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God’s justice, mercy, and creation December 31, 2016
We answer a question about God’s justice and whether it is loving for God to require belief to be saved.

Why the Miller-Urey research argues against abiogenesis December 30, 2016
Does the Miller–Urey study prove abiogenesis or does it in effect revive the concept of spontaneous generation.

Countering post-Soviet atheism December 29, 2016
How one church confronts its overwhelmingly atheistic nation with the creation message.

The evolution train’s a-comin’ December 28, 2016
Evolution would require new genetic information, but only loss of genetic information is observed

Evolutionists less likely to believe in God December 27, 2016
A Discovery Institute poll shows that people believe evolution makes God’s existence less likely.

The cockroach: nature’s garbage men December 26, 2016
Cockroaches are thought to be disgusting pests, but they play an important role in degrading waste in nature.

Celebrating Christmas? December 25, 2016
Are Christian celebrations pagan, and does it matter? Where does the 25 December date come from, and who celebrated it first?

Responding to theistic evolution December 24, 2016
Theistic evolution denies the doctrine of marriage, union with Christ and the need for a redeemer

Rock arches and the Flood December 23, 2016
The origin of these spectacular landforms is an enigma for long-age geology.

Fallout facts December 22, 2016
The topic of the youth exodus from church is complex. Does the most extensive research ever done confirms that the teaching of evolutionary theory is the main reason it happens?

Does God have body parts? December 21, 2016
Moses describes God’s activities in human terms such as speaking, seeing, hearing, walking, etc. Should we regard these descriptions as being ‘literal’?

Aliens are all around us December 20, 2016
An astrophysicist says extra-terrestrial intelligent life explains why we are here, but is that just pseudoscience?

A walk in the pArk December 19, 2016
The enormous dimensions of Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall—constructed on a similar scale to Noah’s Ark—are a reminder of the immense size of the biblical vessel.

Irreducible complexity and cul-de-sacs December 17, 2016
A skeptical reader is challenged to conduct an experiment for God’s existence.

The non-evolution of apoptosis December 16, 2016
Evolutionists fail to get around the conundrums apoptosis (programmed cell death) produces for their paradigm.

The curious case of the ‘unfossilized’ bones December 15, 2016
At least one scientist is up in arms about the ‘unfossilized’ hadrosaur bones from Alaska!

Geologic catastrophe and the young earth December 14, 2016
Geologist Steve Austin talks about his research career in Flood geology.

Dark matter caused the demise of the dinosaurs? December 13, 2016
A physicist is sure that dark matter sheds light on what happened to some of the world’s biggest extinct animals.

David Coppedge Creation Safari man December 12, 2016
Meet the amazing David Coppedge, the ‘Creation Safari man’ who singlehandedly runs an astounding range of creation outreach activities.

Confident Christianity December 10, 2016
Is it possible to have a strong faith without first becoming an expert in apologetics?

On pterosaurs, and flights of the evolutionary imagination December 9, 2016
Non-existent evolutionary ‘ghost lineages’ have been invoked to try to explain these fascinating flying reptiles.

Evolutionising the young December 8, 2016
To counteract children’s natural tendency to believe in a creator, secularists press for the teaching of evolution at a younger and younger age.

The platypus December 7, 2016
It’s one of Australia’s most curious creatures and-when first discovered-most thought it was a fraud.

A direct test of the flat earth model: flight times December 6, 2016
A direct test of a flat vs. spherical earth is possible using published airline flight data, conclusively showing the earth is not flat.

Polypterus: Teaching a fish to walk? December 5, 2016
Novelty fish are an aquarist’s treat and research into bichirs ‘walking’ is now claimed to support the sea-land evolutionary transition by man’s fishy ancestors.

Mutation accumulation rates are consistent with biblical creation December 3, 2016
Appealing to natural selection is no rescue device for evolutionists. Mutations simply accumulate too fast.

Joseph’s Zaphenath Paaneah—a chronological key December 2, 2016
Despite the fact that many historians reject the very existence of Joseph and the Israelites in Egypt, further research has caught up with details laid out in Genesis.

Sorry, how many feathers did you find? December 1, 2016
Tongtianlong limosus—More feathered-dinosaur story telling that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The fish in the bathtub November 30, 2016
Evolutionists have faith that a fish can evolve from water in a bathtub, given a billion years.

Why did God prevent Adam from eating from the Tree of Life after he had sinned? November 29, 2016
The last enemy to be destroyed is death. So wouldn’t it have been a good thing for Adam to live forever by eating from the Tree of Life?

The second most powerful man in Babylon November 28, 2016
How archaeology vindicated the Bible’s curious claims about King Belshazzar

Should biblical creationists take time to refute atheists? November 26, 2016
Why does CMI give atheists, whose mission is often explicitly antibiblical, the ‘oxygen of publicity’?

Has Mars undergone one or more RATE episodes November 25, 2016
Accelerated radioisotope decay may have caused geologic upheaval on the red planet, similar to what occurred on Earth.

The false gospel of Darwinism November 24, 2016
Evolution is actually a religion—complete with its own origins story and messiah. Are you ready to answer it?

Ready to prey November 23, 2016
A marvel of agility and patience waits poised among the branches of our garden plants …

Little ado about pretty much nothing November 22, 2016
Intervarsity Press strikes again with a lukewarm, unhelpful, and pretty much insidious approach to the intersection of science and faith.

