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When atheism seems easy December 30, 2017
How should we respond when amoral atheism feels easy to believe?

Do radioisotope methods yield trustworthy relative ages for the earth’s rocks? December 29, 2017
Research provides evidence that nuclear transmutation rates were dramatically higher in the past.

CMI on the silver screen! December 28, 2017
When the book Alien Intrusion was published, its message helped thousands. Now we have a chance to reach even more.

Skin deep December 27, 2017
I couldn’t help but note your shade of melanin.

An ‘alien intrusion’–a journey to remember December 26, 2017
As the release of CMI’s movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception draws near, writer, producer, and director Gary Bates shares his thoughts and the impact he hopes this film will have.

Mary: the biblical woman behind the cultural legend December 25, 2017
What does the Bible tell us about Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Why did God allow sin at all? December 23, 2017
Could God have created a world where nobody sinned? If so, why didn’t He?

Giraffe neck variations December 22, 2017
Extraordinary claims about this extraordinary creature don’t always match what the science is revealing.

US government spends millions researching UFOs December 21, 2017
An unusual admission by the US has many asking if aliens are real. Are you ready with an answer?

Pacific salmon December 20, 2017
Pacific salmon are more accurate than guided missiles when it is time to spawn.

Once more breach December 19, 2017
There is a battle raging for the authority of God’s Word. Will you stand with us?

On Eagle’s Wings December 18, 2017
The bald eagle … a powerful, swift and independent creature.

Does the Bible condone slavery? December 16, 2017
Answering a common charge against Scripture.

Defining the Flood/post-Flood boundary in sedimentary rocks December 15, 2017
Twelve criteria to use to define where the Flood stops in the rock record.

Leonhard Euler December 14, 2017
One of the greatest mathematicians of all time was a God-honouring, Bible believing Christian.

Creation in a basket December 13, 2017
The receptacle is ‘expertly crafted’ and ‘delicately made’, but the flowers in it are said to have come about by chance.

Atheists prayer answered December 12, 2017
How creation evangelism helped change the life of a scared soldier.

Evangelism in the Ebola epidemic December 11, 2017
A medical missionary talks about ministering with the Gospel in the midst of a deadly Ebola outbreak.

Refusing to be muzzled December 9, 2017
A church job offer depended on agreement not to talk about creation; what to do?

Panda thumbs its nose at the dysteleological arguments of the atheist Stephen Jay Gould December 8, 2017
Why one atheist’s arguments about pandas don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Science magazine attacks the Bible December 7, 2017
Science magazine uses a new museum as a pretext for attacking faith in the Bible.

Looking at the original kinds December 6, 2017
Examining the abundance of variations within creatures after Noah’s Flood.

Should robots have rights? December 5, 2017
According to European Union officials, the new generation of robots should have rights.

The Jurassic Coast—Icon for the Genesis Flood December 4, 2017
How an icon of secular geology provides powerful evidence for Noah’s Flood.

Brave warriors with words December 2, 2017
Communication is key when it comes to deciphering some secrets.

Did eyes evolve by Darwinian mechanisms December 1, 2017
Many kinds of eyes exist, but there is no progression of eye designs from simple to complex in the fossils. Even the simplest light-detecting cell requires enormously complicated coordinated biochemistry.

Is CMI only focused on one thing? November 30, 2017
Far from being a ‘side issue’, focusing on Creation helps us to proclaim Jesus as Creator and Saviour.

Ichthyosaurs: created to live in the sea November 29, 2017
The origin of marine reptiles like ichthyosaurs poses a dilemma for evolution.

Braterman ‘slam dunk’ flunk November 28, 2017
Retired anti-creationist professor gives grade ‘F’ advice to followers.

Limpet teeth break strength record November 27, 2017
Limpet teeth break strength record by using the principles of fiberglass-reinforced plastic on a nano-scale.

Answering questions about eternity and embryology November 25, 2017
Answering two interesting questions about what we’ll be doing in eternity, and whether we all start out female.

Fire in the air November 24, 2017
How a theory that was once widely believed did not stand up to scrutiny.

Skin colour surprises November 23, 2017
The genes that affect light and dark skin colour are found across the world, indicating that they were in our population before we spread out across the world at Babel.

Petrified flour November 22, 2017
A sack with petrified contents shows that millions of years is not needed for the process to take place.

Norway’s live ‘unstable’ Mount Mannen surprises geologists November 21, 2017
Geological forces could cause a devastating landslide.

Eclipses November 20, 2017
How a stunning astronomical event bears witness to the Creator.

Answering questions about the pre-Fall world November 18, 2017
What can we know about the pre-Fall world?

Consciousness problem for naturalism November 17, 2017
Evolution does not explain human language or consciousness, which is a serious problem for naturalism and atheism.

Shatter the echo chamber November 16, 2017
The internet, and especially social media, is making people more closed-off to new ideas than ever before!

The mutant 'feather duster' budgie November 15, 2017
A genetic copying mistake hampered this bird’s development and limited its lifespan.

Emulating the mind of Christ in an age of misinformation November 14, 2017
How can Christians weigh claims and navigate an ever growing stream of information?

The water cycle November 13, 2017
‘Modern’ science took thousands of years to confirm details about the earth’s water cycle that the Bible had already recorded.

Effective witnessing with creation evangelism November 11, 2017
We suggest some ways Christians might use creation resources in practical ways to reach unbelieving friends.

