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The dating game December 30, 2023
Scientists won’t accept radiometric dates they don’t like, as arguments over Mungo Man show.

Uniformitarian paleoaltimetry estimates questionable December 29, 2023
What assumptions and challenges call into question long-age attempts to assess the height of the land in the past?

Nashville Statement December 28, 2023
The Nashville Statement and what does the Bible say about homosexuality and transgenderism?

Electric Stargazers December 27, 2023
Electric Stargazers are monster fish that uses multiple lures, ambush, venom, and electricity to hunt their prey.

Review of God’s Cosmic Cookbook by Elizabeth Cole December 26, 2023
A new children’s book, produced by theistic evolutionists, promotes belief in molecule-to-man evolution, all told from the perspective of God, drawn as a cartoon chef!

Season for giving December 25, 2023
Atheists are giving to promote the spread of their worldview—are we?

Is apparent age biblical December 23, 2023
Did Adam and Eve have navels, and the first trees have growth rings? Did God create light in transit from stars? What did Philip Gosse really teach?

Origin of L-amino acid excess: Part 1 December 22, 2023
How could 'left-handed' amino acids dominate as a necessary precursor to the naturalistic origin of life?

Christmas and Genesis December 21, 2023
How does creation relate to this season? Because the babe in Bethlehem was the Creator of the Universe!

Anolis lizard scuba divers December 20, 2023
These stunning reptiles can stay submerged for up to 18 minutes and can ‘rebreathe’ some of their own air

Celebrating 12 names of Christ December 19, 2023
‘At the name of Jesus … ’ At this Christmastime, take a few moments to reflect on the Name that is above all Names.

Why did God create in six days? December 18, 2023
The creation occurring in the span of Earth-days has important implications

Radiocarbon in dinosaur bones December 16, 2023
International conference result censored.

Fossil footprints and megasequences December 15, 2023
How does the megasequences model of Noah's Flood explain fossil animal footprints in the Tejas megasequence?

Underwater volcano rapidly becomes a sizeable island December 14, 2023
When a volcano spews out so much rock that rapidly it becomes a sizeable island. It isn’t a first, and it won’t be the last.

How did all the animals fit on Noah's Ark? December 13, 2023
How big was the Ark, and what kinds of animals needed to be on board? How were they fed and watered and managed?

The flood chaser December 12, 2023
When Ron Neller studied how water affected the landscapes all over the world, he was on his way to becoming a biblical creationist and did not know it.

From radical racist to passionate preacher December 11, 2023
Michael Cook chats with former racist militia member Maarten Labuschagne.

Light-travel time: a problem for the big bang December 9, 2023
The vast distances of space prove to be a huge problem for an evolutionary view of the universe.

Ice core oscillations: part 5 December 8, 2023
What the relation between the wet Sahara and the biblical Ice Age?

Review of Flemming’s 1879 book on the sons of God (Gen 6) December 7, 2023
There are differing views about how to understand Genesis 6:1–4, so a lesser-known nineteenth century writer’s thought-provoking views merit consideration.

End-times and Early-times December 6, 2023
Is the debate about how we should understand Genesis just like disputes about end-times prophecy (eschatology)?

Dinosaur mummy skin December 5, 2023
Does well-preserved mummy skin make you think of dinosaurs? It should. Read why Noah’s Flood model ‘BEDS’ explains it well.

Lost cities of the Amazon December 4, 2023
Proof that these modern-day hunter-gatherer tribes once lived in sophisticated urban centres

The earth: how old does it look? December 2, 2023
How old does the earth ‘look’ to you?

John Nelson Darby and the Scofield Reference Bible December 1, 2023
How did they help promote old earth creationism?

Science: The rules of the game November 30, 2023
How science’s rules have changed to artificially exclude creation—regardless of the evidence.

The Genesis Flood for Kids: Vast, wide rock layers November 29, 2023
Vast, wide rock layers and many other geological formations when examined are better explained by the global Flood rather than evolutionary geology.

Earth’s axial tilt – A design feature! November 28, 2023
The earth’s axial tilt is a deliberate design feature, not a mere accidental happenstance.

The original Jurassic Park November 27, 2023
Life-sized dinosaur models thrilled the English public in 1854—but gave a compromised message.

Refuting Evolution chapter 8: How old is the earth? November 25, 2023
Free chapter on the Earth's age and ‘dating’ methods, from the world’s best selling creationist book (after the Bible!).

Ice core oscillations: part 4 November 24, 2023
Ice core oscillations and abrupt climate changes are better explained within the context of the biblical Ice Age framework.

Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin November 23, 2023
Anglican leaders’ appeasement of evolutionary theory in 2008, just before Darwin’s bicentennial, was as futile as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, 70 years previously.

Fossils and global Flood CFK November 22, 2023
Simple explanation of how the Flood formed fossils. Fossils formed by the Flood makes more sense than evolution.

Who were the Philistines November 21, 2023
The Bible places the Philistines in Canaan 500 years before they supposedly arrived from Crete. Yet, the truth is an amazing confirmation of Scripture.

Another one bites the dust November 20, 2023
A growing number of rock formations are collapsing in relatively recent times.

Salty seas November 18, 2023
The salinity of the oceans is a strong evidence that they, and the Earth itself, are far younger than the billions of years required for evolution, and is consistent with the biblical age of about 6,000 years.

Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 3 November 17, 2023
How easily can peptides spontaneously begin to link together in conditions posited for abiogenesis?

