the Ark of Noah.

Are EGGs all they’re cracked up to be?—a closer look at star formation January 9, 2015
A closer look at star formation scrambles earlier ideas about what is hatching in the heavens.

<em>Newsweek </em>attacks belief in Scripture January 8, 2015
Newsweek publishes a biased and uninformed attack on Christianity.

Origin of goodness? January 7, 2015
Individuals who struggle to understand why there is death and suffering in the world wrongly argue for that as proof of the non-existence of God.

Snowmen–Wintery figures point to design! January 6, 2015
The simplest of things can teach us profound lessons. Do snowmen and their creators demonstrate actual, or merely apparent, design?

God left handed January 5, 2015
Gary Bates interviews peptide chemist Ken Funk Ph.D.

Has Philae discovered life on comet 67P? January 4, 2015
But it does not help the origin-of-life problem; it’s still impossible.

Was the Garden of Eden a ‘sanctuary’ from a hostile outside world? January 3, 2015
A ‘sanctuary’ from a hostile outside world?

The Flood—a designed catastrophe? January 2, 2015
Even though secular geologists acknowledge catastrophic events in earth’s history, because they deny a global flood they have a different concept of the records in the rocks.

Atheism needs evolution January 1, 2015
Far from the theory of evolution being derived from facts that speak for themselves, it is actually rooted in the philosophical concept of atheism.