Argentina egg site supports BEDS model November 10, 2017
Unscrambling the clues at a fossil site in Argentina which contains thousands of yet-to-be-hatched dinosaurs that have been quickly buried.

Faith through trials November 9, 2017
How should Christians think about tragedies like the Texas church shooting?

Kingdom of the plants: defying evolution November 8, 2017
The supposed sequence of plant evolution contradicts the burial order in the fossil record.

Unstoppable evolutionary juggernaut November 7, 2017
With the secular evolutionary agenda gaining such momentum, it may be tempting to think ‘it’s Game over’. But look behind the showiness and bravado, and the claims are empty.

Liberation! November 6, 2017
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Did the Sumerians and Illuminati invent the God of the Bible? November 4, 2017
We help a questioner think through an unusual question within a biblical framework.

Strong defence of the biblical Adam November 3, 2017
A refreshing assessment of Genesis that biblical creationists should find useful.

The problem with most Christian movies November 2, 2017
Why Let There Be Light fails, and a better option.

Splashing success November 1, 2017
A drop of rain brings on an explosive reaction that leads to new life.

Reformation … then and now! October 31, 2017
Can events which occurred 500 years ago provide us with an example of how to respond to error and compromise today?

‘Surprising’ lizards in amber October 30, 2017
Thirty-eight fossil lizards reckoned to be 20 million years old—so well-preserved you can see whether their eyes are open or shut.

Do creationists cherry-pick discordant dates? October 28, 2017
Know the fatal flaw with all dating methods and how geologists change their story after the event.

The Sedimentary Heavitree Quartzite, Central Australia, was deposited early in Noah’s Flood October 27, 2017
A catastrophic flood best explains the rapid depositional processes that formed a major geological feature in Central Australia.

Cretan footprints stomp on human evolution October 26, 2017
The results of an investigation into human footprints has brought conclusions that are out of step with evolutionary orthodoxy.

Providential planting October 25, 2017
A short, scrubby tree depends on a tiny bird for survival.

Nature programmes, science and God October 24, 2017
Design is taboo in our secular society. Nevertheless, the awesome spectacle and beauty evident in well-crafted wildlife documentaries is powerfully suggestive of that very thing, as research testifies!

All one people October 23, 2017
These twin sisters, one black and one white, help us see a biblical truth

Damaging Christianity by ignoring science? October 21, 2017
Does creation harm Christianity and reject science? Illogic and naïve views of science, and how Jesus affirmed Genesis.

The spatial inverse problem in Earth sciences October 20, 2017
Geophysicist Dr Peter Vajda addresses a reader’s question on the limitations to understanding what the earth looks like on the inside.

Powerfully attracted to the truth of creation October 19, 2017
How reading the Bible turned around a young scientist’s thinking.

A ‘165 million year’ surprise October 18, 2017
Fossils emerging from a mudflow raise more questions than answers for long-age thinking.

Why Creation magazine? October 17, 2017
What we do to ensure that each issue of Creation magazine equips you and your family to defend your faith and witness to others—and how you can help.

The Potter’s Hands October 16, 2017
The human hand is “one of nature’s marvels”, and a huge challenge to robotics engineers wanting to replicate it.

The sounds of long-dead languages October 14, 2017
Many ancient people left a written record of the spoken word, but it takes hard work to understand the texts.

The ‘Great Unconformity’ and associated geochemical evidence for Noahic Flood erosion October 13, 2017
Only a catastrophic flood can account for the world’s largest and most intriguing geological feature.

Engaging the transgender debate with truth and grace October 12, 2017
A new book helps Christians to tackle a controversial topic.

Australia’s Aborigines … did they see dinosaurs? October 11, 2017
Eyewitness testimony from native peoples leaves no doubt that they lived with creatures which today we know as dinosaurs.

Luther’s Legacy October 10, 2017
Luther’s convictions can be summarized in three great issues that form the basis of the Reformation, and hence of today’s Protestantism: Faith alone, Scripture alone, and the priesthood of all believers.

Mercator’s Projections October 9, 2017
Mercator’s rectangular map of the word has revolutionized navigation ever since he published it in 1569.

Why do people worship false gods? October 7, 2017
Why do people engage in idolatry? And how do we engage cultists?

The uniformitarian puzzle of mountaintop planation surfaces October 6, 2017
Uniformitarian scientists cannot explain how planation surfaces exist throughout the world, but the evidence clearly points to the biblical Flood.

Are you a radical Christian? October 5, 2017
Christians are often encouraged to be more ‘radical’ about our faith, but do we have the right fuel?

Cuttlefish inspire TV design October 4, 2017
Human designers of TV screen copy one of the ways cuttlefish change colour.

Martin Luther: the monk who shook the world October 3, 2017
Martin Luther’s conflict with the sale of indulgences gave rise to the three great principles of Protestantism: Faith alone, Scripture alone, and the priesthood of all believers.

The challenge of ancient ice ages answered October 2, 2017
When it’s a gigantic underwater landslide formed during Noah’s Flood.

Reverse ontological argument? September 30, 2017
Does the reverse ontological argument show that God can’t exist?

Dino-bird theory—a flight of fancy September 29, 2017
The controversial theory with a long history of competing concepts that is no closer to being resolved than it was in Darwin’s day.