Hugh Ross Church Fathers November 16, 2023
What Hugh Ross used to say about the Church Fathers on Genesis, and why he had to retract (quietly).

CFK Noah’s Ark November 15, 2023
Simple explanation of Noah’s Ark in Genesis. How big was it, how many animals were aboard, and how could Noah’s family take care of them—and why the Ark was very stable.

40 failed predictions of Evolution November 14, 2023
Scientific hypotheses that make falsified predictions should be abandoned, so why is cosmic Evolution still accepted?

Ancient Chinese skull November 13, 2023
 Ancient Juvenile Fossil Skull Unearthed in China Rewrites Human Evolution: Mysterious 300,000-year-old HLD 6 Skull Challenges the Human Family Tree.

'Soft' gap sophistry November 11, 2023
Soft gappers claim Gen. 1:1–2 refers to creation of stars, galaxies and the matter of the earth, and v. 3–31 to forming and filling of earth billions of years later.

Ecological symbiosis as interface systems November 10, 2023
How might the biblical framework explain ecological symbiosis?

Galápagos finches, rapid speciation, and recent creation November 9, 2023
Darwin’s finches have been a poster child for evolution for more than a century, but recent genetic analysis reveals God’s creative brilliance and how He created species to change over time.

Should Genesis be taken literally November 8, 2023
How would the original readers have understood it?

More false claims by Hugh Ross November 7, 2023
Hugh Ross makes excuses for ignoring Refuting Compromise, and claims that YECs have ignored A Matter of Days.

‘Same old’ vs fresh and new November 6, 2023
Evolutionists keep committing the same old fallacies, while the creation paradigm inspires fresh discoveries.

Radio-dating in Rubble November 4, 2023
How the explosive, 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens demolished radio-isotope dating.

Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 2 November 3, 2023
Exactly how fast do amino acids racemize under natural conditions?

Biologos evolutionary syncretism November 2, 2023
BioLogos claims to bring science and faith together, but leaves important doctrines on the cutting-room floor in the process, including the authority of Christ Himself.

Is Jesus Christ the Creator God? November 1, 2023
Jesus’ miracles showed His power over creation—no need for evolution.

Mountain uplift October 31, 2023
It happened quickly but did not terrify people

The Genesis Flood for Kids: The Food and the Bible October 30, 2023
Simple explanation of globe-covering Flood in Genesis. God judged people’s wickedness, but showed mercy with His Ark design. Flood formed most rock layers and fossils, so no place for millions of years—so evolution is impossible!

How dating methods work October 28, 2023
Radioactive dating sounds complicated but it is really quite simple.

Review: 'Is Atheism Dead?' by Eric Metaxas October 27, 2023
An attack on atheism hampered by adopting evolutionary assumptions

Do you have to be a creationist to be Christian? October 26, 2023
A common way of trying to avoid the real problem.

Archaeopteryx October 25, 2023
Comprehensive article about a famous alleged transition form, from the very first issue of Creation magazine by its founder, has stood the test of time.

The universe isn’t old, it’s just tired! October 24, 2023
The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy (disorder) of the universe increases through time.

Remarkable evidence of a designed young stable solar system October 23, 2023
There is increasing evidence of the remarkable stability of our solar system. Other star systems in the Milky Way appear much more chaotic.

Radioactive ‘dating’ failure October 21, 2023
Rock samples from 1949–1975 eruptions from New Zealand's Mt Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings movies) gives radiometric dates of millions of years.

Blushing: evolutionary enigma October 20, 2023
How did we begin to blush?

The confusion of liberalism October 19, 2023
Conversational approaches to studying Scripture can lead to liberalism, where truth and values become relative.

The pitch for Noah's Ark October 18, 2023
Answering objections to how Noah was able to make the Ark waterproof.

Malignant tumour survivor reflects on cancer and Creation October 17, 2023
Testimony of former cancer patient about facing discouraging odds of survival with a malignant tumour, including his Creation reflections, and how God worked in it for good.

Michael Dooley interview October 16, 2023
Discover the extraordinary journey of musician Michael Dooley, from atheist to Christian composer, and how his faith transformed his music and worldview.

Gap theory revisited October 14, 2023
‘Gap theory’ has no exegetical basis in Scripture in both ancient Hebrew and 17th century English.

The Fall and ecosystem function October 13, 2023
How might ecosystem functioning have differed before the Fall?

Refuting atheists’ ‘useful dupes’ October 12, 2023
Useful idiots unintentionally aid Atheists in emptying the church. The unintended consequence of compromise.

Science biblical presuppositions October 11, 2023
The Bible provides all the necessary assumptions, but atheistic evolution can’t.

AI pastors leading services and vegans rewriting God’s Word October 10, 2023
Vegans using ChatGPT to re-write Scripture and an AI church preachers. Are there dangers as people are more inclined to rely on robots?

Fiery opals from the Flood October 9, 2023
These stunning gemstones formed at a unique time in Earth’s history.

Biblical chronogenealogies October 7, 2023
Are there gaps in the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11?

Attempted rescue impact model for the origin of the moon October 6, 2023
Does it solve the problems for a naturalistic origin for the moon?

Why should we take scripture at face value? October 5, 2023
Compromising on Genesis has far reaching consequences, even for the cross.

Archer fish shoot water jets at prey October 4, 2023
Archer fish exploits two independent hydrodynamic properties to shoot down prey with powerful water jet.