Miracle fruit November 21, 2016
Here’s a fruit that is “good for food” (Genesis 2:9) in a way that might surprise you.

Triceratops soft tissue November 19, 2016
Triceratops soft tissue found and carbon dated

Gilgamesh and the biblical Flood—part 2 November 18, 2016
How does Mesopotamian flood literature compare with the true history of the world revealed in Genesis?

An inconsistent society—An upside down view of Down's syndrome abortion November 17, 2016
The double standards of those who champion abortion are exposed when the rights of the disabled are addressed.

What’s in a name? November 16, 2016
Why did Moses use different names for God in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

Stop the fallout November 15, 2016
If there was something the church could do to keep its young people, wouldn’t you want to know what that was?

The Japanese Sparrowhawk November 14, 2016
The hunter so well designed it perfectly fits into a specific habitat.

Carbon-14 in diamonds: Refuting Talk.Origins November 12, 2016
Carbon-14 in Diamonds is still a problem for evolutionists.

Gilgamesh and the biblical Flood—part 1 November 11, 2016
Separating confusing ancient flood myths from the true history of the world revealed in Genesis.

Dia Michels: the evolutionist who’d rather be a platypus November 10, 2016
A theory divided against itself: a ‘primitive’ creature is ‘superior’!

Copy challenge November 9, 2016
Man looked to the birds, and conquered the skies. Now researchers are looking to imitate a much tinier winged creature …

Christianity stands or falls on the historical accuracy of Genesis November 8, 2016
If the Bible cannot be trusted in what it teaches about history, why should anybody trust it in anything else?

How good is our neighbourhood! November 7, 2016
Humans occupy a unique place in the universe that evolutionists cannot adequately explain.

Is a mutation of PCSK9 beneficial? November 5, 2016
Is a mutation that seemingly reduces risk of cardiovascular disease an example of evolution in action?

How reliable are genomes from ancient DNA? November 4, 2016
When researchers assume fossils with DNA are a certain age, they are faced with the glaring contradiction that basic chemistry means DNA should not be present. 

The Bible is the bedrock of society November 3, 2016
History’s most influential book has been widely abandoned as the world rejects its transformative power and embraces evolution.

Creation among the coconut palms November 2, 2016
A missionary speaks passionately of how Genesis proves crucial in giving hope despite an alarming social decay in Fiji.

How to think (not what to think) November 1, 2016
Understanding the difference between what opposing theories predict helps to discriminate between them and thus avoid useless arguments.

Movie-making an off-the-wall idea October 31, 2016
Was ancient man’s fascination with painting images on cave walls a precursor to cinematography?

Differences between Genesis 1 and 2? Is it OK to eat rare steak? October 29, 2016
Are Genesis 1 and 2 separate creation accounts? And does the Bible forbid eating rare steak?

Do you know the laws of the heavens?—the Bible and the hydrologic cycle October 28, 2016
Long before ‘modern science’ emerged, the Bible accurately described the hydrologic cycle of our planet.

Is human life special? October 27, 2016
Learn how to defend the value of human life from a biblical creation foundation.

The remarkable ruffed grouse October 26, 2016
An extraordinary bird that feigns injury to distract predators so its young can escape, is an example of incredible design and not random chance.

The road to understanding October 25, 2016
How hearing a creation message helped inspire a young man and transform his theology.

The importance of the age of things October 24, 2016
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Doubt your doubts! October 22, 2016
Doubts and doubters deserve the same sort of scrutiny they cause us to give to our faith. 

Analogy and geology—the ‘science’ of Charles Lyell October 21, 2016
A deistic view of the ‘order of nature’ influenced Charles Lyell’s approach to geology, not observational science.

Apologetics in the information age October 20, 2016
Today anyone can become an ‘automatic expert’ in Bible contradictions. How do we respond?

Who created God October 19, 2016
Atheists say that the universe and life began with no adequate cause, contradicting rationality.

The importance of the Old Testament October 18, 2016
Without Jewish writings, there is no basis for explaining events recorded in the New Testament.

Scientific ideas named after creationists October 17, 2016
Despite assertions that creationists don’t contribute to science, the reality is very different.

Did God inscribe the Creation Week in stone? October 15, 2016
Do the different rationales for the Sabbath in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 mean God didn’t inscribe the Creation week rationale of Exodus 20 in stone?

Post-Flood log mats potentially can explain biogeography October 14, 2016
Animals dispersing around the world by either land bridges or rafting is accepted by both creationists and secularists.

Caution—slippery surface October 13, 2016
An astonishingly complex plant helps provide a technical breakthrough and a smooth solution.

Pre-Adamic man: were there human beings on Earth before Adam? October 12, 2016
The Bible in no way supports the theory of pre-Adamites, so why do some Christians accept it?

‘Scoffers will come in the last days’ October 11, 2016
Not only a head-teacher but, ‘horror of horrors’, a biblical creationist newsreader—whatever next? The End Times mockers believe in freedom of speech for all but those pesky evolution doubters.

Is the authority of Scripture only about spiritual things? October 10, 2016
The Bible’s teaching cannot be confined to ‘spiritual’ things.

The rock cycle October 8, 2016
Is it a valid concept

Adam as the protoplast—views from the early church in response to the archetypal view October 7, 2016
The Church Fathers consistently understood and taught that Adam was the first-formed individual and ancestor of all humanity.

The Four Dimensional Human Genome Defies Naturalistic Explanations October 6, 2016
The human genome is the most complex computer operating system in the known universe and defies naturalistic explanations.