“I’m a New Testament Christian” September 28, 2017
Why ‘New Testament Christians’ must accept the history of Genesis.

Josephus says, ‘Genesis means what it says!’ September 27, 2017
The most famous Jewish historian had no doubts about the authenticity and historicity of the Bible’s account of creation.

Dr Johan Kruger passes the torch September 26, 2017
For 16 years Dr Johan Kruger, founder of CMI-South Africa laboured tirelessly, defending the historicity of Genesis and demonstrating that Genesis is foundational to the Gospel.

Evolutionary art? September 25, 2017
It’s claimed to be ‘evolutionary art’, but evolution has no plausible explanation for incredible images on the wings of a remarkable fly.

Heaven vs nirvana September 23, 2017
Could the Christian concept of ‘Heaven’ (or ‘the New Heavens and Earth’) come from the Buddhist notion of ‘nirvana’?

Homology, Genes, and Evolutionary Innovation book review September 22, 2017
Evolutionists try to define homology by how it is explained, not by how it is observed.

At the cutting edge of creation evangelism September 21, 2017
How to reach others with the Gospel message by starting conversations about creation.

Flaws in dating the earth as ancient September 20, 2017
When the numbers don’t add up, it’s time to examine the methods and the philosophy behind them.

Darwins corrosive idea September 19, 2017
A survey by the Discovery Institute draws attention to the incredible scientific illiteracy that underpins the general acceptance of evolution.

Charged-up spiders on the move September 18, 2017
Everyone knows that spiders spin webs but did you know they also use their silk to move through the air?

Why believe in objective morals? September 16, 2017
How can we believe in objective morals if people disagree on moral questions?

Languages of the post-Diluvian World September 15, 2017
Despite the attempts of evolutionists to explain it, the complexity of the spoken word continues to be a puzzle.

Nashville Statement September 14, 2017
The Nashville Statement and what does the Bible say about homosexuality and transgenderism?

Beware the bubble’s burst September 13, 2017
Increased knowledge about cavitation highlights the destructive power of fast-flowing water.

Reading ‘origin of life’ research September 12, 2017
What should we be aware of as we try to read the secular literature with a careful and critical eye?

Amazing argonauts September 11, 2017
Scientists finally discover how the female argonaut really uses its shell

What’s wrong with Hindu pantheism? September 9, 2017
What arguments can be given in response to the Advaita tradition in Hinduism?

What life is September 8, 2017
We need to know what it actually is before we can hope to explain its origin.

Deism and divine revelation September 7, 2017
Does God have good reasons to use special revelation, like the Bible, to reveal Himself?

Caving in to creation September 6, 2017
Carl Wieland interviews Romanian geologist and world cave authority Dr Emil Silvestru

Luke Howard: namer of the clouds September 5, 2017
How the Latin names we use for clouds today were invented by young amateur meteorologist Luke Howard in 1802.

Overturnin’ the learnin’ about lignin September 4, 2017
The discovery in a seaweed of a complex molecule thought (and taught!) to be only in land plants astonishes evolutionists, forcing a billion-year rewrite of textbooks.

Evolution not needed September 2, 2017
Microbes-to-man evolution is often an unnecessary add-on to explanations in biology.

The Grand Canyon in the thralls of shallow, doctrinaire uniformitarianism September 1, 2017
Uncritical rehash of the same set of old arguments that are imagined to nullify Flood geology.

Follow the money August 31, 2017
How the Templeton Foundation distributes its funds and what effect that has on the recipients.

Colossal Crystals August 30, 2017
Because the conditions under which they form are so rare, fast-growing cave crystals are another example of a young earth.

Post-truth: even in the Church? August 29, 2017
The high cost of academic respectability in today’s evolution-friendly churches is that biblical truth is being steadily eroded and suppressed.

There’s cosmology and then there’s real science! August 28, 2017
Physicists conduct real, evidence-based research but astrophysicists can only deal in hypotheses.

On evolution and fraud August 26, 2017
Why is evolutionary theory so full of deliberate frauds? And is this the major creationist argument against evolution?

Becoming one flesh August 25, 2017
Science reveals a biblical truth with respect to the unique connection between husband and wife.

Confronted by the Second Law of Thermodynamics August 24, 2017
How one man’s encounter with creation evangelism caused him to re-think his understanding of the world and led him to faith in Jesus Christ.

Moths navigating by the stars? August 23, 2017
There are many unsolved mysteries surrounding migratory instincts.

Euthanasia for disabled babies? August 22, 2017
According to evolutionary biologist Professor Jerry Coyne, severely disabled babies should be killed.

Rats, bats and pitcher plants August 21, 2017
A plant with an attractive lure draws in creatures that help them both thrive and survive.

Total eclipse of the brain August 19, 2017
Don’t fall for flat-earth brainwashing

Google's censorship will affect us all August 18, 2017
The world's most-used search engine is monkeying with the search results!

Breaking the shackles of evolutionary propaganda August 17, 2017
From the dying embers of faith, via atheism and evolutionary compromise, to a rock solid confidence in biblical creation and Scripture—one man’s fascinating journey.

World’s oldest salt lake only a few thousand years old August 16, 2017
Australia’s Lake Eyre does not live up to the age that has been assigned to it.

David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive August 15, 2017
Evidence for Genesis not evolution at the Natural History Museum!

