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Selfish Genes: is the idea anti-biblical? What should Christians think of it?
13 Oct 2007
The ‘selfish gene’ idea is being used to teach evolution. But surely a mindless gene can’t really exhibit selfishness, so what does it mean, and does it really support evolution?
Did God create man to be an eternal companion for His son Jesus Christ?
06 Oct 2007
Why did God create mankind? Was it that God was lonely, or that He wanted companions for His son Jesus?
Dawkins and the origin of genetic information
29 Sep 2007
Richard Dawkins, asked for an example of a mutation that can be seen to add information to the genome, failed to answer. A defender claims the question was not legitimate.
‘Selfish gene’ theory, the ENCODE project and ‘vestigial’ muscles
22 Sep 2007
What is ‘selfish gene’ theory? And is the palmaris longus muscle in the arm ‘vestigial’?
Froward Fossils and Cyberspace Heaven
15 Sep 2007
Why do new fossils refuse to conform to evolutionists’ expectations? And can personalities be downloaded and updated?
Inaria, Kimberella and ‘primitive’ myths
08 Sep 2007
Be wary of evolutionary indoctrination arriving in your mail box—or stamp collection.
by 0
Human tails and fairy tales
01 Sep 2007
Have there really been people with functioning tails, and if so, are they vestigial?
Alien Apologetics
11 Aug 2007
Can Christians co-opt secular psychology’s idea of ‘externalizing anxiety’ to reach UFO believers who resist ‘logic’ and ‘evidence’?
Sheep and goats? Since when?
28 Jul 2007
Is all speciation post-Flood, or did some speciation occur pre-Flood? Did people breed sheep and goats before the Flood?
Misotheist’s misology: Richard Dawkins attacks Michael Behe
14 Jul 2007
Antitheists argue against any challenge to their materialism, but use many fallacies to do so. Richard Dawkins is a prime example in his recent tirade against Michael Behe.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Methuselah and the Ark; Dirt and ‘supergerms’
07 Jul 2007
Why did God find favour only with Noah if Methuselah was still alive? And if ‘supergerms’ really are super, how could a dosing of ‘dirt-common’ germs defeat them?
Was Leviathan a Parasaurolophus?
30 Jun 2007
Leviathan has long been a puzzle, but a likely solution is in sight. A major problem was the limits on the information that fossils can provide.
by Andrew Lamb