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Newton was a creationist only because there was no alternative?
24 Sep 2022
Most branches of science were founded by biblical creationists. Some skeptics claim that there was no evolutionary alternative.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Cain’s wife explanation ‘gross and disgusting’?
18 Jul 2009
The ‘Who was “Mrs Cain”?’ question is a good example of how Christians should use logical deduction from Scripture rather than emotional reaction.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Do large crystals in granite prove very slow cooling?
14 Mar 2009
An old oft-quoted argument for long ages turns out to be invalid.
by Tas
A very tired Christian
04 Oct 2008
A Christian says he’s tired of the creation-evolution debate. Dr Don Batten explains its importance, documents how it has helped people come to Christ, and cites biblical encouragement for the weary.
by Don Batten
Vaccines cultured on aborted fetal tissue?
25 Aug 2007
What should Christians think of vaccines? Do they have immoral sources? The response reaffirms our principle of being pro-Bible rather than anti-establishment for its own sake.
Do Evolutionists really claim their theory isn’t perfect?
20 May 2006
Reader says: ‘Evolutionists do not claim their theory is perfect, so it’s unfair for creationists to say evolution is flawed.’
Answering angry anti-Christianity
15 Apr 2002
by Jonathan Sarfati
Glenn Morton: Who's misrepresenting history?
CMI presents geological ‘misinformation’?
Creationists can't agree any more than cosmologists?
Message from a physicist
Homo erectus misunderstandings?
Homo erectus misunderstandings?