Longest recorded fossil drag mark August 14, 2017
A dying ammonite leaves behind a permanent impression which tells a story that needs explaining.

Dont marry cousin August 12, 2017
Are creation geneticists wrong about mutation rates? And how distantly related should parents be for genetically healthy offspring?

Changing paradigms in stratigraphy—“a quite different way of analyzing the record” August 11, 2017
Understanding the earth’s geological record is undergoing a radical rethink.

Evolution on other worlds August 10, 2017
New Aliens documentary refuting alien life and explaining alien abduction claims.

Still running for God August 9, 2017
A woman of faith saw her salvation as a far better reward than any of her gold medals.

Galapagos evolution August 8, 2017
Sir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin were both mistaken in their evaluation of the animals of the Galápagos as evidence for evolution.

Fine tuning of ‘backward’ eye is vital for colour vision August 7, 2017
Our 'backwardly-wired’ retina is an ideal structure to optimize colour vision.

Why did God choose just Israel August 5, 2017
Why didn’t God reveal himself to all of creation as opposed to just Abraham and his descendants?

Canaanite DNA disproves the Bible? August 4, 2017
Fake news on Canaanite DNA ‘contradicting’ the Bible sets the science news media buzzing.

Charles Bree the scientist who challenged Darwin August 3, 2017
A long forgotten English zoologist and surgeon wrote the first book that set out to disprove evolution.

Helpful animals August 2, 2017
When creatures work together to help one other, it defies evolutionary predictions.

Galápagos with David Attenborough: Adaptation August 1, 2017
Attenborough presents the Galápagos islands and their animals as evidence for millions of years, but it is all much better understood as evidence for the biblical account of history.

Creation at the cutting edge July 31, 2017
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Forty years of presenting the true history of world from Genesis and beyond.

Does animal death glorify God? July 29, 2017
Answering questions about the role of animal death in God’s creation, and what value God assigns to animal life.

Towards a creationary view of why speciation occurs July 28, 2017
God blessed his creatures to reproduce and fill the earth, and so they have.

Shadow of disbelief July 27, 2017
Many church people, children included, struggle to reconcile the mutually contradictory ideas they’re exposed to in our culture, a recipe for growing unbelief unless their questions are properly answered.

Orchids … a witness to the Creator July 26, 2017
Even Charles Darwin was confounded by plant origins … and the orchid speaks of incredible complexity.

Galápagos with David Attenborough: Origin July 25, 2017
David Attenborough’s millions of years for the formation of the Galápagos islands is falsified by the recently formed Surtsey Island.

Doctor realizes importance of creation education July 24, 2017
Dr Lainna Callentine, author of a homeschool science curriculum, talks about her journey and the importance of creation.

Does the Bible condone polygamy? July 22, 2017
Does the Bible condone polygamy?

The vital importance of the historical Adam July 21, 2017
When man’s rebellion against God is considered, questions about our first parents can’t be avoided.

Right perspective interpreting data July 20, 2017
Understanding that data don’t speak for themselves, but make sense only with the right interpretive framework.

Super shells July 19, 2017
The giant conch shell has been hailed by evolutionists as ‘one of nature’s greatest engineering masterpieces’. What makes it so special?

The church of Jedi … believe it! July 18, 2017
Jedism is becoming more popular, with millions of claimed adherents. What’s really behind this phenomenon?

Soil, trees and their fruit July 17, 2017
The Lord Jesus told us that certain trees will produce certain fruit. Gary Bates uses this analogy to show the importance of Genesis creation for our worldviews.

Can people be good without God? July 15, 2017
Is it really impossible for human beings to do anything good apart from God?

Did a lake exist under the north-western Laurentide Ice Sheet? July 14, 2017
Do sediment cores from Canada’s Great Slave Lake give support to such an idea?

Hugh Ross Church Fathers July 13, 2017
What Hugh Ross used to say about the Church Fathers on Genesis, and why he had to retract (quietly).

Folded ferns July 12, 2017
A delicate, fossilised plant unsurprisingly speaks of catastrophic burial.

Did humans evolve from apes? July 11, 2017
This commonly asked question has wider implications when the origin of life is considered.

Carl Wieland creation pioneer July 10, 2017
Recently-retired Dr Carl Wieland was one of the leading lights of the creation movement of the latter part of the 20th century and the first 15 years of the 21st.

Answering a moral relativist July 8, 2017
A critic says morality has evolutionary roots, and blasts creationists for their “narrow” worldview.

Cherry Lewis, The Dating Game: One Man's Search for the Age of the Earth-Book Review July 7, 2017
The earth’s age is crucial for the Christian worldview, but the ‘dating game’ is not objective science. Biography of Arthur Holmes, one of the major players in the game, shows it’s subjective, arbitrary and erratic.

Santa myth vs God July 6, 2017
Despite the claims of some, a ‘jolly’ man in a red suit should never be compared with our Creator and Saviour.

Air in the balance July 5, 2017
Bugs in the deep help you to breathe deeply.

Inclusivity July 4, 2017
Why it is necessary to defend the Gospel from a creation foundation.

Coastal great escarpments caused by Flood runoff July 3, 2017
On various continents, escarpments stand as a testimony to enormous geological forces.

Animals eating animals July 1, 2017
Animals used to be vegetarian, and they will be again. Should we feed animals a vegetarian diet now?