Canyon creation October 5, 2016
Fast-forming canyons show that textbook pictures of slow and gradual processes are really just storytelling.

Fallout October 4, 2016
New DVD! Students explain why they left or remained in church.

Evolutionary dilemma October 3, 2016
Discoveries of such things as gene regulatory networks and epigenetics are creating a crisis for evolutionists

Ica stones, Acambaro figurines, and good arguments October 1, 2016
Do these controversial finds provide a good argument against deep time?

Darwin’s corrosive influence on literature and society as a whole September 30, 2016
A confronting look at the impact of God-hating, influential writers.

Biblical creation proves pivotal to evangelism September 29, 2016
Different responses to witnessing to non-believers from a hospital bed; tackling evolution not an option!

Mammoth-riddle of the Ice Age September 28, 2016
These huge creatures are used for evolutionary propaganda, but they can best be explained from a biblical worldview.

Forced abortion and euthanasia? September 27, 2016
‘Bioethicists’ want to force doctors to murder

The Tasmanian Devil September 26, 2016
One of Australia’s iconic animals has a big bite but is not as fearsome as it’s made out to be.

Can evolution produce rational minds? September 24, 2016
A correspondent asks for help defending the argument from reason against critics.

New view of gravity explains cosmic microwave background radiation September 23, 2016
Consider the concept of space as a physical material with a tension and a fourth spatial dimension.

Pastor Andy Stanley says the Bible is too hard to defend September 22, 2016
Evangelical pastor preaches that the Bible isn’t the foundation for the Christian faith

The ‘Stone Age’—a figment of the imagination? September 21, 2016
Claims that there was such a time as the Stone Age are not supported by the evidence.

Mary Anning September 20, 2016
A sickly child who survived a lightning strike made a long-lasting contribution to paleontology.

Dinosaurs in Noah’s vineyard September 19, 2016
In a region north of the mountains of Ararat where secular scholars believe vineyards were first planted, there is a church with carved images of dinosaurs.

Is the Bible a reliable historical record? September 17, 2016
We answer some questions about biblical reliability.

An unbalanced perspective September 16, 2016
The authors set out to present an even-handed overview but fall well short by failing to properly present the biblical creation position.

‘How great Thou art’ and the disconnect of ‘reality’ September 15, 2016
While creation displays the power of God, it also bears witness to His judgment.

Herero genocide September 14, 2016
German settlers, feeding on ideas of evolutionary superiority, perpetrated genocide on the noble Herero people of Namibia.

A flat earth, and other nonsense September 13, 2016
Why the earth is a globe: refuting some mendacious Internet videos

Everard Noack proclaims creation in his garden September 12, 2016
One man uses nature to declare his faith and also shows how Noah’s Flood shaped the world.

Genetics questions answered September 10, 2016
Should creationists expect chimpanzees and humans to be genetically similar? And where did Jesus’ Y chromosome come from?

Comparative anatomy of the eye in the animal kingdom— with dubbed-in evolution September 9, 2016
In setting out to demonstrate the premise of this book, the author actually highlights many problems.

The Ark Van ministry September 8, 2016
Travelling Australia and the world beyond talking about Noah and the Ark.

Dinosaurs and dragons: stamping on the legends September 7, 2016
Dragon stories from all over the world are evidence that dinosaurs have been seen by humans throughout time.

Refuting Absolute Geocentrism September 6, 2016
Responding to criticisms of why the Earth is not the Center of the Universe: Refuting Absolute Geocentrism

Olympic Gold-winning bike design September 5, 2016
The key role played by a biblical creationist in optimizing bike components for a team of world-beating track cyclists.

Could humans have evolved from an ape-like creature through slow and gradual mutations? September 3, 2016
Genetics: Death knell for ape-human evolution?

Open questions on the Origin of Life in 2014 September 2, 2016
For those seeking to explain life’s origins from an evolutionary perspective, the gap between aspirations and evidence remains vast.

What is your child’s authority? September 1, 2016
A series about creationist kids at an evolutionist science camp has lessons for parents.

How could Adam have named all the animals in a single day? August 31, 2016
Creatures need to be called something. So who decided a dog would be called a dog?

Football banana-throwing racism August 30, 2016
What’s the basis for the racist symbolism of hurling bananas at black football players?

Rebuilding Noah’s Ark: August 29, 2016
Could Noah’s Ark have been a giant coracle, as claimed by British Museum curator Irving Finkel in his translation of a Babylonian tablet?

Hypostatic Union: Did Jesus know when he was coming back? August 27, 2016
How can Jesus be God if he does not know what the Father knows?

Warm early Eocene Antarctica August 26, 2016
There was a time when one of the world’s coldest and iciest regions was much warmer.

God’s rest—A problem for theistic evolution August 25, 2016
While the Bible says God finished His work of creation, theistic evolutionists say the world is still under construction.

Did Noah need oxygen above the mountains? August 24, 2016
Air pressure is the clue to answering this question.

Chinese flood at Jishi Gorge is not Noah’s Flood August 23, 2016
Reasons why it is not Noah’s Flood

The cartoonification of Noah’s Ark August 22, 2016
It’s vital to give a clear picture of the size and shape of one of the most important vessel humans ever made.

Respectful disagreement August 20, 2016
Is disagreement of other worldviews disrespectful and what’s love got to do with it?

