Feedback 2004

# Article Title
1 Supporters answer the call
2 'One blood' message still reaching others
3 Don't miss this point
4 Supporter appreciates free materials
5 Response to 'gay marriage' article objections; CMI shows questioner that Christian faith is logical
6 Praise for recent feedback response to homosexual
7 Earliest writing dates?
8 Speechless!
9 Being brainwashed?
11 Spreading the gospel … one book at a time
12 "The most important issue"
13 Long-time evolutionist bows knee
14 God glorified on campus
15 Standing up to the challenge in Brazil
16 Literal vs plain interpretation
17 The value of a father’s instruction and observations
18 A 'complex issue'
19 A new outlook
20 The Bible is morally bankrupt?
21 A whole life turned around
22 Operation: Refuting Compromise—'the moral of the story'
23 'The grotesque picture' that compromise paints
24 Web visitor properly discerns ‘evolution-slanted news stories’ thanks to CMI
25 Getting the message out
26 Questions regarding abortion and ethics
27 Christians 'watered down' by clergy
28 Calling out dating method bluffs
29 Trouble reading Genesis and therefore the whole Bible
30 Finding the truth for myself
31 Did Christianity cause the Dark Ages? Thank you for opening my eyes
32 "Now I have the answers I crave"
33 "Wild eyed fanatics"?
34 Anti-creationist slanders are back-to-front: the evolutionary basis for racism, eugenics and Nazism
35 "Thank you for your badly needed and inspiring work"
36 Reluctant to think seriously? Pesky dinosaur bones
37 CMI website: a timely resource
38 'Female inferiority' raises questions
39 Answer to philosophy/religion professor on biblical exegesis and the problem of evil
40 National Geographic readers switch to TJ: "Don't spout off your faith as SCIENCE"
41 Origin of life questions, and what biblical creationists really believe
42 Intolerance and fundamental conceit
43 Bomb-building vs. the biblical foundation
44 Correcting a severe misconception about the creation model
45 Archbishop James Ussher—blundered or brilliant?
cat: 194
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