The Appalachian Mountains are young June 30, 2017
The receding waters of Noah’s Flood better explain what shaped geological features such as mountains, valleys and rivers.

The Templeton Foundation revealed June 29, 2017
Understanding the flawed basis of this organization’s structure and focus and its effect on faith and science.

Oh! My aching wisdom teeth! June 28, 2017
Shrinking jaws are to blame for some of our dental problems.

World end 23 September 2017 June 27, 2017
Will 23 September be prophetic? Analysing sensationalist claims about Virgo, Leo and the planets.

Cat mutations June 26, 2017
It’s true that cats have an uncanny ability to land on their feet. But that doesn’t make them invulnerable.

How gay marriage harms people June 24, 2017
Three major reasons that same-sex marriage is bad for society.

Rediscovering Pluto June 23, 2017
Fresh images of this dwarf planet’s geology are exciting and point to its young age.

Biologos fails with ‘Is Genesis History’ critique June 22, 2017
A big failure.

Frozen feeding June 21, 2017
Caught in the middle of a meal, this fossil clearly speaks of rapid burial.

The Shack Revisited compared with the Bible June 20, 2017
The theology of The Shack as presented in The Shack Revisited is evaluated and compared with what the Bible actually says.

Cats big and small June 19, 2017
Wherever you live in the world, there’s generally a cat not too far away.

Can atheism possibly explain morality and reason? June 17, 2017
Why atheists’ attempts to provide a foundation for morals and reliable human minds are hopeless.

Battle for the Bible in the early church June 16, 2017
Early Greek scholars who attacked the Bible are similar to modern-day scientists and some theologians who likewise cast doubts on the reliability of God’s Word.

From Creation to Salvation June 15, 2017
A new book shows why should we believe in a recent, six-day creation? Because Jesus and the authors of the New Testament did.

Dating in conflict June 14, 2017
Analysis of wood samples from Tertiary rocks yielded significant carbon-14 indicating the wood was only thousands of years old, not millions.

On holy ground Down House June 13, 2017
Is the famous residence of Charles Darwin a science museum or a shrine that propagates a secular, godless worldview?

Foliage in fast forward June 12, 2017
Critics say mature plants during creation week are a problem for biblical creationists.

Did Mark plagiarize Esther? June 10, 2017
Responding to a skeptical demand for wooden literalism.

Tall molars did not evolve from grass eating June 9, 2017
Some scientists connect changes in the grasses that animals ate and the development of teeth.

Artificial wombs premature babies June 8, 2017
Every year hundreds of thousands of babies are born prematurely worldwide. With premature birth being the lead cause of death for babies, can an artificial womb help them?

Resurrecting a prehistoric horse June 7, 2017
Horses are horses, of course, and they had their genesis in Genesis.

Alien Intrusion: The Movie June 6, 2017
The video production coordinator of the new Alien Intrusion movie gives some behind-the-scenes details of shooting the movie.

Human cloning? June 5, 2017
What are the ramifications if scientists take the next step in creating artificial life?

Believe in Christ June 3, 2017
How would you answer this vitally important question?

Modelling biblical human population growth June 2, 2017
The number of people alive today best fits the premise that we all descend from Noah and his family who survived the global Flood.

Christ evolution June 1, 2017
Refuting another theistic evolutionary argument from N.T. Wright.

Farming frustrations? … May 31, 2017
Despite the latest technological advancements and increasing scientific knowledge, it is still hard work to successfully grow our food.

Build a lighthouse against evolution May 30, 2017
Equipping your children with as much information as possible is the best antidote to the onslaught they will face in a secular classroom.

Why reindeer eyes turn blue in winter May 29, 2017
From summer gold to winter blue, reindeer eyes are designed to optimize vision during the winter twilight “blue hour”.

The authorship of the Gospels and answering the Christ myth May 27, 2017
Answering questions about the authorship and sources of the Gospels, and refuting some common arguments related to ‘the Christ myth’.

Darwinism has remade Western society—for the worse May 26, 2017
A look at how evolutionary thinking has impacted society far beyond the scientific realm.

Den of ape-men or chambers of the sickly? May 25, 2017
How do we interpret the latest Homo naledi findings with their associated ‘ape-man’ connotations and claims?

“What?… Teach my children unbiblical ideas?” May 24, 2017
Simply knowing about ideas that contradict Christianity can help young people stand firm against them.

Lessons from Mount St Helens May 23, 2017
The catastrophic event that revealed how wrongly geologists understood and explained volcanic landscapes.

Carl Linnaeus: the scientist who saw evidence for God in everything in nature May 22, 2017
A man who recognised order in nature now lends his name to a well-known classification system in science.

What about those who have never heard the Gospel? May 20, 2017
When we think about those who have not yet heard the Gospel, our response should drive us to evangelism.

Nylonase update May 19, 2017
‘Exhibit A’ for evolution in recent times, further research shows that this one does not stack up either.

Faltering on the Flood May 18, 2017
Answering Christian leaders who claim that it makes no difference whether Noah’s Flood was global or local.

Ghostly coincidence in an unusual fish May 17, 2017
In the Amazon River there is a creature with ‘electric’ senses it uses both in attack and defense.

Evolution vs human behaviour May 16, 2017
If evolution is true, why are many human behaviours anti-evolutionary?