Is there a Reformed approach to science and Scripture? August 19, 2016
Ambiguity rules when the question of theology and the age of the earth are considered.

A ‘no brainer’ test for measuring the faith of our young ones August 18, 2016
Quiet children might be ‘good’ children. But if they are not asking challenging questions about the faith then they might be borrowing yours!

A full size ark and it floats! August 17, 2016
An intrepid Dutchman builds his second floating ark; this time it’s humungous!

Human/animal hybrids? August 16, 2016
The NIH intends to fund research which creates human/animal hybrids. What should creationists think?

How geckos become unstuck August 15, 2016
Geckos stick to surfaces with tiny hairs that attract by van der Waals forces, and come unstuck by controlling angle of the hairs and springy curved toes.

Refuting Noah’s ark critics August 13, 2016
Article ‘How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?’ has recently been subjected to a barrage of atheistic attacks. However, all fail against simple genetics and animal husbandry methods.

Fossil snakes and the Flood boundary in North America August 12, 2016
In trying to determine the boundary between Flood and post-Flood deposits, help may come from an unexpected and slithery source.

Isaiah 40:22 and the shape of the earth August 11, 2016
The Hebrew word khûg, used in Isaiah 40:22, refers to a spherical earth.

Full-size Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong August 10, 2016
A spectacular full scale Ark, right next to the highway of one of the world’s busiest airports.

Philosophical arguments for God August 9, 2016
Why think God exists? Here are several reasons why.

The secret of Leviathan’s body-armour? August 8, 2016
Engineers want to copy the design principles they’re discovering in nature’s flexible defences.

Answering atheist arguments August 6, 2016
We respond to a list of skeptical arguments against the Bible and Christianity.

Plate tectonics—inconsistencies in the model August 5, 2016
Just like the subject matter under investigation, opinions shift about in regards to plate tectonics.

Were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? August 4, 2016
Skeptics scoff, but these beasts were onboard with Noah and his family.

Light, life and the glory of God August 3, 2016
At least 11 occasions in the Bible of light appearing without the sun show that the sun was not necessary to provide light on Day 1 of Creation Week.

Can dinosaurs falsify evolution? August 2, 2016
Dinosaurs captivate old and young alike, but why do people think they prove evolution?

Causeless capitulation on creation August 1, 2016
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Do the miracles of the Bible have natural explanations? July 30, 2016
We show how naturalism can’t sufficiently explain the miracles.

Denisovans menace evolution—a new chapter in the human origins debate July 29, 2016
When the claims that the Denisovan fossils represent a “new kind” of human are put under scrutiny, a different picture emerges.

Philosophy, ethics and belief in God July 28, 2016
Atheists want school children to be taught ethics and philosophy instead of religious education, but should we trust a human reasoning ability allegedly based on dog-eat-dog evolution?

How did all the animals fit on Noah's Ark? July 27, 2016
How big was the Ark, and what kinds of animals needed to be on board? How were they fed and watered and managed?

Ark objections July 26, 2016
An objection to a scale model of Noah’s Ark reveals the real reason so many people reject the Flood.

Is ‘dark matter’ the unknown god? July 25, 2016
Dark matter is a fudge factor with no experimental support, and new physics explains the observations better

Noah did not take fish on the Ark! July 23, 2016
And other misconceptions about Noah’s cargo.

Marcel-Paul Schützenberger—French Darwin doubter July 22, 2016
A respected French scientist raised a number of mathematical objections to evolution that remain unanswered.

“I came to hear about science, not the Bible!” July 21, 2016
Beliefs about origins should be based on Scripture, not the thinking of men.

The pitch for Noah's Ark July 20, 2016
Answering objections to how Noah was able to make the Ark waterproof.

Neandertal-Human Hybrids July 19, 2016
Neandertals interbreeding with humans proves they are the same kind, but many long-age compromisers deny their humanity, leading to huge theological problems and outright bizarrity.

Ants: the incredible heavy-lifting champions July 18, 2016
Amazing design allows a tiny, fragile creature to lift objects way beyond its size.

Wrong radiometric dates, and why they matter July 16, 2016
Radiometric dating methods often give wrong dates for rocks. Some critics argue that creationists shouldn’t point this out, because the methods should not have been used in the first place.

Explaining nearby objects that are old in time dilation cosmologies July 15, 2016
The thinking behind the existence of old objects close to Earth.

Racial reconciliation: The Gospel is the answer July 14, 2016
With senseless shootings leaving America feeling more divided than ever, how can Christians respond?

Mount Rushmore … evidence of design July 13, 2016
Design in nature could not be more obvious, but it’s a mountain too high to climb for some.

The atheists’ creation story July 12, 2016
The evolutionary worldview is maintained by storytelling and censorship.

The tower of Hanoi July 11, 2016
The task of moving around items constrained by a few rules actually points to the infinite intelligence of the Creator.

Seeing is believing for evolutionists July 9, 2016
An evolutionist challenges creationists to look at what he considers is strong evidence for his position: different modes of birth among otherwise related creatures.

Controversy over the uniformitarian age of Grand Canyon July 8, 2016
Even secular scientists can’t agree on what age to assign one of the world’s most magnificent geological features.

Did Jesus have a wife? July 7, 2016
Is a new Coptic fragment evidence that some early Christians thought Jesus was married?

Old-earth or young-earth belief July 6, 2016
History shows that from the early days of the church, Bible scholars clearly understood the earth was ‘young’.