Five biblical firsts: day, heart, favour, flood, knowledge October 3, 2023
Quibbles over semantics can be irritating, but knowing the true meaning of the words of Scripture is enlightening.

Italian dinosaur graveyard October 2, 2023
A ‘herd’ of dinosaurs discovered in Italy shows how secular interpretations change with time.

The Genesis 5 and 11 fluidity question September 30, 2023
Many modern scholars believe that the Genesis genealogies contain gaps and cite fluidity as the reason. What is fluidity and why is it wrong?

Chaos theory and creation September 29, 2023
What implications does chaos theory have for our understanding of creation?

Another pro-life argument September 28, 2023
There are many good arguments against abortion. A Belgian doctor writes in with another one.

Oil not always fossil September 27, 2023
Most oil comes from buried life; evidence indicates that some oil comes about in a completely different way.

Does theistic evolution take away the need for God? September 26, 2023
Scholars argue that claims to take the Bible seriously while treating Genesis symbolically undercut its truth, nullify its evidence for God, and hinder evangelism.

The dinosaur created by the Flood September 25, 2023
The story of Ultrasaurus

Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history September 23, 2023
Those who insist that Biblical creationists are being divisive over ‘small details’, need to reconsider what Jesus said about Genesis.

Review: 'Science Fraud' by Mike Sutton September 22, 2023
Did Darwin plagiarize Patrick Matthew's theory?

Why marriage matters September 21, 2023
Genesis teaches us that marriage has been baked into human nature by God, who created us. Social science shows it is a good design, vital for human flourishing.

The Sulawesi bear cuscus September 20, 2023
What has eyes like a lemur, a body like a koala, is often called a ‘marsupial monkey’, and shares its island home with pigs and dwarf buffaloes?

Teaching people how to think September 19, 2023
As trust in major social and academic institutions falls, people are falling into another form of futile thinking. Switching from one extreme to the other.

Severed slug’s slick survival system September 18, 2023
These incredible ‘solar-powered’ creatures can regenerate their bodies

Is the seventh day an eternal day? September 16, 2023
Can Hebrews 4 justify long creation days?

Polar dinosaurs September 15, 2023
Evolutionary conundrums and biblical solutions

Carbon dating into the future September 14, 2023
Carbon ‘dating’ sometimes produces negative ages, i.e. dates in the future. How can that be?

Dolphin's double beam sonar September 13, 2023
Dolphins use ‘double sonar beam’ to narrow down prey’s location. Algorithm used to analyse this could help design better body scanners.

The marvelous molecule September 12, 2023
The DNA molecule and the human genome has to be one of the most impressive examples of God’s creative genius.

The big bang—Science or science fiction? September 11, 2023
Some fascinating observations

Genesis is history September 9, 2023
The language of Genesis shows that it’s history, and that’s how the rest of the Bible treats it.

Central rotation in globular clusters September 8, 2023
An indicator of relative youth?

Spiritual practices and evangelism September 7, 2023
How do we handle evangelism and discussions of spiritual things in the workplace?

Could the Flood have been tranquil? September 6, 2023
John Fleming proposed a tranquil Flood that left no trace. But then, why are scoffers without excuse? Could there be a tranquil flood any more than a tranquil explosion?

Denying the greatest event in the history of the world September 5, 2023
Materialists change the dating convention of BC and AD to reflect their godless vision.

From Cambridge chemist to passionate pastor September 4, 2023
Mark Harwood talks with Dr Michael Prodigalidad about his fascinating journey from science to the pulpit

Framework hypothesis, missionary societies and the Gospel September 2, 2023
The framework hypothesis is a stratagem for harmonizing Genesis with the atheistic theory of evolution, so it should be shunned by all Christian organizations that depend on Bible-believers for support.

The Victoria Institute September 1, 2023
The forerunner of modern creation science organizations

Dominion and the blessing of the garden August 31, 2023
Alan Titchmarsh, British TV personality, has recently defended the traditional well-managed garden against rewilding campaigns because it better supports wildlife. This supports the biblical stewardship mandate.

Pollen paradox August 30, 2023
Evolutionists have ‘allergic’ reaction to Precambrian pollen—South American fossils more than a billion years ‘out of date’

Is there a paradigm shift in how we view space? August 29, 2023
With new discoveries in space, existing views on cosmology are being challenged, yet the big bang is not going to shift so easily; its adherents are dedicated.

The wonderful, bizarre baobab tree August 28, 2023
The strangest tree on Earth

Genesis contradictions? August 26, 2023
Skeptics claim that the order of creation in Genesis 2 is different to that in chapter 1. But is it?

Greenery beneath Greenland Ice Sheet? August 25, 2023
Does it support the biblical Ice Age?

Creation challenge: leave the Bible out of it August 24, 2023
Is secular ‘science’ the final authority for a Christian, or the Bible?

The cataclysmic carving of Carnarvon Gorge August 23, 2023
An Australian outback icon reveals exciting evidence of Noah’s Flood

Teaching your children about God and Genesis August 22, 2023
As parents we need to have a coherent Biblical worldview that we can share with, and model for our children. To do this we must become equipped.

Zhang Heng’s dragon seismoscope August 21, 2023
Sneak peek for the latest Creation magazine: A second century Chinese instrument was able to accurately measure earthquakes from hundreds of miles away incorporating the design of dragons

God's days August 19, 2023
Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers a query on the length of God’s days.

‘Cleaning up’ and analyzing small data sets August 18, 2023
Can this lead to distorted conclusions?

