Feedback 2000 and before

# Article Title
1 What is Biblical Creation and why is it important?
2 New plant colours—is this new information?
3 Sonia's Testimony
4 The Skeptics and their ‘Churchian’ Allies. ISCAST responds
5 Make no bones about it!
6 Skeptic labels CMI as “Intellectual cave dwellers called young-earth creationists”
7 Web visitor from South Africa sees the need for Creation Evangelism
8 "The Truth will set you free"
9 Some thought-provoking quotes
10 Bias in media
11 Prayer for the "lost"
12 Welcome!
13 CMI's materials used to equip students!
14 Creation magazine—a good educational resource
15 Universities still teaching fraudulent evolutionary ideas!
16 Another textbook teaching outdated 'evidence' for evolution
17 Where Cain Got His Wife
18 Baffin Island Ministry Receives CMI Materials
19 Cain's Wife Revisited!
20 Seminar Feedback
21 Creation Ex Nihilo
22 The Wollemi Pine
23 A testimony: 'Joel Galvin'
24 Fake Feedback? Yet another false accusation from an Australian Skeptic
25 Dating dilemma deepens: Moore on ancient radiocarbon
26 Science should not be subservient to an ideology
27 Looking forward to the eradication of Christianity
28 Feedback: That depends on what your definition of 'information' is
29 Evolution "probably" happened?
30 The ‘Scientific Fact’ of evolution
31 Does it matter what people believe?
32 Atheism is more rational?
33 'Black Sea flood' mistake?
34 Biased answers to simplistic questions?
35 Apostate blames creationists
36 Open minds?
37 Male nipples prove evolution?
38 God is a liar?
39 Framework makes a difference to interpretations of geological evidence
40 Answering some Hugh Ross supporters
41 Latin lapse?
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