UFOs are not extraterrestrial! July 5, 2016
Honest secular researchers are finding anomalies with the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature—mirroring the work of pioneer CMI researcher Gary Bates.

A dangerous view July 4, 2016
Your view of the world depends on where you stand.

What is the problem with starlight in transit? July 2, 2016
And do various biblical miracles have the same problem?

The role of inspiration and imagination in design July 1, 2016
An adequate explanation of the concepts of design and inspiration in humans is lacking within an evolutionary framework.

Doing it right June 30, 2016
Thinking of having an outreach event in your community with a CMI speaker for non-believers? Read this article first to learn how plan an effective outreach and avoid disappointment.

Ancient civilizations and modern man June 29, 2016
For evolutionists, our ancestors must be dumb and ‘on the way’ to becoming smarter, but the evidence points rather to them being highly intelligent.

Timescale and theology June 28, 2016
How important are the Bible’s statements about timescale?

‘Christmas Trees’ light up butterflies June 27, 2016
Each tiny scale on a blue morpho’s wing has neat lines of ‘Christmas Trees’, which ‘trip the light fantastic’.

Can you be a gay Christian? June 25, 2016
We tackle a sensitive and controversial question.

The anti-biblical agenda of early uniformitarians and evolutionists June 24, 2016
Exposing the roots of anti-biblical science and how that impacts our society.

What about Aliens, UFOs, evolution and suffering? June 23, 2016
Irrelevant to the Gospel? Today’s regular street evangelists are challenged with serious questions about evolution, suffering, aliens and UFOs.

Culture clash June 22, 2016
When Europeans encountered Aboriginals on the Australian island of Tasmania, they assumed them to be not far removed from animal ancestors because of their ‘lack’ of technology.

Scripture’s self-authentication June 21, 2016
A review of John Piper’s latest book, A Peculiar Glory.

Geomorphology provides evidence for global flood June 20, 2016
Geologists struggle to explain how features such as mountain ranges and plains formed by a slow-and-gradual process and ignore evidences that point to a global flood.

Evidence and evolutionary bias June 18, 2016
Evolutionists promote an ‘evidence-first’ approach, but fail to see that their own philosophical evolutionary bias blinds them to evidence for the God of the Bible.

Solar-powered sea slugs defy evolution and horizontal gene transfer June 17, 2016
The concept that horizontal gene transfer explains shared genes among unrelated taxon is being challenged by a solar-powered sea creature.

How Wilpena Pound, Australia, formed June 16, 2016
How the cataclysm of Noah’s Flood explains it.

Tale behind the Tasmanian tiger June 15, 2016
Australia’s Tasmanian ‘tiger’ is a puzzle for evolutionists so they usually classify it as a separate biological family.

The Sin of Certainty - A book review June 14, 2016
Peter Enns new book ‘The Sin of Certainty’ reveals just how much biblical authority (all of it!) he has given up by incorporating typical atheistic anti-biblical arguments into his worldview.

Exposing the deception June 13, 2016
Fed up with how evolution is promoted as fact, one scientist self-published a book which challenges the worldly view of origins.

Process theism and biblical creation June 11, 2016
Is process theology compatible with the Bible?

Another non-creationist critique of scientific materialism June 10, 2016
Author dismisses creationist concepts but raises interesting questions about the inadequacies of materialistic evolutionary theory.

Bible evidence June 9, 2016
A lawyer gives his perspective on the Bible’s credibility as eyewitness testimony.

How long were the days of Genesis 1 June 8, 2016
What did God intend us to understand by the Hebrew words He used?

Red centre June 7, 2016
Reveals compelling evidence of the cataclysmic global Flood of Noah’s day.

‘Light from the big bang’ casts no shadows June 6, 2016
If Cosmic Microwave Background radiation came from the big bang, we should see shadows as it passes through galaxy clusters, but the predicted ‘shadows’ are not found.

Historical science and miracles June 4, 2016
Biblical creation deals with the relation between historical science and miracles, which methodological naturalism ignores before considering the evidence.

‘Earliest’ fossil ‘forest’ surprisingly complex June 3, 2016
Further study of a previously-decreed ‘simple’ and ‘early’ fossil forest shows more complexity than assumed.

Beyond original sin? June 2, 2016
Denis Lamoureux’s rejection of a historical Adam and Original Sin is neither biblical nor scientific.

Beginning at the writings of Moses June 1, 2016
Tribal people learn about salvation and history from Genesis to Jesus.

Where materialism logically leads May 31, 2016
When scientists—particularly physicists—look at the universe and rule out the Creator, it inevitably leads them down a dark path to confusion.

Unravelling myths about myth May 30, 2016
When Murray Adamthwaite understood that Genesis was real history, Christian doctrine then made sense.

Is the Torah historical? May 28, 2016
Is history vs. myth a modern distinction?

Phase problems with the astronomical theory May 27, 2016
Long-age explanations for the Ice Age based on cyclical changes in the earth’s orbital geometry raise more questions than answers.

Global warming and ‘climate change’—recent developments and guidelines for discernment May 26, 2016
Recent developments, and guidelines for discernment

The lost squadron May 25, 2016
WWII fighter planes abandoned on a Greenland glacier were found 50 years later, already under 75 metres of ice.

The debate over gender identity and bathrooms May 24, 2016
When the law of the land clashes with biblical truth, how should Christians respond?

Mimic octopus May 23, 2016
An aquatic ‘impressionist’ is not all that it seems to be.