The god-of-the-gaps charge doesn’t stick August 17, 2023
Answering a prominent theistic evolutionist who claims that creationists argue for design based on ignorance.

Goodness granny August 16, 2023
A close encounter with a fiery space rock leaves a grandmother contemplating the meaning of life

Answering close family August 15, 2023
Biblical creationists are used to the outright rejection and ridicule so common in today’s world, but it can be very hard to deal with when it occurs within marriage.

New evidence of Darwin plagiarism August 14, 2023
Fresh evidence that Charles Darwin may have plagiarized the work of Patrick Matthew

Why is CMI so dogmatic on 24-hour creation days? August 12, 2023
Why does six-day creation matter? How can we refute old-earth compromisers?

Evolutionary ethics: Part 1 August 11, 2023
Can naturalism ground real morality?

Trinity: analogies and countering critics August 10, 2023
Answering questions about the Trinity: does God have parts, good vs. fallacious analogies, the Holy Spirit’s personality, the early Church’s recognition of the Trinity, what ‘God is one’ means.

Scallop’s amazing mirror eyes August 9, 2023
Shellfish has tiny eyes structured like some advanced reflecting telescopes, but make two images.

Coyne and Maroja object to progressive ideology in biology August 8, 2023
Evolutionary biologist and atheist Jerry Coyne, and a colleague, complain that progressive ideology is undermining biology, but their own position is much to blame.

How the Bible makes sense of everything August 7, 2023
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

The peacock tail August 5, 2023
Can sexual selection explain its beauty?

Review: 'Darwinian Racism' Richard Weikart August 4, 2023
Documenting the links between Darwin influenced Nazi racism.

Evidence for King David August 3, 2023
Archaeology supports the biblical record of Israel’s united monarchy.

Microstructural architecture of feathers makes them tough August 2, 2023
Electron microscope unlocks the amazing design of the structures that makes avian flight possible.

Early church fathers and creation August 1, 2023
The majority of Church Fathers who commented on the issue believed that God created in six 24-hour days.

Masters of their art July 31, 2023
Experts are stunned at the breathtaking skills of ancient cave artists that show ancient man not ‘less evolved’

How long were the days of Genesis 1 July 29, 2023
What did God intend us to understand by the Hebrew words He used?

Evolution of the neuron July 28, 2023
Can evolution explain the origin of neurons?

When were ‘mismatched’ river courses carved? July 27, 2023
During Noah’s Flood or the post-Flood Ice Age?

Battling behemoth July 26, 2023
An evolutionary depiction of the beast of beasts

Secular myths abuse science, erode ethics and life’s meaning July 25, 2023
Farcical ideas masquerade as science these days, undermining ethics and true human identity.

How to have a right relationship with God July 24, 2023
The Old Testament sacrificial system was never meant to abolish sin; it was a means of confession of sins and a demonstration of repentance

God and beauty July 22, 2023
Does evolution produce real beauty without the need for God?

Cenozoic coals and the post-Flood boundary July 21, 2023
Are they best explained by Noah’s Flood or by catastrophes after Noah’s Flood?

Using creation evangelism to share the Gospel July 20, 2023
Many people do not know God’s Word. So how can they understand and apply it? It is important we share the saving message from the Creator, starting at the beginning.

Galapagos birds July 19, 2023
Darwin thought he saw evolution, but these island birds really support the biblical Creation/Fall/Flood/Dispersion model.

More space travel problems: g-forces July 18, 2023
A spacecraft travelling at merely a third of the speed of light would take over 13 years to reach the nearest star. But slowing down and turning would generate fatal g-forces.

A new star is born? July 17, 2023
A new brittle star has been discovered—but it’s identical to Jurassic fossils!

Miracles and science July 15, 2023
A reader questions the rationality of believing in miracles. However, the response points out that the argument commits a logical fallacy, and that sceptical attacks commit circular reasoning.

A more likely origin of massive dolomite deposits July 14, 2023
Does Noah’s Flood provide a better context for explaining the origin of massive dolomite deposits?

Galileo Quadricentennial July 13, 2023
On the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning his telescope to the heavens, misotheists gloated about ‘science vs. religion’. But it was science vs. science, and Galileo never renounced his faith.

Galapagos tortoises July 12, 2023
Among the creatures most readily associated with the iconic evolutionary status of the Galápagos Islands are these lumbering armoured reptiles.

Egypt and the short Sojourn, part 2 Historical support July 11, 2023
The debate between a long and a short Egyptian Sojourn rages on, but many things in the Bible and Egyptian archaeology correspond to the short Sojourn.

Mutated, caffeine-free tea plant July 10, 2023
The Economist claims the Hongyacha tea plant has made an “evolutionary journey towards losing caffeine”

Does Dawkins exist? July 8, 2023
Do you believe he exists?

Book review: 'Animal Algorithms' by Eric Cassell July 7, 2023
Compelling evidence that animal behaviour is intelligently designed.

Beyond shadows foreword July 6, 2023
In his foreword to Beyond the Shadows, Gary Bates shows why this book on death and suffering is needed.

Mars July 5, 2023
Mars: a dry lifeless planet that once had huge floods.

Egypt and the short Sojourn: Part 1 July 4, 2023
The debate between a long and a short Egyptian Sojourn continues, but there are many things in the Bible and Egyptian archaeology that correspond to the short Sojourn.

Valley of the whales July 3, 2023
How did hundreds of fossil whales end up in the middle of a barren desert?