Aboriginal knowledge amazes evolutionist astronomer May 15, 2017
‘Stone Age’ people can’t count beyond three, right? Wrong.

Does the Old Testament reveal the Trinity? May 13, 2017
A supporter asks whether any biblical passages before the time of Christ indicated God’s triune nature.

A preliminary age calibration for the post-glacial-maximum period May 12, 2017
By using the same methods that long-age geochronologists employ, we can propose a timeframe for the end of the Ice Age.

How do miracles happen? May 11, 2017
Do we need to know how miracles happen to know if they happen?

Thundering burial May 10, 2017
A fossil graveyard in Michigan gives another example of Flood catastrophism.

Silicon based bugs May 9, 2017
Smart work in the laboratory manipulating already existing life does not equal a step forward in goo-to-you evolution.

Sola Scriptura in an age of science May 8, 2017
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Evolution exonerated? May 6, 2017
Critic of CMI says evolution is not to blame for atrocities committed by evil regimes.

A troubling thesis—Nicholas Wade pushes an old view of the origin of races May 5, 2017
Author fails in his attempt to give evolutionary explanations for the development of mankind and society.

The age of the earth and why it matters May 4, 2017
A correct understanding of the age of the earth is necessary in proclaiming the glory of God.

Radioactive ‘dating’ in conflict! May 3, 2017
Tree trunks engulfed by molten lava couldn’t survive could they? Here’s evidence that they did!

On the streets with the 'March for Science' May 2, 2017
They were protesting, but what was it about?

Noah’s Ark and salvation May 1, 2017
Biblical language could not be clearer; Noah’s Flood had to be a global event.

Christian philosopher sees no conflict with evolution April 29, 2017
CMI’s response to the arguments of Alvin Plantinga.

Here today … April 28, 2017
Rapid erosion means a recently-formed gorge in Taiwan could disappear within 50 years.

Tailbone “serves no purpose”? April 27, 2017
New York Museum of Natural History misleads the public.

From a frog to a frog! April 26, 2017
The incredible transformation from tadpole to frog defies evolutionary explanation.

Science of the gaps April 25, 2017
Atheists are convinced life came into being by naturalistic processes, but do their conclusions match the evidence?

Pole vaulting and creation April 24, 2017
Why does a pole-vaulting champ think that biblical Creation is vital for the Gospel?

DNA research says Australian Aborigines arrived 50,000 years ago April 22, 2017
But how reliable are the ‘molecular clocks’?

Examining the floating forest hypothesis: a geological perspective April 21, 2017
Testing the waters to see if this idea explains how massive coal beds were formed.

Remembering God’s mighty acts April 20, 2017
The Bible calls us to read its narrative in ways that contradict deep time.

Life in a test-tube April 19, 2017
Many think that Stanley Miller’s famous 1953 experiment showed that life could arise from non-living chemicals. But real chemistry shows that the chemicals Miller produced would react in the wrong way for life to form.

Can we know God? April 18, 2017
Paul Young’s latest book is full of heretical teachings that should surprise no one familiar with his previous work.

Why did God give us a book? April 17, 2017
Out of all the possible modes of communication, why did God give us a book?

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers April 15, 2017
Some claim that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati’s comments.

Reconciled with God April 14, 2017
Jesus is able to save us through His death because He is the Creator and Sustainer.

Why CMI rejects ‘conspiracy’ theory April 13, 2017
What should we think about the conspiracy theorizing out there? How do we approach the world in knowledge and faith and discernment all at the same time? Our contention is that we can be faithful to the Bible and science without sacrificing either.

Colourful creature coats April 12, 2017
Mutations cause variety in the coat colours of animals. These mutations are all ‘downhill’, in the wrong direction for mutations to make microbes-to-man evolution feasible.

Trappist planets not in habitable zone April 11, 2017
Three of the seven planets orbiting Trappist-1, are said by NASA to be in the habitable zone; however, research shows that neither life nor even water have been found there.

Fish dislike heavy metal April 10, 2017
River trout have been found with amazing resistance to toxic pollutants but this turns out to be in-built.

David Hume and divine design April 8, 2017
18th century skeptic David Hume formulated some of the most famous arguments against design. Do they stand us under scrutiny?

Developmental system plasticity—a brief initial assessment of extent, design, and purpose within the creation model April 7, 2017
Were creatures designed with genomic plasticity to enable them to adapt as they reproduced and filled the earth?

Has the dark matter mystery been solved? April 6, 2017
A mathematical solution challenges the need for scientists to invoke dark matter to solve problems in astrophysics and cosmology.

Amazing armoured armadillos of the Americas April 5, 2017
This mammal with a leathery armour was once rare in Texas, but its ‘conquest’ of that state—and beyond—conveys a strong message.

Life of a Universe Part 2 End of Days April 4, 2017
Prof. Cox’s alternatives for the end of the universe are maximum disorder or maximum blowup. The future according to the Bible involves re-creation of the Earth, and universal Judgment by God.

Squid do fly! April 3, 2017
The old seafarers’ tales should not have been dismissed. Many species of squid can, and do, fly.

How does God relate to time? April 1, 2017
God has no beginning or end, but what does that mean for how He relates to time?

Can the relative timing of radioisotope dates be applied to biblical geology? March 31, 2017
Exploring the possibility that long-age radiometric dating correlates to biblical earth history.