Wagging a finger at creationists May 21, 2016
Answering a critic who scolds creationists on moral and intellectual grounds.

Coming to accept the Creator, and special creation, through different paths May 20, 2016
Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman show how leading creationists struggle against the odds to survive.

One small step May 19, 2016
Compromising the clear biblical teaching on origins leads inexorably to compromise on other areas, including God’s definition of marriage.

Fawn among the flowers May 18, 2016
Simply touching a baby deer could end its life.

Atheists bash hotel Bibles May 17, 2016
The Freedom From Religion Foundation suggests hotel Bibles be replaced with The Origin of Species.

Only the Bible explains the diversity of life May 16, 2016
The biblical explanation for the diversity of life fits the facts far better than Darwin’s theory.

Creation information encourages believers May 14, 2016
Encouraging testimonies tell about lives changed because of creation information!

Resurgence of the beastly bedbugs May 13, 2016
Their numbers are increasing … and they’re really putting the bite on more and more of us.

Fishing with compromised nets May 12, 2016
Believers are to cast the Gospel net of faith into the sea of doubt around them to save the lost. But compromised nets yield few results.

Creation—how did God do it? May 11, 2016
How did God create everything? He spoke (or willed) it all to come into existence; and it did.

They want to convert your children! May 10, 2016
When theistic evolutionists convince children not to believe the Bible’s account of origins, what are they really converting them to?

Bearing witness to the Creator May 9, 2016
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Why should we think living things were created by God? May 7, 2016
Answering an atheist who insists design is an illusion.

Debating the historical Adam and Eve May 6, 2016
A book that misses a chance to fully address or adequately explain young-age views on our first parents.

Monkey minds May 5, 2016
If our minds were undesigned, accidental byproducts of evolution, why would we trust them?

The miracle of tears May 4, 2016
Humans alone cry tears which are vital to our emotional health.

Why leave the atheists out? May 3, 2016
The violence and bloodshed of the religion of atheism.

Enraged elephants terrifying tigers dangerous dinosaurs May 2, 2016
Elephants and tigers aren’t doing themselves any favours in the survival stakes.

Plato and Christianity April 30, 2016
Are Christianity’s roots found in Plato’s philosophy or Old Testament revelation?

Solar activity, cold European winters, and the Little Ice Age April 29, 2016
A concept known as the charge modulation of aerosol scavenging (CMAS) may help researchers unearth the causes of severe European winters.

An infuriated and vindictive God? April 28, 2016
Were the curse of Genesis 3 and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross the acts of an incensed malicious God? A professing Christian minister claims so!

Great Creation Scientists: James Clerk Maxwell April 27, 2016
Mathematical genius James Clerk Maxwell applied Bible knowledge in his scientific investigations.

The importance of creation in evangelism April 26, 2016
It is often necessary to show that the Bible is trustworthy from the beginning before a person indoctrinated in evolution will accept the Gospel.

Pitcher plants and animal sanitation April 25, 2016
The pitcher plant that encourages small animals to drop by, leaving their ‘calling card’

God’s Not Dead 2-A movie review April 23, 2016
God’s Not Dead 2 offers Christians a minimal amount of basic, historical, scriptural apologetics regarding the historicity of Jesus Christ’s ministry and the validity of the Bible.

Exploring Intelligent Design language in Genesis 2 and Acts 17—yatsar and poieō April 22, 2016
Evidence of God’s creative craftsmanship is even found in the very words of Scripture.

Five atheist miracles April 21, 2016
Atheists actually believe in miracles without any reasonable cause for them.

Johannes Kepler April 20, 2016
The world knows about the laws of planetary motion thanks to the faithful scientific endeavor of the Bible-believer Johannes Kepler.

Pandoraviruses: a Pandora’s Box of trouble for evolution April 19, 2016
As if viruses weren’t already hard enough to place on the evolutionary ‘tree of life’, along comes Pandora

Radiometric backflip April 18, 2016
The discovery of bird tracks in ‘Late Triassic’ rocks once again puts a big question mark over the veracity of long-age radiometric techniques

Incest in Noah’s family? April 16, 2016
Why there’s no problem establishing the human population from the eight survivors of Noah’s Flood

Are cosmic rays affecting high-latitude winter cyclones? April 15, 2016
Meteorological models, ‘climate change’, and high-latitude cyclones.

Planetary system formation: exposing naturalistic storytelling April 14, 2016
The naturalistic model to explain how stars formed shows fatal flaws when compared with the known laws of physics.

Morning has broken … but when? April 13, 2016
The Hebrew of Genesis 1 forbids long ages before, during or after Creation.

Yet another old-earther accuses a creationist of believing in evolution April 12, 2016
More old-earth distortions of biblical creation and speciation

Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!) April 11, 2016
Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!)

Could God cause the beginning of the universe? April 9, 2016
Can God be uncaused and eternal? Can a sentient cause be uncaused?

Beneficial mutations: real or imaginary?—part 2 April 8, 2016
Beneficial mutations are real but they produce nothing new, only triggering into action the built-in modes of variation.

Glen Helen Gorge, Australia April 7, 2016
Why does it flow straight through a mountain range?

The hummingbird: God’s tiny miracle April 6, 2016
Everything about the hummingbird shrieks perfect design rather than any random processes.

Wow! Communications from little green men? April 5, 2016
Blinded by evolutionary thinking, scientists celebrate messages from another world when it’s often a microwave oven in use.