Is Christianity unbelievable in the face of atheism? July 1, 2023
When Christian radio host goes head-to-head with many leading atheists and critics of Christianity, does it leave his faith intact? You be the judge.

Pre-Tejas volcanism and Hydroplate Theory June 30, 2023
Does it fit the timing and order of events posed by Hydroplate Theory?

Microbiome and virome June 29, 2023
Why would a loving God create bacteria and viruses? Many of them are still good today! See how we need our microbiome (and virome).

Pole vaulting and creation June 28, 2023
Why does a pole-vaulting champ think that biblical Creation is vital for the Gospel?

Roe v Wade in the ash heap of history! June 27, 2023
Why was the US Supreme Court's June 2022 ruling such a significant victory in the battle to protect innocent life? Read our in-depth explanation and analysis.

How Creation gave engineer/pastor confidence in the Gospel June 26, 2023
Mark Emerson chats with Pastor Victor Soo about the impact of creation on his life.

Critique of ‘The God Delusion’ by an atheist on a mission June 24, 2023
The evolution-based attack on God by ‘new atheist’ Richard Dawkins (2006) was a best-seller, but do its arguments stack up?

Upper mantle viscosity may be lower than assumed June 23, 2023
Might the crust rebound faster than long-age researchers assume?

Genesis and the resurrection June 22, 2023
Many Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus every year, but what has belief in Genesis got to do with belief in the resurrection?

Caterpillar wheel June 21, 2023
When danger looms, the Pleuruptya caterpillar can transform itself into a wheel, and roll away

Bridges and bones, girders and groans June 20, 2023
If your leg bones were made of metal—even the finest space-age alloys— ordinary walking would eventually cause them to fatigue and break. Why doesn’t this happen with bones?

Dance of the web-weavers June 19, 2023
These awesome spiders are good dancers—and master architects, too.

Dawkins and Design June 17, 2023
Some atheists like Richard Dawkins might accept a designer—as long as it is aliens not the biblical God.

Ooids grew rapidly in the Flood June 16, 2023
Ooids in the rock record differ to some extent from those that form today. The Flood can explain why.

Explaining the blue and red colours of the sky June 15, 2023
Answering a correspondent who asked for an explanation of the colours of the sky.

Solar system origin: Nebular hypothesis June 14, 2023
Naturalism has many problems in explaining both stars and any planets around them.

Life of a Universe Part 2 End of Days June 13, 2023
Prof. Cox’s alternatives for the end of the universe are maximum disorder or maximum blowup. The future according to the Bible involves re-creation of the Earth, and universal Judgment by God.

Atmosphere designed for life June 12, 2023
How awesome is the world in which we live! The atmosphere is remarkably designed for sustaining life, and one that beautifies creation.

Who really is the God of Genesis? June 10, 2023
Does Genesis chapter 1 mention the Trinity?

Did the earth ever wobble twelve degrees? June 9, 2023
Can the biblical framework offer a better account for the data?

Does evolution justify unbelief? June 8, 2023
Does evolution inspire apostasy and heresy?

The Golden Ratio June 7, 2023
The ratio of 1:1.62 is seen in building design, in flower petals, pine cones and much more. It is widely acknowledged to be very pleasing to the eye. Why?

Emotional highs are not enough! June 6, 2023
Youth groups that major on entertainment or emotional commitment fail to help young people develop ‘the mind of Christ.’

Hezekiah tunnel inscriptions June 5, 2023
Sneak peek for the latest Creation magazine. Newly found inscriptions support the Bible’s account of King Hezekiah.

Should we trust the Bible? June 3, 2023
Since CMI is based on the Bible, why should the Bible be trusted? Does our current text represent the original, and is the original accurate?

Multiple ‘Adams’ of Scripture June 2, 2023
Why the Bible calls Jesus the last Adam rather than the second Adam.

Is the world perfectly designed? June 1, 2023
Is the concept of ‘perfect design’ even a helpful way to think?

Probing the earth's deep places May 31, 2023
Interview with plate tectonics expert Dr John Baumgardner.

Atheism is more rational? May 30, 2023
Is atheism simply non-belief or an active belief? Who has the ‘burden of proof’: atheists or theists.

The origin of Grand Canyon May 29, 2023
Carved as the waters of Noah's Flood retreated—and not by the bursting of a later Ice Age dam.

Jesus Christ on the infallibility of Scripture May 27, 2023
What his attitude means to all his followers

Shrinking dates for the Falkland Islands wolf May 26, 2023
Better explained in the biblical framework.

‘DNA Journey’ traces the ancestry of celebrities in Africa May 25, 2023
We respond to a question about the out-of-Africa hypothesis, Mitochondrial Eve, and consider the implications for the way we value human beings.

Has an ape learned to talk? May 24, 2023
Claims circulated widely in the early part of this century that a chimp had learned to talk. When you see our comments on it at that time, it’s no surprise that it hasn’t gone anywhere since.

Heaven of heavens May 23, 2023
A consideration of similar Hebrew idioms and a look at the biblical contexts where the expression occurs.

Faith tested May 22, 2023
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

What about those who have never heard? May 20, 2023
What happens to those who never get to hear the Good News of salvation?

Developments in paleoanthropology no. 2 May 19, 2023
How do some more recent paleoanthropology finds fit into the biblical perspective?

Perfectly round electron undermines big bang May 18, 2023
Perfectly spherical electron supports Standard Model of Particle Physics. However, this model undermines big bang dogma because there is still no answer to missing antimatter.