Interview shows public universities program students with anti-Christian bias March 30, 2017
Students on an American college campus believe Christians should be given fewer rights than Muslims!

Bypassing the cracks March 29, 2017
When mud that encases the larva of a particular African horsefly dries out and breaks up, it does so in a way that protects the insect.

Life of a Universe: Part 1 Creation March 28, 2017
We reveal the scientific problems with Cox’s claims regarding the big bang, the CMB, the horizon problem, the flatness problem, faster-than-light inflation, an eternal universe, and a multiverse.

A giant hoax March 27, 2017
Have people really found skeletons of giants?

Was reincarnation removed from the Bible? March 25, 2017
A correspondent suggests the Bible’s teaching was changed to remove reincarnation. We respond.

The family of cats—delineation of the feline basic type March 24, 2017
The household moggy has a much more complicated family tree than previously thought.

Massive erosion on California’s Oroville Dam March 23, 2017
Spillway canyon demonstrates power of flowing water

Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history March 22, 2017
Those who insist that Biblical creationists are being divisive over ‘small details’, need to reconsider what Jesus said about Genesis.

Brainy bees? March 21, 2017
Bumblebees and spiders display behaviours beyond what was previously considered possible.

Algae to oil March 20, 2017
‘Fossil fuel’ takes a lot less time to form than commonly believed

Answering another abortion argument March 18, 2017
If life is in the blood, does that mean the unborn child is not human until he or she has circulating blood? We respond.

Changing-look quasars: how do they fit into a biblical creationist model? March 17, 2017
When light from these distant objects unexpectedly brightens, it better fits a creation scenario.

When the emotions are gone, what’s left? March 16, 2017
When people start experiencing doubts about their faith, an intellectual foundation is important to be able to give answers.

Darwin’s mystery illness March 15, 2017
Why did Darwin’s publication of his theory of evolution cause him so much guilt?

More meat-eating lorikeets (and other parrots, too) March 14, 2017
Scientists were surprised to find one instance of lorikeets eating meat. Then the public told them of hundreds.

Evolution/long ages contradicts Genesis order of Creation March 13, 2017
Genesis and evolution disagree about both time frame and order of events.

The Fall: It was all downhill from there… March 11, 2017
Non-believers often ask why there are bad things in the world if God is all loving. How should Christians answer?

Trees in Northwest Scandinavia during the Ice Age March 10, 2017
Scant evidence for treeless Scandinavia.

Edinburgh’s tale of two cities March 9, 2017
Scotland’s famous city of Edinburgh, though once blessed by God, now welcomes (even celebrates) atheism and paganism, the fruit of generations of biblical compromise and rampant liberalism.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s impact March 8, 2017
How Darwin’s ideas led Marx, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot to become mass murderers.

What The Shack gets right March 7, 2017
The Shack is dangerous because of what it gets wrong, but its appeal is in what it gets right. How should Christians concerned about doctrine respond?

Big bang beliefs: busted March 6, 2017
Big bang cosmogony requires many fudge factors to stay afloat, including dark matter, dark energy, and faster-than-light inflation.

Why doesn’t God answer all our questions? March 4, 2017
Scripture answers many of our questions, if we know how to think about Scripture’s teaching and how to apply it.

Ultracool Trappist-1 and its seven planets March 3, 2017
The discovery of seven planets orbiting Trappist-1, with three in the habitable zone, has given rise to claims of habitability. However, neither life nor even water have been found there.

Wishful thinking about nature’s abilities March 2, 2017
Many believers in nature’s capacity for evolutionary innovation think the sky’s the limit—yet their allegedly ‘naturalistic science’ writings betray a faith in the abilities of ‘Nature’ that borders on paganism.

Gecko foot design—could it lead to a real ‘spiderman’? March 1, 2017
A tiny lizard can perform feats that superheroes can only dream about.

Hawking fear of aliens February 28, 2017
Stephen Hawking worries that ET will be two-billion-years ‘more evolved’

It’s an attractive web they weave February 27, 2017
Did you know that the electrostatic properties of spider webs, and a ‘quirk of physics’, causes them to actively spring towards airborne objects?

Is the universe a simulation? February 25, 2017
Are we in the Matrix, or are we safe to assume that the world we’re in is real?

Evidence some woolly mammoths asphyxiated from dust February 24, 2017
Windy conditions after the Ice Age may have caused the demise of these iconic animals.

Norma McCorvey, 1947–2017 February 23, 2017
Better known as Roe from Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey later became pro-life.

Creation days and Orthodox Jewish tradition February 22, 2017
When the traditional sources are consulted, a day is literally a day.

Why do Christians die? February 21, 2017
We respond to the question: if Jesus’ death paid the penalty for sin, why do Christians still die?

Parrot puzzle February 20, 2017
The parrot’s missing relatives can’t be found.

Are all evolutionists atheists? February 18, 2017
Answering questions from a correspondent who is new to creation information.

Heredity is foundationally cellular, not genetic, and life’s history is discrete, not continuous February 17, 2017
A functional body plan is the key to life; without it, an embryo will not survive.

Competing wisdoms February 16, 2017
The world’s wisdom and God’s wisdom are at odds. Which do you follow?

The amazing cave people of Malta February 15, 2017
Evolutionist indoctrination has led many to link the idea of ‘cave dwelling’ with the notion of ‘primitive subhumans’. But this does not logically follow, as recent evidence confirms.