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels April 4, 2016
A chat with the producers of a new groundbreaking documentary.

No death before fall April 2, 2016
A correspondent asks: Was there really no death before the Fall? What about bugs and bee stingers?

Beneficial mutations: real or imaginary?—part 1 April 1, 2016
As a result of studies of the human genome, mutations are being classified into just two categories—‘deleterious’ and ‘functional’.

The Creator’s relationship with Israel and the Church March 31, 2016
The doctrine of creation moved the psalmists to praise God. Do we?

The Wright brothers: pioneers of the skies March 30, 2016
The Wright brothers had a solid, Bible-based Christian upbringing which shaped their lives and led them to develop powered flight.

Is, ought or enemy? March 29, 2016
The instinctive reactions against suffering by atheists, theistic evolutionists and biblical Christians alike, only make sense within a biblical worldview.

Honey March 28, 2016

‘Why doesn’t my argument work?’ March 26, 2016
Dealing with the frustration of our best arguments falling on deaf ears.

Why did Jesus wear a crown of thorns? March 25, 2016
What’s Easter got to do with biblical creation? Everything in fact! The thorny crown and crucifixion of Jesus on that first ‘Good Friday’ harks back to Genesis chapter 3.

Praising the Creator in the Psalms March 24, 2016
The doctrine of creation moved the psalmists to praise God. Do we?

Mini ‘hand grenades’ explode evolutionary ideas March 23, 2016
The tiny fruit of a plant lands a big blow against evolution.

Can we know anything about the past? March 22, 2016
Ehrman’s latest book is just in time for the Easter season.

The human nose knows better than we thought March 21, 2016
The human sense of smell is a lot more sensitive than was thought.

God, miracles, and logic March 19, 2016
Does God do miracles arbitrarily?

The Darwinian foundation of communism March 18, 2016
Central to the thinking of its central architects like Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Engels.

David the Young Earth Creationist March 17, 2016
Genesis isn’t poetry, but Psalms’ poetic retellings of the creation account have much to teach the church today.

Made in the image of God March 16, 2016
What does it mean that human beings are ‘made in the image of God’?

Giant molecular clouds March 15, 2016
Attempts to explain how stars formed inevitably lead to storytelling, and a good imagination.

Mistakes about mistakes March 14, 2016
Do common mutations found in humans and apes prove evolution?

Why does God forbid premarital sex? March 12, 2016
Why does God forbid it?

320-million-year-old amber has flowering plant chemistry March 11, 2016
Why evolutionists try to explain such chemistry wouldn’t exist until over 100 million years later.

No coincidence March 10, 2016
The earth is a ‘privileged planet’ and was specially created to support life.

Feathers—an evolutionary enigma March 9, 2016
The incredible complexity of feathers continues to puzzle evolutionists.

Scientific paper credits ‘the Creator’ for human hand design March 8, 2016
Can secular journals get away with mentioning a ‘Creator’? No way!

DNA repair mechanisms ‘shout’ creation March 7, 2016
The 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry highlights that DNA would be useless without the repair mechanisms to preserve it.

Plant breeding is not evolution March 5, 2016
The idea that plant breeding supports evolution doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Chinese fossil layers and the uniformitarian re-dating of the Jehol Group March 4, 2016
How the dating evidence is forced to fit the dino-to-bird evolutionary paradigm.

Have Population III stars finally been discovered? March 3, 2016
The big bang hypothesis demands that there should be stars with zero metal content.

From faith to faith—the spiritual pilgrimage of George John Romanes March 2, 2016
How George John Romanes embraced friendship with Charles Darwin and struggled to reconcile evolution and Christianity.

Faith and facts March 1, 2016
When debating skeptics who insist that science is all about evidence, it’s important to show that their worldview is incoherent; it does not make rational sense of the world we live in.

‘Engineered’ for Duty! February 29, 2016
Gary Bates interviews Chad and Angel Duty

Priest calls CMI heretical February 27, 2016
Is he right?

The portrayal of creationists by their evolutionist detractors February 26, 2016
Where they are not ignored, creationists are invariably disparaged and misrepresented.

Evidence for Creation February 25, 2016
Some have minds like concrete: thoroughly mixed up and permanently set! Open minds prefer to engage with facts instead of toeing the party-line of prevailing dogma.

Aping humans February 24, 2016
The idea that chimps can learn to speak as humans do was thoroughly debunked earlier this century.

It’s storytime! February 23, 2016
BioLogos retells an evolutionary version of creation.

Dance … or die! February 22, 2016
When fire ants threaten lizard populations, it really is ‘survival of the fittest’. But ‘evolution’? No!

Exegetical methods and the Gospel February 20, 2016
Answering the question: is the grammatical-historical method really the only good way to interpret Scripture? And pointing a troubled person to the Gospel.

The origin of bubonic plague February 19, 2016
Is there a connection between the ‘Black Death’ that devastated Europe in the 14th century and the plagues mentioned in the Bible?

Campaign to silence BBC presenter Dan Walker for his creationist views February 18, 2016
Appointment of BBC News presenter condemned simply because he believes in creation.

The lies of Lynchburg February 17, 2016
Enthusiastic disciples of Darwin formulated eugenics laws in America to prevent ‘undesirables’ from breeding—well before the Nazi ‘racial hygiene’ policies.

What impact does the detection of gravitational waves have on biblical creation? February 16, 2016
The discovery of gravitational waves that match Einstein’s general relativity theory for a binary black hole merger is an example of solid operational science.