Refuting Dawkins May 17, 2023
A powerful book (by the author of the world’s topselling creationist book, Refuting Evolution) picks up the gauntlet thrown down by the world’s most prominent anti-Christian.

Purity and our Creator May 16, 2023
What Scripture says about purity still matters today

Astonishing microbial compass needles May 15, 2023
These bacteria precision-build magnetic navigation aids

Who designed the Designer? May 13, 2023
Who designed the Designer?

Jesuit accommodation and biblical chronology May 12, 2023
How challenges from Chinese chronology set the stage for compromise on biblical chronology.

Genesis 1 day meaning context May 11, 2023
Whether ‘day’ means a long period of time, the hours of daylight, or a 24-hour period, depends on the context. So what is the context of the Genesis ‘days’?

Sensational dinosaur blood report! May 10, 2023
This 1997 report rocked the world of paleontology—how is it possible if dinosaur bones are millions of years old?

The Carnian Pluvial Event May 9, 2023
Did it really rain on Earth for 2 million years?

The Adams of Scripture May 8, 2023
Were there just two ‘Adams’ in Scripture, or more?

Who created God May 6, 2023
Atheists say that the universe and life began with no adequate cause, contradicting rationality.

Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 1 May 5, 2023
Has one of the major barriers to abiogenesis been overcome?

Journey to Mount Sinai May 4, 2023
Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai II.

An 'impossible' dream—for an atheist May 3, 2023
When an atheist’s recurring dream came true, he was left badly shaken—but none the wiser.

Dawkins affirms binary sexuality, agrees with Scripture May 2, 2023
In a recent interview, atheist Professor Richard Dawkins argued for a traditional understanding of human sexuality. Of course, this is what the Bible has always taught.

The Dinosaur Reformation May 1, 2023
New research on old bones is leading back to Genesis.

The earth's magnetic field: evidence that the earth is young April 29, 2023
The measured exponential decay of Earth’s magnetic field refutes millions of years. This decay was accompanied by rapid field reversals. This web version of a Creation magazine article has an extensive addition countering evolutionary objections.

Review: 'Taking Leave of Darwin' by Neil Thomas April 28, 2023
Leaving Darwin to go nowhere?

Genesis 1 and 'seed faith' April 27, 2023
Does the 'seed faith' principle undermine literal six-day creation?

Sperm wail April 26, 2023
The evolutionists’ cry that ostracod gametes are 17 million years old defies common sense.

Thoughts in the heart April 25, 2023
Answering the accusation that the Bible errs in physiology by associating thinking with the heart instead of the brain.

Migratory birds use magnetic GPS April 24, 2023
Knowing the correct direction to fly isn’t always enough

Physical science April 22, 2023
Does CMI reject science? How can we believe what we do in the face of the evidence? The answer is simple.

Ligating homochiral polypeptides April 21, 2023
Has one of the major barriers to abiogenesis been overcome?

‘Waters above’ in Genesis 1 April 20, 2023
A range of perspectives exist on how to understand the ‘waters above’. Here’s an introduction to various proposals.

The ultimate machine April 19, 2023
PhD anatomist David Kauffman points out that the human body is ‘ultra superior’ to anything that people have been able to invent.

Exodus 3:14 and God’s immutability April 18, 2023
What does God’s revelation about Himself at the burning bush imply about His immutability?

Staying the course April 17, 2023
Tas Walker chats with Margaret Wieland

Why did God give us a book? April 15, 2023
Out of all the possible modes of communication, why did God give us a book?

Review: 'Return of the God Hypothesis' by Stephen Meyer April 14, 2023
How specified information in the universe points to the Creator.

Quantum Biology and the Origin of Life April 13, 2023
Can quantum mechanics allow life to evolve from non-living chemicals?

Aping humans April 12, 2023
The idea that chimps can learn to speak as humans do was thoroughly debunked earlier this century.

Christianity vs Hinduism April 11, 2023
What are the differences? Why embrace Christianity?

The original flying boats April 10, 2023
Ship makers are increasingly inspired by the amazing design of waterfowl

Jesus' resurrection and new creation April 9, 2023
How Jesus’ resurrection is the beginning of a new Genesis 1 creation event.

In the beginning God created—or was it a quantum fluctuation? April 8, 2023
God’s creation of the universe is vital, so atheists attack it furiously. But their attacks equivocate about the word ‘nothing’. Space with the ability to quantum-fluctuate is not ‘nothing’.

Easter: What do we celebrate and why? April 7, 2023
Discover the remarkable power of the significance of Easter

No evidence for God? April 6, 2023
How should we respond to such a radical claim?

Last supertusker April 5, 2023
Giant tusks have a giant meaning.

‘Flattened by the evolution steamroller’?! April 4, 2023
Many raised with some knowledge of the Gospel lose interest when exposed to evolutionary teaching.

Ginkgo: a remarkable living fossil April 3, 2023
With no evolutionary change over claimed hundreds of millions of years, and possessing a complex genome, the ginkgo is totally baffling to Darwinists

Bible evidence April 1, 2023
A lawyer gives his perspective on the Bible’s credibility as eyewitness testimony.

Noah in Egypt? Part 2 March 31, 2023
Is an echo of Noah, his family, and the Flood found in Ancient Egypt?

Adam’s helper and God’s knowledge March 30, 2023
If God knew all along that no animal would be a suitable helper, why bother parading the beasts before Adam?