Warp drive February 14, 2017
The idea that spacecraft can be built that can travel vast distances in a short time fails at a theoretical level, despite what Hollywood and evolution would have us believe.

Tibetan snow lotus February 13, 2017
Is the Tibetan snow lotus evolving to elude detection?

Cultural Relativism and Morality February 11, 2017
Does objective morality exist ? Or is morality relative and defined by culture?

Standard snake evolution story stymied by spate of fossil discoveries February 10, 2017
Paleontologists struggle to definitively answer the conundrum of their origins and the fossil record still says no to evolution.

Teaching creation child abuse February 9, 2017
Some atheists make the ridiculous claim that teaching creation is child abuse. We respond.

Astonishing acrobatics–dragonflies February 8, 2017
These exquisite fliers have an incredible ability to appear stationary to their target.

Why look for a new theory of gravity if the big bang cosmology is correct? February 7, 2017
Scientists are searching for answers to questions which in theory they shouldn’t even have to ask, especially in regards to gravity.

Mummified lion cubs found in Siberian ice February 6, 2017
Juvenile cats frozen in time give unique snapshot of the past.

Religion in schools? February 4, 2017
A high school student thinks it’s a good thing that religion isn’t allowed in public schools. But is that really the case?

Margaret Sanger Darwinian eugenicist February 3, 2017
Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, the leading pro-abort organization in the USA. Darwinism influenced her support for eugenics and reducing the population of ‘less fit’ races, including ‘Negroes’.

Treasure in the Trinity February 2, 2017
Why the Trinity is an asset, not a liability.

Patriarchs of the forest February 1, 2017
How reliable are the dating methods that say living trees are thousands of years old?

Jesus, just ‘a man of his time’? January 31, 2017
When ‘Christians’ argue that Jesus erred rather than question secular views of origins, yesterday’s liberalism is fast becoming today’s evangelicalism!

NASA scientist comes face to face with Creation January 30, 2017
Henry Richter’s involvement in the Space Race took him beyond a superficial understanding of the world.

Archaeology supports the Bible January 28, 2017
How archaeological evidence shows the Bible is a reliable record of real history.

Precambrian impacts and the Genesis Flood January 27, 2017
Are large craters an indication of the energy forces needed to start and sustain the world’s biggest watery catastrophe?

Does the new much-faster-speed-of-light theory fix the big bang’s problems? January 26, 2017
By invoking a hypothetical to test the hypothetical big bang, two cosmologists develop a model out of nothing.

Unfolding the plan January 25, 2017
The concept of God is not something that has evolved, but is unfolded for us in the Bible, which tells us that God is Creator, Lawgiver, Judge and Saviour.

Censorship of happy Down syndrome children: January 24, 2017
The French state tries to hide the guilt of aborting Down syndrome babies by banning a pro-life television advert.

Creation is just the beginning January 23, 2017
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Will the New Heavens and Earth be physical? January 21, 2017
The whole point of the eternal state is that it’s a restoration of the world to the way God originally created it in Genesis 1—very good.

The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui January 20, 2017
An intriguing archaeological find raises comparisons with the biblical account of the Fall.

How do I approach my pastor about Genesis? January 19, 2017
When you feel that there is compromise in your church’s pulpit about the Bible’s first book, how should you deal with the situation?

The vanishing giant January 18, 2017
For creatures to fossilize, special conditions need to exist.

Celebrating gender confusion January 17, 2017
How should Christians react when the media glorifies what Scripture condemns?

Z factor January 16, 2017
What was the ‘Z-factor’ that convinced a university geology lecturer of a 6,000-year-old earth?

Feathered forerunner or flight of fancy January 14, 2017
Have evolutionists finally found proof that dinosaurs had feathers? If so, what does it mean?

The age of the Jenolan Caves, Australia January 13, 2017
The long and tortuous uniformitarian history for these caves is riddled with difficulties.

‘Prehistoric’ Preachers: Dinosaurs as “the gateway drug to atheism” January 12, 2017
Dinosaurs are relentlessly used by a mendacious media to promote evolution (even atheism)—in fact, they’re ‘Exhibit A’ for the world’s true history recorded in Genesis.

The Amazing Stone Bears of Yorkshire January 11, 2017
The notion that petrification processes take thousands of years blown out of the water in a matter of weeks.

Now you see it, now you don’t! January 10, 2017
Some evolutionists insist they observe evolution happening all around us while others say it happens too slowly to be able to observe. How can it be both?

How did the waters of Noah’s Flood drain off the continents? January 9, 2017
How did they drain off the continents?

The scientific case against evolution January 7, 2017
How do evolutionists construct their scientific case for evolution? How can the creationist respond in scientific terms?

A challenge to traditional cultural anthropology January 6, 2017
The story of the Moriori contradicts the traditional view of so-called hunter gatherers.

“Evolutionary creation”, round squares, and other nonsense January 5, 2017
BioLogos says Christians should consider evolutionary creation. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Evolution abandoned January 4, 2017
A long-time enthusiastic teacher of evolution slowly embraced Biblical creation.

Designed to adapt? January 3, 2017
Despite evidence to the contrary, evolutionists continue to offer up random mutations as an explanation of how life developed.

From atheism to Christ January 2, 2017
A young scientist indoctrinated in atheistic philosophy in China came to America and was dramatically converted to Christianity.