Creation magazine: The best option February 15, 2016
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Stromatoporoids and the oil resources of Alberta, Canada February 13, 2016
Children’s book challenge—answers to questions about fossils, the origin of oil, and the geology of Canada.

North Sea Megaflood February 12, 2016
Two catastrophic floods were responsible for separating the British Isles from Continental Europe.

CMI’s CEOs meet in Thailand February 11, 2016
An important time of brainstorming for the CEOs of the international CMI offices!

Living for 900 years February 10, 2016
Many ask how pre-Flood people could have lived for such long lifespans. The real question, though, should be why we don’t live that long anymore?

Question Evolution Day February 9, 2016
Many people think that they can’t make a difference in the debate, but you can help spread the message!

Amazing ancient Chinese treasure ships February 8, 2016
Huge Chinese wooden ships as large as Noah’s Ark sailed around the Indian Ocean in the 15th century

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality? February 6, 2016
We answer the questions: Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality? And, is the order of creation important?

Organized complexity—how atheistic assumptions hinder science February 5, 2016
Can the problems of ordered complexity be solved by using the tools of randomness?

Identified remains in Idaho raise big questions for anthropologists February 4, 2016
A 21 year old mystery has been solved! But kayak accident victim reveals problems with anthropologist’s expert identification.

Furry little humans? February 3, 2016
Dedicated research shows that evolutionary ideas about the ‘people-like’ nature of apes and monkeys are largely fantasy.

Creation apologetics in youth ministry February 2, 2016
‘It’s a jungle out there’ for young people from Christian families so what are we doing to prepare and equip them to stand strong and defend the faith?

The tarsier’s ‘secret speech’ February 1, 2016
When the tarsier opened its mouth and no sound could be heard, people thought it was simply yawning or stretching. How wrong they were.

Are there other valid interpretations of Genesis? January 30, 2016
Should we allow more room for those with different views of creation?

Does God depend on logic to exist? January 29, 2016
What is the relationship between God and logic?

Emotional highs are not enough! January 28, 2016
Youth groups that major on entertainment or emotional commitment fail to help young people develop ‘the mind of Christ.’

From the beginning of the creation January 27, 2016
Does Genesis imply a gap between verses 1 and 2 of chapter 1 into which Christians can fit long ages?

Great response at the 2016 Creation SuperCamp January 26, 2016
Great response at Stanwell Tops with 800 attending Australian creation camping adventure

Charles Lyell: the man who tried to rewrite history January 25, 2016
Charles Lyell aimed to free geology from the time-frame of Genesis.

An atheist argues for disbelief January 23, 2016
When atheists argue against creation, they mostly refuse to accept that they are taking an evolutionary faith position.

Serial cell differentiation: intricate system of design January 22, 2016
The process of cell division is so complicated and selective that evolutionists can’t adequately explain its origin.

Image of God or image of an ape? January 21, 2016
Scientists exhibiting at London’s Natural History Museum are unable to identify an evolutionary progression from apes to men.

The bear family provides evidence of an intelligent Creator January 20, 2016
They seem cute when young. And cranky when they’re older … but bears are some of God’s most amazing creatures!

Terrorism and Europe’s spiritual vacuum January 19, 2016
Threats to peace and stability generally (such as fear of terrorism) are not disconnected from the increasing moral and spiritual vacuum in our post-Christian western nations.

Why would God bother with planet Earth January 18, 2016
‘Dark ages’ not Dark! Medieval scientists knew about the tiny size and sphericity of Earth, and proposed that it rotates. Learn about Ptolemy, Boëthius, Buridan, and Oresme.

Roman Catholicism, science, and evolution January 16, 2016
Does CMI purposefully ignore all Roman Catholic contributions to science?

Life’s irreducible structure—Part 2: naturalistic objections January 15, 2016
<div>Naturalistic objections to the design argument from autopoiesis fail by begging the question. </div>

Butterfly tactics and the spiritual battle January 14, 2016
What can we learn from the tactics of famous boxers?

The caring Neandertal January 13, 2016
The portrayal of a Neandertal as a human-like, dim-witted creature is stripped away when the facts are examined.

Winning a dumbed-down debate January 12, 2016
Rather than celebrating some evolutionists’ ignorance, we should strive to educate people.

Moeraki Boulders: giant marbles of New Zealand January 11, 2016
The Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand tell a fascinating story.

Did God create time? January 9, 2016
Communicating God’s transcendent uniqueness to people of other religions.

Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis January 8, 2016
‘Autopoiesis’ (self-making) shows that all aspects of life lie beyond naturalistic explanations.

Why we do what we do January 7, 2016
Why CMI focuses on ministering to those who already believe in Christ.

Trilobite technology January 6, 2016
Far from being examples of ‘primitive’ creatures, trilobite fossils have perfectly designed eyes.

Can atheists know meaning and purpose? January 5, 2016
The atheists’ claim that we can find purpose in a purposeless universe requires their followers to perform intellectual summersaults and to act inconsistently with their core beliefs.

Flights of fancy January 4, 2016
No simple brute or sub-human pre-Adamite would pluck feathers for headdresses!

Biblical creation: the only real way? January 2, 2016
The only real way?

The meaning of yôm in Genesis 1:1–2:4 January 1, 2016
Despite claims to the contrary, the meaning of yôm in Genesis is not in doubt.