Shrimpy superboxer March 29, 2023
Meet the tiny mantis shrimp that can punch holes in glass using an ingenious catapult mechanism. Its eyes, with 12 types of colour receptor, may help designers of cameras for satellites.

Why must God be good? March 28, 2023
What does the fact that there can be nothing greater than God say to this?

The famous Darwin’s Arch collapses March 27, 2023
… and joins a growing collection

‘It’s not science’ March 25, 2023
Attempts to dismiss creation as ‘religious’ do not stack up logically.

Noah in Egypt? Part 1 March 24, 2023
Is an echo of Noah, his family, and the Flood found in Ancient Egypt?

Can Evangelicals agree to differ about evolution? March 23, 2023
Can genuine Evangelicals really come to some agreement?

Tooth enamel: sophisticated materials science March 22, 2023
Why are teeth so tough, although they are coated with material as brittle as glass? Because of so-called imperfections, as well as other features!

Is BibleProject Biblical? March 21, 2023
While BibleProject has become increasingly popular recently, we believe that there are some concerns that need to be addressed. What some perceive as minor differences can have far-reaching implications.

Cave openings during the Flood, speleothems in the Ice Age March 20, 2023
New discoveries help confirm how caves were rapidly excavated following the effects of the global Flood

Laws of cause and explanation March 18, 2023
How can we show that they are true?

Horus—the deified Ham: part 2 March 17, 2023
More evidence Noah’s family may be found in Egyptian myths about their gods.

Sun god tablet March 16, 2023
This ancient artifact does not portray a ‘solid sky’ firmament, and neither does the Bible.

How geckos become unstuck March 15, 2023
Geckos stick to surfaces with tiny hairs that attract by van der Waals forces, and come unstuck by controlling angle of the hairs and springy curved toes.

Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942-14 March 2018) March 14, 2023
What can we learn from Hawking’s passing? Is our brain just a computer made of meat?

Dragon Man March 13, 2023
Evolutionists propose a new human species from China

Biblical stars not glued to canopy March 11, 2023
Does the Bible say stars were affixed to a solid sky? What did the Israelites believe about stars?

Book review: 'Romancing the Birds and Dinosaurs' March 10, 2023
Fossil bird expert and evolutionist Alan Feduccia argues against feathered dinosaurs.

‘Conspiracy’ thinking in the church March 9, 2023
Why does it seem to be on the rise?

Just preach the Gospel? March 8, 2023
The New Testament authors preached the Gospel under a background of Genesis history. This includes the people, events, time frame, and order of events.

Egyptian mummies and Hebrew perfume March 7, 2023
New discoveries at Saqqara, Egypt help shed light on ancient mummification practices, ancient chemistry, regional botany, and ancient global trade connections.

Log mats solve many geological riddles March 6, 2023
Floating islands—myth, paradox, or an impossibility. None of these. See how this natural cause can explain many geological riddles in sedimentary rocks.

Versions of Christianity March 4, 2023
Do we condemn to Hell everyone who disagrees with ‘our version’ of Christianity?

Review: 'Some Assembly Required' by Neil Shubin March 3, 2023
An attempted history of biology with unsubstantiated tributes to evolution.

The marvellous molecule, DNA March 2, 2023
A data storage and processing system with multiple overlapping codes—how did it come to be?

The lies of Lynchburg March 1, 2023
Enthusiastic disciples of Darwin formulated eugenics laws in America to prevent ‘undesirables’ from breeding—well before the Nazi ‘racial hygiene’ policies.

Book review Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air February 28, 2023
CMI’s stunning new book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource about dinosaurs. Deep time and evolutionary concepts about these amazing creatures are refuted at the same time.

Adam: Five things you may not know about him February 27, 2023
Adam, the first man, made in the image of God from dust of the ground. What else do you know about him? Here are five things to test your knowledge.

God, science, everything, and nothing February 25, 2023
How much can science tell us about God, the universe, and the nature of nothing?

Horus—the deified Ham: part 1 February 24, 2023
Can Noah’s family be found in Egyptian myths about their gods?

Where wolves wander February 23, 2023
Could the reintroduction of wolves into an area they once roamed increase numbers of their prey?

Why nail biters don’t cry February 22, 2023
The humble fingernail turns out to have intricate design. The middle layer has fibres aligned to prevent tearing down to the nail beds, and the two outer layers make nails as strong as hooves.

Transhumanism, evolution, and the image of God February 21, 2023
Transhumanism holds that scientific and technological advances can be used to improve humanity—at its heart it is a godless movement, and justified by belief in evolution.

Astounding ammonite February 20, 2023
Ammolite is a rare, iridescent, gem-quality material cut from the fossilized shells of extinct sea creatures. We have Noah’s Flood to thank for their appearance.

More or less information? February 18, 2023
Responding to vexatious evolutionist challenges about genetic information.

Review: 'Genesis' by Andrew E. Steinmann February 17, 2023
An accessible commentary on Genesis that defends Genesis as history.

How certain are agnostics, 100% sure? February 16, 2023
Is agnosticism really the perfectly reasonable middle ground between dogmatic atheism or religious belief?

Leaving your brain at the church door? February 15, 2023
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

What are Falun Gong and Shen Yun? February 14, 2023
Falun Gong and Shen Yun are opposed to atheism and belief in evolution, and appear to preach a recent creation. But what are biblical creationists and Christians generally to think?

The long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope February 13, 2023
10 billion dollars and 25 years in the making. Will it find extraterrestrial life?

