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Is antibiotic resistance really due to increase in information?
11 Nov 2006
A critic of Dr Sarfati’s PBS rebuttals took issue with antibiotic resistance and information. The response points out that the cited examples show transfer or loss of information.
The Bible vs slavery and apartheid
11 Apr 2009
Atheopaths love to blame slavery and apartheid on the Bible. Rather, slavery was a worldwide evil finally abolished by biblical Christians, and apartheid’s architect had a strong evolutionary philosophy.
by Jonathan Sarfati
A pair of dogs/wolves on Noah’s Ark couldn’t have produced all dog varieties today?
Is Young-Earth Creationism a heresy?
21 Jul 2007
An anticreationist attacks biblical creation as heresy, although biblical heresy is an oxymoron. The response also refutes a common argument about the absence of short-lived isotopes, beloved of atheists and progressive creationists, and answers some alleged biblical contradictions.
by Jonathan Sarfati
How is information content measured?
How is information content measured?
‘God doesn’t care a bit’ about origins?
18 Aug 2007
Does it matter what we believe about origins? Isn’t helping the poor more important? The response explains why the issue of origins does matter in many ways—including helping the poor.
Response to a Gerald Schroeder fan
Response to a Gerald Schroeder fan
Noah’s Ark never happened?
Professing Christian claims CMI site is ‘full of lies’
Baseless accusations of dishonesty are to be expected from misotheists, but they are bizarre from professing Christians. How can they be answered? Also, WWJD?
What Science is not
Are hermaphrodites proof of evolution?
Self-made cells? Of course not!