Feedback 2001

# Article Title
1 Professing Christian claims CMI site is "full of lies"
2 "God doesn't care a bit" about origins?
3 A pair of dogs/wolves on Noah's Ark couldn't have produced all dog varieties today?
4 Is evolution as scientific as the Earth revolving around the sun?
5 Just accept what 'scientists' say?
6 Helpful in dispelling doubt!
7 'Evolutionary prattle'
8 Blessings
9 Spreading the word...
10 "Right to the point!"
11 Creation resources at work
12 Laying Foundations
13 Self-made cells? Of course not!
14 Creation literature great evangelism tool!
15 The Truth about the Scopes Trial!
16 Family Camp exposes the lie of evolution!
17 How Did Fish Survive Noah's Flood?
18 Pray for our students!
19 Using creation material to witness and minister to family
20 Ideas to help us spread the word
21 Creation CD-ROM has impact in Northwestern USA
22 Response to negative feedback appreciated
23 What this Web site needs...
24 A 'long' note of gratitude
25 Thank you for the insightful and well reasoned article
26 Appreciates information about the 'Unicorn'
27 From the USS John F. Kennedy
28 Creation materials refute current public school textbook!
29 'Chutzpah' and 'Message Mania'
30 Sharing the message
31 What Science is not
32 Creation materials keep Web visitor from "perpetuating error"
33 "Thanks for filling the gap"
34 100% Creationist
35 'I just had to share this with you all.'
36 Former atheistic evolutionist now promotes materials (but requests prayers)!
37 No end in sight...
38 Dating conflicts?
39 'Green River blues' raises red flag …
40 Criticism of "Darwinism and the Nazi race Holocaust"
41 Is the Bible only relevant to faith and salvation?
42 Can Heaven be 'true bliss'?
43 The Bible vs slavery and apartheid
44 Methods of science or materialistic ideology?
45 Are hardgrounds really a challenge to the global Flood?
46 Noah’s Ark never happened?
47 How could anybody think Genesis was meant to explain how God created?
48 Galileo revisionism and "God could have used evolution"
49 'Professional biologist' now belittles creationist student
50 Wrong to attack individual arguments for evolution?
51 How is information content measured?
52 Response to a Gerald Schroeder fan
53 More fact-free 'scientific' assertions from an anti-creationist
54 Are hermaphrodites proof of evolution?
55 Wheaton College student objects!
56 Is Young-Earth Creationism a heresy? Absence of short-lived radionuclides a problem?
57 Can mortal man understand the infinite God?
58 One rule for evolutionists, and another for creationists!
59 Is antibiotic resistance really due to increase in information?
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