New Testament Gods word February 11, 2023
A critic asserts that no passage in the New Testament purports to be inspired by God. Is that true?

Creationist ice core research February 10, 2023
We have refuted claims the ice sheets demand an old earth, but more modelling is needed.

People continue to be misinformed about life from non-life February 9, 2023
Life from non-life? Are naturalistic scientists any closer to solving this conundrum?

Dr Brandon van der Ventel Interview February 8, 2023
Dr Jonathan Sarfati interviews Dr Brandon van der Ventel.

Review of Avatar The Way of Water, director James Cameron February 7, 2023
The Avatar blue-giants are back on the cinema screen in a visually-stunning sequel. What are Christian creationists to make of it?

Bats have an innate knowledge of the speed of sound February 6, 2023
Bats are programmed with a fixed speed of sound. Changing the air composition messes up their echolocation system, which means they will miss their target.

Phenomenological heavens February 4, 2023
Does the phenomenological interpretation of Genesis 1:20 lead down a slippery slope?

Created kinds v Ark kinds—implications for creation research February 3, 2023
Is there a one-to-one correspondence between created 'kinds' and the 'kinds' on board Noah’s Ark?

Lady arrested for praying for abortion victims February 2, 2023
Satan loves abortion, and the wicked fight to stop people praying for its victims

God’s DNA-detangling motors February 1, 2023
Complex operations within a cell have to be present from the start for it to function at all.

Pain January 31, 2023
Christians know why pain exists—a consequence of the curse on sin. It is materialistic naturalists who have the problem explaining the existence of pain.

Okapi January 30, 2023
In ‘darkest Africa’, a shy forest-dwelling large four-footed creature with zebra stripes, and a ‘unicorn’? What could it be?

Should biblical creationists take time to refute atheists? January 28, 2023
Why does CMI give atheists, whose mission is often explicitly antibiblical, the ‘oxygen of publicity’?

A famous ice age deposit re-interpreted as product of mass January 27, 2023
Are all supposed ‘ice age’ deposits really formed by glaciers?

A reply to Ben Stanhope on Job’s behemoth January 26, 2023
Ben Stanhope, a liberal Christian YouTuber, has responded to us on behemoth. We refute his claims.

Our brain: Do we use only a small portion of it? January 25, 2023
A big question about the most complex structure in the universe

'Beginnings' before Genesis 1:1? January 24, 2023
Does the dependent clause reading of Genesis 1:1 support the compatibility of the Bible with ‘billions of years’?

Physicist for biblical creation January 23, 2023
Follow the diligent journey of an academic as he searched out the reality of God and his need of repentance within his field of study and the Bible.

Debunking Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse TV series January 21, 2023
Graham Hancock’s popular Netflix TV series, Ancient Apocalypse, challenges the evolutionary status quo, proposing civilization is older than claimed, however, his ideas are not friendly to biblical history either.

Rising waters separated Britain from Europe? January 20, 2023
Evidence of human habitation underwater—evidence of a lower sea level during the immediate post-Flood era?

Evolution makes atheists out of people! January 19, 2023
Theistic evolutionists undermine faith at ‘Bible’ Colleges; can your church people defend what they believe?

Creation astronomy from a rocket scientist January 18, 2023
Space scientist Dr Henry Richter’s book Spacecraft Earth explores how Earth is designed for life.

Genesis: no room for theistic evolution January 17, 2023
Old Testament scholar, Cornelis van Dam, clearly shows that Genesis leaves no room for theistic evolution.

Gold deposits—formed by the global Flood January 16, 2023
New research shows how gold was deposited quickly as hot colloidal liquid at depth, aided by sea water. This is consistent with the Flood and not millions of years.

Doubts about design and the resurrection January 14, 2023
Showing how it's reasonable to doubt universal common ancestry and accept that Jesus' tomb was empty.

Developments in paleoanthropology January 13, 2023
How has subsequent research changed how we look at various fossils associated with human evolution?

The Scriptures affirm literal and historical 6-day creation January 12, 2023
How can we tell that the Bible doesn’t just depict God making the world in six days?

Markus Blietz astrophysicist interview January 11, 2023
Ph.D. astrophysicist and expert in black-hole–containing galaxies explains why he believes in biblical creation.

Should Christians pursue advanced degrees January 10, 2023
A recent Ph.D. graduate encourages good students to pursue advanced degrees, and has four pieces of advice.

Newly discovered Egyptian relic witnesses to biblical king January 9, 2023
Newly discovered stele of Egyptian Pharaoh Hophra witnesses to the existence of the biblical king and corroborates important Israelite history

Does the scientific method have anything to do with faith? January 7, 2023
A correspondent writes into CMI thanking Gavin Cox for his article on Premier’s Unbelievable but challenges the idea that the scientific method has anything to do with faith.

Pre-Fall designed outcomes of biological interactions January 6, 2023
What sort of ecological interactions would have taken place in the pre-Fall world?

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter Williams review January 5, 2023
New addition to CMI bookstore! A short but informative book with many lines of evidence, plus helpful charts and tables, for the trustworthiness of the Gospel accounts of Jesus.

Living (and eating) like a caveman? January 4, 2023
'Paleo' diet vs 'Hallelujah' diet? Better to follow the evidence.

Biblical Geology 101 January 3, 2023
A great book for studying geology.

The Creation foundation for the Gospel January 2, 2023
Creation is a Gospel issue.